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    Rick Wartzman Named Director of the Drucker Institute
        Claremont Graduate University has named Rick Wartzman, author and longtime
writer and editor at the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, as director of the
Drucker Institute.
        The Drucker Institute was established in May 2006 with the mission of taking
Peter F. Drucker’s ideas and ideals to new audiences in new ways.
        “Throughout his career, Rick has demonstrated an acute understanding of social
and economic trends, and has an ability to communicate extremely well,” said Ira
Jackson, Dean of the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of
Management. “We’re excited that in Rick, we have an opportunity to communicate
Peter’s writings and teachings to today’s generation.”

                                          Drucker wrote 39 books (translated into dozens
                                          of languages) and countless articles before he
                                          died in November 2005 at the age of 95.
                                          Winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom,
                                          he was hailed by Business Week as “the most
                                          enduring management thinker of our time.” He
                                          influenced everyone from Winston Churchill to
                                          Bill Gates.

                                            Both profound and pragmatic, Drucker
                                            believed that well-run, humanistic
organizations—be they in business, government or the nonprofit sector—are the keys to a
healthy society. Indeed, Drucker taught that a fundamental purpose of every institution is
to look out for the common good.
        “The Drucker Institute will carry forward Peter Drucker’s legacy, and Rick
Wartzman is a great choice to help us build new initiatives and share messages in a
cogent, enticing fashion,” said CGU President Robert Klitgaard.
        Wartzman began his career in 1987 with the Wall Street Journal and over the next
15 years there held a variety of reporting and editing positions, including White House
correspondent, Houston bureau chief and founding editor of the paper’s weekly
California section. He joined the Los Angeles Times as business editor in 2002 and in
that role helped shape “The Wal-Mart Effect,” a three-part series that won the 2004
Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. In 2006, Wartzman revamped the Times’ Sunday
magazine, West, which under his guidance was named the best newspaper supplement in
the country by the Missouri School of Journalism.
        Wartzman is the co-author (with Mark Arax) of the bestseller The King of
California, which won several top writing prizes and was named one of the 10 best
nonfiction books of 2003 by the L.A. Times and one of the 10 best books of the year by
the San Francisco Chronicle. His new book, Obscene in the Extreme: The Burning and
Banning of The Grapes of Wrath, is set to be published in 2008 by PublicAffairs.
        Wartzman also continues as a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a
nonpartisan public policy think tank.
        “I am thrilled to be part of the Drucker Institute and look forward to working with
the board and the team at CGU,” Wartzman said. “Peter’s multi-disciplinary approach—
bringing in history, sociology, philosophy and more—and his ability to touch all sectors,
from corporate to public to philanthropic, gives us the chance to have an impact that is at
once deep and wide.”

                                The Drucker Institute Team
        Wartzman’s appointment is just one part of the Drucker Institute’s fast-moving
expansion. Zach First will also be joining the Institute in the fall as its assistant director.
First recently received his doctorate from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.
        Others at the Institute include Joseph Maciariello, the Horton Professor of
Management at the Drucker School and a longtime friend, colleague and collaborator of
Peter Drucker’s. As part of his activities at the Institute, Maciariello is wrapping up a
project in which he has turned Drucker’s vast body of work into a 14-module curriculum,
soon to be made available for use by schools, business and leadership groups and more.
        Drucker Institute archivist Jacob High, meanwhile, is overseeing the digitizing of
Drucker’s papers and related materials, making them accessible online.
        The Drucker Institute is guided by a Board of Advisors whose international flavor
reflects Drucker’s global reach. The board’s members include John Bachmann, senior
partner at the investment firm Edward Jones; Bob Buford, cable TV pioneer, author and
chairman of the Buford Foundation; attorney Cecily Drucker, Peter’s daughter; author,
inventor and entrepreneur Doris Drucker, Peter’s wife; Nobuhiro Iijima, president of
Tokyo-based Yamazaki Baking Co.; Ira Jackson; Robert Klitgaard; K.H. Moon, chief
executive of Yuhan-Kimberly Ltd. of South Korea; C. William Pollard, former chairman
and CEO of ServiceMaster Co.; Ming Lo Shao, founder of Bright China Holding Ltd.;
and Craig Wynett, general manager of Future Growth Initiatives at Procter & Gamble Co.
        “I sincerely welcome Rick Wartzman, the new Director of the Drucker Institute,”
Doris Drucker said. “His mandate is to get things done, to think creatively about
programs, and to energize all of us who want to see Peter’s insights on management
projected into the future. His hands-on approach promises that Peter’s legacy will be kept
alive, and I look forward to years of growth of the Institute under his leadership.”

                         New Opportunities, Ongoing Efforts
        “Among my first tasks is to put together an ambitious slate of programming for
the Institute,” Wartzman said. “At the same time, I am coming into a place that already
has some really fantastic projects underway. We have all the excitement of a start-up, but
this isn’t a blank slate, either.”
         Wartzman noted, for example, that in late June the Institute hosted a global
symposium of Drucker Society chapters. Attendees from 10 countries and across the
United States gathered for three days to discuss how Drucker’s teachings could be used to
help tackle some of the big issues facing society, from ensuring that more citizens are
prepared to be “knowledge workers” to restoring people’s faith in public and private
institutions. The group has pledged to continue its dialogue.
         Other initiatives that have been launched include:
             • A program, cosponsored with the California Latino Caucus Institute, to
                 help train newly elected public officials in the state to be more effective in
                 their roles as policymakers and public servants.
             • A visiting scholars program, in cooperation with the Drucker School. The
                 first two Distinguished Drucker Scholars in Residence will be Professor
                 Jiro Nonaka of UC Berkeley and Hitotsubashi University and Charles
                 Handy, renowned author and organizational behavior expert.
             • The $35,000 Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation, which will
                 be presented in November in New York.

        For more information, go to www.thedruckerinstitute.org.

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