Touchit Technologies Pro-Tb804300 80 Inch Whiteboard (Smartboard) Case Study – Whitworth Spec Sheet by monomachines


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                                                                            Product Installed

                                                                            78" TouchlT Board

                                                                            Installation Date
Case Study:  Whitworth Community High School
                                                                            January 2009

  Whitworth Community High School is a caring and supportive                Department
  11-16 mixed comprehensive school catering for the whole
  ability range set in the Rossendale Valley. The school                    PE
  encourages students to develop whatever strengths they
  have, academic, artistic, sporting or social. They use the latest         What the pupils say
  technology to achieve individual success including interactive
  technology - TouchlT Interactive Whiteboards.                             "It's cool to be able to use your
                                                                            finger on a normal whiteboard
  Installed in January 2009 - "the TouchlT Interactive whiteboard           to control the computer"
  was a welcomed resource to the PE departmenf' commented
  Cawton Wright, Curriculum Leader of Physical Education at
  Whitworth. "It brings a whole new dimension to teaching PE,
  especially the theory side of the subjecf' he added.
                                                                            What the staff say

                                                                            "It brings a whole new
               Cawton Wright, Curriculum Leader of                          dimension to teaching PEn
               Physical Education
                                                                            Cawton Wright, Whitworth
  Whitworth chose the TouchlT Board as they wanted both a hard              Community Shcool.
  surface that was durable, but they wanted it to be touch-based.
  The fact that they could also write on the surface was a big plus
  for them, especially in the PE department where they were not
  going to use the board Interactively all the time.

  "I can't deny that price did not playa part in the decision to
  go with the TouchlT Board" commented Wright, "but it was
  excellent value for money in my opionion. n
  Whitworth Community High School, Hal/fold, Whitworth, Rochdale

  Lancashire, 0L12 8TS - 01706343218

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