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					Unit 7 The Sampler

     The author finds out that good
    intentions alone are not enough
  when his attempt to be kind to an
  old man leaves them both feeling
                  worse than before.

    Unit 7 The Sampler

1. Useful Expressions
     2. Text Interpretation
          3. Word Family
              4. Sentence Structure
              5. Translation Practice
          6. Reading Skill
     7. Guided Writing
8. Homework
 Useful Expressions

   意向协定                 Intention agreement
   Pudding face/head    肥大的脸 /傻瓜
   平安夜                  Christmas Eve
   选修课                  Selected course
   To sb’s advantage    对某人有利
   Underprivileged group  贫困阶层
   above suspicion        无可怀疑
 Useful Expressions

   姐姐、哥哥                Elder sister / brother
   偶尔/难得 Unit 3         On rare occasions
   Evidence of debt     借据
   谨启(信尾)               Yours sincerely
   A positive answer    一个肯定的回答
   打牌出千                 Cheat at cards

   慈善基金                 Benevolent fund
 Useful Expressions

   Beneath one’s dignity  不合身份,有失尊严
   Don’t judge by app...  不要以貌取人。
   无意做某事            Have no intention of

   做出决定              Come to a decision

   穿着整洁             Be neatly dressed

   把…打包              Make a parcel of
   挽回他的”面子”          Save his ―honor‖
 Text Interpretation

1.   Warm-up questions
2.   Global analysis
3.   Detailed reading
4.   Picture talk
5.   Inspiring quotations
1. Warm-up questions

    Related topics
    1)   How can we offer help to the old and needy
         without hurting their dignity?
    2)   Have you had any experience in which your good
         intentions only resulted in embarrassment?
    3)   Are you curious?
    4)   Do you / Who might take advantage of sampling?

    Content questions (161)
2. Global analysis

◆ What type is the text?
  A narration              记叙文 a movie
  B description            描述文 a picture
  C exposition             说明文 a lecture
  D argumentation          议论文 a debate

◆ Whatpattern is the text organized in?
 A problem-solution 问题-解决
 B cause-effect         因果
 C general-specific     总-分
 D time / sequence      时间 / 顺序
2. Global analysis

     Character analysis – The old man
                 Description                     Analysis
    Elderly, limp, wrinkled face                   Old
    Poorly dressed, torn kerchief, worn wallet     Poor
    Little black figure                          Short/thin
    Jumped back as if he had been stung          Sensitive
    A quick decision, a loud voice               Dignified
    I do not believe I have the pleasure…        Educated
2. Global analysis

   Character analysis – Girl and I

                        Patient, polite,
    The shop girl        sympathetic,

                         Curious, trustful,
    I the narrator
                        polite, sympathetic,
2. Global analysis

       Part division

Parts Paras                   Main Ideas

                Background and the theme — Some people
    1     1-3
                took advantage of free sampling.

    2     4-9   An example: the description of how the old
                man sampled the pudding.

    3    10-15 Climax: I wanted to help the old man but
               hurt his dignity and I was embarrassed too.
     3. Detailed reading

1.    …who had no intention of making a purchase ...
2.    It was indeed the case.
3.    All the time it was quite evident that ...
4.    I am positive that he did not for a moment feel that
      he was in any way cheating the store.
5.    In a burst of benevolence, I went up to him.
6.    … with more dignity than I would have thought
      possible considering his appearance.
     3. Detailed reading

7.    I have the pleasure of knowing you.
8.    Kindly pack me up this one here.
9.    The girl took down the pudding from its stand and
      started to make a parcel of it.
10.   To save his ―honor‖, he had been forced into a …
11.   It was too late though, and I felt that the kindest
      thing I could do now would be walk away....
12.   That was the last I saw or heard of the old man.
    4. Picture talk

①              ②          ③

        ④             ⑤
5. Inspiring quotations

1. There is kindness to be found everywhere.
2. On good turn deserves another.
3. Better die with honor than live with shame.
4. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
 Word Family

   Effective, industrious, secondary, lower, bureaucracy,
    underclothes, expertise, fund, base, profession,
    misfortune, projector, master, doctor, PhD, long-term,
    consultative, amazing, inspector, collar, ease, boredom,
    regularity, regularize, open/strong/career/-minded,
    recognition, observatory, observant, written, enquiry,
    increase, administration, foreground, surroundings,
    fruitful, demote, stimulate, stimulus, proposal, put
    forward, co-worker, cooperative, complimentary,
   IV. Enriching your word power (138-40)
 Sentence Structure

1.   I spent about a week making observations.

2.   Except for a half hour, there were no breaks.

3.   Big Jim didn’t use to sit before me in math class.

4.   Most curious of all, there was no quality control.

  Translation Practice

1.   It was reported that the building of the railway had
     been held up by a flood.
2.   The strike resulted in the management’s accepting the
     workers’ demands.
3.   The coalminers decided to go on strike for better
     working conditions.
4.   I’d like very much to buy the English dictionary.
     Unfortunately, I haven’t got enough money on me.
 Translation Practice

5.   I’d like to talk over with you about the English
     translation of the article before sending it to Mr.
6.   The foreign expert hopes to achieve all his aims in
     three years.
7.   What do you think a scientist must do in order to
     keep up with the latest developments in his field?
8.   The author thinks that if excellent workers get
     frequent pay increases and promotions, they will have
     greater incentive to produce.
 Reading Skill

   Reading for the Main Idea Ⅰ
    Undoubtedly, the main idea is the most
    important element in any paragraph or
    passage, as it gives the paragraph or passage a
    purpose and direction. Naturally, the first step
    to improve your comprehension is to practice
    reading a bit faster for the main idea.
 Guided Writing

   Combination: subordinating conjunctions

    Subordinate conjunctions, also called
    subordinators, are conjunctions that join a
    dependent clause and an independent clause.
    Common subordinating conjunctions are: after,
    although, as, because, before, how, if, once, since,
    than, now that, though, till, until, when, where,
    whether, while.

 Homework

    Review
    Preview
    Recitation
    Fast reading
    Dictation
    Learning journal


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