Lonely_ A Running Game by bengreenfield


									                                Lonely? A Running Game

Ever go out on your long, slow distance run and just have trouble motivating yourself to
push? Ever find this happens even more frequently when you don't have a running

That's silly. There are running partners everywhere. They're just driving by in cars,
oblivious to the fact that they are, indeed, your little running buddy on four wheels.

I just returned from a 15 mile jaunt, during which I played a bit of a game. As you read
the instructions, you may realize that this is really only realistic on non-busy roads. Hit a
car crowded highway course and you'll find yourself hurling your guts out after a few

Here's how it works:


-Settle into an aerobic pace, which, if you do Heart Rate Zone training, would be about
Zone 2-3. Otherwise, take your lactate threshold heart rate and subtract about 20 beats.

-Every time a car passes you *from behind*, you must pick up the pace to a comfortable
pick-up stride (about high Zone 3, or threshold heart rate - 10) for a total of 100 steps
(that's 50 steps per leg, Einstein).

-If a "string" of cars passes, then you begin your stride after the last car goes by.

-BONUS: If a car passes you anytime during your 100 step pick-up stride, you
accelerate the pace to maximum speed for however many steps you have left.

-Once you're done with the 100 step pick-up stride, you can settle back into aerobic
pace until the next car approaches.

***Optional Add-On For Running During the Day or on Less Busy Roads***

-Every time a car passes you *from the front*, you switch sides of the road, whether
"mid-stride" or not. This throws a little curveball camber at your body.

This game is basically Fartlek training with an unpredictable twist, and is good when you
don't have a group to run with to do the pace-changing. Afterwards, you can go out for a
beer by yourself and wave at cars.

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