Thursday January 31, 2008 Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference by uxu13127


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              Thursday January 31, 2008
              Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Center
              Niagara Falls, Ontario

8:00 am        Registration and continental breakfast

9:00 am        Welcoming remarks and greetings
                    Patrick Gedge, CEO, Niagara Economic Development Corporation
                    Donna Skelly, Co-host, Live at 5:30, CHCH News
                    Peter Partington, Regional Chairman, Regional Municipality of Niagara
                    Ted Salci, Mayor, City of Niagara Falls

9:15 am        Donna Skelly welcomes Eddie Friel
               Eddie Friel O.B.E, Visiting Professor in Residence, Niagara University
               Making Cities Work
               From their earliest days cities have been the cauldron of creativity and
               innovation; the history of cities has been the history of civilisation itself. In
               today’s global economy where capital knows no boundaries cities now find
               themselves competing as places to live, work, invest in, visit etc. Place
               Marketing is a comparatively new discipline that requires places to define
               their competitive advantage over others. This case study will concentrate
               on the City of Glasgow in Scotland to demonstrate how a perceived
               decaying city re-invented itself to become the Cultural Capital of Europe
               and a major tourism destination.

10:00 am       Palooza Break

10:15 am       Dennis Parass, NEDC Board Chair, welcomes Richard Florida
               Richard Florida, Professor of Business and Creativity, Rotman School of
               Management, and best-selling author

               The Creative Class
               The World is Spikey. Regions are becoming more specialized in
               economic activity, creating a global battle for talent. Combining in-depth
               analysis, cutting-edge trends, compelling personal stories and a touch of
               humor, Dr. Richard Florida presents his insights into how creativity and the
               Creative Class are revolutionizing the global economy.

11:15 am       Interactive Session
               Audience members may ask questions of Richard Florida

11:30am-12pm   Richard Florida - Book signing

11:30 am       Lunch & Palooza
               Wine tasting sponsored by the Wine Council of Ontario
1:00 pm          Judy Casselman, Regional Councillor, welcomes Tim Jones
                 Tim Jones, Cheif Executive Officer, Artscape
                 Extreme makeover: The creative city edition
                 A growing body of evidence indicates that the creative capacity of a place is key
                 in promoting sustainability, solving problems in every imaginable field, and
                 defining regional and global competitiveness in the new economy. However,
                 despite all the rhetoric about creativity and innovation, many cities and
                 communities are challenged by how to translate the new theory into practice.
                 Artscape has invested 20 years in understanding the dynamics of creative
                 environments in Canada, U.S., and the U.K.

1:45 pm          Brian McMullan, Mayor, City of St. Catharines welcomes nGen Group
                         Jean Bridge, New media artist, leader of the nGen initiative & Director of Brock’s
                         Centre for Digital Humanities
                         Kevin Kee, Canada Research Chair, Brock University
                         Keith Makse, Brock graduate, Partner, Cerebral Vortex Games
                         Pat McIroy, Animator and special effects creator, Hydrant Designs
                         Denis Dyack, President, Silicon Knights

                 nGen Generates Creative Enterprise
                 nGen is the new and innovative Niagara interactive media business generator that will
                 contribute to the transformation of Niagara into a hub of knowledge intensive, creative enterprise.

2:30 pm          Palooza Break

2:45 pm          Donna Skelly welcomes Jack Lightstone
                 Jack Lightstone, Ph.D President and Vice-Chancellor, Brock University
                 Stimulating the creative conversation: The University and College perspective

3:00 pm          Moderator: Donna Skelly, Co-host, Live at 5:30, CHCH News
                 Positioning Niagara in the Future: an interactive discussion with community leaders
                         Jack Lightstone, Ph.D. President and Vice-Chancellor, Brock University
                         Dan Patterson, Ph.D. President, Niagara College
                         Paul McCuaig, Publisher, St. Catharines Standard
                         Jackie Maxwell, Artistic Director, Shaw Festival
                         Michael A. Altman, Vice President Brand Strategy, Cundari SFP

4:00 pm          Closing remarks and door prizes (must be present to win)

4:00 - 5:00 pm   Post Palooza Reception
                 Wine tasting sponsored by the Wine Council of Ontario
                 Food prepared by Niagara College Culinary Program
Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping
 to make NiagaraPalooza a great success!

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