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					AALNC HQ Update to Chapters


General Updates

      The AALNC Board of Directors has updated and approved the AALNC Code of Ethics
       and Conduct. To view the updated version, please click here.

      As a reminder, AALNC’s dues cycle is January – December 31st. Please look for your
       2010 Dues Renewal Invoice in the mail! In the meantime, if you or someone you
       know wishes to renew for the 2010 year for $150, you may do so by logging into
       the Members Only section of the website at anytime. For those who wish to send
       their dues via the mail, please send a check in the amount of $150 to:

          o   AALNC Headquarters

              401 N. Michigan Avenue

              Suite 2200

              Chicago, Illinois 60611

      From October 7 – 11th, AALNC exhibited at DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar (DRI)
       Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL. At this event, Immediate Past President, Mindy
       Cohen and President Elect, Karen Huff, as well as local members from the Greater
       Chicago Chapter promoted the profession and informed attorneys about the value
       of having a legal nurse consultant involved in the litigation process. We would
       like to extend a special thanks to those volunteers of the Greater Chicago

      From October 21-23rd, AALNC exhibited at IAFN – International Association of
       Forensic Nurses Scientific Assembly in Atlanta, GA. At this event, volunteers from
       the Atlanta Chapter of AALNC represented National and promoted the profession
       and informed other nurses about the value of being a legal nurse consultant and
       AALNC. We would like to extend a special thanks to those volunteers of the
       Atlanta Chapter.

      Are you having a hard time finding nurses in your state? Visit your state Licensing
       Board today and obtain a list of all nurses in your state for a minimal cost. This
       is just one more way to get more involvement and leaders and to help plan future
       educational programs!

       Realizing that chapter presidents and volunteers often times get inquiries from
       potential LNCs about what educational programs are available, we wanted to
       share a resource that was prepared by AALNC Members Beth Zorn and Margie
       Pugatch. The chart gives an overview of available LNC programs and their
       websites, and lists information about costs, continuing education, and certificate
       or certification options. The course chart is located in the files section of
       LNCExchange at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/LNCExchange/files, in a
    folder called “LNC Courses” (please note, only members of LNCExchange have
    access to the files and links section). We hope that chapter presidents will be
    able to utilize this summary when talking to potential LNCs. Please email us at
    info@aalnc.org if you have any questions and/or updates.

    Save the Date for the 2010 National Educational Conference
    March 24-27, 2010
    Pittsburgh, PA
    "Invest In Yourself"

    Further details, including session information, will be available on line this fall at
    www.aalnc.org. Whether you are a registered nurse just getting started in the
    field or a seasoned professional progressing into advanced LNC work, the AALNC
    National Educational Conference provides an abundance of educational sessions to
    help you “invest in yourself”!

    AALNC constantly strives to help members gain experience in our profession and,
    more so, to increase business for our members by promoting the role of the LNC to
    attorneys. As one of our strategic initiatives, AALNC will continue working to
    enhance attorneys’ awareness of our profession and the numerous benefits of
    using a Legal Nurse Consultant as well as promote the availability of the AALNC
    LNC Locator tool (www.lnclocator.org). Please encourage your members to keep
    their member profile up-to-date so they are recognized in the LNC Locator tool.
    Since the LNCLocator is connected to our membership database, their information
    will automatically be updated here at Headquarters, and will be reflected
    immediately in the LNCLocator. Continue to visit www.aalnc.org for the most up-
    to-date information regarding the AALNC attorney awareness marketing
    initiatives throughout the year. Please visit
    http://www.aalnc.org/hire/testimonial.cfm to read the Attorney Testimonials and
    http://www.aalnc.org/hire/release.cfm on the Awareness News Releases.

   As a reminder, AALNC offers all our members access to the membership directory.
    As you use this directory to look up other AALNC members, please remember these
    helpful hints:

       You may use as many or as few of the search fields as you wish. The fewer
        criterions you enter, the more names that will be returned from your search.
        Example: If you are looking for Jane Doe in Tennessee, then only enter “Doe,
        Jane” into the Last, First box and “TN” in the State box.

        If you do not know how to spell a last name but you know that it starts with
        "J", just enter the "J" into the Last, First box.

        Unless you are certain that the person you are looking for is a member of
        their local chapter, do not use the Chapter/Region search box at all.

        If you want a list of all AALNC members in a specific state, use that state as
        the only search criterion.
            If names are not returned using the appropriate searches, it is possible that
            the individual has requested not to be listed in the directory for privacy


      Please look for your 2010 Dues Renewal Invoice in the mail. You may log into the
       Members Only section at anytime and renew your AALNC Membership Dues for
       $150 which will take you through December 31, 2010. The deadline for renewals
       is 12/31/2009.

       AALNC’s Membership Committee has worked hard to provide you and your staff
       with a benefits program equal or better to those normally found only at the
       largest companies. Purchasing through this site has many benefits for both you
       and AALNC! Click here for more information!

      Whether you’re self-employed, work for someone else or own a business or
       staffing agency, the Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is pleased to offer an array
       of quality insurance products designed to fit your needs. NSO has partnered with
       eHealthInsurance, the nation’s #1 online source for health insurance, to help you
       find the right plan. Whether you’re looking for standard individual and family,
       short-term, or small business coverage, you can get free quotes from the nation’s
       top health insurance companies, compare plan rates and benefits and apply for
       coverage online. For more information please visit http://www.nso.com/personal-
       insurance/ regarding the benefits you can receive as an AALNC member through
       NSO today!

      e-Communities – hopefully you have already had the opportunity to view and
       utilize AALNC’s membership benefit, e-communities. As an AALNC member, you
       have the ability to “subscribe” to the Members Only community and more. Within
       these communities you will be able to participate in various Discussion Forums,
       such as AALNC Member Community; Becoming an LNC; LNCC Prep Package Group;
       and LNCCs Only, by posting and responding to messages and downloading
       information. When you login to your e-Communities page on our website, it should
       be listed just below the Becoming An LNC community. If you do not see this in
       your record, email info@aalnc.org and ask to be added to this community.

       Membership Cards are now available online. Headquarters has received many
       questions regarding the AALNC Membership card and when our members should
       receive this card. Please be advised, as part of our intent to “go green”, all
       AALNC members are now able to log in to the Members Only section of the website
       and print a membership card for their reference. Therefore, Headquarters will no
       longer send these cards in the mail. If you have any questions or if any of your
       members have problems retrieving their card online, please direct them to contact
       Headquarters and we will be happy to assist them.

      Please remember, all Active and Associate chapter members must be national
       members of AALNC. Sustaining members do not need to be national members;
       however, this membership category is meant for local vendors, attorneys and
       other non-nurses interested in your chapter’s activities. Use the online
       membership directory or contact us to verify membership statuses.

      The AALNC Online Bookstore is an excellent source for legal nurse consulting

      Are you receiving many questions regarding resources available for LNC’s? To
       better direct your members, feel free to place the AALNC bookstore link
       (http://www.aalnc.org/edupro/profresources/landing.cfm) on your chapter
       website for easy access and resources!

      ALL 8 Modules of AALNC’s Legal Nurse Consulting Online Course are available on
       the online bookstore. We offer packaged deals for these modules which will save
       you money and give you the most complete LNC education! To view these
       packages and the modules or for more information please click here
       http://www.aalnc.org//onlinelearning/index.cfm. RN's may now view an online
       preview of the course that further explains course formatting and content. You
       will also be able to view specific content from one of the modules and will be
       introduced to several of the learning activities that are incorporated throughout
       the course. To view the preview, please go to


      For LNCC exam resources, please visit the Certification Resources section of our
       online bookstore at http://www.aalnc.org/edupro/profresources/landing.cfm#cert.
      For those who took the exam on October 10, your results will be sent to you via
       email from SMT within 4-6 weeks. Please watch your email for correspondence
       from SMT. Once you are notified of your certification status, ALNCCB will send
       you your certification wallet card and certificate within 2 weeks.


      In conjunction with Business Management Solutions Inc. (BMS), we have just
       developed LNCBiz: Business and Marketing Skills For Legal Nurse Consulting. This
       course is essential to provide you with the best opportunity to get your business
       off to the right start and to avoid many common pitfalls made at the outset of
       entrepreneurship. It is also ideal for established Legal Nurse Consultants who
       want to take their business to the next level. For more information and to
       purchase, please click here.

       Our product of the month is Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consulting – This
       text is designed to help LNCs with the challenges of owning a business. Topics
       covered include: developing a business plan, marketing services, managing
       finances, hiring subcontractors and employees, and avoiding ethical conflicts. Order

       AALNC is pleased to offer expanded access to educational products that will
       enhance your practice and give back to AALNC at the same time! After a thorough
       review process, the AALNC Education Committee identified the following list of
       books in several practice categories as additional resources that would enhance
       your knowledge and practice as an LNC. In the Members Only section of the AALNC
       website you will see a link for the Educational Resource Section. Resources for
       LNCs are listed within three categories: Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting;
       Advanced Legal Nurse Consulting and LNCC Exam Prep Resources and General
       Resources. The title of each book is linked to Amazon.com, where you can
       purchase the book and also give back to AALNC! A portion of the cost of each book
       comes back to the organization to help us plan more valuable education for our
       members. Click here to learn more!

      Interested in earning continuing nursing education credits for reading articles
       published in the JLNC? Enroll in the 2009 Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting (JLNC)
       Contact Hour Program at http://www.aalnc.org/edupro/journal/CNE/2009.cfm
       today! Starting with the Winter 2009 issue, each edition of the JLNC will feature
       one article that has been selected for the JLNC Contact Hour Program.
       Participants enrolled in the program will be required to complete an online post-
       test for each featured article. Participants who pass the test with a score of 70%
       or greater will be granted nursing contact hours and will be able to print their
       certificate of completion. Quizzes for the featured article will be added to the
       participant’s online workspace at the time the edition is published. The
       discounted enrollment fee for the 2009 program for AALNC members is $100,
       which includes access to the quizzes and contact hours for the 2009 issues. Non-
       members can enroll for $135. To enroll online, please click here. It is estimated
       that this continuing education program will be eligible for approximately 3 – 4
       nursing contact hours.

       The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants is an approved provider of
       continuing nursing education by the Illinois Nurses Association, an accredited
       approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on

       Purchase access to online recordings of the 2009 conference sessions and earn
       nursing contact hours! AALNC is please to offer online and on-demand access to
       the 2009 National Educational Conference Sessions. These sessions have been
       recorded, fully synchronized to PowerPoint presentations, and are now available
       for year-round access. Start your online conference experiences today by visiting
       http://www.dcprovidersonline.com/aalnc/ or visit our website at
       www.aalnc.org/LiveLearningCenter/index1.cfm for more information regarding
       pricing and registration.


      You should have all received your Fall 2009 issue of the Journal of Legal Nurse
       Consulting. If you have not received this issue, please email Headquarters at

      Are you looking for a way to share your knowledge and experiences in a published
       format? Consider The Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting in your editorial
       endeavors. For Submission Guidelines, topic ideas, and other information, contact
       Journal Management at JLNC@aalnc.org. The Journal welcomes submissions from
       all practitioners – please advise your non-member colleagues that they are
       welcome to submit!

      Remember, archived issues of the journal can be downloaded from the Members
       Only section of the website.

      All past issues of the newsletter are also available in the Members Only section of
       the website.

      To find out when chapter updates need to be submitted each quarter for inclusion
       in the newsletter, click here http://www.aalnc.org/about/chapter_leaders.cfm and
       scroll to the bottom of the chapter leader resource page.

Links of the Month

       All Chapters: Please send us any and all updates, chapter meetings, virtual
       meetings/events, so other chapters are aware of these activities. To have your
       chapter’s events posted, email the event detail to me at Kathryn.Ryan@aalnc.org
       and view them at: Chapter Events Calendar.

      Please make sure to visit the Network News: Chapter Updates by logging into the
       Members Only section at http://www.aalnc.org/members/NetworkNews.cfm?

      http://www.lnclocator.org/ - Encourage attorneys and clients to use this search
       engine to find a nurse expert!

      Chapter Events Calendar – to have your chapter’s events posted, email the event
       details to me at Kathryn.ryan@aalnc.org

I hope you enjoyed the October 2009 AALNC HQ Update to Chapters! Please let me or
your DAL know if you have any questions or comments.


Kathryn Ryan

Membership/Chapter Services Coordinator

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

401 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611

T 877.402.2562

F 312.673.6655