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									                       Wear Pirate Shirts Feel Like a Pirate

Pirate clothing is the best option as far as rejoicing and putting charisma in any
party is concerned. These clothes are designed with a very unique technique and can
be worn by a person of any age group, sex or size without any kind of hassle. If you
wish to wear pirate shirt you have to select accessories of medieval times as well.

The first thing of notice in pirate clothing is knitted pirate Cap and a brimmed hat.
These woolen caps are also known as Monmouth caps. These caps were very popular
in the15th century. These days some people simply tie a long piece of cloth roughly
on their head to give themselves a different look.

Pirate trousers are also very fashionable. In 15th century these were known as
Breeches. These were worn clothes. After some time the trousers replaced breeches.
These pirate trousers reach only up to the ankle.

Pirate Eye-patch is the most desired item of pirate clothing. Without the use of eye-
patch, your dress cannot be complete. The pirates were fighters and got wounded
many a time. That is why eye-patches are a very essential part of pirate dress.

Pirate shirts are designed to be worn at the parties that have medieval times as their
theme. These pirate shirts give you bravura manifestation at a reasonable cost. These
shirts are easy to design because there is lack of steadfast pattern and they are without
appropriate fitting. Pirate shirts portray the mores and civilization of the medieval

These shirts are mostly made of draped material with puffy sleeves and are without
collars. They come in many colors like purple, red, blue, orange etc. These pirate
shirts have been made popular by many people like David Herriot Pirate shirt
(viscose structure shirt of long cuff with eyelets and drawstring attachment), captain
Charles Vane pirate shirt (ideal to wear with any type of pants), John cook Pirate Shirt
(consists perforation, drawstrings in front and frill at the wrist), Roberto Cofersi
Pirate Shirts (lacy decoration in frontage and on manacles)

Pirates in order to handle their ships at ease used slops. Slops are the cotton
waistcoats, linen shirts and shoes. Slops of red and purple color are very popular
because these colors give an affluent look. Assorted clothing is also in fashion. Pirates
also wore Hoop earrings to add to their wealthy look. This is especially liked by the
younger generation of today.

Pirate swords are also the important part of the pirate clothing. The sword is very
light in weight but long in size. Pirates used this sword at the time of battles. These
pirate swords used to puncture deep wounds in their rivals’ bodies and so have a
sense of power associated with them.
Pirate boots are very large in size. These are knee high shoes and mostly come in
Black, Mary red and Anne Bonny colors. Pirate wore these pirate boots in medieval
period when they were on their ships. Today people of both genders use pirate
boots in routine to look trendy.

Pirates have always been a point of attraction for people. People listen about them in
courageous stories and therefore try to emulate them. Pirate clothing attracts
adventure-loving people and the younger generation obviously is allured by it the

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