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                         5                      4                    3                      2                     1

CAPTIONS        The lead is well       The lead is well      The lead is not       The lead is poorly     Poor overall
                constructed and        constructed, but      creative and its      constructed. I am      effort. Do not feel
                has a creative         creativity is not     construction is       unclear as to          the writer even
                approach. I            there. I              somewhat              where the story of     made an attempt
                understand the         understand where      confusing. I am       the picture is         to bring me into
                story of the           the story of the      unclear as to         going. Did not         the story of the
                picture it is          picture is going;     where the story of    take risks with        picture. Poor
                describing. Took       however, did not      the picture is        writing. Poor          sentence structure
                risks with writing.    take risks with       going. Did not        sentence structure     and vocabulary.
                Great sentence         writing. Decent       take risks with       and limited            Possibly
                structure and          sentence structure    writing. Marginal     vocabulary.            incomplete.
                vocabulary.            but limited           sentence structure
                                       vocabulary.           but limited
BODY OF         Answers all the 5      Answers all the 5     Answers most of       Answers half of        Answers one or
STORY           Ws and H. Direct       Ws and H. Needs       the 5 Ws and H.       the 5 Ws and H.        two of the 5 Ws
                and indirect           one-to-three more     Needs twice as        Needs twice as         and H. Has no
                quotes are             direct and indirect   many direct and       many direct and        direct or indirect
                incorporated           quotes.               indirect quotes.      indirect quotes.       quotes.
                when needed.           Transitions are       Transitions are       Transitions are        Transitions are not
                Transitions are        somewhat              average (could be     attempted, but         attempted.
                used very              effective.            better).              poor.
SPELLING/       No typing and          One-to-two typos      One-to-two typos      Several typos or       Painful to read.
GRAMMAR         grammar errors in      or grammar errors     or grammar errors     grammar errors in      This would be a
                stories, headlines,    in the copy.          in the copy as well   copy as well as a      total
                captions and any                             as a couple errors    major error or two     embarrassment if
                other copy.                                  in the headline       in the headline &      it printed. Several
                                                             and sub-headline.     sub-headline.          major errors.
COMPOSITION/ The elements on           The elements on       The elements on       The elements on        The page is
STRUCTURE    the page create a         the page lack a       the page are not      the page lack          incomplete and
                perfect sense of       perfect sense of      balanced              balance (pictures,     the design that
                balance (pictures,     balance but are       (pictures, type       type size, etc.) and   has been
                type size, etc.) and   still in good shape   size, etc.). The      colors clash. The      completed is poor.
                colors are used        (pictures, type       choice of colors on   designer has been      The effort was
                appropriately.         size, etc.). There    the page is           careless when it       minimal.
                There is proper        should be             ineffective. There    comes to spacing
                and consistent         more/less colors      is inconsistent       between and
                spacing between        (one or two).         spacing between       among elements
                and among              There is some         and among             (pictures, type,
                elements               inconsistency in      elements              etc.) on the page.
                (pictures, type,       the spacing           (pictures, type,
                etc.) on the page.     between and           etc.) on the page.
                                       among elements
                                       (pictures, type,
                                       etc.) on the page.

    CREATIVITY    This page has all     The design is         The design is       The design is       The design is
                  the makings of a      above average         average and has     average and has     extremely boring.
                  professional          and is on par with    all of the          all of the          Little to no effort
                  design. The design    a lot of the better   elements. The       elements. The       was put into
                  is imaginative and    pages produced        designer produces   designer produces   making the page.
                  yet the simpler       last year. The        a pretty generic    a pretty generic
                  parts of it are       designer takes        page and does not   page and does not
                  clean and add to      risks but they do     take risks.         take risks.
                  the page. The         not fully work.
                  designer takes
                  risks that pay off.
                  There is good
                  variety on the

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