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 The magazine for The Weir Group PLC   Engineering
 August 2008                           Solutions


                    Top recognition for
on the
                    Weir Minerals Europe
See pages 10 & 11
2    Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                 Access the Group Intranet

     In this Weir Bulletin
     3           From the Chief Executive                                         9-13       Customer Focus/ Update on
     4-8         Contracts                                                        –          Power & Industrial target Middle East markets
     –           GEHO PD order for world first in bauxite slurry                  –          Saudi team delivers critical rebuild
                 pipelines                                                        –          A new focus on our key sectors
     –           North Sea success with Nexen                                     –          A new brand of company at the Global
     –           Rio Tinto Alcan award major power upgrade                                   Petroleum Show
     –           Ten year contract continues at Mafraq                            –          GEHO 1000th pump in operation
     –           Vulco win strategic partner contract                             –          New additions to the Weir family
     –           Warman flexibility wins                                          –          CH Warman integration proceeds smoothly
     –           Multi-million Euro nuclear contract from
                 China                                                            14-16 Business Improvement
     –           Major power contract from Libya                                  –     BHP Billiton’s Ravensthorpe nickel operations
     –           Isogate order from Goldcorp                                            open
     –           Territory presence means big business in                         –     New centre for Weir SPM
                 China                                                            –     Weir SPM builds first manifold trailer
     –           Pumps for Pilansberg Platinum                                    –     New facility for specialist coatings
                                                                                  –     Pumping sand in France

                                                                                  17-19      People
                                                                                  –          Weir Minerals India support local community
                                                                                  –          Weir Minerals help Bolivian flood victims
                                                                                  –          New Roles

                                                                                  19-20 Awards
                                                                                  –     Weir Minerals Europe receives Queen’s Award
                                                                                        for Enterprise
                Front cover pic – Weir Minerals Europe                            –     Weir Gabbioneta wins International Best
                receive outstanding award – page 20                                     Factory Award

                                                                                                         Weir welcomes
    The Lord Smith of Kelvin                                                                             John Mogford
    Sir Robert Smith, chairman of The Weir Group                                                         John Mogford has been appointed to the Board
    PLC was introduced as a cross-bench peer in                                                          as a non-executive director. Mr Mogford is
    the House of Lords on Monday 14 July 2008                                                            currently a group vice President of BP PLC.
    with the title The Lord Smith of Kelvin. The                                                            He has been with BP for 30 years, initially in
    new Lord Smith is one of three new non-                                                              their exploration division and progressively rising
    political peers appointed earlier this year                                                          to his current role as group vice president – safety
    following recommendation from the House of                                                           and operations. John has held many positions in
    Lords Appointments Commission.                                                                       every area of BP Operations.
       His sponsors for the ceremony included Weir                                                          Weir Group chairman, Lord Smith, said: “John
    Group non-executive director Lord Robertson                                                          has wide experience and a first class reputation as
    of Port Ellen, former Secretary General of                                                           a hands-on operator at an international level. He
    NATO.                                                                                                brings extensive knowledge and understanding
       Lord Smith said: “I am delighted and                                                              of the oil and gas sectors and areas critical to the
    honoured to be appointed to the House of             commitments, and I am looking forward to        future development of the Group. He will
    Lords. I have been very fortunate to be              continuing to work with the team at Weir, as    complement the already considerable range of
    involved in education, the arts and sport as well    well as with Scottish and Southern Energy and   expertise on The Weir Group board and I am
    as the world of business and finance and I           Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.”               delighted he has agreed to join us.”
    intend to play an active role in these and other       The selection of Kelvin for his title is to      Christopher Clarke who has been a non-
    areas within the House.”                             celebrate his birthplace of Glasgow, as his     executive director since 1999 is to retire from the
       He added: “This will complement my other          family lived close to the River Kelvin.         Board at the end of 2008.                                                                                                               Weir Bulletin        3


                                                                                 power related service centres in Canada, the UK, India, the Middle East and
                                                                                 Africa. First half order input grew 52% to £158m with excellent progress in
                                                                                 power which more than doubled to £94m against £43m in the first half of
                            Strategic focus                                         The division supplies critical safety valves to the power generation markets
                                                                                 where enquiry levels and government approvals have never been stronger
                            delivers results                                     and the low-cost Chinese business is being used to grow competitiveness
                                                                                 and increase margins. The global network of service operations specialise in
   In the first half of 2008, the Group’s continuing operations delivered        the maintenance, upgrade and management of power and industrial assets.
   significantly improved revenue, profit and earnings per share when               Revenue increased 10.0% to £100m with significant growth in the power
   compared to the same period in 2007.                                          markets in China, North America and the UK increasing power-related sales
      The Group’s performance clearly demonstrates the effective execution       to £45m against £32m in the first half of last year. Operating profit
   of our strategy to focus resources at higher growth, longer cycle markets.    increased 41% to £6.2m while margins increased to 6.2%.
   The strength of the current order book and contribution from the recent          On the back of the Group’s continued commitment to the power
   acquisitions will deliver further progress in the second half of the year.    generation market, the division won new build, upgrade and maintenance
      2008 first half order input at £734m was 32% above the prior year          work in all of its core markets during the first half of the year. The French
   period reflecting like for like growth of 18% and first time contributions    business secured new nuclear programmes in China while the Services
   from SPM and Warman. Each of our core businesses delivered good               business was awarded an £11m contract to upgrade a power generation
   growth. Minerals order input grew 16% to £403m, Oil & Gas order input         operation in Libya. The US operations both secured new project work in
   grew 125% to £141m and Power & Industrial input grew 52% to £158m.            China and considerably increased new orders domestically.
                                                                                    The outlook for Power & Industrial remains encouraging with improved
   Minerals Division                                                             margins expected from the core business and significant enquiries
   The Minerals Division now includes all group operations with primary sales    underpinning confidence in the market. Our current under-utilised installed
   to the mining, flue gas desulphurisation and oil sands markets. First half    capacity provides a significant platform for top-line growth and margin
   order input grew 16% to £403m with good progress across all of the            expansion.
   Group’s major mining markets and continuing buoyant conditions in
   power, industrial and oil.                                                    Strategy
      Revenue increased 29% to £340m with significant growth in South            With effect from 1 May, the Group reorganised its operating units into three
   America, Africa and China combining with the first time contribution from     sector focused divisions in the higher growth markets of mining, oil & gas
   Warman and Multiflo. Operating profit increased 45% to £53.4m and             and power & industrials. This reorganisation was undertaken with an
   margins increased to 15.7%.                                                   objective to extend offerings to customers and further leverage the extensive
      While all businesses within the Minerals Division continue to experience   geographic position of the Group.
   strong market conditions, the Netherlands operation deserves special             In March, we successfully concluded the acquisition of Warman for a
   mention due to its significant and continued success in new project work      consideration of £113.8m. The business significantly enhances the Group’s
   for major pipelines.                                                          presence in the African mining market and contributed £19.4m of revenue
      In March this year, Warman was added to the portfolio of operations        and £2.9m of operating profits during the 15 weeks of ownership in the first
   and has substantially increased Minerals position in the high growth          half of 2008.
   African market. The new African regional team is now in place and the            In June, we announced the acquisition of Mesa, a privately–owned Texas
   acquisition is making excellent progress.                                     based supplier of pumps and flow equipment to the upstream oil and gas
      The outlook for Minerals most important end markets remains positive       industry for a consideration of US$40m. The company has annual sales of
   with substantial new project activity expected in the foreseeable future.     over $20m and operates at mid teens margins and will complement SPM’s
   The spares stream will continue to benefit from the growing installed base    position in the North American market.
   and the addition of Warman will provide a further engine for growth.             In July, we acquired 75% of Standard Oilfield Services in Baku for a
                                                                                 consideration of cUS$16m. The business is involved in the supply of oil field
   Oil & Gas Division                                                            service equipment to customers in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region. The
   The Oil & Gas Division includes the Group’s upstream and downstream           company has expected 2008 full year revenue of US$12m and operates at
   businesses along with the substantial oil and gas service operations across   mid teens margins.
   the globe. First half order input grew 125% to £141m with good progress          The Group continues to invest in organic development and extending its
   across all of the division’s most significant markets and a first time        presence in higher growth markets. Continued investments in new and
   contribution of £58m from SPM.                                                upgraded facilities and ongoing search for high quality acquisitions underpin
      Revenue increased 135% to £129m with good levels of growth across all      near-term plans for top line growth.
   operations and a half year contribution of £70m from SPM. Operating
   profit including joint ventures increased 266% to £27.8m while margins        Outlook
   reflected the significant contribution from SPM’s high margin operations      In the second half of 2008 the Group is expected to deliver growth in
   and increased to 21.6%.                                                       revenue and profit when compared to the same period in 2007.
      The prospects for the Oil & Gas Division are excellent. In upstream,          My thanks go to all our people at all levels of our organisation for their
   North American gas storage levels are below the five year average and         continued contribution to our success and for their tremendous enthusiasm
   prices have increased more than 60% over the same period last year,           and commitment.
   providing a very encouraging platform for SPM. In downstream, the need
   for increased refining capacity underpins a period of further growth at       Mark Selway
   Gabbioneta.                                                                   Chief Executive

   Power & Industrial Division
   The Power & Industrial Division includes the combined activities of the
   Group’s valves operations, a speciality pump business in Utah and the
4    Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                    Access the Group Intranet


GEHO PD order for a world
first in bauxite slurry pipelines
                       Weir Minerals
                       has been
                       awarded a
second major order from Brazil for
GEHO piston diaphragm pumps.
The pumps will be used for
transporting bauxite slurry through
a 245 km pipeline, the world’s first
long distance bauxite slurry
pipeline. The first order for the
Paragominas pipeline was awarded
in 2004.
   The Brazilian Mineracao Bauxita
Paragominas pipeline has now
been in operation since early 2007,
proving that bauxite can be
pumped economically over a long
distance. The pipeline feeds the
expansion of the Alunorte refinery
from the abundant resources at
Paragominas´ Miltonia mine. Since
the start of operation the pipeline
operated well and achieved target
production requirements with a
high availability and at low
operating costs. For that reason          GEHO piston diaphragm pumps in operation at the Paragominas bauxite slurry pipeline
Vale decided to increase the
capacity and procured the                 of remotely located bauxite             dewatering properties which             medium, for shorter distances, with
additional GEHO® pumps again              deposits more economical                require a technical study to            a recirculation pipe for the return
from Weir Minerals Netherlands.           compared with railway and               determine the feasibility and           caustic may provide an option for
   The use of a pipeline to transport     trucking. Bauxites vary significantly   economics for each project. The         eliminating the dewatering issue
bauxite now makes the exploration         in particle size degradation and        use of caustics as transport            altogether.

North Sea success with Nexen
                         Weir Oil & Gas   1993. In recent years, the Scott
                         Services         platform has undergone a significant
                         Aberdeen have    maintenance turnaround and
                         signed a five    facilities upgrade to improve
year contract with Nexen Petroleum        reliability and extend facility life.
UK for the provision of pump                 The major factors that secured the
management services for the Scott         agreement included strong
and Buzzard fields in the UK              commissioning and start up support
Continental Shelf.                        for the Buzzard Project, creation and
    The Buzzard platform first            management of robust sparing
produced oil in January 2007 and is       strategies, quality of work and first
one of the largest North Sea              class engineering support.
discoveries in the last decade. In its       The agreement which has the
first year of operation, with the         option of an additional two years       The Scott platform discovered in 1987
support of Weir Services, Buzzard         includes key performance indicators
achieved first quartile uptime            where Weir are incentivised to          excited by the opportunity to further   the challenge of continually
performance for a new offshore            continually add value, optimise         develop our relationship with Nexen,    improving the service and managing
facility in the UK North Sea.             equipment and system performance.       an ambitious operator who have          the equipment and contract to
    Scott was discovered in 1987 and         Gary Cochrane, key accounts          recently become a major presence in     exceed our client’s expectations
began producing in September              manager, Oil & Gas said “We are         the North Sea. We intend to rise to     wherever possible.”                                                                                                                            Weir Bulletin     5


A first for
Alloa in
AlAn StewArt, general
manager, Alloa operations,
Weir Power & Industrial
Services Europe

                                            Rio Tinto Alcan award
Weir Power & Industrial Services
Alloa has secured its first major
hydro refurbishment project in

                                            major power upgrade
Ireland. The project is for the
Electricity Supply Board’s Turlough
Hill pumped storage station in
County Wicklow. The plant was
built between 1968 and 1974 and           Members of the Navy squad and visitors in the main tunnel during construction, circa 1927
has four units which generate a
total of 292 MW and when                                           Weir Power &              Andritz VA Tech Hydro who will have        The station will remain in operation
operating in reverse pumps absorb                                  Industrial                overall design responsibility to supply    during the modernisation which
272 MW.                                                            Services Alloa            the Francis turbine and governors.         involves existing horizontal twin jet
   The station is the only pumped                                  and alliance              Weir will supply new main inlet valves,    Pelton turbines driving double DC
storage scheme in Ireland and is          partner, Andritz VA Tech Hydro have                mechanical balance of plant, site          generating units being replaced with
critical to the electrical distribution   been awarded a significant                         infrastructure and installation.           horizontal Francis turbines driving AC
system providing security of              refurbishment contract by Rio Tinto                   Lochaber Power Station was built        generators.
supply and the provision of peak          Alcan.                                             with the intention of supplying electric       The project is a continuation of a
power.                                       The contract is for the supply,                 power to the nearby aluminium              number of successful contracts that
   The contract is for the complete       installation and commissioning of five             smelter located at Fort William,           have been jointly executed by Weir
refurbishment of the turbine,             hydro turbine generator units and                  between Loch Linnhe and Ben Nevis.         with VA Tech in the recent past. The
including site dismantling,               ancillary equipment at Lochaber                       Construction began in 1924 and          first unit will be installed and
condition assessment,                     Power Station in the Scottish                      was completed in 1929 when the             commissioned in 2009 followed by
replacement/repair of specified           Highlands. The mechanical scope of                 station was the largest hydroelectric      two units in 2010 and two units in
components, site reassembly and           works will be shared with partner                  installation in the United Kingdom.        2011.
   The hydro market in Ireland has
a similar age profile to the UK and
this is the first rehabilitation
contract in Ireland for many years.
                                            Qatar Petroleum awards
   The contract follows Power &
Industrial Services benchmark
                                            contract to Weir Dubai
performance in hydro                                                 Qatar                                                              terminal receives incoming crude
refurbishment in the UK. The                                         Petroleum                                                          oil and the terminal operations
customer visited a number of                                         has awarded                                                        cannot be conducted without
previous projects to review the                                      a three year                                                       certain facilities including
end result which highlighted the             operation and maintenance                                                                  desalination plants and potable
benefits of a positive reputation in         contract for desalination units to                                                         water system.
the market place.                            Weir Oil & Gas Services Dubai.                                                                Qatar Petroleum has placed this
   Project manager Stuart Wilkins               The contract will cover the                                                             contract for a third consecutive
commented, “We are delighted to              provision of staff and materials to              availability of 95% to meet the           period with Weir Dubai based on
receive this strategically important         assist with plant optimisation and               operational demand in Halul Island.       customer focus and commitment
contract from the Electricity                technical support including trouble                  Qatar Petroleum represents the        to engineering excellence along
Supply Board which gives us the              shooting and root cause analysis                 State of Qatar government as the          with strong performance in
opportunity to demonstrate our               through Weir’s wider plant                       main operator and asset holder of         continuously meeting the
extensive capabilities in this sector        experience to ensure a minimum                   all facilities on the Island. Halul       customer requirements.
directly to the customer.”
6    Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                          Access the Group Intranet


    Ten year contract                                                                                                           secures major
                                                                                                                                contract for
    continues at Mafraq                                                                                                         upgrade in
                                                                                                                                By FAISAl JAMIl, regional sales
                                                                                                                                manager, Weir Oil & Gas Services
                                                                                                                                Middle East

                                                                                                                                Pak American Fertilisers
                                                                                                                                in Iskanderabad

Mafraq waste water treatment plant in Abu Dhabi

                        Weir Oil & Gas    Dhabi Sewerage Services Company              overcoming the challenges created
                        Services in Abu   who have a strategic objective to            by the rapid population increase and     Weir Oil & Gas Services Dubai has
                        Dhabi have        move the company in stages toward            socio-economic growth in the region.     successfully negotiated a major
                        successfully      a full asset management/ service                The successful conclusion to the      contract to upgrade and
renegotiated their existing operations    provider business model.                     negotiations has been achieved as a      commission two AEG-Kanis steam
and maintenance contract at Mafraq           Ian Wilkes, general manager of            result of a continuous ten year          turbines at Pak American Fertilisers
waste water treatment plant. The          Weir Oil & Gas Services Abu Dhabi            association and relationship with the    Ltd, Iskanderabad, Pakistan.
revised contract includes the             said “The terms of the new contract          customer, coupled with Weir’s               The contract for the repair,
substantial addition of a second plant    give us greater flexibility in efficiently   professionalism and integrity in         refurbishment and
in Al Ain, the second major city in the   managing our resources as well as            delivering high quality engineering      re-commissioning of the turbines
Emirate of Abu Dhabi.                     financial incentives for cost effective      and management services in a very        includes new rotor blades and
   The new three year contract, with      performance.”                                competitive market. The contract         nozzle blocks with emphasis on
a two year extension option, has a           Both the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain             award is testament to the hard work      improved turbine performance.
greater emphasis on performance           treatment plants are currently               and dedication of the Abu Dhabi             The successful conclusion of the
based criteria. Additional key            severely overloaded and the Weir             team, particularly to Peter Glover and   negotiations were achieved as a
performance indicators will be            team will work closely with the              his contracts team in securing this      result of continuous customer
developed with the customer, Abu          customer to assist them in                   high profile contract.                   communication, coupled with the
                                                                                                                                WESCO professionalism and
                                                                                                                                integrity in delivering high quality

    Vulco win strategic partner contract                                                                                        engineering and management
                                                                                                                                services in a very competitive
                         Collahuasi is     strategic partner at the mine for                                                       The two AEG-Kanis condensing
                         a major           several years and has been                                                           type steam turbines have been in
                         copper            awarded a five year contract to                                                      operation since 1958 and were last
                         producer in       service all Weir equipment                                                           overhauled in 1994.
    northern Chile located 4,500           operating at the plant including                                                        Instrumental in securing the
    meters above sea level. It is owned    pumps, cyclones, valves, rubber                                                      contract were Weir Dubai’s
    by Compañía Minera Doña Inés de        lining spools and mill                                                               regional sales manager Faisal Jamil
    Collahuasi SCM and is a joint          components.                                                                          with the strong technical support
    venture between Xstrata PLC,              The contract will be served by                                                    of Lee Oliver and Kearney Doughty
    AngloAmerican and a Japanese           the Iquique Regional Service and                                                     of Weir Turbomachinery in Barton,
    consortium led by Mitsui & Co Ltd.     Sales office team, headed by Julio          Cavex hydrocyclone cluster               UK. An excellent example of
      Weir Minerals Chile has been a       Grado.                                      in Collahuasi                            collaboration and team work
                                                                                                                                across the regions.                                                                                                               Weir Bulletin      7


Warman                                                                                                                      Weir Oil & Gas
flexibility wins                                                                                                            Aberdeen
By BOB VAnderPAn, senior
technical support engineer
                                                                                                                            begin new
                      Weir Minerals
                      North                                                                                                 with Fairfield
                      America won
                      a contract
from Hibbing Taconite in the
North Central Minnesota Iron                                                                                                JIll CASSIdy, marketing
                                                                                                                            communications co-ordinator,
Range. Close cooperation with
                                                                                                                            Weir Power & Industrial
the customer and the flexibility of
                                                                                                                            Services Europe
the Warman pump range secured
the contract.
   The customer required major
capacity improvements in their             Giant cyclone clusters on completion

                                           Major iron ore
tailings disposal method. The
project requirements specifically
matched the abilities of the                                                                                                Weir Oil & Gas Services Aberdeen
Warman 1000 psi high pressure                                                                                               have signed a three year contract
AHPP model pump. In
anticipation of the project, Weir
Minerals North America have
                                           win                    By MArtInO ZAnOttI, field sales manager,
                                                                  Weir Minerals Europe
                                                                                                                            with Fairfield Energy for the
                                                                                                                            provision of pump maintenance
                                                                                                                            services for the recently acquired
upgraded the existing 1000 psi                                    Sangan iron     that annual production targets of         Dunlin Asset on the UK Continental
pump to full rubber lined                                         ore mine is     500,000 tonnes of metal per               Shelf.
capability, extending the range of                                one of the      annum is reached.                             Weir Aberdeen has a vast
the applications for the Warman                                   largest ore        The contract was significant in        amount of knowledge and
high pressure pump that have               deposits in the EMEA region with       terms of the size of the cyclone          experience gained over a number
been in operation at similar               over 1,200 billion tonnes of           order and additional space had to         of years managing the pump
operations since 1979.                     reserves. When they wanted to          be rented to accommodate the              maintenance, prior to the
                                           fully exploit this potential they      giant cyclone clusters. Downtime          divestment of the Dunlin Asset by
                                           turned to Danieli SpA and the          will be minimised through the use         Shell Exploration & Production. It
Hazleton win                               separation solutions of Weir
                                           Minerals Europe.
                                                                                  of slurry pumps and plant
                                                                                  recoveries will be optimised
                                                                                                                            is this knowledge and experience
                                                                                                                            that is vital in assisting Fairfield
nuclear order                                 Danieli SpA is a leading supplier   through the engineered hydraulics         Energy and AMEC with the
                                           of equipment and plants to the         of hydrocyclones.                         successful operation and future
Weir Hazleton has received an order        metals industry throughout Europe         All of these benefits are ultimately   plans to increase production.
from the Washington Savannah               and wanted a supplier with             delivered through one common                  Gary Cochrane, operations
River Corporation (WSRC) for               matching credentials. Danieli SpA      factor. Weir Minerals core                manager Weir Oil & Gas Services
specialty vertical sump pumps.             felt confident that Weir Minerals      competences in wear resistant             Aberdeen said “We are delighted to
Both units made to special designs         was the right choice and awarded       materials and engineered                  have the opportunity to work with
conform with highest quality               them with a contract.                  hydraulics technologies, which give       Fairfield Energy and AMEC and
requirements of the US govern-                The contract involved a package     a global reputation for delivering        maintain our support for the Dunlin
ment. The units will be used for the       of Warman® horizontal and vertical     low cost of ownership and ensure          Field. I am sure our experience and
sludge removal of highly radioactive       slurry pumps, Cavex® hydrocylones      maximum recoveries in challenging         engineering expertise will greatly
wastes.                                    and Isogate® slurry valves to ensure   process applications.                     assist in achieving future targets.”

Multi-million Euro nuclear contract from China
By StÉPHAne lAMOtte, nuclear department general manager, Weir Power & Industrial France

                          As part of its   reactors of 1000 MWe each.                The China Nuclear Power                with CNPEC.
                          11th five year      Currently 11 reactors are in        Engineering Company Ltd (CNPEC) a            This contract will supply SEBIM
                          plan, which      operation with 22 under construction   subsidiary of China Guangdong             brand pilot operated safety valves for
                          runs until       or at design phase. To speed up the    Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC) is          the protection of the primary reactor
2011, China is increasing the nuclear      process, Chinese authorities have      working on the construction of 14         heat removal and chemical/
portion of its electricity production      decided to build several “copy         new reactors at three different           volumetric control circuits of these 14
from 1.6% to 4% targeting 40 GWe           models” of the existing pressurised    locations – Hongyanhe, Ningde and         units.
generated output by 2020. The              water reactor 1000MWe design           Yangjiang.                                  The first equipment is due by
country forecasts an additional            installed in Ling Ao in Guangdong         Weir Power & Industrial France has     November 2009 with projected
requirement of 30 GWe, or 30 new           province.                              signed a multi-million euro contract      deliveries through till 2014.
8    Weir Bulletin March 2007


Major power
contract from                         Territory presence
                                      means big business
                                      in China
                       Weir Power
                       & Industrial
                       scored a
major success in Libya by securing                            The continued
a multi-million pound contract at a                           success of Weir
large coastal power station for a                             Valves &
steel plant.                                                  Controls
   The division will overhaul and     Suzhou operation has enabled the
re-commission a number of             Power & Industrial Emerging Markets
turbines, pumps and valves on the     team to establish a strong foothold in
power and desalination plant. The     the territory. From this position of
delivery phase will run over 18       strength the team can provide
months.                               support to other Weir Power and
   Project director John Gallacher    Industrial companies, maximising the
said: “This is a major success        opportunities in the region.
against worldwide competition            The operation is now looking at
and puts us in a strong position to   developing opportunities and
capitalise on that success in a       initiatives for Weir Specialty Pumps,
country which is undergoing           now part of the Power & Industrial
                                                                                Suzhou facility in China
major upgrades and increasing its     Division and increased after market
power capacity.”                      support services.
                                         Since the launch of the Chinese        Butterfly and Hopkinsons Spring        team said, “Being able to offer a
                                      sales office in 1998 and the              Loaded Bypass Package                  complete sales, manufacturing and
Isogate order                         manufacturing operation in 2006,
                                      the team has worked with other
                                                                                Weir Power & Industrial US
                                                                                • Dongfang Electric Power
                                                                                                                       after sales market support services
                                                                                                                       solution, all from within the territory,
from Goldcorp                         Weir Power & Industrial facilities to     Corporation, Electric Power            is providing customers with the
                                      secure a number of important              Corporation and Harbin Electric        added value they demand.
By CAl COBB, valve product            contracts. More recently the team         Power Corporation all for Atwood &        “Having a local presence in the
manager, Weir Minerals North
                                      has helped other divisional               Morrill FFRCV solutions.               Chinese market is clearly valuable
                                      companies secure contracts                                                       and is helping Weir Power &
                      Weir Minerals   including:                                The Weir Production System is also     Industrial establish a competitive
                      North                                                     proving key to continued success in    edge in China.”
                      America has     Weir Power & Industrial France            China, as have the quality standards      Earlier this year, the Suzhou facility
                      received an     • GNPC/Hong Yan He, Ning De &             employed by the Chinese operation.     was included in Siemens approved
order for Isogate knife gate valves   Yang Jiang nuclear power plant            The organisation’s processes,          supplier database for its power
from M3 Engineering’s Tucson,         projects for Sebim Pilot Operated         combined with the procurement          generation division following a
Arizona office. M3, acting as         Safety Valves;                            training of employees, played a        customer audit. The accreditation
engineering and procurement           Weir Power & Industrial UK                major part in the recent successful    further strengthens the reputation of
agent for Goldcorp, purchased         • SINOPEC /Tianjin and Maoming            audit by Siemens of the Suzhou         Suzhou as a world class
the Isogate WS series and the 36”     Petrochem for Hopkinsons Gate             facility.                              manufacturer of products for the
Isogate WB series valves for use in   Valves and CGNPC / Ling Ao II                Andrew Will, sales and marketing    power generation market and the
Goldcorp’s newly developed            nuclear power plant for a Batley          director of the Emerging Markets       continued growth of the operation.
Peñasquito Mine Project in
Zacatecas, Mexico. On
completion the project will
produce 130,000 tons of gold,         Pumps for Pilansberg Platinum
silver, copper, zinc and lead per
day.                                                       Weir Warman          by the South African department        western limb of the Bushveld
   In addition to the valves, Weir                         Africa will be       of Minerals and Energy to over four    Complex in South Africa’s North
Minerals North America will                                supplying a          properties in the Pilansberg project   West Province around the
provide 650MCR pumps for the                               variety of           area.                                  Pilansberg intrusion and next to
mine’s mill circuit and several       pumps to Pilansberg Platinum                 Ore will initially be mined from    Barrick’s Sedibelo project. These
smaller mill pumps including          Mines (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned           the Tuschenkomst property              projects are estimated to contain
horizontal rubber lined,              subsidiary of Boynton Investments         followed by the Ruighoek               about 90% of the world’s platinum
horizontal froth, and vertical        (Pty) Ltd. Boynton Investments            property. The total project area is    resources and around 80% of its
sump pumps.                           have been granted mining rights           14,511ha and is located on the         chrome.
                                                                                                                                             Weir Bulletin     9

 Customer Focus

Power & Industrial target
Middle East markets
                     Providing an      manufacturing, repair, service
                     all inclusive     and refurbishment of valve
                     sales, manu-      products and sales and
                     facturing and     marketing.
service support package for the           Earlier this year the facility
Weir Power & Industrial divisional     moved to Sharjah International
operations, the Middle East            Airport Free Zone in the United
business has grown significantly       Arab Emirates. Located in an ideal
since its launch in 2006.              area, the zone offers excellent
   Beginning life back in 2005, the    sea, land and air transport links      Amco-Weir receive award of appreciation
Middle East manufacturing
operations developed when Weir
                                       with access to over two billion
                                       consumers across the Gulf              Saudi team delivers
                                                                              critical compressor
Valves & Controls started              Cooperation Council countries,
manufacturing the Hopkinsons           the Commonwealth of
Low Pressure parallel slide gate       Independent States, Asian sub-
valve in conjunction with Weir
Engineering Services in Dubai.
   Machine castings were sourced
                                       continent and parts of Africa.
                                          Since the move to Sharjah the
                                       organisation has seen rapid
                                                                              rotor rebuild                                         by JOHn MOrIn, general
                                                                                                                                    manager, Weir Oil & Gas
                                                                                                                                    Services – Amco-Weir
from a local foundry and other         growth in product manufacture                                     A catastrophic    hours!
components were supplied from          and on-site servicing. Capable of                                 failure in a         After successful commissioning, the
the UAE, the UK and India. The         working across all markets in the                                 centrifugal gas   customer requested that Amco-Weir
valves were kitted at Weir Valves      region, the local knowledge and                                   compressor        submit a “technical paper” on the
& Controls facility at the Jebel Ali   cost effective location of the         train used in fertiliser production at a     repair procedure used in the overhaul.
Free Zone in Dubai and                 Middle East operation is proving       Saudi petrochemical plant resulted in        This service is not offered by the
assembled, tested and painted by       invaluable. In the first half of the   lost production and significant              original manufacturer. In addition,
WESCO’s valve servicing team.          year it successfully secured a         revenue. This set a challenge for            Amco-Weir has received another rotor
   In 2006, WESCO’s valve              significant service contract with      Amco-Weir. They needed to complete           for overhaul and enquiries for further
servicing business merged with         Dugas involving 30 technicians.        the repair in a 30 day turnaround.           work.
Weir Valves & Controls. This was          As well as working on                  The compressor rotor was                     John Morin, general manager of
an excellent move as far as the        Hopkinsons Valves, the Weir            re-engineered and rebuilt in                 Amco-Weir said “This was an
Middle East operation was              Power & Industrial Middle East         cooperation between Amco-Weir in             excellent example of working closely
concerned and since then the           operation is currently developing      Saudi Arabia and Weir                        with the client and of cooperation and
valve manufacturing and service        Weir Specialty Pumps and turbo         Turbomachinery in Barton UK.                 support between Weir divisions in
business has gone from strength        machinery prospects in the             Demonstrating world class technical          opening up new areas of business.
to strength.                           region.                                support, logistics of manufacturing          The commitment to excellence by all
   Last year Weir Valves &                The Weir Group key account          and ultimate delivery.                       the joint venture team in Al-Khobar to
Controls Middle East obtained          management process will be a              Components manufactured in the            meet the 30 day deadline to repair,
ISO 9001:2000 quality                  major opportunity for cross            UK were hand carried to Saudi, which         install and restart the compressor
certification from Lloyds Register     divisional and group market            included obtaining a Saudi visa with         train, despite a number of unforeseen
Quality Assurance, covering            development.                           the help of the client in less than four     obstacles, was commendable.”

Weir SPM on show at Offshore Technology Conference
                                                                                                   In May, Weir            as focusing on the growing
                                                                                                   SPM was                 capabilities of its post sale service
                                                                                                   among 2,500             offering.
                                                                                                   companies                  Members of the Weir SPM sales
                                                                              exhibiting at the 2008 Offshore              team from around the world were
                                                                              Technology Conference (OTC) in               on hand to meet with customers,
                                                                              Houston, Texas. Over 76,000                  as well as members of the
                                                                              visitors from over 100 countries             engineering and production
                                                                              viewed the latest technologies               teams. Weir SPM also participated
                                                                              and product and service offerings            in the Global Petroleum Show in
                                                                              from the oil and gas industry.               June (see pages 10 & 11) and will
                                                                              Weir SPM exhibited a variety of              be showing at the Permian Basin
                                                                              pumps, flow control and                      International Oil Show in Texas in
                                                                              innovative safety products, as well          October.
10 Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                   Access the Group Intranet

 Customer Focus

A new focus on our key
Organised for radical growth                                                                             Group PR manager Helen wAlKer reviews the
                                                                                                         introduction of the new divisional structure

May 1, 2008 marked a major              get closer to our customers and        Clifton has combined the existing       extended its offerings beyond
milestone in the Weir Journey to        deliver end to end solutions, rather   Valves businesses with Weir             pumps by bringing mill liners,
Excellence. Following several           than just products.”                   Specialty Pumps and the power and       cyclones and dewatering products
months of intensive planning, the          Gabbioneta and SPM along with       related service operations in the UK,   to existing customers and doubled
Group moved its reporting               the Middle East, Aberdeen and          Canada and India.                       sales in the past five years.
structure to three sector focused       related US and Canadian Service           Steve Simone has a global role as       The SPM acquisition
divisions - Oil & Gas, Power &          operations form the Oil & Gas          managing director Services. Steve       demonstrated that by adopting a
Industrial and Minerals with the        Division – headed up by Stephen        will be ensuring the continuing         sector focus companies can extend
Services businesses being integrated    Bird, along with the two recently      integral position of Services within    their offerings beyond pumps and
into the three divisions to provide a   announced acquisitions of Mesa         the new divisions as well as            valves and into aligned products
complete end to end offering to all     Manufacturing in Texas and             establishing a key commercial           which can be sold and serviced by
customers.                              Standard Oilfield Services in Baku.    benchmarking programme across           Weir globally.
   As the Group moved into its next        The Minerals Division is            the divisions.                             Realigning the Services business
exciting phase, CEO Mark Selway         complemented by Floway, Lewis             Mark Selway added: “A sector         to these particular sectors
said: “We are talking about             and the Canadian pumps business        focus helps in many ways. We will       introduces another major engine
investing heavily in our commercial     as well as the Australian Service      have oil people talking oil markets,    for growth as the services teams are
and geographic positions and            operations to accelerate their         mining people talking mining            already very close to customers
making the customer the                 aftermarket growth. The extended       markets and so on, and it will help     responding and fixing problems
centrepiece of Group’s focus. More      division is run by Scot Smith.         us channel our investments at those     quickly. In all, the Group has
than 90 percent of Group’s input is        The third division is Power &       areas which provide strongest           services businesses in 17 countries
already related to these three          Industrial, where the Group has        growth.”                                covering almost 70 locations.
sectors and we are determined to        significant ambitions to grow. Phil       The Minerals Division has already       From the investors’ viewpoint,

Weir – a new brand of company at the Global
                                                                     nICOle BernArd, marketing communications co-coordinator,
                                                                     Weir Power & Industrial, North America reports

The new sector focused divisional                                                                                      branding and messages – and
structure of Weir Group made its                                                                                       successfully delivered just in time
first public appearance at the                                                                                         for the show.
Global Petroleum Show in                                                                                                  The stand was structured into
Calgary, Canada in June.                                                                                               customer focused market sections
   The Global Petroleum Show                                                                                           with the Weir companies and
runs every other year and attracts                                                                                     their demonstration equipment
approximately 60,000 visitors.                                                                                         within each section, identified by
The Weir stand – one of the                                                                                            large colour coded banners.
largest ever taken by the                                                                                              Duo-toned sector specific
company – enjoyed a prime                                                                                              photographs wrapped around the
location to showcase and                                                                                               exterior walls of the in-booth
communicate the customer                                                                                               hospitality lounge helped
                                                                                          Clockwise from top left:
benefits of the new structure to                                                                                       customers identify the alignment
                                                                                          Weir Minerals Floway
the industry.                                                                                                          between the market sectors and
                                                                                          welcome visitors
   The Weir Services marketing                                                                                         the Weir company brands,
                                                                                          Weir SPM – drilling
team in Toronto had been                                                                  and well completion
                                                                                                                       products and services.
planning the show since                                                                                                   A Weir Oil & Gas purple
                                                                                          Canadian oil sand
September 2007, but when the                                                              section of Weir stand        backdrop, entitled drilling & well
new Group structure was                                                                                                completion, featured Weir SPM
announced, they rose to the                                                                                            equipment & services. Weir
challenge along with the other                                                                                         Minerals orange backdrop was
divisions to embrace the new                                                                                           entitled Canadian Oil Sands and                                                                                                       Weir Bulletin 11

  Customer Focus

sectors                                                                                                                 Taking on
                                                                                                                        a new look
 “I am looking for commitment and passion from
                                                                                                                        Following the unveiling of the
                                                                                                                        new structure at the Group’s

 every employee to make our transition to a                                                                             annual conference for
                                                                                                                        managing directors, the
 customer facing business a complete success.”                                                                          divisional managing directors
                                                                                                                        and their teams set about
 MARK SELWAY CEO                                                                                                        cascading details of the new
                                                                                                                        organisation to their teams
 the new structure is an excellent       aligned with the manufacturing         and passion from every employee         globally.
 move. They recognise that the           operations.”                           to make our transition to a                Branding has been key to the
 Group is in great markets but they         Although the reporting structure    customer facing business a              transition to the new divisions.
 could not easily identify the profit    of the Group has changed, the          complete success.                       Although the overall brand
 drivers under the previous reporting    fundamentals of the business have         I know we have the right             guidelines remain the same as
 structure.                              not changed. Mark told delegates       strategy, the right direction and the   before with a strong Weir
    One analyst commented that the       at this year’s Group managing          capabilities to excel in a customer     umbrella brand, companies
 reorganisation to the three divisions   directors’ conference: “Our attitude   facing organisation and I am            have been embracing their new
 helped to reinforce the point that      to integrity, health and safety, and   confident that this change will         divisional colours and styles in
 Weir’s end market profile is ‘one of    financial prudence will not change.    unlock all the potential we have in     stationery, marketing literature,
 the most favourable in the              In fact, I am expecting continued      the Group.                              uniforms and signage.
 universe.’ The comment went on          progress across every business – but      “The re-organisation in itself          The websites have moved to
 “We believe the new structure           the emphasis will need to shift to     won’t deliver the results, that’s       an interim stage to reflect the
 could also create new opportunities     make customers and markets the         down to us, applying the “Weir          new divisions, in advance of a
 to build stronger customer              centrepiece of the Group’s and         Way” to everything we do...but          major website update to be
 relationships as Weir’s services        each companies’ ambitions.             now with much more focus on key         launched at the end of this year.
 businesses become more closely             “I am looking for commitment        markets and customers.”

Petroleum Show

 featured a variety of pump              that would play for all
 exhibits currently utilised in the      participating Weir companies
 development of the Canadian Oil         – we definitely were successful on
 Sands industry. The blue of Weir        that front. Additionally, it was
 Power & Industrial highlighted          very interesting and encouraging
 production & pipeline and               to see the associates from the
 featured Western Canada’s               different Weir companies
 Service Centre capabilities and         developing intercompany
 engine solutions. The fourth            relationships and learning more
 section entitled Downstream             about each others products and
 Refining, featured product              services – a benefit that will
 solutions ranging from                  support our company growth
 progressive cavity pumps to             aspirations!”
 instrumentation to filtration              Without a doubt, it was a very
 solutions.                              successful show thanks to the
    Bill Tipton, division marketing      Toronto marketing team, the
 vice president for Oil & Gas            Global Petroleum Show
 Division said, “This was the first      committee and all the associates
 time that all three divisions under     across the divisions, who worked
 the new Group structure were            well together to deliver.
 represented together in a global
 industry conference and we really       Right: Warman Pumps and
 wanted an integrated message            Cavex cyclone on show
12 Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                              Access the Group Intranet

 Customer Focus
 Business Improvement

GEHO 1000th pump in operation
                         Weir Minerals                                                                                          technology at Moa Nickel in Cuba.
                         Netherlands                                                                                            The High Pressure Acid Leach
                         celebrated a                                                                                           technology GEHO® pumps have
                         milestone in its                                                                                       been selected at Australian Murrin
history with the supply of the 1000th                                                                                           Murrin (Minara) and Ravensthorpe
GEHO® piston diaphragm pump.                                                                                                    (BHP Ravensthorpe), Rio Tuba
The Venlo based company started                                                                                                 (Sumitomo) at the Philippines and
engineering and manufacturing these                                                                                             Ambatovy which will be
pumps in 1968 for the transportation                                                                                            commissioned in Madagascar.
of ores, minerals and mine processing                                                                                               As a result of the existing
tailings. The pumping applications                                                                                              relationship with the mineral
have gradually become more                                                                                                      processing plant of Rio Tuba and the
challenging over time. Pump motor                                                                                               local community, Weir Minerals
                                            Above and below right: Inaugral blessing ceremony
ratings, capacities, discharge              Below left: Rio Tuba South Elementary classroom                                     Netherlands has started an initiative
pressures and slurry temperatures                                                                                               to sponsor the Rio Tuba South
have increased and the designs of the       high temperature slurries under           availability and low cost of ownership.   Elementary School.
GEHO® pumps have been                       extreme corrosive conditions.             The extra pump unit reinforces the            The company funded the
continuously optimised and further             Ongoing partnership                    company’s worldwide experience in         construction of new sanitary facilities
improved to meet the demands of             developments with end users has           pumping high temperature laterite-        in line with the health care
customers.                                  enabled Weir Minerals Netherlands to      nickel slurries.                          educational program and addressed
   The 1000th pump was installed at         respond to the challenging needs for         The GEHO® concept is applied in        further needs in conjunction with the
the Coral Bay Nickel plant in the           even higher flow rates, pressure and      the Pressure Acid Leaching plant in       school management. Improvements
Philippines and officially inaugurated      temperatures whilst maintaining the       Bulong Western Australia and was          to the current school building,
during a celebration weekend in June,       high GEHO® autoclave feed pump            selected in advance of other pump         supplying additional class room
attended by representatives from the                                                                                            furniture and providing educational
Coral Bay Nickel Corporation and JGC                                                                                            material such as books, pencils and
Corporation.                                                                                                                    notebooks have been made.
   The pump is a triplex piston                                                                                                     This initiative is intended as a long
diaphragm pump which feeds the                                                                                                  term project by Weir Minerals
autoclave that processes nickel slurry                                                                                          Netherlands to support this small
under high temperatures and features                                                                                            school in the underprivileged part of
the specially designed proven                                                                                                   the Rio Tuba community at Palawan
heat-barrier concept, which handles                                                                                             Island of the Philippines.

Weir SPM continues to widen its footprint
                          The acquisition      Weir SPM also offers an extensive      The business model is increasingly        talented employees to aid Weir SPM’s
                          of Fort Worth     line of innovative safety products and    aftermarket driven as the installed       progress in its period of transition.
                          based SPM         the industry’s foremost offering of       base of SPM’s well service pumps          Since the end of 2004, the
                          Flow Control      post sale services to ensure customers    grow with further potential to            employment base for the company
Inc. in July 2007 has seen a                can properly service and maintain         increase sales of both SPM and Weir’s     has more than doubled to over 700
tremendous year of growth and               their equipment, further increasing       existing engineering services and         employees.
transition to the new Weir SPM,             productivity. Oil field products that     products across the broader business          Additionally, Weir SPM has taken
making it an internationally focused        are designed and manufactured             platform of the enlarged group. The       tremendous strides in its quality
business.                                   locally are shipped worldwide to an       opportunity, in the medium term, is       assurance system, implementing lean
   Weir SPM is a leading producer of        increasing list of customers operating    to enhance productivity through the       manufacturing methods, establishing
well service pumps and flow control         on nearly all continents and in the       application of Weir’s lean process        improved 5S standards in its
equipment with products lines,              world’s premier oil and gas players.      initiatives and production skills.        manufacturing practices and
primarily used in the stimulation of oil       The acquisition of SPM provides a         Growth at Weir SPM’s main base in      improving upon the facilities of all of
and gas wells, to allow increased           new platform for growth in an end         Texas has continued as a result of the    its global service centres.
production and efficiency. The focal        market that Weir Group understands        acquisition. A commitment to                  Overall, higher energy prices have
point of product is its line of high        well. The Group is confident that the     improving facilities and boosting         driven an increase in oil and gas well
pressure plunger pumps – the largest,       acquisition will continue to provide      production capacity to meet global        development which, when coupled
most complete range offered in the          significant strategic, operational and    demand has meant a need to                with the increasing use of well
industry.                                   financial benefits including increasing   increase Fort Worth’s manpower.           stimulation techniques to enhance
   In addition, Weir SPM                    the presence in the higher growth         Employment continues to grow              hydrocarbon output, has resulted in
manufactures the industry’s most            upstream oil and gas market, with a       reflecting the increase in global         strong demand for Weir SPM’s
complete line of valves and other           particularly strong position in the       demand for well service equipment         portfolio of specialised well service
flow control products.                      high demand well stimulation niche.       and services and the need for             products.                                                                                                              Weir Bulletin 13

 Customer Focus/Update on Acquisitions

Weir Minerals Multiflo
embraces the Weir way
                       Since Weir       included increasing unit capacity,
                       acquired the     the introduction of the Weir
                       Multiflo         production system, health & safety
                       dewatering       improvements, a number of
pump business a year ago the            product developments, the
changes in the new Weir Minerals        implementation of ISO standard
Multiflo organisation have been         9001, 14000 and 18000 and the
substantial.                            installation of a new ERP system.
   As part of the integration              A new fabrication shop opened
programme new IT systems,               in the first half of this year, enabling
branding and marketing literature       the reorganisation of the machine
were introduced to fit the Weir way.    shop and assembly area and unit
Staff, who were ready for new           production has now doubled.
ideas, quickly embraced the Weir           Craig Walker added: “The Weir
culture.                                Minerals Multiflo staff have
   Managing director Craig Walker,      adapted well to the changes faced          Warman pumps ready for despatch
said: “The biggest adjustment for       over the past year, made possible

                                                                                   Weir Warman
staff was the pace of change and        by the team’s passion to build a
the number of projects in the           successful business and
pipeline. “                             demonstrating true commitment

   Projects planned for 2008            to meeting targets.”

                                                                                   MArK leOnArd, head of acquisition integration, provides an update

                                                                                   The integration of the African         marketing and sales efforts
                                                                                   acquisition CH Warman is               throughout South Africa and the
                                                                                   progressing well and will deliver an   continent as a whole.
                                                                                   African company with                      Weir Warman CEO, Dave Athey
Multiflo facility in Caloundra                                                     strengthened financial                 said that a key part of his role in the
                                                                                   performance and an enhanced            new organisation is to visit as many
                                                                                   customer experience throughout         operations and meet as many
New additions to the                                                               the increasingly attractive market.
                                                                                      The move places emphasis on
                                                                                                                          people as possible to share his
                                                                                                                          vision for the company’s future.

Weir family                                                                        enhanced performance – making
                                                                                   operational improvements to
                                                                                                                          “I want to make sure the correct
                                                                                                                          people and resources are in place
Two new businesses joined the Weir         A week later, it was announced          ensure expansion of production         to meet our immediate obligations.
family in June and July, both becom-    that the Group had acquired a 75%          and minimise backlog. In addition,     Weir Warman Africa will focus on
ing part of the Oil & Gas Division.     shareholding in Standard Oilfield          the refinements to systems and         the market, building close
   The first to be announced was        Services Limited in Azerbaijan. This       processes are aimed at providing a     relationships with key customers
the acquisition of Mesa                 privately owned company with its           robust business platform to capture    and suppliers and ensuring we are
Manufacturing Inc. in Texas.            principal operations in Baku, is an oil    market growth and lower lead           well positioned to face and beat
   Mesa, a family owned business        equipment services business and a          times to service the customer base     the competition. As part of the
based in Odessa, is a specialist        critical supplier to BP. Along with        better.                                Weir Minerals Division, our focus is
manufacturer of cementing pumps         the Group’s existing oil service              Weir Warman Africa has              to establish the foundations for a
and other products for the oil and      facility in Baku, it provides an           combined the sales team to present     world class business serving Africa.
gas drilling and well service indus-    excellent portal to the Caspian            a unified face to customers and the       “Weir Warman Africa has
tries. Described as a ‘little brother   region.                                    market. In addition, a unified         developed a clear plan for the
for Weir SPM’, Mesa will further           Together the new acquisition            executive team is in place and is      future and are focused on
support our ambition to grow our        brings just over 160 new people to         focusing efforts on integrating and    planning, thinking, and acting as
upstream capabilities.                  Weir.                                      enhancing the manufacturing,           “One Weir Warman Africa.”
14 Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                            Access the Group Intranet

 Business Improvement

 By GrAHAM dOnAld, technical
 manager – Southwest, Weir
 Minerals Australia

BHP Billiton’s Ravensthorpe
nickel operations officially open
                     BHP Billiton’s          The opening of the plant               maintenance of the pumps and                  Weir Minerals Services Australia,
                     Ravensthorpe          showcased Weir’s capabilities with       valves for the operating plant.            in conjunction with specialists from
                     nickel                the successful collaborative effort         During the commissioning                overseas Weir operations combined
                     operation             between Weir Minerals and Weir           stage, Weir Minerals advised the           their expertise in the design, supply
officially opened in May this year         Minerals Services businesses in          customer on design changes and             and installation of the two sea
with a ceremony officiated by BHP          Australia.                               assisted in trials of the beneficiation    water desalination plants, a
Billiton’s chairman Don Argus,               Weir Minerals Australia has            plant. These contributions resulted        demineralisation plant and the
Western Australian Premier, Alan           supplied various products used           in increased outputs with a                waste water treatment plant and
Carpenter and Federal Resources            throughout the plant and secured         potential upgrade currently being          will continue to service the plant in
Minister, Martin Ferguson.                 the contract for the off-site            evaluated.                                 the future.

Minerals sales team                                                                 A new centre for Weir SPM
expands in China                                                                                              “What took
                                                                                                              you so long to
                                                                                                                               facility where over 250 customers
                                                                                                                               from the area joined members of the
                          Weir Minerals    performance optimisation. Sha Li,                                  open here?”      team for a barbeque and tour of the
                          China has        sales and marketing director for                                   was the          new facility. Products including the
                          expanded the     China, reports: “Mutual trust is         response from oil service company          Safety Hammer, Safety Iron and Flow
                          sales team in    established through joint design and     customers during Weir SPM’s latest         Line Safety Restraint System were on
Shanghai and Beijing to improve            the risk of using poor performing and    service centre opening.                    display in the new facility. “Longview
support to customers in the growing        low quality replicated product is           “The new Longview, Texas                is centrally located for East Texas
Chinese mineral market. Specialists        reduced”                                 branch has drawn attention and             customers and is a welcome source
have been appointed to handle                 This year seven major mineral         praise of all eight service companies      of recertification services by the local
customer needs for Cavex cyclones          projects have been awarded for           in the area”, said Ray Gilbert, vice       well service companies, “ said David
and Isogate valves. The existing team      Warman, Cavex and Isogate products       president sales & service centres for      Meadows, service centre manager at
who support and service Warman             for gold, copper, lead/zinc and coal     Weir Oil & Gas Division.                   Longview.
pumps has also expanded. By the            mineral processing plants. The ability      As it increases its geographic              Ray Gilbert added: “Even though
end of 2008, sales engineers will be       to supply a range of products and        presence along with its customer           the East Texas region is a large, well
located in seven major Chinese cities      sizes has allowed optimisation           base, Weir SPM has begun                   established area, the future is very
and the first Total Care service centre    equipment selections, especially for     implementing plans to open several         promising for Weir SPM. The rig
in the territory will be open.             important mill circuit duties where      new service facilities around the          count has almost doubled over the
   The expanding sales team ensures        cyclone and pump requirements have       world aimed at providing a quick           last five years and Longview is
that customers receive the Weir            been matched. Sales also include the     response capability for customers.         located close to the recently
Minerals products as well as ongoing       Warman AHF horizontal froth pump,        These service facilities will offer flow   discovered Haynesville oil shale
service solutions to support those         a higher efficiency and easier           control recertification, new product       deposits which cover northwest
products. This includes regular            maintenance product compared to          sales, pump repair in select locations     Louisiana.”
customer visits to assist in the upgrade   the more common vertical froth           and other post sale support services.          Weir SPM has also recently
projects currently in progress, onsite     pumps used in the Chinese mineral           Weir SPM hosted a grand                 established service centers in Searcy,
training and current equipment             market.                                  opening celebration at its Longview        Arkansas and Villahermosa, Mexico.                                                                                                               Weir Bulletin 15

 Business Improvement

brings new
to Barton

Steve Simone opens the Barton facility

Weir Power & Industrial opened a
new workshop facility at the Barton

                                            Weir SPM builds its
on Humber site. Customers and
suppliers from all over the UK and
overseas attended.
   The investment in the new building

                                            first manifold trailer
brings a number of benefits to the
business as the workshop manager
John Fillingham explained. “As well as
expanding our facilities our craneage
capacity has been trebled, meaning         By MAtt treIdA, marketing co-ordinator, Weir SPM
we can accommodate much larger
machinery than before.                                             Weir SPM           The Weir SPM manifold trailer is     resourceful team to deliver this
   “The workshop can handle steam                                  completed its   distinguished from competitors in       exciting new product line. When
turbine components up to 75Mw;                                     first           the industry through the utilisation    we’ve discussed the Safety Iron™
opening up new opportunities and                                   production of   of Safety Iron™, Weir SPM’s proven      Manifold Trailer with customers,
markets and we have the potential to       a Safety Iron™ Manifold Trailer in      clamp connecting flow line system,      they’ve shown keen interest in our
take on larger more technically            June. A manifold trailer is a high      designed to increase safety on site     offer. The product will be a big item
challenging projects.”                     pressure manifold system consisting     while providing a superior              for growing the flow product
   The workshop is fully insulated,        of low and high pressure pipe and       performing connection when              business.” The Safety Iron™
with an energy efficient heating           valves that are permanently             compared to the traditional hammer      Manifold Trailer was designed
system and is equipped to recycle          mounted onto a trailer allowing the     union connection. The beneficial use    through communication with
rainwater for use in its pressure          system to be transported to a well      of Safety Iron™ in semi-permanent       various customers and the first trailer
washing facility.                          site as needed. The manifold permits    applications ideally lends itself for   was delivered to Key Energy Services
   The facility has already won an         multiple fracturing pumps to be         use in the manifold trailer.            in Odessa, Texas. The product is an
eight year maintenance contract at an      connected into a single source,            Completing the first trailer was     excellent addition to the Safety
incineration plant in South East           facilitating the high pressure fluid    truly a multi-departmental              Iron™ family of products as well as a
England and significant potential has      and proppant mixture to be              accomplishment. Project leader          great addition to the whole product
been identified within local industry.     pumped into the well head during        Allen Sutton said: “We pulled           portfolio manufactured by the Weir
   Field services manager Martin           fracturing operations.                  together an energetic and               SPM flow control team.
Seaton said: “As a purpose built
facility, the workshop will enable us to

                                                                                               New facility for
further improve the standard of
service to local customers, through

                                                                                               specialist coatings
greater efficiency and a faster response
time. It will prove invaluable to Weir’s
international business, where we have
recently been involved in projects in                                                                                Weir specialist coating systems unit
Pakistan, Egypt, West Africa, the                                                                                    recently moved to a new highly efficient
Philippines and the Middle East.”                                                                                    facility integrated within the Northwich
   Neil Mackmin, operations director                                                                                 centre of engineering excellence.
for Turbomachinery added: “The new                                                             Investment in the new facility provides an excellent working
facility is a key part of our long term                                                        environment and a higher standard in protective coating
strategic plan to develop the business                                                         expertise. Completion and transition of the facility took six
and to significantly expand our                                                                months and is now fully operational. One of the first orders
participation in the global                                                                    completed was for a British Energy power station.
turbomachinery business.”
16 Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                      Access the Group Intranet

 Business Improvement

                                         Minerals at EXPOMIN
                                         Weir Minerals featured prominently    Minerals Floway from California,
                                         in Latin America’s largest mining     who joined Minerals in the recent
                                         show in April. The biennial           divisional re-organisation. Geho was
                                         Expomin 2008, one of the top three    represented by Jos Sloesen and
                                         mining shows in the world, took       Floway with Luis Betancourt and
                                         place in Santiago, Chile with over    Craig Hickerson.

Total Care
                                         900 exhibitors and more than 3000        The well presented display had an
                                         brands represented.                   excellent location with more

in the
                                            Weir Minerals Latin America was    customers visiting than anticipated
                                         joined by Weir Minerals Netherlands   due to the continuing growing

                                         with Geho products and Weir           demand for mining equipment.

By JOSÉ A. GHIVArellO, general
manager, Weir Minerals Perú
                                            Capbreton pumping system
                       Cajamarca is a                                                                                                          The town of
                       picturesque                                                                                                             Capbreton in
                       town located                                                                                                            France had
                       in the                                                                                                                  been removing
northeast Peruvian Andes. The                                                                                         sand from the Boucarot channel by
region is one of Peru’s most                                                                                          loading lorries in the north and
important mining areas where a                                                                                        transporting and disposing in southern
series of new mining projects are                                                                                     beaches. The costly solution was
planned, including Newmont Minas                                                                                      non-ecological and restrictive. Weir
Conga copper operations in 2011                                                                                       Minerals France was asked to conduct
and Anglo American Michiquillay in                                                                                    a feasibility study on the transfer of
2012.                                                                                                                 sand by Eurotechnologie, a hydro
   Weir Minerals new Total Care                                                                                       ejector specialist.
centre in Cajamarca started                                                                                              Following the study, Weir Minerals
operations at the end of 2007 to                                                                                      France installed a pumping system
coincide with the startup of two                                                                                      designed to solve the beach erosion
important projects: Newmont                                                                                           problem on the Aquitaine coast.
Yanacocha, South America’s largest                                                                                    There are currently only two other
gold producer Goldfields Cerro                                                                                        systems of this type in use throughout
Corona, a greenfield copper mine.                                                                                     the world.
Its main business focus provides                                                                                         A bypass hydraulic system now
continuous, short term and face to                                                                                    operates with a hydro ejector. The
face support to customers, allowing                                                                                   system is capable of transferring an
the operation to build long term                                                                                      average of 180 m3/h of sand,
commercial relationships that                                                                                         corresponding to 12 to 15 weeks’
differentiate the company from the                                                                                    operation by lorry.

Supporting the craftsmen of the future
By treVOr MACKAy, workshop supervisor, Weir Minerals Services Australia

                      Third year         supervisor Trevor Mackay hosted a     encouraged students to get                used in pumps and troubleshooting
                      fitter and         series of information sessions.       involved, demonstrating the               pumps in service.
                      machinist             The students were undertaking      different styles of pumps, their            The students were eager to learn
                      apprentices        the “Pump and Pumping                 operation and the numerous                and embraced the opportunity to
from Wollongong Technical and            Maintenance” module of their          methods and techniques involved in        tour the facility enthusiastically. The
Further Education Institution recently   course and most had no previous       the repair process. The students were     overall feedback was very positive
toured the Wollongong facility           exposure to a varied range of         particularly interested in mechanical     and the institution has requested
where service centre manager, Joe        pumps.                                seals, types and applications             that the sessions become a regular
Monteleone and workshop                     The interactive sessions           including the variety of materials        part of the training programme.                                                                                                              Weir Bulletin 17

 Business Improvement

     Long Service Awards
                                                                                                                                                    Over 200
                                                                                                                                                    years of
                                                                                                                                                    service were
                                                                                                                           recently by six Weir Valves and
                                                                                                                           Controls UK employees at a dinner
                                                                                                                           and presentation of Long Service
                                                                                                                           Awards in Huddersfield. 40 year
                                                                                                                           service awards were made by
                                                                                                                           managing director Neil Williams to
                                                                                                                           John Skilbeck, Ashley Crossland,
                                                                                                                           Alyson Benson and Steve Brooke
                                                                                                                           and 25 year awards to Nick Russell
                                                                                                                           and Mike Cowell, pictured with
                                                                                                                           their partners.
                                                                                                                              Earlier in the year, Geoff Firth, a
                                                                                                                           senior draftsman in the engineering
                                                                                                                           department, celebrated his
                                                                                                                           retirement of 15 years service at
                                                                                                                           lunch with work colleagues where
                                                                                                                           he was presented with gifts by
                                                                                                                           engineering director Terence

Weir Minerals India                                                                                                        Successful
support local                                                                                                              partnership

                         Weir Minerals     includes initiatives to train shop     supporting coaching, assisting with      Alloa apprentices David
                         India aims to     floor employees and facilitate them    teaching equipment, books,               Bridgeman, Adam Dowd, Stuart
                         improve the       to educate their community             clothes and also by providing            Rice, Neil Paterson and Lewis
                         quality of life   members.                               financial support for children and       Irvine have successfully
for all its stakeholders through a            Employee engagement                 their carers. In order to meet           completed their first year training.
series of initiatives that provide a       programmes have been set up to         financial requirements, a special        They all achieved the
platform for employees to help             allow employees and their families     fund was set up in May with              qualifications – SVQ Level 2
their communities. Employees               to celebrate a day of cultural         contributions from Weir Minerals         Performing Engineering
have named the initiatives Weir            programmes and events.                 India and its employees.                 Operations and National
Cares and these fall into three               ‘WEIR 4 U’ focuses on                  An industrial training institute      Certificate in Mechanical
categories.                                community outreach initiatives and     was identified for mentoring and         Engineering – during a
   ‘We @ Weir’ focuses on work             identifies society and the             guiding youngsters through               comprehensive and intense 36
place initiatives and identifies           community as the beneficiary           various planned activities as part of    week training programme.
employees and family members as            group. Child labour, education and     the youth mentoring programme.              The successful partnership
the beneficiary group.                     health are the areas identified by     Employees devote their personal          between Weir Power & Industrial
   In 2007 employee education              Weir 4 U for the year 2008.            time towards this initiative.            and East Kilbride Group Training
programmes were introduced for                During 2007 a school was               A blood donation camp,                Centre is now entering its tenth
all shop floor employees. This year        adopted under the National Child       organised in the factory during          year, during which 34 apprentices
the planned education                      Labour Project (NCLP). The school      2007, will continue on an annual         have undergone training.
programmes consist of basic                functions in a community centre        basis.                                   Training advisor Jim Lewars
computer training, an advanced             adjacent to a slum which targets          A tracking team is also in place to   continues supporting the
course in English and personality          child labourers aged between 4         monitor and evaluate the progress        apprentices in Alloa for the
development programmes.                    and 14. The aim is to help children    of ‘We @ Weir ‘ and ‘Weir Cares’ as      remaining three years of their
   Health awareness and preventive         through active involvement in their    the company continues to identify        apprenticeship which culminates
health care was launched in 2007           upbringing by providing better         other actions to support socially        in an SVQ Level 3 in Mechanical
and is continuing to develop               facilities, visiting and interacting   responsible initiatives on an            Manufacturing and an HNC in
throughout 2008. The programme             with them and their parents,           ongoing basis.                           Mechanical Engineering.
18 Weir Bulletin March 2008                                                                                                        Access the Group Intranet


Weir Minerals help                                                                                                          Support for
                                                                                                                            the China
Bolivian flood victims                                                                                                      earthquake

                                                                                                                            On Monday, 12 May a major
                                                                                                                            earthquake, measuring 8.0 on the
                                                                                                                            Richter scale jolted south western
                                                                                                                            China’s Sichuan Province,
                                                                                                                            destroying buildings, roads,
                                                                                                                            schools and hospitals, as well as
                                                                                                                            infrastructure including
                                                                                                                            communication networks and
                                                                                                                            electrical power towers.
                                                                                                                               Tens of thousands of people
Oscar Bauer, Ricardo Garib, Freddy Bersatti, Fredy Torrijo, Ruddy Cayoja, Andrés Costa                                      died or are missing and more than
                                                                                                                            45 million people were affected
                        Weir Minerals       Ricardo Garib, Weir Minerals           Bauer, sales manager in Chile and        by the earthquake – the worst
                        South America    regional director, explained that the     Andrés Costa, exports manager.           natural disaster to hit China in 30
                        donated a high   donation was the company’s way of         Representing the Bolivian                years. Weir employees in both
                        capacity         showing its gratitude to a country        government were Freddy Torrijo,          China and Australia have been
extraction water pump to the Bolivian    that has welcomed it for 40 years.        adjunct general consul, and Ruddy        collecting for the disaster relief
government at the recent Expomin         “That’s why we feel it is our duty to     Cayoja, commercial attaché.              fund since May.
trade show in Santiago, Chile.           give our support in this matter,” he         For more than half a century, Weir       With divisional support from
   The donation was an act of support    said.                                     Minerals has been an equipment and       both Minerals and Power &
and gratitude from Weir Minerals to         In addition to the water pump, the     spare parts supplier, contributing to    Industrial, who have facilities in
the Bolivian people, affected by         company also offered Bolivian             the mining and industrial fields’        China, over £10,000 has been
recent floods. The Bolivian general      authorities a Weir Minerals technical     development process in Chile and         raised for the relief efforts, with a
consul in Chile, Mr. Freddy Bersatti,    team to support the pump’s                throughout Latin America. Weir           substantial part of this going to
indicated that the device will be        installation.                             Minerals have actively participated in   the Red Cross earthquake relief
assigned to the Santa Cruz                  Mr. Garib and Mr. Bersatti were        most of the great mining projects in     appeal. To date, over 800,000
department, a zone often affected by     joined at the presentation by Weir        Chile and in several other world class   survivors have received assistance
floods and weather emergencies.          Minerals Chilean executives Oscar         projects in the region.                  from the Red Cross.

  The Leadership Development
  programme has been an integral            Generous Leaders
  part of Weirs people development
  calendar since its introduction in
  2003. The two week long event is
  aimed at developing senior
  managers and potential senior
  managers to achieve their
  maximum potential. The most
  recent programme was held in
  Scotland between November 2007
  and February 2008 where twenty
  five employees from across Group
  and all divisions participated.
  During the programme the team
  decided to support BBC Children
  in Need and donated a generous
  £280 to the charity.                                                                                                          Weir Bulletin 19

 Awards/ People
 Business Improvement

   Agents come to town

                         Weir Valves     Agents were invited from across        product managers.                     to hear that they foresee great
                         and Controls    the world to meet the UK team             Peter O’Reilly, Weir Valves &      opportunities for our products in
                         UK recently     and hear their plans for the future.   Controls UK sales & marketing         each of their respective markets.
                         held a two      The agents also had the                director said: “It was extremely      They were all extremely excited by
 day international agents                opportunity to address questions       encouraging to see so many of our     our plans providing very valuable
 conference at its facility in Elland.   directly to senior managers and        agents attend the conference and      feedback.”

                  DAVE ATHEy has been appointed as CEO Weir
                                                                                Weir Gabbioneta
                  Warman Africa with responsibility for both Weir
                  Minerals businesses in Africa. Dave previously worked         wins International
                  as managing director for Murray & Roberts Engineering
                  Solutions and general manager for Murray & Roberts
                                                                                Best Factory Award
                                                                                Weir Gabbioneta has been named        supplying a quality product with
                ROBB CLAWSON has been appointed as vice                         as International Best Factory by      characteristics and performance
                president marketing communications for Minerals                 SDA Bocconi School of                 significantly higher than the
                Division, based in Madison.                                     Management in Milan.                  sector average.
                   Prior to joining Weir, Robb served as marketing                 The International Best Factory        To improve competitiveness the
                communications director for Rexnord Industries (RBS             Award, designed in the UK in          company has radically reorganised
                Global, Inc) where he was responsible for internal and          1992 by Cranfield School of           its production processes in recent
  external communications.                                                      Management and Management             years, through the introduction of
                                                                                Today magazine, was introduced        the Weir Production System. The
                  NICOLO GAVOTTI has been appointed as general                  in Italy in 1998 where it is          introduction and adoption of lean
                  director of Weir Gabbioneta, based in Milan, Italy.           managed by SDA Bocconi and Il         production required involvement
                     Nicolo previously worked as general manager of             Sole24Ore with sponsorship by         of personnel at all levels of the
                  Kuller, a leading international ground engineering            the Italian Ministry of Industry.     organisation allowing the
                  specialist and was located in Sardegna, Cagliari.                This benchmarking award            company to achieve good levels
                                                                                monitors performance key sectors      of improvement in production
                                                                                of the industry and identifies best   lead times and work in process. In
 FRED BRADNER has been appointed as director of technology for Weir             practices that determine the          turn, the high rates of
 Minerals Division reporting to Scot Smith. Fred will be based at Artarmon      achievement of above average          improvement registered not only
 from September at which time Geoff Moore will assume the role of               performance in the sector.            in operating activities, but also in
 divisional marketing director.                                                    Weir Gabbioneta’s Sesto San        the company’s economic and
    Prior to joining Weir, Fred served as technical director for 3M. He has     Giovanni plant in Milan               financial indicators, most
 also held assignments in Asia, USA and Europe.                                 manufactures centrifugal pumps        importantly turnover increasing
                                                                                for the petrochemicals sector,        by 70% in over one year.
20 Weir Bulletin

Contact details                   Awards
                                  Business Improvement
Head Office
The Weir Group PLC
Clydesdale Bank Exchange
20 Waterloo Street
Glasgow G2 6DB
Telephone: 0141 637 7111
Fax: 0141 221 9789               Weir Minerals Europe
                                 receives Queen’s

Divisional Headquarters
Weir Minerals Division

                                 Award for Enterprise
PO Box 7610
Madison, WI 53716–3315
Telephone: 001 608 221 2261
Facsimile: 001 608 221 5807                                       Weir Minerals
Weir Oil & Gas Division                                    Europe has
149 Newlands Road                                          been
Cathcart, Glasgow G44 4EX                                  honoured with
Telephone: 0141 637 7111         the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
Facsimile: 0141 637 0215
                                    The award was announced in April,
                                 when managing director Kevin
Weir Power & Industrial          Spencer attended a special event
Division                         announcing this year’s winners in
Unit 1, Cartwright Court
                                 London.                                    celebrations were completed with a       Production System reflecting Lean
Bradley Business Park
                                    In July, Kevin, along with Nigel        family open day.                         manufacturing techniques. Training
HD2 1GN                          Halstead, Todmorden’s night shift              The Weir Minerals business at        programmes and implementation of
Telephone: 01484 824200          manager with 42 years service,             Todmorden in West Yorkshire has          best practice across the world ensure
Facsimile: 01484 824230          attended a reception for this year’s 78    operated on the same site since 1893.    continued improvements in both   winners given by The Queen and             It became part of Warman in 1976         quality and efficiency.
Weir LGE Process                 Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace.        and part of the Weir Group in 1999.          Kevin Spencer summarised the
Young House                         Also in July, the Lord Lieutenant for       Weir Minerals Europe exports to      achievement over recent years: “This
42 Discovery Terrace             West Yorkshire Dr Ingrid Roscoe            over 50 countries with offices in 11     award is in recognition of the work by
Heriot–Watt University           presented the crystal award to Kevin       countries. The company employs 426       all employees both in Todmorden and
Research Park                    at a special luncheon for staff and        people world-wide with 380 based in      overseas as well as our suppliers and
Edinburgh EH14 4AP               invited guests at the plant.               Todmorden. Over the past five years      others connected with the company.
Telephone: 0131 317 8787            Weir Group chief executive Mark         there has been considerable              There have been a number of changes
Facsimile: 0131 452 3333
                                 Selway also presented the Most             investment in the development of the     over the past five years to get us where
                                 Improved Facility Award (see picture       production facility in terms of          we are today and our employees have
Weir Materials & Foundries       above) which had been made to the          equipment and people, including the      taken these on board and supported
Newton Heath
                                 plant earlier in the year. The             implementation of the Weir               us throughout.”
M40 2BA
Telephone: 0161 954 4665
Facsimile: 0161 954 4739

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                                                                                                                                      American facility in
Helen Walker, Editor                                                                                                                  Chile had some                                                                                                               special visitors in July.
+44 141 308 3739                                                                                                 The Vulco plant in Santiago celebrated
                                                                                                             its 75th anniversary with ‘Happy Birthday’
Rebecca Silva                                                                                                being played by the Chile Army band from
                                                                                                             the local regiment based nearby. Regional
+44 141 308 3741
                                                                                                             managing director Ricardo Garib said that a
Access the Group Intranet –                                                                                  year of celebration was planned mainly                                                                                   around community projects.

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