Instructions for WSU Firewall Change Request Form by mikelbyington


									                  Instructions for WSU Firewall Change Request Form
WSU Firewall Change Request Form is designed to provide an orderly and documented method in
which changes to the firewalls are requested and approved prior to their implementation to minimize
service disruptions and promote system availability.
In addition, this form assists in prioritization, coordination, and documentation of all changes.

- Requester's Name: Enter the name of the person making the firewall change request.
- Requester's Phone: Enter the phone number of the contact person for the request.
- Requester's Email: Enter the email address of the contact person for the request.
- Department: Enter the name of department you are making request for.
- Requested type: Indicate whether you want to add a new rule, modify or delete an existing rule:
     I. New – New firewall change request
    II. Additional – If you already had a request and you have some additional info
   III. Delete – If you had request and you don’t need it any more (testing with temporary rules)
- Change Category: Enter one of the following options:
     I. Normal: This type of change is permanent - request will be handled within two working days
     II. Temporary change for the testing purposes. After testing you should send an additional request
to make this change permanent or provide ITS team with expiration date.
     III. An emergency change request will be handled as quickly as possible.
         To be considered an emergency the change must address a major security risk.
- Date of Request: Enter date of your request
- Proposed Change Date: Enter the date changes to the firewall should be applied. If
changes do not need to be applied on a specific day leave this field blank.
- Expiration Date: Enter an expiration date if you had temporary firewall change request

- Firewall Rule Request: Enter the requested firewall rule modification information. The source
address/subnet mask, source protocol and port, destination address/subnet mask, destination protocol
and port, action, add/remove/modify rule, and reason for change must be completed for each change
requested. The source or destination can be an IP address, range of addresses, a network, or “ANY”
for any object. Please, use subnet mask to indicate if whole subnet of IP addresses or specific range of
subnet should be used in access rule. An example is provided on the form: includes IP address between to
If necessary, indicate additional requests on a blank page and attach to the form.

- Description of What You are Trying to Accomplish:
Enter a brief description of what is to be accomplished with the
firewall rule change. If necessary, attach additional pages.

- The bottom sections of the form will be completed by WSU ITS staff.

When ready to submit the Firewall Change Request Form, please email copy of SAVED form with the
subject line “Firewall Change Request” to:
After request is received and reviewed by ITS staff, the requester will receive the change request
results (Approved/Denied or Comments – if additional info is needed) by phone or email.
Confirmation of the completion of the requested change will be made to the requester by email.

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