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									                                            B. P. 4008                   Phone 243-9 8-127885
                                            Kinshasa 2, Dem.Rep. Congo   E-mail

 Kimpianga Mahaniah

Summary of       §        Experienced manager and administrator, broad knowledge of
qualifications            international politics, economics, and development.
                 §        Fullbright Fellow.
                 §         Author of many books and articles in French, English, and Kikongo.
                 §         Founder and co-founder of several organizations.
                 §         Successful fund-raiser for non-profit organizations.
                 §         Professor of economy of development (history, theories and
                           strategies); political thought: history and theories; state and its
                           mission in sustainable development; international organizations;
                           research methodology; development and environment policies of
                           African States (from 1945 to today); NGOs and cooperatives in
                           development; fundamentalism and revivalistic movements in the
                           world; and African religious experience (traditional religions,
                           Christianity and Islam in Africa).
                 §         Widely travelled in Africa, Europe and North America.

                 1987                      Kalamazoo College                       Kalamazoo, MI
                                            Honorary Doctorate

                 1969-1975                 Temple University                     Philadelphia, PA
                                            M. A., Ph.D., History
                                           Concentration in political history and African Studies

                 1968-1969             Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary Philadelphia,
                                        M. A., Comparative Religions

                 1963-1967                 Kalamazoo College                      Kalamazoo, MI
                                 B. A., Political Science and Public Administration

                 July – october 2003       Wuppertal Institute for climate, Environment and
experience       Energy, Wuppertal, Germany.
                     Visiting Scholar/ Research.
                 Research on strategies of sustainable development: economic growth,
                                        agriculture, structural adjustment, globalization,
                                        good governance, environment, democracy and
                                        just trade.
January-June 2003       Emmanuel College of Victoria University, in the
                        University of Toronto,Toronto, ON
Anne Duncan Gray Visiting Scholar
§ Research and conferences on historical and sociological background of
  independent churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kongo
  medical cosmogony/anthropology, development experience of Africa
  (1945-2003), community development banking in the Democratic
  Republic of Congo.
1989-2003            Ets.KM and Ets. Sala Dia Lunda

1994 - 2001             Université Libre de Luozi               ULL, Congo
   §   Taught c ourse in economy of development (history, theories and
       strategies of development); political and economic history of Africa;
       and NGOs and cooperatives in development.
   §   The Université Libre de Luozi/Free University of Luozi is a five-year
       degree university with four departments: agronomy, development
       and environment, business administration and computer sciences,
       and laboratory science and nursery.

1987-2003               Centre de Vulgarisation Agricole/Research and
                        Agricultural Extension Center (CVA)
Managing Director
   §   The Centre consists of the Free University of Luozi, the Congo
       Institute of African Studies, the Computer Training Institute,
       Luozi Central Library, Mahiokisa Medical and Nutritional Center
       at Kindezi.
   §   Founded this non-governmental organization in 1973 to promote
       environmentally sound development. The Center (CVA)
       employs 30 people with an annual budget of $200 000.
   §   Extensive fund-raising efforts.

1996 - 1997             Carleton College, Northfield, MN
Distinguished Benedict Visiting Professor
   §   Taught development and environment policies of African States.

1992             Diakonia and Church of Sweden        South Africa
   §   Member of consultative committee to evaluate projects of the
       National Council of Churches in South Africa financed by Swedish
       churches and the Swedish government.

1981-1987           World Council of Churches         Geneva, Switzerland
Executive Secretary
   §   In charge of the Africa desk of the Commission of Interchurch
                        Assistance for Refugees and World Service (CICARWS) of the
                        World Council of Churches.
                    §   Raised funds for emergencies and development programs for
                    §   Administered a budget of $5 million/year.
                    §   Involved with development education throughout Africa, Europe and
                        North America.

                 1975-1981       Institut Pédagogique National/National Teacher Training
                                 Institute       Kinshasa, Congo
                    §   Faculty of history; taught courses in history of Islam, research
                        methodology, and African political and economic history.
                    §   Supervised student thesis projects.

                 1975-1981      Faculté de Théologie Protestante/Protestant University of
                                Kinshasa         Kinshasa, Congo
                    §   Taught courses in the history of the church in Congo (Catholicism
                        and Protestantism), African religious experience (traditional
                        religions, Christianity and Islam in Africa), sociological and historical
                        background of fundamentalism and revivalistic movements in the

                 1972-1975       Teacher Training School           Sundi - Lutete, Lower
                    §   Supervised staff of 15 teachers, 5 office staff.
                    §   Liaison with government and church authorities.
                    §   President of Education Committee of the Manianga-Luozi District.

                 1967-1968       Teacher Training School          Sundi - Lutete, Lower
                    §   Taught history, English and African studies.

Publications -      2000. Les racines des valeurs et des normes africaines, in La
Articles                  Revue Politique, no. 1-2, 2000, pp. 15-22 (Roots of African
                          values and norms).

                    2000. Bonne gouvernance, démocratie et développement en Afrique
                          noire, in Lukuni Iwa Yuma, vol. III, no. 5, janvier-juin 2000, pp.
                          117-121 (Good governance, democracy and development in
                          Black Africa).
1999. Les ONG africaines: une nouvelle approche du développement?
      in Lukuni Iwa Yuma, vol. II, no. 4, juillet-décembre 1999, pp. 23-
      58 (African NGO: A New Approach of Development?).

1999. Les rôles historiques attribués à l’Afrique noire par le monde,
      in Lukuni Iwa Yuma, vol. II, no. 3, janvier-juin 1999, pp. 7    -21
      (Historical Roles Given to Black Africa by the World).

1998. Le développement matériel en Afrique à travers les siècles,
      in Lukuni Iwa Yuma, vol. I, no. 1, janvier-juin 1998, pp. 9-22
      (Material Development of Africa Throughout the Centuries).

1990. Réflexions sur le programme de développement de la CEZ, in
      Eléments de réflexions sur le partenariat entre Eglises - sœurs,
      ed. Duki dia Kanda, Anders Stenstrom et Lars Wessbo,
      Kinshasa, CEDI, 1990, pp. 85-96            (Reflections on the
      Development Program of CEZ).

1985.       La vision Bantu du monde, in Terre Nouvelle, no. 34,
        septembre-octobre, 1985, pp. 6-7 and 12-13 (Bantu World

1982. Afro-American in History of Zaire, in Global Dimension of the
      African Diaspora, edited by Joseph Harris, Howard University
      Press, Washington, 1982 (Les Afro-Américains dans l’histoire du

1981. La structure multidimensionnelle de guérison à Kinshasa, in Zaïre
      - Afrique, no. 150, décembre 1980 and in Social Science
      Medecin, vol. 158, 1981, pp. 341-349 (Multi-dimensional Healing
      Structure in Kinshasa).

1980. EPI – Kimpese, the First Protestant Theological School in Zaïre,
      in Revue Africaine de Théologie, vol. V, no. 9, 1980 (La première
      école de théologie protestante au Congo).

1980. Methods of Financing of the Activities of the Protestant Church in
      Zaire, in Bulletin de Théologie Africaine, vol. II, no. 3, 1980
      (Méthodes de financement de l’Eglise Protestante du Zaïre).

1980. De la rivalité à l’œcuménisme: les relations entre les missions
      catholiques et protestantes durant le premier siècle 1878-1978,
      in Cahiers des Religions Africaines, vol. XIV, no spécial
      consacré sur les aspects du Catholicisme au Zaïre (From
      Rivality to Ecumenism in Zaïre, 1878-1978).

1980. Le munkukusa comme structure de guérison chez les Kongo, in
      Combat pour un christianisme africain, Prof. A Ngindu M, CERA,
      Kinshasa, 1980 (Munkukusa, a Healing Structure Among the

1979. Elément social et thérapeutique des rites funéraires chez les
      Kongo du Zaïre, in Revue Psychopathologie Africaine, vol. XV,
      no. 1, 1979 (Social and Therapeutic Functions of Kongo Funeral
                          1979. The Therapeutic Functions of Authority Among the Kongo of
                                Zaire, in Cahiers des Religions Africaines, vol. VII, no. 26, juillet
                                1979, pp. 209-229 (Les fonctions thérapeutiques de l’autorité
                                chez les Kongo).

                          1978. Religious and Therapeutic Functions of Cemetery Among the
                                Kongo of Zaïre, in Religions Africaines et Christianisme, CERA,
                                Kinshasa, 1978 (Les fonctions religieuses et thérapeutiques du
                                cimetière chez les Kongo du Zaïre).

                          1978.   Towards a United Protestant Church in Zaïre, in Religions
                                  Africaines et Christianisme, CERA, Kinshasa, 1978 (Vers une
                                  Eglise Protestante Unie au Zaïre).

                          1977. La psychothérapie dans le système médical et le prophétisme
                                chez les Kongo, in Revue Psychopathologie Africaine, vol. XIII,
                                no. 2, 1977 (Psychotherapy in the Medical System and
                                Prophetism Among the Kongo).

                          1975. The Background of Prophetic Movements in the Belgian Congo,
                                Doctorate thesis, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
                                USA, 1975, 410 p. (L’arrière-plan des mouvements prophétiques
                                au Congo-belge).

                          1975. La position du guérisseur dans le patrimoine religieux Zaïrois, in
                                Revue Zaïroise d’Orientation Culturelle, no. 2, août 1975, pp. 34-
                                41 (The Place of Healers in Zaïre Religion).

                          1973. The Methods of Evangelization in Lower Zaire, in Cahiers des
                                Religions Africaines, vol. VII, no. 14, juillet 1973 (Les méthodes
                                de l’évangélisation au Bas Zaïre).

                          1973. Millenarism and Purification Among the Kongo, in Cahiers des
                                Religions Africaines, vol. III, no. 14, juillet 1973, pp. 227-245.

                          1971. The Building of the F Baptist Church in the Congo, 1978-
                                1921, in Cahiers des Religions Africaines, vol. V, no. 10, juillet
                                1971 (La construction de la première église baptiste au Congo,

Publications - Books   Published by Centre de Vulgarisation Agricole, and Presses de
                       l’Université Libre de Luozi, Kinshasa, Congo:

                          2001. Kikulu kia Chefferie Luangu (History of Luangu Region – Histoire
                                de la chefferie Luangu).

                          2000. La présence africaine au monde menacée: l’anachronisme de
                                l’Afrique noire au monde (African Anachronism).

                          1999. Développement ou sous - développement en Afrique:
                                expérience du développement économique en Afrique noire de
                                1945 à 1995 (Development or Underdevelopment: Economic
                                Development in Black Africa from 1945-1995).

                                                                          istes et réflexions
                          1998. Pour une cartographie africaine repensée: p
                    (Rethinking African Mapping).

            1997. Genèse de l’Universite Libre de Luozi (The Beginning of the
                  Free University of Luozi).

            1997. Discours sur les causes du sous - développement en Afrique
                  noire (Root Causes of Underdevelopment in Black Africa).

            1996. Le mouvement ONG au Zaïre (NGO Movement in Zaïre).

            1995. Autoritarisme et démocratie: expérience du développement
                  politique de l’Afrique noire de 1945 jusqu’à nos jours
                  (Authoritarianism and Democracy: Political Experience in Black
                  Africa from 1945 to 1995).

            1993. Repertoire des ONG membres du CNONGD-Zaire (Repertory of
                  Non-Governmental Organizations, members of the National
                  Council of NGOs).

            1992. Les coopératives au Zaïre (Cooperatives in Zaïre).

            1990. Repenser le commerce au Manianga (Rethinking Commerce in

            1989. Découvrir la zone de Luozi (Discovering the District of Luozi).

            1989. La problématique crocodilienne à Luozi (The Crocodile Problem
                  in Luozi).

            1988. L’impact du christianisme          au   Manianga   (Christianity   in

            1984.    Le christianisme dans la vallée du Kimpese (Christianity in the
                    Kimpese Valley).

            1983. Grandir et vieillir au Manianga (Life Story of Mbuta Mahania).

            1983. Eglise et éducation: histoire de l’enseignement protestant au
                  Zaïre, 1878-1979 (Church and Education: The History of
                  Protestant Education in Zaïre, 1878-1979).

            1982. L maladie et la guérison en milieu Kongo (Illness and Healing
                  Among the Kongo).

            1980. La mort dans la pensée Kongo (Death in Kongo Thought), 1988,
                  2 Edition.

Languages    Spoken: Kikongo, French, English, Lingala.

              Written:   Kikongo, French, English.
Professional            §   Founding Member, RAFAD, Geneva, Switzerland,
                        §   Member of the Center for Research in African Religions, the
                            Catholic Faculty of Kinshasa (Centre d’Etudes des Religions
                            Africaines – CERA),

                        §   Founding Member, Institute of Development and Adult (IDEA),
                            Geneva, Switzerland, 1984,

                        §   President,   Lower-Congo   Council    of            Non-Governmental
                            Organizations (CRONGD/BC), 1990-1992,

                        §   President, National Counci l of Non-Governmental Organizations of
                            Development (CNONGD-Congo), Kinshasa, Congo, 1990-1992,

                        §   Founding Member of Lukuni Iwa Yuma (scientific research journal).

                    Teaching:        Economy of development (history, theories and strategies);
                                     international      organizations;     research     methodology;
Areas of Teaching                    development in the Third World, 1945-2003; NGO and
and Research                         cooperatives in development; African religious experience
                                     (traditional religions, Christianity and Islam in Africa); Kongo
                                     medical       cosmogony/anthropology;          historical    and
                                     sociological background of fundamentalism and revivalistic
                                     movements in the world.

                    Research:        Sustainable development (development and environment);
                                     African   development’s    experience;     strategies     of
                                     development: good governance, democracy and trade;
                                     Kongo medical cosmogony, historical and sociological
                                     background of independent churches in Africa; political and
                                     economic thought of Africans in Africa and in diaspora;
                                     wars and conflict resolution; history of education,
                                     community development banking in the Third World.

Achievements        1967        Founded the Fonds de l’Institut Tombouctou de Luozi.

                    1973      Initiated the creation of the Research Agricultural Extension
                    Center (CVA – Centre de Vulgarisation Agricole).

                                Fullbright Fellowship.

                    1980        Started the EDI-CVA Publishing House.

                    1980          Established the Foundation for Solidarity in Development of
                                Central Africa (FOSODAC), an endowment to support the work
                                of the Centre de Vulgarisation Agricole.

                    1984        Started the Medical and Nutritional Center at Kindezi.

                    1989        Established ETS KM and ETS SDL, business to generate local
                                funds to finance CVA activities.

                    1994         Started the Congo Institute for Environment and Development
           with a Library at Luozi and publishing house, Presses de
           l’Université Libre de Luozi. Using mostly oral tradition, the
           Institute conducts fundamental research which is published in
           Lukuni Iwa Yuma Review (science, technology, and
           development journal) and in Bulletin Ntomosono (development).

1994        Founded the Free University of Luozi.

2001       Founded the Forum des Mutuelles pour               la   Promotion
           Economique (Community Development Bank).

2003       Established the International Association of Friends of the Free
University of Luozi (ASIAULL), a fund-raising structure for the University.

2003     Started the Fondation Professeur Kimpianga Mahaniah/ Professor
Kimpianga Mahaniah Foundation, a trust fund.

2003     Founded Computer Science Training Institute (Institut de Formation
en Informatique)


Prof. Dr. Eva Posfay
Professor, French literature
Carleton College
Northfield, MN 55057, USA

Dr. Fay Leary Lewis, Ph.D.
Program Officer
Meridian International Center
1624 Crescent Place, NW
Washington, DC, 2009, USA

Dr. Bila Minlangu Kapita
President, Free University of Luozi
B. P. 4008, Kinshasa 2, Democratic Republic of Congo

Prof. Dr. Marilyn Legge
Associate Professor of Christian Ethics
Emmanuel College, Victoria University
75 Queen’s Park Cres. E.
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5S 1K7

Prof.Dr Kimpianga Mahaniah
E- mail:
C/o Bleuckeveldlaan 49
B - 3080, Tervuren/ Belgium

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