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									  Getting a FLORIDA Non-Resident Permit
  If you want to get a second permit to maximize the number for states where you can carry,
we suggest you apply for a Florida permit. (The Utah permit is a waste of time and money.)
    Your Minnesota permit, combined with the Florida permit, allows carry in 31 states. Your
training from Force Options will qualify you for the Florida permit, and you can request the
necessary forms on-line from or through the Florida link on
   The forms are free, and they even provide you with a return envelope!

     Combined coverage from both a Minnesota and Florida permit = 31 States
States that honor the Minnesota    States that honor the Florida    States covered by the combination of
             Permit                    Non-resident Permit                   MN and FL Permits
  Alaska          Montana          Alabama          New Mexico          Alabama             Montana
  Arizona       New Mexico          Alaska         North Carolina        Alaska             Nevada
   Idaho         Oklahoma          Arizona         North Dakota         Arizona           New Mexico
  Indiana       South Dakota      Arkansas              Ohio           Arkansas          North Carolina
  Kansas         Tennessee        Delaware           Oklahoma          Delaware          North Dakota
 Kentucky           Utah           Georgia         Pennsylvania          Florida              Ohio
 Louisiana        Vermont           Idaho          South Dakota         Georgia            Oklahoma
 Michigan          Virginia        Indiana          Tennessee            Idaho           Pennsylvania
 Missouri                         Kentucky             Texas            Indiana          South Dakota
                                  Louisiana             Utah            Kansas             Tennessee
                                  Mississippi         Vermont           Kentucky             Texas
                                   Missouri           Virginia         Louisiana              Utah
                                   Montana           Wyoming            Michigan            Vermont
                                   Nevada                             Minnesota             Virginia
                                                                      Mississippi          Wyoming

   Request the fingerprint card, return envelope, “Application for Concealed Weapon/Firearm
License” and the “Concealed Weapon or Firearm License Application Instructions.” The
instruction book is 30 pages, but in addition to the application instructions it contains all the
Florida statutes you need to know regarding storage and possession of firearms, use of force,
and other laws.
    Fill out the two-sided application form, get your fingerprints taken at a police or sheriff’s
department, get a “passport-quality photo” and send these in along with a copy of your Force
Options training certificate and a check or money order for $117. Also include any expungement
orders, as you did when you got your Minnesota permit.
   Most police departments and sheriff’s offices will do fingerprints, though they may restrict
the hours (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-3, for example). Many provide this service to residents of
their own city or county for free, or may charge $10-15. Call ahead to see what their policy is.

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    You can get a passport-quality photo at Office Max, WalMart, Walgreens, and almost any
photo shop, like Proex. Cost is $10-15, and you can usually walk out the door with two photos in
30 minutes or less. (Save the second photo for future use) Do not try to get by with a snapshot
from the Labor Day barbeque or that wedding you were at three years ago. Photos like those
will be rejected, and delay your permit.
    Your signature on the application must be notarized. This means you must sign the
application in front of the notary, after they’ve checked your ID to see if it’s really you. I believe
$2 is all they can charge for this service. You should be able to find a notary at your bank, credit
union, or an attorney’s office. Let me repeat: Do not sign the application until the notary tells you
to, or they will refuse to accept it!

                       Combined Minnesota and Florida Permit Coverage

GLB    version 1.0.1     3-31-08

                                   Non-Resident Carry Permits – Page 2

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