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									Icemat Audio
Siberia In:Ear Headset
                                                                                  Product information

Product description              Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headset consists of in-ear earphones and a unidirectional microphone. The
                                 headset is specifically designed for a multitude of uses including MP3-players, laptops, the Sony PSP
                                 and other consoles (sound isolation allows for low volume settings) as well as IP-telephony (separate
                                 microphone). The customizable earphones can easily be adjusted to fit all ear sizes by shaping the
                                 foam on each earpiece. The headset effectively blocks background noise, allowing for listening and IP-
                                 telephony in noisy locations. The volume can easily be adjusted with the separate volume regulator. The
                                 microphone is unidirectional and can be attached to both cord and clothing.

Special features                 Rich sound experience. Volume regulator. Separate unidirectional microphone.

Product availability date        November 2005

Part number / EAN / UPC Number   10070 / 5707119001014

Package contents                 Headphones, 3 different earpieces, microphone, extension cord, volume regulator, carrying pouch.

Technical specifications         Headphones                                    Microphone
                                 Freq. response: 26 - 21.000Hz                 Freq. response: 80 - 15.000Hz
                                 Impedance: 16 Ohm                             Pick up pattern: Uni-directional
                                 SPL@1kHz, 1Vrms: 100dB                        Sensitivity: -38 dB
                                 Cable: 1 + 1,8 = 3m / 9,8 ft                  Impedance: 2K Ohm

System requirements              Any sound equipment with headphone and optional microphone mini jacks (3,5mm).

Packing                          Single:                                       Master:
                                 Pcs        1                                  Pcs         5
                                 Weight     110 gram / 1,4 lbs                 Weight      650 gram / 7,3 lbs
                                 Width      112 mm / 9,5 in                    Width       270 mm / 10 in
                                 Depth      53 mm / 4,4 in                     Depth       115 mm / 9,8 in
                                 Height     127 mm / 10,6 in                   Height      130 mm / 23,6 in
                                 Volume     -                                  Volume      -
                                 EAN        5707119001014                      EAN         -
                                 UPC        -                                  UPC         -

Warranty                         2 Years

Country of origin                Designed in Denmark by Icemat, produced in China

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