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                        Time of the Signs
                                                        Mandatory changes in labor law         Did you know about the recent
     In This Issue                                   posting
                                                                  The    law
                                                                                            mandatory change to the Georgia
                                                                                            Workers’ Compensation Bill of
Time of the Signs .......................1           employers to post all current labor    Rights notice that was effective
                                                     law posters at each of their           July 1, 2005?
Unemployment Insurance for                           locations in areas frequented by
Employees ..................................2                                                  State       agencies       require
                                                     employees during the course of
                                                                                            employers to post as many as 12
Vacation Unemployment                                the workday.
                                                                                            specific notices in addition to up to
Insurance ....................................2          In the last twelve months,         12 mandated federal postings.
Insurance Expo 2006 .................4               federal agencies released six new
                                                                                                The good news is that you’ll
                                                     / revised notices that include three
Workers’ Compensation Bill of                                                               save a bunch of money by not
                                                     revised IRS notices, a newly
Rights ..........................................4                                          having to paint or wallpaper your
                                                     required USERRA (Uniformed
                                                                                            offices very often!
Equal Pay for Equal Work Act...5                     Services       Employment        and
                                                     Reemployment Rights Act) notice,          The bad news is that failure to
No Smoking ................................5         the OSHA-3165-09R ‘It’s the Law”       comply with these laws can result
Minimum Wage ...........................5            notice    and      the    Employee     in fines of up to $17,000.00 and
                                                     Polygraph Protection notice.           employee lawsuits that could cost
Fair Pay or Fair Play? ................6                                                    you even more.
                                                        Additionally, each employer
Equal Employment Opportunity7                        must take steps to ensure that            And to add insult to injury,
The Uniformed Services                               such notices are not altered,          some companies offer to sell these
Employment and Reemployment                          defaced, or covered by other           posters to you for up to $200.00!
Rights Act (USERRA) ................8                material.
                                                                                                   FYI Express to the
Shatter the Four Sales Myths                           Do you have notices posted                      rescue
That Could be Ruining Your                           somewhere in your office?
Profits ........................................11                                             Requirement for some of the
                                                         Do the posters include all the
                                                                                            posters are usually based upon the
Dumb and Dumber ...................15                requisite information regarding
                                                                                            number of employees in your
                                                     laws that employers are required
Dirt Roads .................................16                                              agency. I have an on-line “Poster
                                                     to impart to their employees,
                                                                                            Advisor” that asks five basic
It’s the Law!...............................17       including minimum wage laws, and
                                                                                            questions about your agency and,
                                                     unemployment            insurance
Deep Thoughts .........................19                                                   based upon your answers, will tell
                                                                                            you which federal posters should
UNITE IN STRENGTH ...............20                     In addition to recent federal       be prominent displayed for your
                                                     posting updates, state agencies        employees. It will also allow you to
                                                     are constantly updating their          download and print the required
                                                     mandatory       state   postings.      posters in Adobe PDF for free!
                                                     Employers are required to replace
                                                                                                     Continued on page 2
                                                     out-of-date posters.

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                                                                       Georgia requires all employers
                                                                        to prominently display the
                                                                            following posters:
                                                                       Unemployment Insurance for Employees
                                                                        No amount of money is deducted from an
                                                                    employee’s wages to pay the unemployment
                                                                    insurance tax. Georgia employers pay this tax into
                                                                    a trust fund. Terminated employees may be able
                                                                    to establish a claim for Unemployment Insurance if
                                                                    they    become      TOTALLY      or  PARTIALLY
                                                                    unemployed and comply with all requirements.
                                                                       That assumes, of course, that the employer
                                                                    considers you an employee and does not
                                                                    misclassify the employee as an “Independent
                                                                    Contactor” in a misguided effort to reduce agency

                                                                       Vacation Unemployment Insurance
                                                                       Apparently some folks filed for unemployment
                                                                    when they went on vacation. This poster sets the
                                                                    record straight on when Vacation Unemployment
                                                                    Insurance is not payable.
                  Time of the Signs                                                                  on page 4

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                                                                                  Time of the Signs
                                                                                     Continued from page 2
                                                                                    Official Notice       (Workers’
                                                                                     Workers’ Compensation Bill
                                                                                  of Rights
                                                                                    Panel      of    Physicians
                                                                                  (Workers’ Compensation)
                                                                                     These posters are furnished by
                                                                                  your    Workers’    Compensation
                                                                                  provider, assuming the employer
                                                                                  purchases Workers’ Comp for its
                                                                                  employees if required.
                                                                                      On-Line Workers’
                                                                                   Compensation Coverage
                                                                                     Georgia       requires     most
                                                                                  employers with three or more full
                                                                                  time, part time or seasonal
                                                                                  employees to have workers’
                                                                                  compensation insurance. If the
                                                                                  business is incorporated or a LLC,
                                                                                  the corporate officers or members
                                                                                  are included in the three or more
                                                                                  employee count regardless of
                                                                                  whether they exempt themselves
                                                                                  from coverage.
                                                                                      Did you know that you can
                                                                                  verify an employer’s workers
                                                                                  compensation insurance coverage
                                                                                  via the Internet? The State Board
                                                                                  of Workers’ Compensation has a
                                                                                  nifty new on-line feature that
                                                                                  enables the user to quickly see
                                                                                  whether or not a business
                                                                                  operating in the State of Georgia
                                                                                  has     workers’    compensation
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                                                   “The Mark of Zorro”
                                                                                          Continued on page 5
                                                   “Hang’em High
                                                   “High Noon”
                                           Trade Fair
                                           Texas Hold’em Poker Party
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   Time of the Signs
   Continued from page 4
   Equal Pay for Equal Work Act
   Georgia has its own mandatory
version. Compare it with the mandatory
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity
poster the next time you are sitting in
the break room. It makes interesting

   No Smoking
    On July 1, 2005, the Georgia
Smokefree Air Act officially became law
and prohibits smoking in most public
places. “No Smoking” signs bearing the
international “No Smoking” symbol
must be conspicuously posted on all
entrances or in a position clearly visible
on the entry into the office. Failure to do so may result in
a misdemeanor conviction and fine up to $500.00.
                                                                        Federal regulations require all employers to
                                                                         prominently display the following posters:
                                                                           Minimum Wage
                                                                           Minimum wage is $5.15 per hour and calls for at least
                                                                        1½ times the regular rate for all hours worked over 40 in
                                                                        a workweek.
                                                                           Many agency owners have been fooling themselves
                                                                        (& their employees) by giving the idea that paying a
                                                                        salary instead of an hourly wage makes them exempt
                                                                        from the Overtime Rules. El Wrongo! Salaried
                                                                        employees are entitled to overtime pay as long as their
                                                                        job duties do not fit within one of the exemptions to the
                                                                        overtime pay laws.
                                                                                           Continued on page 6

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   Time of the Signs
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                                         One      of     my
                                     readers,             an
                                     insurance       agency
                                     owner     in     South
                                     Georgia, had to fork                   Fair Pay or Fair Play?
                                     out     $10,000       in               Our U.S. DOL has a very informative website with
                                     overtime     pay       a            online training seminars about the FairPay Overtime
                                     couple of years ago                 Imitative. Check it out at
                                     after a disgruntled
                                     employee reported                      Current subscribers to FYI Express are welcome to
                                     him to the DOL for                  my interpretation of the Department of Labor (DOL)
                                     paying salaries with                overtime pay regulations. “Fair Pay or Fair Play?”
                                     no      regard       for            examines:
                                     overtime.           He                         Title & Salary Myths
                                     corrected           the
                                     situation by putting                           Salary Level Test
                                     everyone on hourly                             Duties Test
                                     wages              with
incentives for sales production (or so he thought).                                 Unauthorized Overtime
    Now I hear that he recently terminated an employee                              Waiver of Overtime Pay
for stealing and deducted the missing funds from their                              What agency owners should do now
last paycheck. The former employee had the gall to
complain to the DOL about the deduction.                                     If you are a current subscriber and wish to receive
                                                                         this workbook in Adobe PDF, simply send an e-mail
   The DOL Investigator resolved the issue of deducting                  request to
missing funds from the paycheck but noticed that my
hapless friend was paying commissions in addition to the                    If you are not a current subscriber but wish to receive
hourly wage.                                                             the workbook, please issue a check for $25.00 payable
                                                                         to FYI Express and mail it c/o Eddie K. Emmett, 200
    The investigator is of the opinion that the commission               Russell Court, Canton, GA 30114. Please include your
incentive should have been factored into every one of                    e-mail address so I can e-mail the “Fair Pay or Fair
the agency’s employees’ overtime hourly wage for the                     Play?” workbook to you in Adobe PDF.
last two years!
                                                                                            Continued on page 7

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                             Time of the Signs                          It’s the Law OSHA Notice
                             Continued from page 6                      The Occupational
                                                                     Safety and Health Act
                             The    FairPay    Overtime              of 1970 assure safe
                          Rules                                      and healthful working
                             The Department of Labor’s               conditions for working
                          new       overtime     security            men and women
regulations, also known as the FairPay Overtime Rules,               throughout the nation.
imposes numerous requirements on employers that
choose to classify members of their workforce as
“exempt” from overtime pay. Compliance with the                        Equal
overtime regulations requires employers to adopt a                   Employment
salary basis policy, apply certain duties tests before to            Opportunity
determine if an individual qualifies as “exempt,” and                   Title VII of the
document all status changes.                                         Civil Rights Act of
   Company Must Pay $900,000 in Back Wages                           1964          prohibits
    More than 1,000 employees of Executive Plumbing                  discrimination on the
will receive $900,000 in back wages for work performed               basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
between January 2003 and January 2005, following an
investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage                    The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects
and Hour Division. Investigators alleged that the Corona,            qualified applicants and employees with disabilities from
California-based plumbing company failed to properly                 employment discrimination.
record work hours and calculate overtime pay.                           The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
      The Wage and Hour Division says that Executive                                                 protects    applicants
Plumbing paid employees on a piece-rate basis that did                                               and employees 40
not track total hours worked. The system also did not                                                years of age or older
establish a regular rate of pay for overtime calculations                                            from     employment
or include certain production bonuses as part of base                                                discrimination.
pay when figuring overtime, according to investigators.                                                       The Equal Pay
The department says the law allows a piece-rate system                                                     Act of 1963 prohibits
if it is implemented correctly.                                                                            sex discrimination in
    The best way to determine whether your record-                                                         payment of wages to
keeping and pay processes are in order is to conduct a                                                     women and men
self-audit—before the DOL comes knocking on your                                                                      performing
door.                                                                                                      substantially   equal
                                                                                                           work in the same
   Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)                                                                establishment.
   EPPA prohibits most private employers from using lie
detector tests either for pre-employment screening or
during the course of employment.

                                                                                          Continued on page 8

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                                                                                       Failure to comply with USERRA can
                                                                                   result in fines, penalties, back pay,
                                                                                   liquidated damages, and attorney's fees.

                                                                                      American Airlines       Accused      of
                                                                                   Violating USERRA
                                                                                       The Department of Justice has filed a
                                                                                   class-action lawsuit accusing American
                                                                                   Airlines, Inc. of violating the Uniformed
                                                                                   Services          Employment          and
                                                                                   Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
                                                                                   (USERRA). The complaint alleges that
                                                                                   American Airlines violated USERRA by
                                                                                   denying pilots Mark Woodall, Michael
                                                                                   McMahon,        and       Paul    Madson
                                                                                   employment benefits during their military
                                                                                        In addition, the complaint alleges
                                                                                    that, based on the results of an audit of
                                                                                    the leave taken for military service by
                                                                                    American Airline pilots in 2001, the
                                                                                    company reduced the employment
                                                                                    benefits of its pilots who had taken
   Time of the Signs                                                                military leave, while not reducing the
                                                                   same benefits of its pilots who had taken similar types of
   Continued from page 7                                           non-military leave.
         Uninformed Services Employment and                            Q: Does the new USERRA notice requirement apply
             Reemployment Rights Act                               to all employers?
   The     Uniformed    Services    Employment      and               A: Yes. All private employers, public employers, and
Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) provides                          state and federal agencies must provide written notice to
employment and re-employment protection for former,                their employees about their rights and benefits under the
current, and future members of the uniformed services.             Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment
    A recent amendment to USERRA requires all                      Rights Act. The broad applicability of the notice
employers to provide written notice to employees of                regulation is due in part to the fact that USERRA
rights and obligations under USERRA. The DOL issued                provides employment protections to all past, present,
a final notice rule and released a new version of the              and future members of the uniformed services, whether
USERRA notice on 12/19/05. Posting the notice                      they are a current employee or a job applicant. Since
conspicuously where notices to employees are                       applicants are protected, employers must comply with
customarily posted fulfills the new requirement. The               the notice requirement even if they don't have any
2006 version must be posted effective 1/18/06.                     veterans or inactive service members on staff.
                                                                                      Continued on page 9
              FYI EXPRESS                                 Page 8                               February, 2006
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Time of the Signs
   Continued from page 8
  The Family and Medical
Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA)

   Employers with 50 or
more employees within a 75-
mile radius must provide up
to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-
protected leave in any 12-
month period to eligible
employees for a serious
health condition or to care for
a family member’s serious
health condition. Additionally,
employers are prohibited
from     retaliating   against
employees for taking FMLA
leave. Failure to comply with
the FMLA can result in fines,
penalties, job reinstatement,
and employee lawsuits.

                                                                            I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification
   Record Keeping Compliance
                                                                             The office of United States Citizenship and
    Georgia Employers must obtain a completed Form                       Immigration Services (USCIS), formerly known as the
W-4 and Form G-4 from each new hire to determine the                     Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), recently
proper amount of taxes to withhold from the employee’s                   released a revised Form I-9 dated 5/31/05.
wages. The form is effective until the employee submits
a new one. A completed W-4 must become effective no                          The new form includes minor changes to filing
later than the start of the first payroll period ending on or            instructions and eliminates outdated references to the
after the 30th day from the date it is first received. The               INS and the Department of Justice. The form expires
IRS reserves the right to request copies of all W-4 forms                03/31/07, but is noted with an instruction allowing prior
on file for audit purposes. Failure to comply with W-4                   versions to be used until 12/31/05.
reporting, withholding, and retention requirements can                     All employers who hire employees in 2006 must
result in fines up to $500 per violation.                                use the newly revised version.
                                                                                           Continued on page 10
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   Time of the Signs
   Continued from page 9                                             Editor’s note: W-4s, G-4s and I-9 Employment
                                                                  Verification Forms are not posters but mandatory pieces
    Employers are responsible for the completion and              of paper nonetheless. GIAA Members and FYI
retention of Forms I-9 for all employees, regardless of           subscribers may download the newly revised versions in
citizenship or national origin, hired for employment in the       Adobe PDF for free. Send an e-mail to
United States.                                          
    Additionally Employers must retain the I-9 form of
each employee either for three (3) years after the date of
hire or for one (1) year after employment is terminated,
whichever is later. All current employees, therefore, must               Attention Georgia Agency Owners!
have I-9s on file with the employer.
                                                                     Is it time to consider selling your agency?
    Every employer must fill out and retain an I-9
                                                                     We pay CASH for P & C agencies, not worthless
Employment Eligibility Verification Form for every new
hire within three business days before work is to begin.             company stock!
The I-9 form is designed to determine who is authorized              We know how to value non-standard auto agencies.
to work in the United States. Completed I-9 forms must
be retained for at least three years. Failure to comply              Up to 1 ½ times annual commissions paid!
with I-9 requirements can result in fines up to $1,100 per                 Opportunity for owners to stay or play!
                                                                     Call or email inquiry for confidential response to:
  Q: Are employers obligated to replace existing
completed I-9s on file with the new version?                                          Kyle G. Caswell
   A: No, but all new hires in 2006 must fill out the newly                             404.798.6138
revised Form I-9, as the new version replaces all prior
editions as of 1/1/06. Existing I-9s on file that were                    
completed prior to 12/31/05 do not need to be replaced
and must be retained for up to 3 years in accordance
with I-9 record retention requirements.

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 10                                February, 2006
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                    Shatter the Four Sales Myths                    Myth #1: Selling Is A Numbers Game
                  That Could be Ruining Your Profits
                                                                   Undoubtedly, you've heard this one before: "Selling is
                     By Mike Marchev                            a numbers game." You may have even preached its
                                                                tenets. Make the calls, make the presentations, work
                     In organizations across the country,
                                                                your way through enough people, and eventually you will
                  sales departments have been stricken
                                                                make a sale. This is not totally false, but raw volume
                  with the disease "quit-itis." They quit
                                                                does not necessarily produce success. Rather than
                  everything too soon, from their
                                                                preaching that sales is a numbers game, relate it to a
prospecting efforts to their follow-up attempts. Although
                                                                game of darts. By aiming your effort (the dart) at a
they desperately want to succeed and produce the
                                                                clearly defined target (your pre-qualified prospect dart
numbers, they let their fears hold them back and
                                                                board) your chances for hitting the mark (a sale) are
convince them to give up. It doesn't have to be this way
                                                                greatly enhanced. Contrast that mindset with a pure
for your sales team.
                                                                numbers game, where you buy a lottery ticket or throw a
   The fact is that after a prospect first rejects a            handful of marbles up in the air hoping one or two land in
proposal, fifty percent of salespeople stop calling.            a paper cup.
Another twenty-five percent stop calling a prospect after
                                                                    If you want your sales team to save a lot of time,
a second rejection. But, the vast majority of all sales
                                                                money, and frustration, make sure they know who their
happen after the fifth contact.
                                                                ideal customer is. Their chance for success will be much
   While this is bad news for the quitters, it doesn't have     higher if they direct their efforts conscientiously toward a
to be so for you. By helping your sales team overcome           list of defined prospects. This concept is called
the four main sales myths that perpetuate fear and the          "Bracketing" - the systematic process of zeroing in on a
dreaded "quit-itis," you can groom your sales department        designated target. It's a trial and error, adjustment
to be the best in the business. Shatter the following four      setting exercise designed to focus in on a given mark.
myths today and watch your sales figures soar.
                                                                                   Continued on page 12

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 11                             February, 2006
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   4 Myths                                                           Let others waste their time chasing raw numbers.
                                                                Identify your target and then use bracketing to become
   Continued from page 11                                       successful by design. You'll discover that there's very
   In sales, bracketing works like this: First, you have to     little luck to sales after all.
exert some effort in the direction of a specific goal (your         Myth #2: You Must Like People
specified prospects). Then, watch what happens, make
an adjustment, and try it again. Keep on tweaking until             Many sales managers preach that a primary
you have a method that results in the prospect becoming         prerequisite to be successful in sales is that you must
a client.                                                       "like people." The implication is that you should have the
                                                                innate capacity and desire to cozy up to just about
    Here is a specific sales bracketing effort your team        everybody – or at least everybody with a bankroll in their
can try today. First, have them make a list of five             wallet. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like it or
qualified prospects they would like to do business with.        not, the world has its quota of nasty, insincere, and
Next, instruct them to write down three ways they can           negative people. On the other hand, there are also
improve awareness of your company's products or                 plenty of fine, upstanding, fun, and creative human
services among these prospects. Initiate the awareness          beings running around our planet trying to creatively
program and record the results from the first round             figure out how things work while maintaining a healthy
attempt. Now, allow them to make some adjustments to            sense of humor and appreciation for reality. The later
the program and try again (either on the same five              group of people are the ones you want your people to be
prospects or on a new set of five). Record and adjust           around, learn from, and even try to emulate.
again. Continue until they get the results they desire.
Finally, apply the refined method to a new group of                                Continued on page 13
targeted prospects.

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 12                             February, 2006
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   4 Myths                                                          Once salespeople understand that all they are doing
                                                                is helping people, every outcome should be the same. If
   Continued from page 12                                       prospects don't want your help or choose not to deal
    So, let's give this "you've got to like people" concept     with your company for whatever reason, it is not your
a different twist. If you want your sales team to minimize      salesperson's problem. He or she simply has to locate
stress, have more fun, and earn more money, begin by            another prospect that needs your company's products or
having them spend more time looking for and doing               services.
business with people who are honest, hard working, fun,            Regardless of the response prospects give, the
intelligent, enthusiastic, and easy to be around. Where         salesperson is still the same person with the same
does it say you must do business with (or seek business         amount of product knowledge, experience, and
from) everyone who wants your service or product?               competence. When you teach your team to stop linking,
That's a myth. This does not mean your company can be           no matter how subtly, their sense of self-worth and
prejudiced. It simply means that it is okay if you don't do     accomplishment to a prospect's response, then selling
business with rude, unhappy, bellyaching whiners. If            ceases to be hard work and instead becomes a game.
your salespeople are going to expend the energy helping
others, they might as well do it for people who will               In general, the healthiest mindset for you to teach is:
appreciate their efforts. By doing so, they will bring more     "You, Mr. /Ms. Prospect, have made a decision to move
energy and a positive attitude to the job every day. And        forward without my services. I'll be here when you come
that translates into more success.                              to your senses and change your mind. It's not my
                                                                responsibility to straighten you or your company out."
   Myth #3: Rejection Comes With The Territory
                                                                  Remember, rejection is not personal. It's the prospect
    Many sales courses will tell you to keep a stiff upper      who loses - not your salespeople.
lip when you are rejected and don't let it get you down.
But once you accept the proposition that you have been                             Continued on page 14
rejected, you have given up the psychological high
ground and put your self-esteem into retreat. Simply put,
your sales team needs to reject the notion of rejection.

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 13                            February, 2006
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                                                                                                   It is something we
                                                                                               allow to happen. Stress is
                                                                                               self-inflicted in many cases
                                                                                               and is a by-product of
                                                                                               pretending that the world
                                                                                               operates differently than it
                                                                                               really does.
                                                                                                   When our imperfect
                                                                                               world, on whose game
                                                                                               board we all must play,
                                                                                               follows its natural course,
                                                                                               we       object      to   its
                                                                                               imperfection and thereby
                                                                                               create        stress.      In
                                                                                               engineering, stress results
                                                                                               from the application of a
                                                                                               constant force to an
                                                                                               immovable object. In life,
                                                                                               the     force      is   your
                                                                                               expectation,      and    the
                                                                                               object is reality. You
                                                                                               pretend; you guess wrong;
                                                                                               you have stress. But once
                                                                                               we learn to go with the
                                                                                               natural flow and rhythm of
                                                                                               the world (by all means
                                                                                               stopping long enough to
                                                                                               change what needs to and
                                                                                               can be changed), we will
                                                                                               become more effective,
                                                                                               efficient, and pleasant to
                                                                                               be around. Doesn't it make
                                                                                               more sense to accept the
                                                                                               world and all its nuances,
                                                                                               as they are, maybe even
                                                                                               with a modicum of humor?
                                                                                                   The bottom line is that
                                                                                               if you want your team to
                                                                                               be more successful, you
                                                                                               must encourage them to
                                                                                               lighten up. Selling isn't as
                                                                                               much work as you (and
                                                                                               your team) are probably
                                                                                               making it out to be.
                                                                    When you teach your sales team the truth about
     4 Myths                                                    sales and banish the myths, your people will gain a
                                                                clearer perspective of what selling really involves. They'll
     Continued from page 13                                     find sales concepts that make sense and that they can
     Myth #4: Stress Is Inevitable                              immediately put into practice. Above all else, they'll
                                                                persevere when so many others quit, and that's what will
     Another myth in our profession is that stress, like        make the difference to your company's bottom line.
rejection, is inevitable. In truth, the two often do travel
together, weighing down the carrier. But is this condition         Mike Marchev, MBA, CTC, is a motivational speaker,
necessary? Most definitely not! While a lot of sales            business consultant and author. You can receive Mike's
professionals feel stress, it does not have to rule their       FREE Monday Morning Marketing Message by e-mailing
life. No one was born with stress.                              him at

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 14                             February, 2006
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    Dumb and Dumber
                                                                          GIAA MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS
    The next time you think you did the dumbest thing in                          ADVANTAGES!
the insurance business, remember that you are in good                        GIAA members get 10% discount on R.S.
company. Check out's list of the "101                           Thomas Training Associates Classes.
Dumbest         Moments       in       Business"      at                           R. S. THOMAS TRAINING ASSOCIATES,
t/?cnn=yes                                                                             INC. PRESENTS
   Here are three of my favorites:
                                                                           THE NATIONALLY ACCLAIMED
   Winner, Dumbest Moment, Accounting
                                                                     2006 INSURANCE AGENTS AND ADJUSTERS
   The irony is rich. Shareholders, alas, are not.
                                                                             QUALIFICATION SCHOOLS
    In June, H&R Block announces a review of its recent
financial statements, estimating it will find discrepancies       R.S. Thomas Training Associates, Inc. has built
in its favor of about $19 million. Two months later it         a reputation of excellence in the insurance industry.
reveals that the review found $77 million in errors -- in      Noted as one of the Nation’s Consistently Rated
the other direction. The company explains that it had
                                                               Top 10 Insurance Schools, we can prepare you
"insufficient resources" to identify and report complex
transactions in its corporate tax accounting.                  during the week and on weekends to pass the
                                                               insurance licensing examination on the first
   Winner, Dumbest Moment, Travel & Entertainment              attempt.
   Let's see, that's 752 rum-and-Cokes, 363 orders of
Buffalo wings, 2,000 lap dances...                                        We Guarantee It!
    In October, American Express sues Savvis CEO
                                                                        1000 Circle 75 Parkway, NW, Suite 140
Robert McCormick for $241,000 in charges he racked up
on a visit to New York strip club Scores. Savvis places                        Atlanta, Georgia 30339
McCormick on unpaid leave after he admits to the visit
                                                                      770.933.4199 –Phone or 770.933.4195 – fax
but claims that he charged less than $20,000. He later
resigns, accepting more than $600,000 in severance but                
forfeiting almost $3 million in preferred stock.
                                                                 20 / 40 Hour Pre-Licensing Qualification School
   Winner, Dumbest Moment, Marketing
   No joke here. Just suffice it to say that the literal              P&C & Life, Accident & Sickness (LAS)
translation of the Spanish word cajeta is "little box."                              ATLANTA SITE
    With the help of Latin pop sensation Thalia Sodi,
Hershey introduces Cajeta Elegancita, a new candy bar
                                                                       Feb 3-5; 10-12       Weekend
for the Hispanic market. Though the wrapper features a                 Feb 13-17            Weekday
picture of Sodi, apparently she neglects to fill her Yanqui
partners in on a subtlety of Spanish: In Mexico, "cajeta"              Mar 3-5: 10-12       Weekend
can be used to mean "nougat." Elsewhere in the
Spanish-speaking world, however, it's slang for female                 Mar 13-17            Weekday
anatomy.                                                                              DULUTH SITE
   Winner, Dumbest Moment, Security
                                                                       Feb 27-Mar 3        Weekday-P&C (PIA)
   May I see my ID?
                                                                       Apr 10-14            Weekday-P&C (PIA)
    In February, ChoicePoint -- the self-proclaimed
"leading provider of identification and credential                     May 22 - 26          Weekday-LAS (PIA)
verification services" -- admits that it sold the personal
data of 145,000 people to a number of unauthorized                     Jul 10 – 14         Weekday-LAS (PIA)
recipients, including an identity-theft ring in Los Angeles.           We also offer 8 Hr. Variable Products,
ChoicePoint thoughtfully offers the victims a free credit
report -- but still makes them pay to see the detailed                   Securities Licensing Series 6 & 63
information that was provided to the criminals. The
incident kicks up an identity-theft furor serious enough to               Download Registration Flyers at
draw congressional hearings; the company later reports
the incident cost it $21 million (& recently agreed to pay       HTTP://WWW.RSTHOMAS.NET/INSURNACQSCHL.HTM
a $10 million fine.)
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   Dirt Roads
   Reportedly written by Paul Harvey
   Contributed by Big Bob McDowell
                                                                                        Great News!
  What's mainly wrong with society today is that too
many Dirt Roads have been paved.
   There's not a problem in America today, crime, drugs,                                GENERAL
education, divorce, delinquency that wouldn't be
remedied, if we just had more Dirt Roads, because Dirt                                 AGENCY, INC.
Roads give character.
   People that live at the end of Dirt Roads learn early
on that life is a bumpy ride.                                          New Features and Enhancements:
    That it can jar you right down to your teeth                          Improved quick quote format –
sometimes, but it's worth it, if at the end is home...a                  (commercial and personal lines)
loving spouse, happy kids and a dog.                                           Certificate request
   We wouldn't have near the trouble with our                                    Filings request
educational system if our kids got their exercise walking                    Driver Change request
a Dirt Road with other kids, from whom they learn how to                       Loss Run Request
get along.
   There was less crime in our streets before they were                        Endorsement request
paved. Criminals didn't walk two dusty miles to rob or               Policy Status Request – (renewal status,
rape, if they knew they'd be welcomed by 5 barking dogs               payment status or cancellation status)
and a double barrel shotgun.
                                                                            Rating Software request –
   And there were no drive by shootings.                                    (for new installations only)
   Our values were better when our roads were worse!
   People did not worship their cars more than their kids
                                                                            Applications – PDF format
and motorists were more courteous, they didn't tailgate                Contact Us – including contact name,
by riding the bumper or the guy in front would choke you                  extension and email address
with dust & bust your windshield with rocks.                            Specialty Programs – (commercial)
   Dirt Roads taught patience.                                         Brokerage Programs – (commercial)
    Dirt Roads were environmentally friendly; you didn't
hop in your car for a quart of milk you walked to the barn         If you have any questions please let me know.
for your milk. For your mail, you walked to the mail box.
   What if it rained and the Dirt Road got washed out?
That was the best part, then you stayed home and had
                                                                   “Think Strickland First”
some family time, roasted marshmallows and popped
popcorn and pony rode on Daddy's shoulders and
learned how to make prettier quilts than anybody.                                  Rob Sherwood
                                                                          Strickland General Agency, Inc.
  At the end of Dirt Roads, you soon learned that bad
                                                                              Phone: (800) 825-5742 ,
words tasted like soap.
                                                                              (678) 259-3700 ext-125
    Most paved roads lead to trouble, Dirt Roads more                           Fax: (678) 259-3701
likely lead to a fishing creek or a swimming hole.
   At the end of a Dirt Road, the only time we even                        Web Site:
locked our car was in August, because if we didn't some
neighbor would fill it with too much zucchini.                     P. O. Box 4084 Duluth, Georgia 30096-0064
   At the end of a Dirt Road, there was always extra
                                                                   678-259-3700 * 800-825-5742 Fax 678-259-3701
springtime income, from when city dudes would get
stuck, you'd have to hitch up a team and pull them out.
    Usually you got a dollar...always you got a new the end of a Dirt Road!
               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 16                          February, 2006
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   It’s the Law!                                                    Bath Theorem:
   Contributed by Kenneth Cooke                                     When the body is fully immersed in water, the
                                                                telephone rings.
   Law of Mechanical Repair:
                                                                    Law of Lines:
   After your hands become coated with grease, your
nose will begin to itch                                            When you walk IN the grocery store, there's never
                                                                anyone in the checkout line.
   Law of the Workshop:
                                                                    Inverse Hair Dryer Law:
   Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least
accessible corner.                                                 You're sure you hear the phone ringing in the
                                                                background, until you turn the hair dryer off.
  Law of the Telephone: When you dial a wrong
number, you never get a busy signal.                                Law of Close Encounters:
   Law of the Alibi: If you tell the boss you were late for        The probability of meeting someone you know
work because you had a flat tire, the very next morning         increases when you are with someone you don't want to
you will have a flat tire.                                      be seen with.
   Variation Law:                                                   Law of the Result:
    If you change lines or traffic lanes, the one you were        When you try to prove to someone that a machine
in will start to move faster than the one you are in now.       won't work, it will.
                                                                                    Continued on page 18

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 17                              February, 2006
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                 Commercial Lines                                                        Personal Lines
        COMMERCIAL PROPERTY                                            Non-Standard Private Passenger Auto
        Basic or Special Form
                                                                       (Peachtree Casualty) (GA FL)
        Subject to coastal restrictions
        Values to $500,000                                             Mobile Home Program/ Travel Trailers (Aegis) (GA)
                                                                       Homeowners Program:
        ACORD Application acceptable                                   DP1 or HO1 Values up to $50,000 (Aegis) (GA)
        Garage Keepers Legal Liability
        Dealers Open Lot (Physical damage)
        Dealers (used car sales)                                               
        Non-Dealers (garages, car washes)
        Florida & Georgia Application
        Speed Quote

        Truck Physical Damage
        Motor Truck Cargo
        (Excluding Household Goods Movers)

         First Insurance Network is dedicated to providing our agents and customers with timesaving tools to make
     their jobs easier and more efficient. We also recognize the value of the Internet and wish to use it to its full
     potential. Our agents and customers can now use the internet to check the status of their accounts and
     information. Agents can also download applications and change of information forms so that you never run out
     of forms again!
        Please call Dave Visscher at (800) 282-4151 or (770) 436-7575 with any questions.

   It’s the Law!                                                         Law of Dirty Rugs/Carpets:
   Continued from page 17                                             The chances of an open-faced jelly sandwich landing
                                                                   face down on a floor covering are directly correlated to
   Law of Bio mechanics:                                           the newness and cost of the carpet/rug.
   The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the             Law of Location:
                                                                         No matter where you go, there you are.
   Theater Law:
                                                                         Law of Logical Argument:
   At any event, the people whose seats are farthest
from the aisle arrive last.                                            Anything is possible if you don't know what you are
                                                                   talking about.
   Law of Coffee:
                                                                         Oliver's Law:
   As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your
boss will ask you to do something which will last until the              A closed mouth gathers no feet.
coffee is cold.                                                          Law of the Last Word:
   Murphy's Law of Lockers:                                              "Hey, watch this!"
   If there are only two people in a locker room, they will                                   We are looking for
have adjacent lockers.                                                                     someone in your state to
   Law of Natural Attraction:                                                              market     our     agency
                                                                                           management        system.
    If you and your date are the only two on a five-mile                                   Please contact Eddie Price
stretch of beach, the family of five will set up right next to     for a Web Demo of the software to see if you are
you.                                                               interested.

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   Deep Thoughts
    Submitted    by   Dean     R.

    “When I die, I want to die
like my grandfather--who died
peacefully in his sleep. Not
screaming     like   all   the
passengers in his car."

   "The problem with the
designated driver program, it's
not a desirable job, but if you
ever     get    sucked      into
doing it, have fun with it. At
the end of the night, drop
them off at the wrong house."

   "My Mom said she learned
how to swim when someone
took her out in the lake and
threw her off the boat. I said,
 'Mom, they weren't trying to
teach you how to swim.'"

   "If life were fair, Elvis would
be     alive    and      all   the
impersonators        would      be
dead."--Johnny Carson

   "Sometimes I think war is
God's way of teaching us
geography." --Paul Rodriguez

    "Remember in elementary
school, you were told that in
case of fire line up quietly in a
single file line from smallest to
tallest. What is the logic in
that? Do tall people burn
slower?" --Warren Hutcherson
                                                                  "Our bombs are smarter than the average high
  "Bigamy is having one wife/husband too many.
                                                               school student. At least they can find Afghanistan." --A.
Monogamy is the same." --Oscar Wilde
                                                               Whitney Brown
  "Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a
                                                                  Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad
member of Congress... But I repeat myself." --Mark
                                                               Cow Disease" was taken. “--Unknown, presumed

                 FYI EXPRESS                           Page 19                              February, 2006
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            by Tony Wilkie
    Those of you that were around
forty years ago will remember a place
in time where you could go to the little
bakery around the corner to get a
freshly made doughnut, cash your
check at the community bank or buy
groceries at the locally owned grocery
store. In business, it was a time
without the modern conveniences of
computers, electric typewriters, fax
machines or copiers, but rather a
world of carbon paper, ledger books
and whiteout.
   For the insurance industry, it was
an era when each agency was able to
issue their own policies, rate their own
accounts     and     do     their    own
   Representing         about   20-25
insurance companies each; agencies
worked together with the companies
and felt they had their support. If an
agency happened to make a mistake,
the companies stood behind them.
Agents, forty years ago, got involved
with each policy because they had to.
They did their own claims, invoicing
and billing. They knew a majority of
their accounts by name and even
knew what kind of cars their clients
drove. They rarely had a problem with
an account being turned down or
cancelled. Agents could even count
on receiving a contingent check
practically every year.
    As I reflect upon past times in the
industry, I can't help to think that we,
as agents, accomplished all our work
with the aid of carbon paper, ledger books and whiteout.            Perhaps the most important question is will my
We didn't have the modern conveniences of agency                agency be allowed to survive?
automation, computers, cell phones, fax machines etc.               The age of technology has delivered us into a new
As automation and technology entered into our lives and         hard and fast paced life.
that of the agency, ironically, we now seem to never
have enough time to run our agencies. In many cases,                Change is inevitable and we must adjust. We must
we've lost the personal relationship with our customers.        not become victims of technology because it has, in
We have also lost the respect that once existed between         many cases, taken away our individual values and goals.
agents and companies. We are constantly struggling to           In the past we were able to live and participate as an
try to understand and correct what has happened to us.          individual, but this has now changed. Think back to how
In my opinion, technology has really not been a friend to       many of your companies have consolidated over the
the agency business as far as relationships are                 years. How many banks have undergone the same
concerned. It certainly hasn't improved our relationship        process?
with our companies or our commissions. Our personal                 Even the locally owned groceries had to become part
relationships have broken down and turned into a                of a chain to survive.
numbers game. Agents are now asking how much
money can I make? How many policies can I write?                                     Continued on page 21
                 FYI EXPRESS                             Page 20                              February, 2006
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                                                                                   several dividend checks over the
                                                                                   course of the years. This union
                                                                                   reached across the nation and soon
                                                                                   became the largest provider of
                                                                                   automobile insurance in America. That
                                                                                   company today is known as State
                                                                                   Farm Mutual Insurance Company.
                                                                                       Chubb and Sons Insurance
                                                                                   Company along with Cincinnati
                                                                                   Insurance Company were also
                                                                                   founded on the principle of unity. Their
                                                                                   agents and customers joined together
                                                                                   to form the company they are today.
                                                                                       Associations  such      as    the
                                                                                   Independent Insurance Agents of
                                                                                   America, USAgents and the PIA were
                                                                                   formed from agents joining together to
                                                                                   further a common cause.
                                                                                       Many of you agents are enjoying
                                                                                   your agency based on the efforts of
                                                                                   your forefathers. Many of your
                                                                                   children will continue the tradition
                                                                                   based    on your      courage   and
                                                                                      There are many advantages and
                                                                                   benefits from such unities. When the
                                                                                   United States entered into WWII, the
                                                                                   country came together like never
                                                                                       Victory gardens were planted, war
                                                                                   bonds sold and food and gas rationed.
                                                                                   The women took the men's place in
                                                                                   the work force while the men prepared
                                                                                   for war. It was a great effort on many,
                                                                                   but they survived with the strength
                                                                                   and support of others.
                                                                                      In recent history, the tragedy of
                                                                                  9/11 rekindled the American spirit.
                                                                                  People did what they could to help
                                                                                  those affected. Companies granted
                                                                                  large     donations,     organizations
   UNITE IN STRENGTH                                            prepared, fund-raisers were set up, blood was donated
   Continued from page 20                                       and communities did what they could in the hopes of
                                                                moving forward.
     Over a century ago, a lady was riding a bicycle in the
streets of New York when a passing automobile hit her.              As in all the cases mentioned above, without each
This incident was the first known automobile accident.          individual working towards a common goal, such unity
The automobile driver was sentenced to just five days in        would not be achieved. I believe if you can envision your
jail. In those times, there was no such thing as                goal, believe in it strongly enough and take action you
automobile insurance. That evolved a year later with            will undoubtedly reach it. There may be times when the
Travelers Insurance Company writing the first liability         goal emerges out of an unfortunate circumstance, but
policy. The cost was $7 for $1,000 worth of coverage.           those are the times we are driven the hardest. Just look
                                                                at what many of the people in the above examples were
   As automobile insurance progressed, a group of               able to accomplish through such unity.
automobile policy owners joined together to form a
mutual company. They shared profits as well as a vote in            Just think of what you can do.
the company they were insured with. They received
                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 21                             February, 2006
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    UNINSURED MOTORIST PREMIUM TAX                                  Georgia collects a “hidden” tax of 4.75% on
              REVENUE                                            insurance premiums. The state’s share is 2.25% and the
                                                                 local governments get 2.50%.
   Georgia Insurance Agents Alliance was the #1
supporter of our lawmakers doing something about the                 How much can our governments expect? Let’s make
Uninsured Motorist Problem in Georgia.                           a few assumptions:

   Everyone in Georgia (except the uninsured motorists)            5,500,000 Registered Autos and Light Trucks in
has benefited from the implementation of GEICS. GEICS            Georgia
reports a drop from 22% to 2% UM in 3 years.                        1,100,000 Total Uninsured Vehicles (est. 20%)
   Law-abiding citizens have less to fear from the law-             Assume a $600 Annual Premium per Vehicle
breaking uninsured motorists.
                                                                    Check out this chart and share the information with
   Our County Tag Offices can reap up to $15.00 from             your local government officials. I’m sure they will agree
each vehicle registration restoration.                           that increased law enforcement reaps great rewards!
   Then there’s the additional tax revenue from the
increase in compliance.

  Compliance Increase               # of Vehicles      Annual Premium              2.25% State       2.50% Local Gov’t
                                                                                      Revenue                Revenue

                  5.0%                    55,000            33,000,000                 742,500                  825,000
                 10.0%                  110,000             66,000,000               1,485,000               1,650,000
                 20.0%                  220,000            132,000,000               2,970,000               3,300,000
                 30.0%                  330,000            198,000,000               4,455,000               4,950,000
                 40.0%                  440,000            264,000,000               5,940,000               6,600,000
                 50.0%                  550,000            330,000,000               7,425,000               8,250,000

          FYI TIP: Want to see how many registered vehicles are in your county?
          Check out

                      Super Auto Insurance & Taxes
                     Atlanta Financial Service Centers
    Changes - they are occurring.
    The Insurance and Banking/Financial Service Industries are changing and becoming more intertwined by the
    The advent of automation, the decrease of commissions or margins, the common client base and other factors
 continue to make the marriage of the two industries the new Horizon.
    You can be a LEADER in this movement.
    Atlanta Financial Service Centers/Super Auto Insurance and Taxes is currently interviewing LICENSED
 INSURANCE AGENTS to grow and merge with the Financial Service Centers.
    This NEW ROLE will allow the Professional to utilize his skills, experience, and knowledge to fulfill the complete
 needs of the client.
    This exciting opportunity allows a current Agent to Double or Triple his current compensation package by having
 the luxury of both industry products and services for gross revenue.
   If you are currently A Licensed Agent wanting a change in your life, exciting opportunity, and the chance to be a
 LEADER in this new marriage of industries - call us today at 678.407.4000 extension 235.

               FYI EXPRESS                              Page 22                                February, 2006
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                  Dear Insurance Industry Friends:            approval of agent transaction fees in Georgia. Under
                                                              current law, the Insurance Commissioner has deemed
                 After 20+ years in this great business
                                                              the charging of most fees to be unacceptable. The GIAA
              as a company officer, MGA owner and
                                                              is sponsoring an effort to introduce legislation that would
              retail agency operator, I can now say I
                                                              create a LEGAL fee structure, similar to what is currently
              have truly arrived. Following in the
                                                              used in Alabama. IF APPROVED, THIS WOULD HAVE
              footsteps of the esteemed Eddie
                                                              AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT ON EVERY AGENT'S
Emmett, I recently became the new President of the
                                                              REVENUE. Without increasing sales, you could
Georgia Insurance Agents Alliance (GIAA). I am
                                                              increase profits dramatically be charging for services you
honored to represent my peers and will do everything I
                                                              already provide!
can to advance the interests of our agent, company and
vendor members.                                                   Legislation like this does not come inexpensively.
                                                              The GIAA has decided to hire a professional lobbyist to
    The GIAA has been around for quite some time. For
                                                              present and advance our initiative. Without such
those of us primarily in the specialty auto insurance
                                                              representation, our chances of success are greatly
business, the GIAA is the ONLY group that understands
                                                              decreased. With the help of a lobbyist and the
and addresses the issues we face every day. As a
                                                              anticipated support of key legislators and regulators, we
state-wide association, the GIAA seeks to represent the
                                                              have a very good chance of getting this approved. Good
interests of agents and agencies across the state, not
                                                              lobbyists come at a price. The GIAA is looking to its
just metro Atlanta. It also participates in the National
                                                              members and supporters to raise the funds necessary
Auto Agents Alliance (NAAA) as a voting board
                                                              (approximately $16,000). Several GIAA Board Members
member. I recently became the Secretary of the NAAA
                                                              have pledged $1,000 each toward this effort. We are
and Eddie continues to be the Executive Director. The
                                                              putting our money where our mouths are...we ask you to
NAAA is represented by most of the individual state
                                                              do the same. We will all benefit for many years to come
associations and creates a large and vocal group for
                                                              if we are successful.
specialty agents' interests across the country.
                                                                 The GIAA is also looking for new Board members. If
     You will be receiving an invitation to join or renew
                                                              you want to get involved in the running of this great
your membership with the GIAA very soon. I ask you to
                                                              organization, please contact me directly to discuss. The
seriously consider joining our group if you have not
                                                              pay is terrible, but the rewards are great!
already done so. There are a multitude of benefits,
including member-only reference materials, free                   Thanks again for letting me serve as your President.
CE classes, conventions & seminars and subscriptions          If anyone has any ideas, comments or questions about
to award winning industry publications that can actually      the GIAA, please call or email me.
help you make more money! But most importantly, you
will have a voice in a group that focuses on what we all
actually do for a living. Everyone involved with the              Kyle G. Caswell
running of the GIAA has made specialty insurance their
                                                                  President, Georgia Insurance Agents Alliance (GIAA)
life's work.
   One of the most important initiatives the GIAA is              770-772-6656 tel     770-772-6658 fax
currently backing is the legislative and regulatory     

   2006 NEW / RENEWAL MEMBERSHIP INFO                                            2006 Annual Dues:
                                                              ___ Agency @ $160.00 + Multi-Offices ___ x $75.00
   GIAA offers two types of Agent Membership and              ___ Individual / Retired Agent @ $75.00
payment plans to fit any budget                                                 Quarterly Payment:
   Agency: All employees of agency are entitled to all        ___ Agency @ $50.00 + Multi-Offices ___ x $25.00
GIAA benefits at no additional cost.                          ___ Individual / Retired Agent @ $25.00
   Individual / Retired Agent: No longer actively                Please attach your business card(s) to your
engaged in the business of insurance but wishes to            membership dues payment, make your check payable to
remain active in GIAA activities. Individual enjoys all       GIAA and mail to:
GIAA membership benefits.                                         Eddie K. Emmett, GIAA Membership Chairman
                Don’t forget to write your GIAA                   200 Russell Court, Canton, GA 30114
             Legislative Pledge on your business card!
             It’s your future … don’t let someone else            (770) 312-2342       (770) 923-6374
             decide it for you!                         
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