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Making Money With Your iPhone


									Hi there!

Steve Jobs is making people like you and me rich for
developing iPhone apps.

How could you pull in money from iPhone apps?

How could you be the next pioneer of IPhone Apps Developer?

                                     There are people around us who earn thousands
                                     and thousands of dollars daily producing simple
                                     applications that are very useful for every day

                                     Such apps can be a simple "To-Do list" that can alert
                                     you when the task is not done by the scheduled
                                     timeline. Most of these simple apps are created
                                     during the spare time.

                                     The typical application costs 99 cents which you get
                                     to keep 70% of the revenue earned when individual
                                     downloads your app. How does quitting your job,
                                     and living off the income that you earn from the
                                     simple iPhone app sound? Something that does not
even require a long time to make.

Several others have done it, why not you? It's truly easy and there is a huge market for it.
There are millions of iPhone users who access the iTunes app store every day.
But here's the deal...

Apple isn't in the business of making Apps. They want YOU to create them. Once you
create them, they will put your App in front of MILLIONS with the click of a button. What
takes place next is magical. You make cash (lots of it); all with Apple's enthusiastic
blessing. iFart Makes $27,249 in One Day.

Why is now a good time to start?
When the iPhone launched, Apple had a 5 year contract with AT&T and possibly all other
phone service providers. That implies your app will be exposed to all Verizon, Sprint, and
T Mobile users. That increases your chance to earn decent profits from your simple Apps
as well as meeting more competition. If what you have created isn't a piece of junk, but
provide answer to particular issue or for entertainement.
And with the recent release of Apple's iPad, to a greater extent more people will have
access to your applications.

 So the more familiar with creating simple applications for phones, the more available
you make yourself to earning money. So if you consider yourself a technology geek, take
advantage if this great career opportunity and become the next big thing in the Apple
Over 30 million iPhones have been bought so far, implying that you've a perfect
opportunity to sell an app to a vast number of audience and earning more money online.
But where do you get started selling an iPhone app?
Acquire the few simple steps you need to take if you want to make and sell apps and
discover tips for boosting your sales along the way.

More information can be found from HERE!


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