The Misc Files: A Second Helping of S

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					              PURE NOSTALGIA by Phil Burgess

The Misc Files: A Second Helping of S
         few weeks ago, I presented the latest installment of The Misc. Files,   recently only in National DRAGSTER. The photos in these articles were
         covering the popular letter S. The S files had so many great photos     filed in “miscellaneous” folders because the subjects were unknown or
         that I thought the letter deserved a second helping, so here it is.     did not have enough photos to warrant their own folder. Previous
Enjoy your dessert (that’s two S’s).                                             versions (A through L) are still available online; M through S have been
   This article continues a series that I’ve been featuring the last year or     in ND, as will the rest of the alphabet in the weeks ahead.
so, initially in my DRAGSTER Insider column on but more

         river Bob Simmons and partner Rhea Goodrich fielded

         the New Englander Top Fueler, shown in St. Pie, Que.,                       arc Susman, like a lot of drag racers before and after him, was
         during NHRA’s Le Grandnational. Simmons, a former Jr.                       nicknamed “the Kid” because of his age. Susman, a crowd favorite at
Fuel racer, began his blown nitro career in Funny Car at the wheel                   places such as Orange County Int’l Raceway and the pictured Irwindale
of such cars as the Purple Magic Vega and Bill Dee’s Nor’ Easter         Raceway, was just a teenager when he began fielding this pretty nitro-burning
Mustang before teaming with Goodrich. A fire in 1978 convinced           Nova in 1969 and the next year became one of “Jungle Jim” Liberman’s team
them to switch to Top Fuel, and they ran dragsters through the           drivers with this car painted in “Jungle’s” colors. According to the
middle 1980s. Simmons was killed in a motorcycle accident Oct.  site, Susman was an early adopter of the late-model Hemi and
17, 1994. Simmons, who was born in Ireland but lived most of his         was added to the team to help Liberman learn how to run the 426 powerplant and
life in Connecticut, was 51.                                             transition from his big-block Chevy. Susman later drove John Bateman’s Atlas
                                                                         Tool Special — a Maverick-bodied Funny Car also driven by the likes of Pat
                                                                         Foster and John Collins.

         id Seeley of Illinois was known as “the Moline
         Madman” for his penchant for running high
         percentages of nitromethane in his machines, which
  included this car, the Donnelly & Seeley Top Fueler, with
  partner and tuner Tom Donnelly. The two later campaigned a
  rear-engine Top Fueler for a number of years, through the late
  1970s. Seeley died of lung cancer in September 1985, but his
  legacy lives on with his son, Jason, who competes in bracket
  racing at Cordova Dragway Park, and through his daughter,
  Amy, an actress who created a 90-minute one-woman stage
  show called Amy Seeley and The Moline Madman that
  celebrated the life of her father and her relationship with him.

                                                                                                      acing an independently financed and tuned
                                                                                                      Funny Car has never been easy, but Tulsa,
                                                                                                      Okla.’s Rick Sherrell gave it a go for about a
                                                                                              decade beginning in the mid-1980s and probably had
                                                                                              his most success with this car, the Southern Shaker
                                                                                              Trans Am. This flopper, shown at Brainerd Int’l
Description: According to the site, Susman was an early adopter of the late-model Hemi and was added to the team to help Liberman learn how to run the 426 powerplant and transition from his big-block Chevy. After Schubeck sold Lakewood in the 1970s, he formed Stage II Development Co., which adapted the Chrysler Hemi engine to crop-duster airplanes. Because the Federal Aviation Administration requires independent ignitions, firing two plugs in every cylinder, for all internal combustion engines, Schubeck began working on a powerplant to meet that requirement.
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