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					  Panasonic - Lumix DMC-F3 - Digital
    Camera - 12 Megapixel - Black

       Panasonic has a well-known companies in the consumer
electronics today. The digital cameras have recently entered the market.
In this article we will see the story of Panasonic and some of the new
cameras that have become the markets of the company.

     Panasonic formation took place in 1918 in a small home office
Konosuke Matsushita. At that time, invented the light bulb Matsushita
two connectors. This product was a success and Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded.

      Panasonic is a leading company in the world of consumer
electronics. The company manufactures a wide range of products to
meet the different needs of the consumers' needs. The implementation
of the policy in one hundred percent customer satisfaction and offer
high quality products, has led Panasonic reinforced. In fact, Panasonic is
the name synonymous with innovation, quality, efficiency and user

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       As far as digital cameras, a wide range of Panasonic cameras,
which can respond to different audiences and budget requirements. In
fact, Panasonic has a union, a German manufacturer Leica digital
camera development. The reason for the federal government is the fact
that Panasonic is a small company in the digital environment. This
alliance will help both Leica and Panasonic, by about ten percent of the
market for digital cameras.

      Panasonic latest line of digital cameras is essentially of three series
together. One of these is the Lumix line of cameras. Lumix use contact
lenses if Leica. This ensures that the images are very clear and bright.
Lumix is a high-end, and also have the option of manual control. His
shot is less than 0.04 seconds, so photographers can take pictures

       Another series of digital cameras, cheaper and smaller, known
amounts of D-snap digital camera. These cameras are trendy and small.
They are super thin and is available in different colors. These cameras
can also record videos and listen to music. D-Snap digital camera is for
teenagers and young adults who are looking for something modern and
stylish, and fits the budget.

      Slowly and gradually, Panasonic has created a name in the world
of digital cameras. The company, which has always believed in the
customer's needs is a sign that this area as well .


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