BlueCat Networks Launches Proteus Cloud Services: The First Managed DNS Service to Fully Integrate DNS (including DNSSEC), DHCP and Centralized IP Address Management (IPAM)

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					BlueCat Networks Launches Proteus Cloud
Services:The First Managed DNS Service to Fully
Integrate DNS (including DNSSEC), DHCP and
Centralized IP Address Management (IPAM)
Hosted by Afilias, Proteus Cloud Services radically improves system reliability, scalability, security and
manageability while significantly decreasing overall costs

August 04, 2010 06:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time  

TORONTO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--BlueCat Networks, the IPAM Intelligence™ company, today 
launches Proteus Cloud Services, the first Managed DNS Service that provides complete control and central
management of external DNS as well as enabling organizations to extend services to also manage internal DNS and
DHCP from the same single, highly-secure Web-based user interface. As the first Managed DNS Service to fully
integrate DNS (including DNSSEC), DHCP and centralized IPAM (IP Address Management), Proteus Cloud
Services makes it simple for organizations to significantly streamline system management and drastically decrease
overall costs.

Proteus Cloud Services is also the first Managed DNS Service to provide organizations with the option to have
IPAM hosted in the Cloud. By eliminating the need to build and maintain a physical IPAM solution on site, Proteus
Cloud Services makes it easier and more cost effective than ever for organizations to leverage BlueCat Networks’ 
market-leading IPAM expertise and technology.

Proteus Cloud Services is hosted by Afilias, a global provider of internet infrastructure services that supports 15 top-
level domains (TLDs), including .INFO and .ORG. Afilias’ globally-distributed anycast network utilizes multiple
DNS meshes to ensure that Proteus Cloud Services provides customers with a highly-reliable, easily-scalable and
extremely-secure external DNS service. Afilias’ state-of-the-art managed DNS network services ensure security
and resiliency through a diverse anycast architecture. Its multi-layered, tiered design uses multiple hardware and
software solutions, multiple bandwidth providers, and is dispersed across numerous geographic locations to ensure
highly-reliable DNS service with no single points of failure.

By fully integrating market-leading centralized IPAM capabilities from BlueCat networks – such as DNSSEC
support for signed TLDs, including .gov, and complete IPv6 support for AAAA records – with Afilias’ highly-
reliable DNS infrastructure, Proteus Cloud Services radically improves network reliability and security, greatly
simplifies network management and significantly reduces overall costs – as well as eliminating the need for customers
to work with more than one vendor.

BlueCat Networks’ Proteus IPAM solutions simplify network management by making it easy for administrators to
fully integrate IP inventory tracking and allocation, along with DNS and DHCP management. Administrators can
design networks with a simple conceptual view, then deploy and manage them across the organization. When
managing DNS and DHCP, Proteus becomes “mission control,” offering full command and customization of
configurations from a central, secure Web-based interface to make it simple to eliminate all IPAM problems.

“Relied on by nearly 10 percent of domains worldwide, and with zero downtime in over three years, Afilias is the
perfect partner to enable BlueCat to provide enterprises with highly-reliable hosted DNS services,” said Luc Roy,
VP of Product Management and Marketing, BlueCat Networks. “Our customers have asked for a fully-integrated
hosted solution that provides rock-solid reliability and security coupled with real-world central management at a
great price point, and we’ve partnered with Afilias to deliver exactly that,” Roy continued. “By fully integrating
Afilias’ highly-reliable DNS with BlueCat’s centrally-managed Proteus IPAM dashboard within a hosted DNS
service, we’ve made it easy for enterprises to increase reliability and scalability, simplify management and reduce
costs – all while freeing up valuable internal resources so that in-house IT departments can focus on business-critical

“We are excited about this unique and industry-leading partnership which brings together two technology leaders –
BlueCat Networks and Afilias – to provide a strong and compelling new DNS offering,” said John Kane, Vice
President of Corporate Services for Afilias. “In today’s economic environment building out your own massively-
provisioned DNS architecture is simply not cost effective,” Kane continued. “Proteus Cloud Services allows you to
leave the operations to the experts and worry about other challenges like growth and innovation.” 

Prices for Proteus Cloud Services start at $250 per month. Until September 17, 2010, all Neustar UltraDNS clients
will receive half off their current contracts by migrating to Proteus Cloud Services. For full details, please contact
BlueCat Networks at 1-866-895-6931. For more information on Proteus Cloud Services, please visit

About Afilias

Afilias is a global provider of Internet infrastructure services that connect people to their data. Afilias’ reliable,
secure, scalable, and globally available technology supports a wide range of applications including Internet domain
registry services, Managed DNS, and services in the RFID and supply chain market with its Afilias Discovery
Services. For more information on Afilias please visit

About BlueCat Networks

BlueCat Networks is the Leader in IP Address Management (IPAM) and DNS/DHCP Core Services, including the
centralized management of Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows® DNS/DHCP services. Available in both
physical appliance and virtual (VMware) formats, BlueCat Networks has sold to the vast majority of Global Fortune
1000 companies, including many classified and unclassified government agencies. With the exponential growth in IP
addresses, BlueCat Networks solves critical network management issues by centrally managing, controlling and
auditing IPv4, IPv6, DNS and DNSSEC networks. BlueCat Networks’ award-winning solutions provide
unparalleled network uptime and scale for small to large organizations. Additional information can be found at

Proteus, Adonis, IPAM Intelligence, IPAM for Everyone and BlueCat Networks are trademarks of BlueCat
Networks Inc. and/or BlueCat Networks (USA) Inc. Other products mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or
registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Michael O’Keeffe, 416-760-0100


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