Condensed operating instructions for DTA-TGA system by mikelbyington


									              Condensed operating instructions for DTA-TGA system
Nov. 30, 02

1. Bring up DTA-TGA software
   Bring up TA Instrument Control program, which is the DTA-TGA software. All
     of the software is in file TA in the C directory. Store your data in
     C:TA/Data/MSE 433 F-02/Team 1 or Team 2. My data are in Team Eric

2. Setup an experiment
   Click on Mode icon: set TGA-DTA
   Set experimental parameters by clicking on Experimental View icon.

      Summary Tab
       i.   Sample name – example Ni 1000C air
       ii. Comments – you can type sample dimensions in here
       iii. Data file – give the pathway where the data file should be stored and the and
            the file name – example C:TA/Data/MSE 433 F-02/Team */Ni 1000C, air
       iv. Press apply to accept summary

      Procedure tab
       i.    Click on editor
       ii. Set data point collection rate (sampling interval)
       iii. Hold for 0 or 2 hr (depends on what gas you are using) (isothermal)
       iv. Heat at 25C to Tmax (ramp)
       v.    You can change data collection rate or leave it the same – see my data
             (sampling interval)
       vi. Hold at maximum temperature for length of time to collect data (isothermal)
       vii. Cool at 100C/min to RT (ramp)
       viii. Press apply to accept procedure

      Note tab:
       i.    Operator – example Team ***
       ii.   Pan type – Pt
       iii.  Extended text – you can typ additional info here
       iv.   Press apply to accept

      Weighing sample (Use the balance in 904 to weigh sample to get it to the proper
       weight before doing this procedure.) Note: Total mass of pan plus sample <350
       i. Open furnace and insert empty Pt pan on sample beam. (Pt pan is in plastic
            box in top drawer on right side of DTA-TGA system.)
       ii. Close furnace and press tare.
       iii. Open furnace after the Pt pan has been tared.
       iv. Insert sample and close furnace.

3. Run the experiment
     Start experiment by clicking on Run icon.
     Plot real time data during experiment by clicking on Real Time Plot icon. You
      can change plot parameters by right clicking in plot area.

4. Bring up data analysis software – use this to export data to be analyzed using
    Bring up TA Universal Analysis program, which is the data analysis program.
    Open your data file. This will bring up a plot of your data.
    Covert the data file so it is readable by Excel by clicking on File, Export Data
      File, File Signals Only
    Save the file as a Spreadsheet Text File (extension on file will be *.txt, which is
      readable by Excel)

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