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Long Beach - NPMA Western Region by tyndale


									    Western Region Board of Delegates Meeting Minutes
                 Long Beach, California
         February 26, 2008 – 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Ms. Ivonne Bachar, CPPM CF, WR Vice President, called the Western Region Board of
Delegates meeting for the National Property Management Association to order at 1:09 pm.
Tuesday February 26, 2008 at the Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California.

Ms. Kathy Baker, CPPS, WR Director of Parliamentary Procedures, lead the Board members
and delegates in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call

Mr. Russ Johnson, WR Secretary conducted Roll Call of the Western Region Delegates. 22
of 30 delegates were present or represented by proxy.
12 of 16 Chapters were represented.
Chapters not represented by National Delegates or Proxy were:
       Monte Diablo, River City, San Fernando Valley and Santa Barbara Island

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Chapters               National Delegate             Attend Proxy                  # of Votes
                                                     (Y or N)
Antelope Valley        Dennis Focht CPPS                                                 1
                       Joel Gonzalez CPPM                                                1
Bay Area               Robert Giacomi, CPPM           Y                                  1
                       Jim Scott, CPPM CF             Y                                  1
Cochise                Helen Spain, CPPA              Y                                  1
                       Cheryl Heath, CPPA                   Jerry Smith CPPA             1
Columbia Basin         Michael L. Kalinowski, CPPA          Verna Bonefield CPPM         1
                       Kathleen Casey CPPM                  Verna Bonefield CPPM         1
Great Salt Lake        Raun Barker, CPPM              Y                                  1
                       Greg Vernon, CPPM              Y                                  1
Las Vegas              William Hinners, CPPM CF             James Schmitt CPPM           1
                       Corinna Hale, CPPA                   James Schmitt CPPM           1
Los Angeles            David K. Loupe, Jr, CPPM       Y                                  1
                       Brian Thompson                 Y                                  1
Mission San Diego      Cinda Brockman CPPM                  Carolynn Bundy CPPM          1
                       Terry Thompson                       Carolynn Bundy CPPM          1
Monte Diablo           Gavin Robillard, CPPM          N                                  0
                       Carol Harris Earls             N                                  0
Northwest              Bernice Robinson, CPPM         Y                                  1
                       Joe Schomer                    Y                                  1
Oregon Trail           Carolyn Hogan                  Y                                  1
                       Patrice Baker CPPM             Y                                  1
River City             Larry A. Miramontes, CPPM      N                                  0
                       Carl Sorensen                  N                                  0
Saddleback             Patricia Anne Everman, CPPM    Y                                  1
                       Darlyn Moore, CPPM CF          Y                                  1
Saguaro                Mike Herskovits, CPPM          Y                                  1
                       Sharon Tomlinson, CPPA               Mike Herskovits CPPM         1
San Fernando Valley    Charles Moore, CPPA            N                                  0

Santa Barbara Island   James R. Dobbin, CPPA          N                                  0

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Reading and Acceptance of the WR2007 Minutes

Mr. Russ Johnson, WR Secretary, presented the minutes for the WR Board of Delegates
meeting, held on June 2, 2007 in Seattle, WA. A motion was made by Mr. Joel Gonzalez,
CPPM, Antelope Valley Chapter to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded
by Patricia Anne Everman, CPPM, Saddleback Chapter and approved by a unanimous vote
of the delegates.
Officer Reports

WR Vice President
Western Region Vice President, Ms. Ivonne Bachar, CPPM, CF, announced that there have
been some misunderstandings cleared up recently regarding the relationship between the
National Office and the Western Region when it comes to the financial reporting
responsibilities of individual Chapters. A show of hands by the delegates indicated a general
knowledge of the requirement to file annual financial reports to the National Office. Ms.
Bachar explained why this reporting is an obligation of the Chapters and that it could
jeopardize the NPMAs’ non-profit status. The National Office has outlined it’s response to a
Chapter’s failure to file an annual financial report:
    1. Revenue from dues will be withheld and no assistance for chapter events will be

   2. The Chapter may be deemed “Inactive” and lose its’ voting rights.

   3. The Chapters’ Charter may be revoked.

Ms. Bachar added that the year ending bank balance for a Chapter must not exceed $ 25,000.
She urged the delegates to share this information with their Chapters.

The second topic brought up was the conducting of special events or workshops by Chapters.
Since hiring Maria Maggio as the official Meeting Planner for the NPMA all service
contracts with the NPMA must be signed by Ms. Maggio. In the event that the Ms. Maggio
is unavailable the contract must be signed by the NPMA National President, Ms. Cheri
Cross, CPPM,CF. In the event that Ms. Cross is unavailable the contract must be signed by
the NPMA Executive Director, Mr. Paul Nesbitt. Ms. Bachar strongly encouraged the use of
the National Office resources. They only charge a 2% fee for processing bankcard payments
for registration to events. They have been helpful in developing regions within the Region to
promote membership in the past year. The Western Region Director of Membership, Ms.
Patrice Baker, CPPM, added that membership for the Western Region is now at 1,093. Ms.
Bachar reported the National Office has been successful in developing partnerships between
chapters to conduct events such as joint training sessions. She said, “Don’t be intimidated
about taking on a program as a single chapter. Look at all the resources that are available
from the National Office.”

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Treasurer’s Report

Western Region Treasurer, Skip Adolph, CPPM, CF announced that 3 members had
requested and received delegate support for attending the Western Regional Seminar in Long
Beach. He pointed out a line item in the budget called Delegate Support and noted it had an
annual budget of $ 2,000. In order to have funds available for delegate support at the
National Education Seminar, the amount made available for the Western Region seminar was
limited to $ 350 for each of the three delegates seeking assistance. Future consideration for
financial support at the Regional level will follow this checklist:
    1. Level of employer support.
    2. Level of Chapter support.
    3. The first two determine the level of Region support.

These are designed to follow the same evaluation used by the NPMA Foundation. Funding
will be limited to registration, travel and lodging. An expense report will be required in order
to be reimbursed for the cost of registration, travel and lodging.

The floor was opened for discussion.
Mr. Adolph stated that the maximum support available per member at the region level is
$ 500.
Ms. Bachar clarified that the intention of this budget item is to support delegate attendance to
ensure that a quorum is met in order to conduct business.
Mr. Adolph requested a discussion item or agenda listing be added for “Member Support” at
the WR Delegates meeting during the National Education Seminar when determining the
2009 budget.
Mr. Joel Gonzalez, CPPM, Antelope Valley Chapter, moved that: “A line item be added to
the 2009 budget for Membership Support”.
Mr. James Scott, CPPM, CF, Bay Area Chapter, seconded the motion.
Mr. Joe Schomer, Northwest Chapter, requested an administrative review of the bylaws for
consistency in this matter.
The vote was called for and the motion passed un-opposed.
Mr. James Scott, CPPM, CF, Bay Area Chapter, moved to accept the Treasurers report for
audit. Mr. James Schmitt, CPPM, Las Vegas Chapter, seconded the motion. A unanimous
vote passed the motion.

Ms. Patricia Ann Everman, CPPM, Saddleback Chapter moved to accept the prior motions
out of sequence. Mr. James Scott, CPPM, CF, Bay Area Chapter seconded the motion. The
motion was passed un-opposed.

At 2:40pm Western Region Vice President, Ms. Ivonne Bachar called for a ten minute recess.

The meeting resumed at 2:54pm.

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Parliamentarian Report

Ms. Kathy Baker, CPPS, Western Region Parliamentarian, announced that the final wording
to bylaws regarding a quorum voted on at the prior NES will be finalized during the “New
Business” portion of this meeting.

Membership Report

Ms. Patrice Baker, CPPM, Western Region Director of Membership reported that the attempt
to promote increased membership by assigning Co-Directors of Membership to
geographically close chapters was not as successful as was hoped. The primary reason for
this was response from the Chapters was minimal in asking for membership support. She
noted that the Western Region has had a net gain of 123 members for the past year. Ms.
Baker added that by conducting a Property Fundamentals Class the Oregon Trail Chapter
gained 5 new members.

Awards Report

 Mr. Robert Giacomi, CPPM, Western Region Director of Awards, reported that the award
deadlines for 2008 had been e-mailed to all the Chapter Presidents. He announced that as of
12/31/2007 the number of “Outstanding Members” to be recognized at NES would be based
upon Chapter size. The breakdown is as follows:
Small Chapter – 1 Outstanding Member
Medium Chapter – 2 Outstanding Members
Large Chapter – 3 Outstanding Members
Mr. Giacomi went on to encourage all Chapters to apply for the Chapter of the Year Award.
He announced a new award called the Lifetime Achievement Award. The criterion for this
award is a person must have 20 or more years of experience in property management and at
least 15 years of membership in the NPMA.
Mr. Giacomi reviewed the timelines for all awards reiterating that this information has been
sent to the Chapter Presidents and that the same information is available on the NPMA
national website.
Mr. Giacomi finally noted that the Outstanding Member Award is no longer a once in a
lifetime award. Members can be honored again, 5 years after they were last recognized for
this award.

Western Region Vice President, Ivonne Bachar noted that three Region Directors were not
present and that their reports would be posted on the Western Region website. Those
directors are:
Western Region Director of Certification – Billie Jo Perchla, CPPM, CF
Western Region Director of Communication, Cindy Bowman, CPPM, CF
Western Region Editor, Gavin Robillard, CPPM

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Chapter Reports

 Antelope Valley
      Mr. Joel Gonzalez, CPPM, reported that they have new officers this year. Last years’
      focus was on hosting the Western Regional Seminar. They have scheduled Chapter
      meetings in the evening to increase attendance.

Columbia Basin
     Ms. Verna Bonefield, CPPM, told the group about how their Chapter added 4
     quarterly evening meetings with speakers to their schedule with the other meetings
     conducted as roundtable discussions. Columbia Basin had 35% of their membership
     in attendance at the last National Education Seminar.

      Mr. Joe Schomer explained that membership growth has been the Chapter focus over
      the past year. Producing virtual meetings in which distant members can attend via
      telephone or via the internet at a later date gives the membership an opportunity to
      keep up to date with Chapter events. The Chapter is in the planning stages of hosting
      an NPMA seminar in Anchorage, Alaska.

Oregon Trail
      Ms. Carolyn Hogan talked about the Chapters’ Property Fundamentals class. The
      Chapter has plans to provide CPPA training in 2008. In 2007 the Oregon Trail
      Chapter had a Boss’ Day and participated in a chili cook-off in which they took first
      place. Charitable work the Chapter has taken on includes support for the Safe Choice
      Program with the YWCA and Dogs for the Deaf.

Bay Area
      Mr. Robert Giacomi, CPPM, explained about their Chapters’ practice of staggering
      the elections of their officers in order to have over lapping terms. The Bay area
      Chapter conducts bi-annual seminars focusing on university issues in property. They
      also conducted a one day seminar at Lockheed Martin which raised $ 5,000 for the
      Chapter. They have rescheduled their meetings to be at one location and the same
      day of the month.

      Ms. Helen Spain, CPPA, said that despite their Chapter being small in size they still
      average 6 to 8 members in attendance at their meetings.

Great Salt Lake
      Mr. Greg Vernon, CPPM, reported that the Chapter President, Mike Cornella,
      suffered a heart attack on the third day of his presidency and is recovering at home.
      Certification and membership have been their primary areas of focus and have seen a
      33% growth in membership in the past 90 days. Over half of their membership is
      certified and 40 members are at the CPPM level. The attendance at their Chapter
      meetings is averaging 25% of membership.

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Los Angeles
      Mr. Brian Thompson reported that the Chapter now has 184 members. Their focus
      the past year has been on hosting this years’ Western Region Seminar. The Chapter
      surveyed the membership and as a result they are rotating their meeting locations.

Las Vegas
      Mr. James Schmitt, CPPM, reminded the group that the Las Vegas Chapter was one
      of four chapters in the Western Region that met the membership growth challenge
      last year and won $ 100 as a result. The Chapter was happy to recognize Mr. James
      Walker Jr.,CPPM, for his 25 years of membership in the NPMA.

      Ms. Patricia Anne Everman, CPPM, listed her Chapter as having 87 active members
      with 62 of those being certified. Chapter volunteer efforts support Toys for Tots, in
      conjunction with the Boeing Company, providing school supplies and food for the
      needy. The Chapter has ordered red polo shirts with their chapter logo printed on
      them which are available to purchase for $ 25. Patricia noted that some of their
      members were having difficulty accessing the national database to update their
      profiles. Ms. Ivonne Bachar referred her to contact Ms. Amber Hague, National
      Membership Coordinator for assistance.

      Mr. Mike Herskovits, CPPM, said the Chapter has only two officers repeating terms
      this year and that the rest are new to their positions. They have been able to have a
      variety of speakers at their meetings. For example, one speaker managed evidence as
      property for the Phoenix Police Department and another meeting featured Ms. Ivonne
      Bachar, Western Region Vice President. The geographical range for the Saguaro
      Chapter reaches from the Phoenix area to Northern Arizona.

San Diego Mission
      Ms. Carolynn Bundy, CPPM, reported that their Chapter officers were split
      50/50, with half returning to office and half new to their respective offices. The big
      change in 2007 was their name change from “Mission Chapter” to “San Diego
      Mission Chapter”. They are experiencing a re-emerging level in membership with
      12 new members in the past 6 months. This is encouraging because the Chapter was
      not as healthy 2 years ago. The Chapter conducts bi-monthly meetings and actually
      had to cancel on meeting due to wild fires in the San Diego area. They are looking
      forward to hosting the Western Region Seminar in 2010. They are working on a new
      chapter logo – hopefully without a religious motif.

Ms. Mary Carny, Rocky Mountain Chapter, shared a strategy with the delegation in that their
chapter utilizes teleconferencing to increase attendance at their meetings.

At 3:40pm Ms. Ivonne Bachar called for a break so everyone could enjoy some “World
Famous Salsa” provided by Joel Gonzalez.

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The meeting resumed at 3: 51pm.

Ms. Ivonne Bachar thanked Joel for the salsa and reminded everyone to wear red clothing on
Friday. Ms. Bachar then introduced the Meeting Planner for the NPMA, Ms. Maria Maggio.

Ms. Maggio began by complimenting the Los Angeles Chapter and Ivonne Bachar for the
amazing job they did in preparing for the Western Region Seminar. She went on to
announce that the 2008 National Education Seminar will be held July 28-31 in Reno/Sparks
at the Nugget Resort. The program schedule is almost complete and people can begin
registering as early as this coming Friday, February 29. Ms. Maggio encouraged those who
will be attending to make their hotel reservations early. News regarding up coming events
includes a seminar in Alaska that the Northwest Chapter is planning and the hotel for the
2009 Western Region Seminar in Las Vegas has yet to be confirmed.

WR 2008
     Mr. Brian Thompson, Los Angeles Chapter, spoke about the variety of presentations,
     roundtable formats and panel presentations planned for this seminar. A unique twist
     they are implementing is to offer $ 25 donations to the workshop speakers’ favorite
     charities in lieu of a gift.

WR 2009
     Mr. James Schmitt, CPPM, Las Vegas Chapter, thanked the San Diego Mission
     Chapter for postponing their WR seminar one year to allow next years’ seminar to be
     held in Las Vegas. He handed out a preliminary program schedule to the delegates
     noting one of the new activities they are planning is a bowling challenge between the
     Chapters. He explained that the Las Vegas Chapter is having difficulty arranging for a
     hotel for next years’ Western Region Seminar because of a conflict with Nascar
     racing which is scheduled for this time next year. They may look for a date in the
     first part of March next year.

WR 2010
     Ms. Carolynn Bundy, CPPM, San Diego Mission Chapter, reported that they are busy
     recruiting volunteers and have formed a core group of organizers for the 2010
     Western Region Seminar. The hotel selection has not started yet. She announced that
     the theme for the seminar is “365 days of Ahhh”.

As a wrap up to this portion of the meeting Ms. Ivonne Bachar thanked the speakers and
Announced that there was already one chapter volunteering to host the 2011 WR Seminar.

New Business

Elections 2008 – Process and Candidacy
Ms. Loril Stephens, CPPM, CF, NPMA Vice President of Administration gave a presentation
describing the regional officers’ job descriptions. If people were interested in running for
office they should notify the Regional Nominating Committee which consists of Ms.
Stephens, Mr. Dick Olsen, CPPM,CF, and Mr. Gavin Robillard. Ms. Stephens handed out

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packets listing the requirements for office at the regional level noting that the deadline to
apply is April 25th. This date was selected because applications to run for office must be
submitted 90 days prior to the National Education Seminar. She added that the informational
material that was handed out can also be found on the NPMA website.
Ms. Ivonne Bachar encouraged those in attendance to participate in the election process.

Host Chapter for WR 2011
Ms. Ivonne Bachar opened the floor to discussion as to which Chapters would be interested
in hosting the Western region Seminar in 2011. Four Chapters volunteered, they are:
        Cochise, Great Salt Lake, Saddleback and Saguaro.
Ms. Bachar reminded the chapters that they would have an opportunity to promote their
respective locations at the Board of Delegates meeting at NES in July and each would have
an entry in that meetings’ agenda.

Northern Exposure, Anchorage Alaska
Ms. Terry J. Rochelle, CPPM,CF, announced the Northwest Chapter was planning to host a
seminar at the Westmark Hotel in Anchorage Alaska from April 27th to the 29th.
Certification training and testing for the CPPS and CPPA levels will be available. Ms.
Rochelle had received commitments from 6 speakers including Dr. Douglas Goetz,

Regional By-Law Regarding a Quorum
Western Region Parliamentarian, Ms. Kathy Baker, CPPS proposed the specific wording to
reflect the regional by-law change in chapter 11, sections 1 as voted into effect at the prior
Western Region Delegates meeting to be as follows:

At least 33% of the active chapters must be represented by a delegate or by delegate proxy
to constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Western Region Board.

The motion was seconded by Mr. James Scott, CPPM,CF, Bay Area Chapter.
Discussion followed.
Mr. Joel Gonzalez, CPPM, Antelope Valley Chapter, called for the question.
It was noted by the Western Region Parliamentarian, Ms. Baker, that this vote would require
a 2/3 majority vote to carry the motion.
The motion passed unanimously.

Ms. Darlyn Moore, CPPM, Saddleback Chapter made a motion to increase the Western
Region budget for delegate support in 2009.
Mr. Joel Gonzalez, CPPM, Antelope Valley Chapter seconded the motion.
Western Region Vice President, Ms. Ivonne Bachar called for the question.
The motion did not carry a majority of the votes.

Chapter Presidents Forum at NES
Ms Ivonne Bachar called for topics to be included in the Chapter Presidents Forum at the
National Education seminar.

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Mr. Mike Herskovits, CPPM, Saguaro Chapter suggested developing the ability to gain upper
management support of training.
Ms. Patrice Baker, CPPM, Oregon Trail Chapter proposed material that would cover
membership retention and growth.

Ms. Carolynn Bundy, CPPM, San Diego Mission Chapter called for Chapter Handbooks.

Mr. Robert Giacomi, CPPM, Bay Area Chapter, asked if Amber Hague, National
Membership Coordinator, and Penny Parker, National Education/Certification Coordinator,
could attend the Presidents Forum to explain the interaction between the chapters and the
National Office.

Mr. James Scott, CPPM, CF, Bay Area Chapter moved to adjourn the meeting.
Mr. James Schmitt, CPPM, Las Vegas Chapter seconded the motion.
The motion was carried by a unanimous vote of the delegates.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:10pm by Ms. Ivonne Bachar, Western Region Vice

Respectfully submitted by:

Russ Johnson
WR Secretary

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