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									Improve Lead Management and Generate Sales There are a lot of business owners who would put the blame of the failure of their lead generation to their software: “I got the wrong one.” “It was too difficult to manage than my good-old Excel sheet.” “I cannot share it with my salespeople.” “It doesn’t produce the kind of report I would like.” “I thought it could run 24 hours, 7 days a week.” Okay, stop it. The truth is that there’s nothing really wrong with the lead manager. It will be useful as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Therefore, what you should strive is how you can effectively manage your leads. Here’s the Problem Most businesses really don’t care about their leads—or their importance to their growth. Sometimes they already have their prospects, and yet they don’t track them. In fact, more than 60 percent of these sales leads remain untracked. This is also the same percentage of people who will look for other companies for their products ands services. A good portion of them could have been tracked, but the company has not devised a mechanism to nurture them. It would not be long before their interest would wane. By the moment you’re ready with your offer, they are no longer hearing it from you. And if these weren’t enough, around 80 percent of your marketing campaigns are useless, simply because you’re not doing anything with the results or the leads. Make It a Sustained Effort Are you a businessperson who would send catalogs or e-mails only when you have something to offer? When there’s none, your prospects would not be hearing from you? Then, you have no one to blame for the failure of your marketing strategies than you. You may have forgotten that an effective lead management is a sustained effort. This means that you have to make it a point to not only track or nurture your leads today but regularly. They may not be your leads for this campaign, but you will surely make use of them very soon. By nurturing and tracking them, it will be very easy for you to convert them to salesready leads. Stick with the Pareto Principle Do you know the Pareto principle? To put it simply, around 20 percent of the things that you do matters. When it comes to your lead management there’s no point in spending too much effort, money, and time on a lot of leads when only 10 percent of them are actually your real prospects. You would learn that you can

earn more when you stick with the 10 percent since they easily bite to your offers, spread the news to their friends, and get more leads for you. They will also be the same ones who will hear you out first when you have a new product or service coming up. They can help you generate an excellent ROI at the least amount of time. How to Judge Your Lead Management So how do you exactly know that you’re managing your leads very well? You will know it when you can immediately send the information that your leads need. It can pertain to your products or services, or to your business as a whole. You will also know it if you can easily enter all the information that you can derive from them into your lead manager. This way, when you’re ready to track, all the contact details are already in place and in order. With proper lead management, you are giving your business a chance to grow through a powerful group of people: your leads.

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