VAIO Notebook with VAIO Media Plus software (included on by vud12792


									   Setting up a digital home network with your VAIO
   Stream photos, video and music from your VAIO notebook to a PlayStation3 console…

   What you need:

      •   A VAIO Notebook with VAIO Media Plus software (included on most VAIO models
          sold since around mid-2008)
      •       PlayS
          A PlayStation3 console with up-to-date system firmware, connected to your
      •                router.
          A network router Most homes with broadband Internet already have a suitable
          modem/router. Routers with wireless networking capability (e.g. 802.11b/g/n) are
          ideal for this purpose as they let you place DLNA clients anywhere in your home.
          NOTE: Most wireless data transfer speeds are not as fast as the wired equivalent,
          meaning playback performance for high resolution photos and, especially, video
          may be slower than expected.

   Media formats supported by this network set-up

   PlayStation3 supports an increasing range of media file formats, including:

      •   Video: MPG, MP4, DV-AVI, DivX (except v3.11), AVCHD, WMV
      •   Audio: WAV, MP3, AAC, ATRAC, WMA
      •   Photo: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG

   The following formats are not supported at this stage: Protected content, lossless audio
   formats (including Apple Lossless, FLAC, etc.), RAW image files, VOB video files.


   What to do

   1. Connect your VAIO to your network.
      In most cases this is simply is a matter of connecting to
      your wireless network (entering the security key if
      required) or plugging in an Ethernet cable to the
      network port on your VAIO.

     Connection options are available in the Windows
     Vista Taskbar (normally found next to the clock on
     your VAIO screen).

2. 2. Connect your PlayStation3 to the same network.
      From the PS3 console’s main menu, navigate
      to Settings (the toolbox icon), then ‘Network
      Settings’ – ‘Internet Connection Settings’
      (Check that ‘Internet Connection’ and ‘Media
      Server Connection’ are enabled in this same
      Network Settings menu while you’re there)

      Select Wired or Wireless to suit your connection,
      and follow the steps in the wizard.
Now that both your VAIO and the PS3 are connected to the same network, you need to set
up media sharing. VAIO Media Plus and DLNA make this simple:

3. Launch media sharing on your VAIO
    Tap the ‘Windows’ key on the VAIO keyboard to open the
    Windows menu and type “Plus” in the instant-search box.
    VAIO Media plus should appear at the top of the Programs
    list – hit “Enter” to launch it.

4. Run the ‘Easy Setup’ wizard on your VAIO
    The first time you run Media Plus, you should use the
    Easy Setup function. Follow the steps in the online
    help wizard to enable media sharing on your VAIO.
    This will enable sharing of default media files and
    folders (for example ‘My Music’ and ‘My Pictures’ on
    your VAIO).

5. Find and analyse the media on your VAIO
    VAIO Media Plus starts finding and analysing your
    media. This may take several minutes, depending on
    how many files are available. As this completes your
    media will be available in the music, video, photos
    and TV menus in the Media Plus interface.

6. Add any additional media
   If some of your media folders are not available in Media
   Plus, you can manually add these by selecting the ‘Share
   Folder Settings’ in Communications Settings under the
   Settings Toolbox icon in the Media Plus interface.

7. Share the media on your PS3
    Navigate to any of the media menus (photo, video or
    music) on your PS3, and select ‘Search for Media Servers’.
    After a short search, the console should find the VAIO
    Media Plus server on the network.

Enjoy your new digital home network!

Having set up your VAIO and PS3 - you should now be able to view all your VAIO photos
and video, and listen to music on your TV and home theatre system (through the PS3), by
navigating to the music, video and photo menus in the PS3 menu. You can also view
different media simultaneously on the VAIO and the PS3.

Disclaimer: As each home network has its own security settings, data transfer speeds, and
hardware capabilities, this set-up guide cannot be guaranteed to work in all network

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