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									                                                                     Media Release
DPAO 99/00                                                                                Wednesday 17 May 2000

New Grenade Launcher for the Australian Defence Force

Australian combat personnel are to have greater individual firepower with the introduction of a new
grenade launcher system for the Steyr rifle.

A $10.1-million contract with ADI Limited to supply 3167 F88 Grenade Launcher systems to the
Australian Defence Force has been signed at Victoria Barracks, Melbourne.

The F88 Grenade Launcher system has been purchased to replace the Vietnam era M79 and M203
grenade launchers currently in service.

It will provide an integral high explosive fire support capability to an infantry section by enabling targets
to be in engaged in the zone between the maximum effective range of hand-thrown fragmentation
grenades and the minimum safety range of mortars and artillery.

The Steyr grenade launchers will be issued on the basis of two per infantry section, and will enable
soldiers to engage targets faster and more accurately than with existing launchers. The launcher will fire
the full range of 40mm service ammunition natures including smoke and illumination rounds.

The contract is for the procurement of a 40mm M203PI grenade launcher fitted with a high accuracy
Quadrant Reflex Sight, incorporating a red dot aiming mark, barrel mounted on the F88 Steyr rifle.

The Army’s Director General Equipment Management, Brigadier Wayne Jackson, who signed the
contract, said the procurement demonstrated the commitment of the Australian Defence Force to the
maintenance of combat capability using the most modern technology available. It was also an example of
a successful partnership arrangement between the Department of Defence and Australian industry.

The system comprises the 40mm M203 Product Improved grenade launcher, manufactured by R/M
Equipment Inc of Florida, USA; a Knight’s Armament Quadrant Reflex Sight and an Interbar mounting
system, manufactured by ADI’s Lithgow facility, to enable the grenade launcher to be mounted to the F88
Steyr rifle. ADI Limited, the manufacturer of the Australian Steyr rifle, will conduct systems integration
and provide initial product support for the launcher in ADF service.

The Australia Defence Force is the first major military customer to bring the M203 PI and Quadrant
Reflex Sight system into large-scale service. Production will begin in mid 2000 for introduction into
service with the ADF in 2001.

Major Steve Brewer, Project Manager: 03 9282 7143

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Seaman, Defence Public Affairs: 9282 6226 (office); 0418 381 616 (mobile).

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