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									                             ASID Healthcare Infection Control Special Interest Group
                                        Steering Committee Meeting 24th June 2009

Meeting Opened     1305 AEST

Attendances        John Ferguson, Chris Coulter, Tom Gittlieb, Helen VanGessell, Alastair, McGregor, Kate Clezy, Carolyn Marshall,
                   Rhonda Stuart, Mary-Louise McLaws, Luke Chen, Claire Boardman, Tony Allworth, Michelle Taylor
Apologies          Lyn Gilbert, Peter Collignon

                                                       Discussion                                                   Action
1.   Steering      John asked the membership for volunteers for the Steering Committee (SC) prior to   John to send a letter to the
     Committee     the meeting and several members volunteered, however some are not members of        ASID secretariat re the changes
     Membership    ASID. Tom and David felt that as long as HICSIG was under the ASID umbrella,        to the Steering Committee and
                   they are not fussed if SC members are members of ASID, however ASID council         to the ASID council in the
                   should be notified.                                                                 annual SIG report.

                   Discussion was held around whether the Terms of Reference and objectives need to    John to update the Terms of
                   be updated. John mentioned that the objectives were updated following ASID,         Reference and redo primary
                   however due to the website going down, changes made have disappeared.               objectives of HICSIG on the
                                                                                                       website and circulate both to
                                                                                                       the membership.
2.   Name Change   A list of suggestions made at, and subsequent to ASID, was circulated with the      No action
                   Agenda. Discussion was held around the different suggestions, however it was
                   agreed that there would be no name change at this time.

Minutes                           -1-
3.   Residential Aged    John has had expressions of interest from 4-5 people to work on the development of     If anyone is in coordinating /
     Care MRSA           this guideline. There needs to be a couple of SC members to act as coordinators.       facilitating this guideline,
     Guideline           There was discussion about whether a separate guideline was required as there are      please inform John.
                         national Infection Control Guidelines (ICG) and also state and local guidelines and
                         this would simply duplicate them. Claire stated that the ICG is a set of broad         John to ask Marilyn
                         guidelines only and John stated that a lot of facilities were grappling with local     Cruickshank if Aged Care is
                         problems and would appreciate some guidance.                                           being included in the ICG - it is
4.   Draft Guidelines    From the ASID discussions, it was felt that one of HICSIG’s primary objectives was     Rhonda and Carolyn to draft a
     and Position        to develop position papers / guidelines or to endorse those written by other           H1N1 flu guideline that will be
     Papers              stakeholder groups, thus improving the group’s prominence. This led to a discussion    then sent around to HICSIG
                         about a pandemic (H1N1) 09 flu guideline, as John has been asked for a                 members for comment, before
                         representative of HICSIG to provide input into H1N1 flu advice to state CMO. It        going to DOHA or CDNA
                         was agreed that some guidance needs to be developed and released quickly. This
                         may begin a simple position paper, but become more complex over time.

                         There was also discussion over whether to take the guideline through the ASID
                         guidelines group – agreed.
5.   Infection Control   Kate Clezy talked about the research coordination effort that is occurring. There is   Kate to share information when
     Research            to be a ½ day meeting to look into a national Infection Prevention/Infection Control   it becomes available.
                         research agenda, however this has not yet occurred due to swine flu taking priority.
6.   November            Previously, the November HICSIG meeting has occurred either as part of                 Sharon Lewins, Alfred
     Meeting             Melbourne’s Forbes Week or at the national AICA meeting.                               Hospital to be contacted
7.   ASID 2010           No HICSIG activities yet arranged.                                                     John to coordinate with Josh
                                                                                                                Davis re HICSIG meetings and
                                                                                                                sponsored sessions.

Minutes                                 -2-
8.   ESCMID-SHEA-        This course is on track to occur in late June 2010. The entire faculty is coming over   To be further discussed in
     ASID Advanced       from Europe. It will be a hybrid course (incorporating both the basic and advanced      November.
     Infection Control   courses), run over 4 days and costing approximately $6500. There is limited room at
     Workshop            the resort so it will be restricted to 60-70 participants. ASID will publicise in due
9.   Next Meeting        Discussion was held around the next Steering Committee meeting. It was agreed that      John to arrange for
                         this should take place in late August.                                                  teleconference, possibly for
                                                                                                                 Wed 19th August.

Meeting Closed           1400 AEST

Minutes                                 -3-

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