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									           SAT Readiness Program - The Official SAT Online Course
The Official SAT Online Course is the only online course developed by the test maker. It is personalized, comprehensive,
and available 24 hours a day from any computer connected to the Internet. Students can use the course outline as a
syllabus for the classroom or as a guide for self-paced study.

              18 Interactive Lessons – 10 Official Practice Tests & Valuable Feedback
 The lessons feature interactive activities and multimedia content to create an engaging learning environment.
           Students gain valuable experience choosing to complete short tutorials or complete full length practice tests —all
          developed by the test maker.
           Students receive detailed explanations of answers to all questions on the online course.
           Explanations appear for both correct and incorrect answer choices.

                             How to Register for the Official SAT Online Course™
Students register for the online course with a unique student access code. Example: ABCD-12345. If you have
not received a unique student access code, please request one from your principal's office or counselor's office.

                                        Once Registered – What’s Available?
Getting Started
           Students can take a pre-test to determine their strengths and areas where they need extra help.
           Study Calendar - Students can create a personalized study plan that meets their own schedules and goals
           Students work through 18 interactive lessons, which cover the SAT math, critical reading, and writing sections.
           The course includes special lessons on the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT essay.
           After viewing each lesson, students can take lesson quizzes to help identify strengths and areas fro improvement
Practice Quizzes
           The online course includes over 600 practice questions, all of which follow proprietary SAT specifications.
           Students gain confidence by practicing with questions just like the ones they'll see on test day.
           Six official practice tests, from the makers of the SAT, help students familiarize themselves with test format and
            question type.
           Students have the option of taking the practice tests online or in print.
                o    Students may print out the full-length practice tests and take them on paper to simulate test conditions.
                o    They may enter their responses online to receive a detailed score and skills report.
           Students receive score reports for all of the practice tests in the online course.
           Students may view a report that shows the number of right, wrong, and omitted answers for each item type. With
            this information, students may review lessons and quizzes that correspond to the particular item types.
           Students receive immediate, computer-generated scores for their essays.
                o    For each prompt, students see student-written samples with annotations explaining why the samples
                     earned their scores.
                o    The Scoring Guide provides students with a general description of the qualities that distinguish an essay at
                     each scoring level.

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