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avoid contacts with

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									                  MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
                   According to Directive 91/155/EEC and its amendments

 Product:       NHAG-500 Flame Retardant                      Date of issue:2006/12/07

1. Identification            of    the     substance/preparation                and        of     the

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: NHAG-500 Flame Retardant
Chemical name &Structure (Main component): Resorcinol bis(di-2,6-dimethylpheny
Manufacturer: Agilemfg .Chemical CO., LTD
ADDRESS: District No.7, Hi-Tech industrial park,qingyuan,Guangdong Province,CHINA

TELEPHONE/FAX: +86-763-3483511/+86-763-3483176

2. Composition/information on ingredients
               Name                                                   %         CAS No.          EC No.
   (1)Resorcinol bis(di-2,6-dimethylphenyl phosphate)                 95-97     139189-30-3
   (2)Resorcinol bis(2,6-dimethylphenyl )phosphate,others             0.5-1.0   Mixture
   (3)Tris(2,6- dimethylphenyl )phosphate                             1.0-3.0   121-06-2
   (4)Oligomers of resorcinol 2,6-dimethylphenyl phosphate            0.5-1.0   Mixture
            432-770-2 refers to the total product including its impurities as shown.

3. Hazards identification
                  Classification              Symbol             R Phrase                   S Phrase
                      Irritant                   Xi                  43                         24,37

    Hazards Identification:
     White powder and granule ,Slight odour
     May cause sensitization on skin contact(R43).

4. First aid measures
     Skin Contact:
        Remove contaminated clothing immediately and drench affected skin with plenty of
        water. Then wash with soap and water .
        Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
     Eye contact:

                    Agilemfg Chemical CO.,LTD
       Immediately wash out with plenty of water for several minutes.
       Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
       Move affected person to fresh air.
       Seek medical advice.
       Do not induce vomiting because of risk of aspiration into lungs.
       If aspiration is suspected obtain immediate medical attention.
       Rinse mouth with water (do not swallow).
    Note to physician:

5. Fire-fighting measures
     Suitable extinguishing media:
        Water spray,foam,carbon dioxide or dry agents.
     Extinguishing media which must not be used for safety reasons:
        Do not use a straight stream of water.
     Special exposure hazards arising from the substance or preparation itself,
     Combustion products,resulting gases
        Smoke,fumes,oxides of carbon and phosphorus and other toxic gases or vapours.
     Special protective equipment for fire-fighters:
        Use self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing for chemicals.
     Other information:
        Lower explosion limit(dust):60g/m3

6. Accidental release measures
       Personal precautions:
                 Clean-up personnel should wear protective clothing and equipment to prevent
           Inhalation of vapours and skin and eye contact. Remove all sources of ignition.
       Environmental precautions:
           Do not allow to enter public sewers and watercourses.
       Methods for cleaning up:
           Use mechanical handling equipment. Collect the spilled product into suitable
           containers, which must be tightly sealed. Avoid raising dust.

 7. Handing and storage
    Ensure adequate ventilation .Keep away from heat and sources of ignition . Avoid dust
formation. Do not eat, drink or smoke at the workplace .
     Keep container tightly closed in a well-ventilated place. Avoid contact with oxidising
agents and peroxides.
Further information

                 Agilemfg Chemical CO.,LTD
 This product can form an explosive dust/air mixture. Avoid dust formation and control ignition
sources .Employ grounding. Venting and explosion relief provisons in accordance with accepted
engineering practices in process operations capable of generating dust and/or static eletricity.

8.Exposure controls/personal protection
 Exposure limit values
 Name                      Eight hours                   Short-term

                         Mg/m3           ppm           Mg/m3      ppm        Mg/m3        ppm
 Not applicable

Exposure controls
 Occupational exposure controls:
 Local exhaust ventilation should be used . Keep container closed when not in use.

Personal protective equipment
 Respiratory protection   Wear suitable particle filter mask
 Hand protection          Wear chemical resistant gloves
 Eye protection           Wear safety glasser or goggles
 Skin protection          Wear chemical protection suit

Environmental exposure controls: None specific

9.Physical and chemical properties
General information
Appearance:                                      White powder and granule
Odour:                                            slight odour
PH :                                             No date available
Boiling point/boiling range (℃)                  Not applicable
Melting point(℃):                                95
Flash point (℃) :                                308(cleveland open cup apparatus)
Flammability(solid,gas)                          Not flammable
Explosive properties:                            Not explosive
Oxidising properties:                           Not oxidizing
Vapour pressure (kPa):                           < 4×10-7 at 25℃
Relative density:                               1.24 at 20℃
Solubility water Solubility:                   < 0.101mg/l
             Fat Solubility:                   No data available
Partition coefficient(n-octanol/water)         Log Pow > 6.2
Viscosity (mpa .s):                             Not applicable
Vapour density:                                 No data available

                    Agilemfg Chemical CO.,LTD
Evaporation rate:                          No data available
Other information:                         None

10.Stability and reactivity
Conditions to avoid:
           Keep away from heat, moisture and static discharges.
Materials to avoid:
           Keep away from oxidising agents,peroxides and aqueous alkalis.
Hazardous decomposition products:
     Decomposition products may include oxides of carbon and phosphorus and other toxic
gases or vapours.

11.Toxicological information
Skin contact:          Not irritant (rabbit) ,Dermal LD50 (rat): > 2000mg/kg
Eye contact :          Not irritant (rabbit)
Inhalation:            Acute inhalation toxicity data are not available for this material
                       Inhalation of this material may cause respiratory tract irritation
Ingestion:             Oral LD50 (rat): > 2000mg/kg
                       28-day repeated dose : NOEL(rat male): 250mg/kg/day
                                                NOEL(rat female): 1000mg/kg/day
Sensitisation:          Skin sensitiser
Carcinogenicity:         No components are listed as carcinogens by 67/54/8/EEC ANNEX
                        1.ACGIH,IARC,NTP,IARC,OSHA or NIOSH.
Mutagenicity:            Negative(Ames)
Chromosome Aberration: Negative (CHL cell in vitro)
Reproductive toxicity:  No data available
Narcosis:                No data available

12. Ecological information
     Acute toxicity to fish (Rainbow trout) :                 96 hr LC50>0.8mg/l
     Acute toxicity to daphnia(Daphnia magna) :              48 hr EC50 > 0.8mg/l
     Acute toxicity to algae (Scenedesmus sp) :              72 hr EC50 > 0.031mg/l
     Acute toxicity to bacteria (Activated sludge) :         3 hr EC50>1000mg/l
Mobility:                   This material is a non-volatile solid with low water solubility and high
                             Pow and KOC. It is therefore likely to distribute to the terrestrial
                             Adsorption coefficient     KOC.>4.21 × 104
                             Overall log10koc: >5.63
Persistence and degradability:      Not biodegradable(in 28-day MITI biodegradation study)

                     Agilemfg Chemical CO.,LTD
Bioaccumulative potential:         Bioaccumulation factor;Equal to or less than 0.2(90-day carp)
Other adverse effects:             None

13.Disposal considerations
   Incineration         Should be in accordance with local regulations.
   Recycling:           Should be in accordance with local regulations.
   Land filling:        Should be in accordance with local regulations.

14.Transport information
                UN                                                 Packing            marine
                No.     Class        Proper shipping name           group            pollutant
IMDG            Free
ADR/RID         Free
ICAO/IATA       Free

     Other applicable information:          None

15.Regulatory information
       Contains:        Resorcinol bis(di-2.6-dimethylphenyl phosphate)
       Symbol(s):        Xi lrritant
       R Phrase(s):      R43 May cause sensitisation on skin contact.
       S Phrase(S):      S24 Avoid contact with skin
                         S37 Wear suitable gloves.
     Special Provision concerning Annex V of 1999/45/EC:
                         Not applicable
     The subject of specific provisions at Community level:
                         Not applicable

                                      registered   □not registered
                                       ELINCS No.432-770-2

16.Other information
   This message is based on our present knowledge .However this will not constitute a guarantee
for any specific products features and should not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.

Department issuing MSDS : Agilemfg .Chemical CO., LTD

                      Agilemfg Chemical CO.,LTD

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