LSAT Registration by hol43707


									                                          LSAT Registration

Class Information
Class Location:                                              Dates:
   LSAT Basic / Phase 1; 3-day ($395)                LSAT Advanced / Phase 2; 2-day ($275)
   Combined Basic/Advanced; 5-day ($595)                    LSAT Introductory; 1-day ($125)
   Pre-employment Selection & Background Investigation; 3-day ($395)

Student Name:                                                    Phone:
Email Address:
Agency Name:
Mailing Address
        City:                               State:                    Zip/Postal code:

Payment Method
Credit Card:

             Name on Card:
            Card Number:             -       -       -
             Expiration date:
             3-digit security #:
        Make checks payable to: LSAT
        Mail checks to:            LSAT
                                   4926 St. Andrews Ct.
                                   Loveland, CO 80537

Cancellation policy:
LSAT accepts cancelations with a 100% refund up to 7 days prior to the first day of class.
Cancelations within this 7 day period and up to the first day of class incur a $50.00 fee to cover
materials and administrative costs. Allow 10 days for reimbursement. Cancelations on or after
the first day of class will transfer the tuition payment to a credit to be applied to any
subsequent LSAT training.

LSAT; 4926 St. Andrews Ct., Loveland CO 80537    Phone: 970-776-6236 Email:

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