Downloading Waypoints to the Garmin Colorado by wls73800


									Downloading a Pocket Query to the Garmin Colorado/Oregon/Dakota
In this example it is a Colorado GPS being used with Windows 7

   1. Go to and create the pocket query: My Account – Build Pocket Queries. You
       can have a maximum of 500 waypoints with each query.
   2. Create a new query or modify an existing one.
   3. Decide when you want it to run. If you want to receive it immediately tick today’s day of the
       week. Decide if you want to keep the query and run it regularly or delete it after it has run.
   4. Then choose where the centre point is to be, either Home, a cache (by waypoint name) or
       coordinates which you can get from Memory Map or Google Earth.

   5. Submit the query and it will be emailed to you. You can select whether to have it ‘zipped’ up to
       make the file smaller or just have the GPX files sent.
   6. Open the email. There will be an attachment with a numerical file name, in this example the PQ
       was emailed as a zip file called Save this to a suitable location on your PC. You
       could create a new folder called ‘Waypoints’ in a Geocaching folder in My Documents.

7. If the file was zipped you need to unzip it. Go to the .zip file, right click on it and in Winzip select
    ‘Extract to here’. If the file was separate .gpx files they will be in the folder after saving them
    from the email.
8. This is the result.

9. Now connect the Garmin Colorado to your PC with the USB cable. It will switch on and the PC
    will detect it. Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to the Colorado device.
10. It shows as Garmin Colorado with two folders, Garmin and Whereigo. In this example the PC
    has assigned it as the G drive. The memory card in the Colorado also shows as ‘Removable
    Disk’ and has been assigned as the F drive. If you don’t have a memory card this removable
    disk won’t show. Please note there may be slight differences with the Oregon/Dakota but the
    main folders (Garmin) are the same.
11. Click on the   beside the Garmin folder of the Garmin Colorado (this is a + in Windows XP)
   then the    sign beside the GPX folder that appears. There may be a ‘Current’ folder (see later).

12. Now copy the two files you ‘unzipped’ earlier (3939116.gpx and 3939116-wpts.gpx) by holding
down the CTRL key and moving the mouse to the first file (it is selected) and then onto the second
file – release the CTRL key, right click on the highlighted files and select copy.

13. Go to the GPX folder on the Colorado and paste these two files into it.

14. When you use the Colorado it will load any GPX file from this folder into memory and you will
   see the caches listed as Geocaches in the menu. If you mark any caches as found or add logs
   on the Colorado these are held in the Current folder. If you no longer want to keep the GPX
   files in the Colorado just navigate to this GPX folder and delete ALL the files there.


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