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					New ThinkPad Accessories - 2
Announcement date: 5th January 2006

Expand the abilities of your ThinkPad X60 Series notebook by snapping it into the
new ThinkPad X6 UltraBase. This simple, quick-attach solution adds a wide
range of expansion capabilities while being small enough to carry anywhere. The X6
UltraBase supports the ThinkPad Advanced Ultrabay battery (40Y6789) for up to 11
hours of unplugged mobile computing, when used in combination with the high-
capacity system battery on select models. Operation from an AC outlet is achieved
using the ThinkPad 65W AC Adapter, which ships with X60 Series systems. The
adapter is also available separately as an accessory (40Y770x).

The new ThinkPad X60 Series 4 Cell Slim Line Battery, 4 Cell Enhanced Capacity Battery, 8
Cell High Capacity Battery and Extended Life Battery are rechargeable system batteries that can
replace the original system batteries or be swapped in as spares. Individually, the 8 Cell High Capacity Battery
delivers the longest run time for X60 Series notebooks. However, to achieve all-day computing, use the 8 Cell High
Capacity and Extended Life batteries together. The Extended Life Battery connects to the docking connector on the
underside of ThinkPad X60 Series notebooks.

The new ThinkPad 60GB and 100GB 7200rpm Serial ATA Hard Drives balance the requirements of
capacity, performance and reliability to meet the exacting standards of ThinkPad customers. Incorporating
Lenovo’s Drive Noise Suppression System (DNSS), these new hard drives offer reduced noise levels and improved
shock tolerance and reliability when compared to previous generation hard drives without DNSS. For additional
storage and backup capability, the optional ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter (40Y8725) can be used
to install the drives in the:
• Media bay of selected ThinkPad T60, X60 and Z60 notebooks
• ThinkPad Advanced Dock
• ThinkPad X6 UltraBase

Power your ThinkPad T60 notebook whenever and wherever you need to, with the new ThinkPad T60 Series
6 Cell Li-Ion Battery, which can replace the original system battery or be swapped in as a spare. Keep the
power flowing wherever you go by taking along an extra, fully-charged ThinkPad battery.

Features of the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase include:
• Ultrabay Slim media bay supports:
    •   CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo and Multi-Burner drives
    •   Second ThinkPad hard drive (requires hard disk drive installation adapter)
•   System power-on button and easy ejection lever
•   Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port, modem (RJ-11) port, four USB 2.0 ports, serial and parallel port
•   Monitor VGA port, microphone port, headphone port and integrated stereo speakers
•   Integrated key lock and security lock slot for optional Kensington lock

Features of the ThinkPad X60 batteries include:
•   Lithium-Ion technology with over-discharge protection (all)
•   2.5 hours max charge time (with system power off) and a capacity of 28.8Wh (4 Cell Slim Line)
•   3.0 hours max charge time (with system power off) and a capacity of 37.4Wh (4 Cell Enhanced Capacity)
•   4.0 hours max charge time (with system power off) and a capacity of 74.9Wh (8 Cell High Capacity)
•   2.5 hours max charge time (with system power off) and a capacity of 28.1Wh (Extended Life)

The 4-cell models of X60S have the Slim battery (40Y6999) as standard and the 4-cell models of X60 have
the Enhanced (40Y7001). The Enhanced can be used on X60S, but the Slim cannot be used on X60.

                                                                                         Document Reference: OPAEE221
Features of the ThinkPad 60GB and 100GB Hard Drives include:
•    2.5-inch form factor with 9.5mm height
•    7200 rpm rotational speed, giving a latency of 4.2 msec
•    12/14 msec average read/write seek times
•    Advanced power management technology

Features of the ThinkPad T60 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery include:
• Lithium-Ion technology with over-discharge protection
• 3.5 hours max charge time (with system power off) and a capacity of 56.2Wh

Note the already-announced "ThinkPad Z60m/t 9 Cell Battery" (40Y6797) is compatible with T60.

Products and Availability
                                                                                                         ESP - Price
    Part Number                               Description                               Warranty          incl.VAT        Availability
      40Y8116      ThinkPad X6 UltraBase                                                  3 Years         CHF 312.-        14/2/2006

                   ThinkPad X60 Series Batteries:
      40Y6999        - 4 Cell Slim Line                                                   1 Year          CHF 187.-        14/2/2006
      40Y7001        - 4 Cell Enhanced Capacity                                           1 Year          CHF 223.-        14/2/2006
      40Y7003        - 8 Cell High Capacity                                               1 Year          CHF 310.-        14/2/2006
      40Y7005        - Extended Life                                                      1 Year          CHF 267.-        28/2/2006

                     ThinkPad 7200rpm Serial ATA Hard Drives:
      41N3012        - 60GB                                                               1 Year          CHF 471.-        14/2/2006
      41N3013        - 100GB                                                              1 Year          CHF 622.-        14/2/2006

      40Y6799      ThinkPad T60 Series 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery                              1 Year          CHF 210.-        14/2/2006

Further Information
The announcement letters for these products can be found in the P-Letters database on PartnerWorld, in
documents ZG06-0130, ZG06-0154, ZG06-0158 and ZG06-0165.

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                                                                                                              Document Reference: OPAEE221