Using Dreamweaver for Developing HTML and JSP pages by uxu13127


									MSTU 5031
Using Dreamweaver to develop HTML and JSP pages

Below are some notes on creating a site definition and setting preferences in Dreamweaver.

    1.   Make a folder on the desktop labeled youruni
    2.   Open Dreamweaver

Creating a Site Definition

    1.  Select Site > New Site
    2.  Title your site: youruni > next
    3.  Answer yes to working with server technology
             a. Select JSP
    4. How do you want to work with your files during development?
             a. Answer edit locally and upload to remote server
             b. Store your files in the folder you created on the desktop
    5. How do you connect to your testing server?
             a. Ftp
    6. Hostname
    7. Folder:
             a. YourUni
    8. FTP login
             a. YourUni
    9. FTP password
             a. YourPassword
    10. URL
    11. Do not enable checkin/checkout
Modifying the Code Format

    1.   File > Preferences
    2.   Select Code format from the Category listing
    3.   Set your preferences as shown below:

Exporting a Site Definition
   1. Go to site > edit site
   2. Select the site definition to export
   3. Select the Export button
   4. Select the option to “Back up my settings (includes login, password, and local paths).”
   5. Save yoursite.ste file (you can import this file the same way that you exported it.)

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