You must have a LiveText account to post on LiveText. LiveText can be purchased at the TechZone in the Bone Student Center.

      1. Log on to your LiveText account at Click the new "Create" button in
           your MyDesk area and this will take you directly to the template selection page. Choose
           the appropriate folder under Illinois State University. Proceed to select the template,
           type a title and create the document.

            select Project from the first drop-down menu that says Document. On the Template drop-down
            menu, select the template for the appropriate Elementary Education course assignment you are posting
            Ex.: C&I 211- Integrated Unit. In the Title space, give your assignment the name of the assignment
            and you can also include section number or the semester you are entering it. Then click Create

    2b.     IF YOU ARE ENTERING a PBA or ITPS (teacher education-wide assessment tasks), select
            Portfolio from the first drop-down menu that says Document. On the Template drop-down menu,
            select Illinois State University Teacher Education Portfolio. All of the PBA and ITPS assignments
            that must be submitted in this category will be found here. YOU SHOULD CREATE
            THIS PORTFOLIO ONLY ONCE! After that, you send the same portfolio to any instructor of a
            course with a PBA or ITPS in it that you are completing. Do not give this portfolio any other title.
            Click on Create Document. On the next screen all of the required assessment tasks for all Teacher
            Education-Wide, requirements can be found on the left side. Click on the title of the assessment task
            you want to enter.
    3.      On the next screen there are usually two sections, each headed by a colored band. Under the first,
            you will find general directions for the assignment (not necessarily your own instructor’s more specific
            requirements) and also a link to view the rubric on which the assignment is graded on LiveText. Below
            that, in the second section, it shows where students will enter their assignments. To access this space
            you must click on the word Edit that is on the colored band above this section. This opens the window
            where text can be added. Here you will have three options.
    4a.     You can type or cut-and-paste a document into LiveText, by clicking in the box where it says Post
            your (project) here (any messages there can be erased). When done, click on Save section and Finish.
    4b.     You may wish to attach a document instead of cutting and pasting, etc. For example, if you have an
             already-made Inspiration concept web, a desktop publication, or something in a format
            you are concerned about preserving intact, you should attach it. Click on “Edit” next to Attachments
            (below the window where you cut and paste). A 3-step window pops up that lets you browse your
            documents. Attach the desired one (takes a while—wait until the assignment title is posted) and click
            to finish.

     4c.    If you have a Web Page , digital video, or anything already saved on another server, you will
             need to create a hyperlink to it in LiveText. Above the box where text is entered, click on the
             button with the picture of the globe and link on it. In the dialogue box that appears, type in the
             URL you want to link to, then click OK, then Save Section, and then Return to Page.
     5.     The next step is to click on “Submit for Review” to submit your assignment for review to the right
            instructor. A screen pops-up and that automatically allows you to type
            in the reviewers. Select the member's name that loads from the list with whom you wish to
share for review. Click the send Button.

SUBMIT ONLY under REVIEWER! Do not send work to your instructor in any other category.

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