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        Does it always feel like someone’s watching you?                         Vol 7 Issue 23
            Maybe it should. Find out in this issue...                            Dec. Part 1
           Spyware Explained!                                                    Newsletter

                                                                                     In This Issue:
                                                                                       VCI News:
                                                                                 •    New Staff
                                                                                 •    Toshiba To Launch
                                                                                      "Super Charge"
                                                                                 •    'w00t' Named 2007
                                                                                      Word of the Year
                                                                                 •    Record Labels
                                                                                      Change Minds
                                                                                      About Sharing
                                                                                     Nesh's Tech Tip:
                                                                                 •    Don't let people spy
                                                                                      on you with spy-
                                                                                 •    PC paranoia

                                   VCI News - New Staff
                              We would like to welcome a new member to the team, Bob
                              Holman! Bob has been working with us for a little while now
                              performing tech work and assisting with many duties here at
                              VCI. He is a self taught computer whiz. In his free time he
                              enjoys PC gaming. Let’s all welcome a valuable addition to
                              our technical team!

                              Also a reminder…
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Toshiba To Launch "Super Charge" Batteries                  'w00t' Named 2007 Word of the Year
http://hardware.slashdot.org/hardware/07/12/13/17142 http://news.yahoo.com/s/nf/20071212/tc_nf/57204
58.shtml                                                  "...Merriam-Webster named "w00t" as the top word of
(Toshiba announces) that it has developed a new type 2007 after conducting a poll on its m-w.com Web site,
of rechargeable battery dubbed the Super Charge ion in which visitors were asked to choose from a list of
Battery, or SCiB. Toshiba claims the new battery will     twenty words compiled by the company. The words
mainly target the industrial market, though they hint     were selected from frequent searches on Merriam-
the technology may eventually find a home in electric Webster Online and submissions to Merriam-
vehicles. The SCiB can recharge to 90% of total ca-       Webster's "Open Dictionary," which enables visitors to
pacity in under five minutes, and has a life span of      submit suggestions for new words. In taking top hon-
over 10 years. "Toshiba also says the battery has ex- ors, "w00t" beat out two other well-known recent addi-
cellent safety with the new negative electrode material tions to the English language: "facebook" (which fin-
having a high level of thermal stability and a high flash ished #2) and "blamestorm" (which finished #5).
point. The battery is also said to be structurally resis- As the winner of the 2007 vote, "w00t" joins a prestig-
tant to internal short-circuiting and thermal runaway."   ious group of prior winners, including "truthiness"
                                                            (2006), "integrity" (2005), and "blog" (2004)..." (cont.4)


     Nesh’s Tech Tip - Don’t let people spy on you with spyware!
                           What is spyware?                        also among the worst offenders in terms of installing
                           Webopedia                               adware or spyware on your computer. Here's only a very
                           (http://www.webopedia.com/)             small list:
                           defines spyware as:                  AIM (installs Weather Bug and Wild Tangent Games
                            "(n.) Any software that covertly by default), Atom Wire, Ares, Audiogalaxy Satellite, Bear-
                            gathers user information         Share, Bonzi Buddy, Brilliant Digital, Comet Cursor,
                            through the user's Internet      ComTry, DashBar, Gator, Global Divx Player, Go MP3,
                            connection without his or her    Go!Zilla, Grokster, ieplugin, iMesh, KaZaa, LimeWire,
                            knowledge, usually for adver-    Morpheus, NetPals, Piolet, QC Toolbar, QTrax, Screen-
tising purposes...Once installed, the spyware monitors       Scenes, Swaptor, WeatherBug, WeatherScope, Wild
user activity on the Internet and transmits that informa-    Tangent Games, XoloX, Zango Games...
tion in the background to someone else. Spyware can          ...and literally hundreds more -- far too many to list here."
also gather information about e-mail addresses and even So it seems you can get spyware - software that is send-
passwords and credit card numbers.                           ing information about how you use your computer, per-
...Because spyware exists as independent executable                sonal information, maybe even bank and credit card
programs, they have the ability to monitor keystrokes,             numbers - not only by visiting "shady" sites or P2P file
scan files on the hard drive, snoop other applications,            sharing, but simply downloading and installing popular
such as chat programs or word processors, install other            software that even your friends may be (and probably
spyware programs, read cookies, change the default                 are) using.
home page on the Web browser, consistently relaying                So how can you avoid it?
this information back to the spyware author who will ei-
ther use it for advertising/marketing purposes or sell the         - Be suspicious of "free" software. Before you
information to another party.                                      download any "free" programs, do some research to find
                                                                   out why someone is giving the software away for nothing.
Why do people write spyware?
                                                                   - Consider an alternative Web browser, such as
In my search for an answer to this question, I ran across          Mozilla Firefox. Many viruses and spyware applications
an interesting essay by Jen Petruzzini                             exploit vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.
(http://www.albany.edu/~jp279778/). She says:
                                                                   - Avoid Questionable ActiveX Components. set the
"Spyware has become so prevalent as a marketing tool               security settings in Internet Options to at least medium,
primarily because of its ability to target online customers        which will prompt you before installing ActiveX controls.
so quickly. The efficacy of web advertising is highly              (If a box) pops up out of nowhere while you are browsing
quantifiable in that it can be measured with click-through         the Internet and asks if you would like to install some
counts and web site hits. It is attractive to marketers who        program or ActiveX component that you didn't ask for
believe it will allow them to get the most from their adver-       and don't recognize, say "No."
tisement spending by specifically targeting and tailoring
to customers.                                                      - Make certain that Window's firewall is enabled.

According to ongoing studies, consumers have a higher              - Promptly install all Windows updates. Microsoft is
propensity for clicking on web advertisements when they            constantly patching Windows to make is safer for you by
first begin navigation than they are later on in their             fixing vulnerabilities that have frequently already been
search. Spyware allows its authors' pop-up ads to be               exploited. Turn on automatic updates and install updates
seen first by those infected, since their computers have           as soon as it asks or visit windows update site regularly.
been programmed to display them. Some spyware appli-               - Don't click the monkey! Don't fall for gimmick banner
cations begin to display advertisements even before a              ads.
person connects to the Internet."
                                                                   - Use an anti-spyware program. We recommend Spy-
So we know what Spyware is, and why it exists,                     Bot (see the how-tos section of our website for usage
but why does this matter to you?                                   instructions)
An article on Geek on the Run                                      Follow these steps to become a more savvy surfer and
(http://www.geekontherun.net/spyware2.htm), gives us a             avoid giving your browsing habits and personal informa-
little taste of what popular programs may come bundled             tion away for free!
(you can't install one without the other) with spyware:
"Some of the most popular programs on the Internet are


Record Labels Change Minds About Sharing                             However to everyone's amazement, instead of being
MP3s                                                                 flattened, imeem.com managed to convince the label
http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/12/12/01242                that this free promotion was a good thing. In July
46                                                                   imeem.com signed a deal with the label. Since then
                                                                     the site has added Sony, BMG, EMI, and now the
"While the RIAA continues to sue people for p2p file                 biggest fish of them all, Universal. Imeem now has
sharing, the record labels have made an about-face                   the royal flush of record labels supporting its media-
and given their blessing to users sharing MP3s via                   sharing service, each getting a cut of the advertising
the social networking site imeem.com. In May this                    revenues generated by their catalog. Finally some-
year the site was being sued by Warner for allowing                  one has figured out a way to do 'YouTube for MP3s'
users to upload photos, videos, and music to share.                  without getting sued out of existence." - END

                            Shutdown - It’s possible to be too paranoid
A healthy dose of caution is important when downloading software and even browsing the internet, but
there is such thing as taking it too far! (http://www.rinkworks.com/stupid/cs_paranoia.shtml)

   * Customer: "Email! I won't have          versity) with Pine. The computer-inept         * Tech Support: "Well, ma'am, we
anything to do with that Internet or mo-     librarian walked up behind me.               have to have a way to bill you."
dems of any sort! You should be care-
                                               * Her: (shrieking) "WHAT ARE YOU              * Customer: "No other service does
ful about those. Don't you know that
                                             DOING???"                                    this!"
once you install a modem, the govern-
ment can look into your computer and           * Me: "I'm checking my email--"               * Tech Support: "No, ma'am, the
watch everything you do? That's why                                                       others don't allow you to use a check-
                                                * Her: "It looks like you're breaking
every night before I go to bed, I turn the                                                ing account."
                                             into the computer!!"
monitor to the wall."                                                                       * Customer: "No honest company
                                               * Me: "No really -- I'm checking my
-------------------------                                                                 would ask me for my credit card infor-
I know a woman that believes there is a        * Her: "But that's not HOTMAIL!!"
hacker attacking her computer. Every                                                      --------------------------
time there is a problem, or she gets an        * Me: "I don't use hotmail. I use--"
                                                                                            * Tech Support: "May I have your
error message she is convinced it is          * Her: "But EVERYONE uses HOT-              phone number, sir?"
"the hacker" messing with her. Almost        MAIL!!"
every day she tells me "The hacker                                                          * Customer: "I don't give out my
                                               * Me: "No, my account goes through         phone number!"
made me lose my document" or "The
                                             UTM. My email account ends with--"
hacker made my email return with a                                                          * Tech Support: "All right. How may I
wrong address message" or "The                  * Her: "But that's not what MY UTM        help you, sir?"
hacker made Explorer freeze today" or        looks like!!" (apparently referring to the
                                                                                             * Customer: "How much for your
"The hacker made Napster lose its            UTM web page)
                                                                                          Internet service?"
connection today" or "The hacker made           * Me: "Yes, I'm telnetting. It's another
a floppy unreadable" or "The hacker                                                       I gave him the prices.
                                             way of accessing--"
made the printer jam."                                                                       * Customer: "If I own the software
                                                * Her: "I think you better shut that off.
She has even assumed her imaginary                                                        why do you keep charging for it?"
                                             You're breaking into the computer."
enemy has superhuman powers. When                                                            * Tech Support: "Well, sir, the soft-
I tell her some of the things she says          * Me: "But I--"
                                                                                          ware is free, but you are charged for
are impossible to do, she says, "He             * Her: "Turn it off. I don't believe that being online."
knows how to do it. He is a genius."         'checking mail' story."
                                                                                             * Customer: "YOU CONNECT YOUR
She is sure this guy exists, and he          -------------------------                    COMPUTER TO THE PHONE
devotes enormous resources and sev-                                                       LINE?!?"
                                                * Tech Support: "Yes, ma'am, we
eral hours a day, seven days a week to
                                             require a credit card or checking ac-          * Tech Support: "Well, sir, you do
the sole purpose of bothering her.
                                             count in order to sign up on our ser-        use a modem to dial online."
-------------------------                    vice."
                                                                                        * Customer: "I WILL NEVER HOOK
I was once using the generic telnet             * Customer: "Well, I saw on the news MY COMPUTER TO MY PHONE!!!!"
program on the library computers to          that I should never give out my credit  (click)
check my mail on UTM (the local uni-         card information!"


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