; Injury Insurance Claim - Making a Claim without a Solicitor
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Injury Insurance Claim - Making a Claim without a Solicitor


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									     Injury Insurance Claim - Making a Claim without a Solicitor
                                                 Believe it or not Injury Insurance Claim can be
                                                 possibly attainable by yourself only even without
                                                 any solicitor. Yes, you read it right! In fact,
                                                 according to findings, most of the cases are
                                                 solved which doesn’t involved any solicitor.
                                                 Ideally, if you happen to learn the procedure on
                                                 how to handle your own claim will result to the
                                                 amount increased in your injury compensation.

                                               Basically, injury insurance claim procedure
                                               started at the time you went to see your doctor.
                                               Right after the time they will examine you, the
                                               next thing you’ll know is that you are now
considered injured. The adjusted will not make any transaction in the form of payments if they
won’t see enough evidence that will make them believe.

In most cases, insurance company will try to make a settlement between both parties this is
possible if you agree that you will not have to file any legal claim against the one who is liable
for the accident by giving you a certain amount. By law, this form of agreement will be honored
in the court. Don’t get it wrong, first conversation with regards to settlement with the adjuster
will not be successful however they will have the conversation recorded over the phone which
will leave you no choice and it would lea to agreement and release.

If you decide not to make a settlement then the continuation of injury insurance claim will
follow. You are subject to do a daily treatment routine and the medical bills insurance company.
Authorization form will be send to you. However, they will not pay the bills until you give them
the records and medical bills. Remember not to give your medical authorization form to the
liable person’s insurance company. You will only give the records if you decided to make a

According to bodily injury statue of limitation, at the time when your insurance company paid
the bills, reimbursement will follow after only and only if you make a settle. Put it mind that it
will take three years. There are some cases which your insurance will not pay; this includes the
hurting, agony and general damages. This will be all up to you.
Focusing on your medical treatment is one of the techniques used by Injury Insurance Claim
process. Your medical condition will be asked to you in the form of letter which they will be
sending to you. Be warned that if they will find out you are only over treating, a letter will be
send to your own insurance company them if they will pay for your medical bills reimbursement
after will not be entitled. This will certainly put a pressure to you in order for your company to
do a review with your medical records, if they find out that if it doesn’t appear as accident then
they will not pay for it for sure.

Once you are released you will be considered as in pre-accident condition, do not give it once the
other person’s insurance company are asking for the medical authorization form. Just like any
lawyers would do all records should be collected and exclude those records which you think will
not help you with your case.
The next procedure will be followed by the evaluation process, for which your case will be
compared to other similar cases within your area and the average jury award will be found in the
end. Basically, the initial offer will start at lowest amount which will be determined by the jury
who would award you. However, you can make a bargain for what you believe you deserved.

If the agreement is made, a settlement of any legal claim form will be send to you by the
insurance company. They will only make an issue of payment once you have returned signed,
and also all claims is settled after. If this is the case, the medical bills will be reimbursed by your

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