WAMSO Competition Winners Announced by ProQuest


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									                                                                                      Year Award, and Michael Djupstrom,

                                          Items of Interest                           winner of the 2005 MTNA-Shepherd
                                                                                      Distinguished Composer of the Year
                                       MTNA Student Winners                           Award, were named two of the 16 recip-
                                       Recognized By youngARTS                        ients of this year’s American Academy of
                                          Once again this year, MTNA was              Arts and Letters awards in music. The
                                       represented in the NFAA’s youngArts            awards were presented at the Academy’s
                                       Program. Each year, approximately              annual Ceremonial in May.
                                       6,000–8,000 students register for this            Jalbert was one of four composers
                                       program, which aims to provide recog-          who received a $7,500 Academy
                                       nition and awards to young artists             Award in Music, which honors out-
                                       across the country.                            standing artistic achievement and
                                          Michael Taylor, who won the                 acknowledges the composer who has
                                       MTNA Senior Composition and                    arrived at his or her own voice. He will
                                       Senior Piano competitions in 2009,             also receive an additional $7,500
                                       has been named a youngArts finalist in         toward the recording of one work.
                                       composition. He traveled to Miami,             Djupstrom received one of two
                                       Florida, for youngARTS Week and                Charles Ives Fellowships awarded.
                                       final adjudications, where he was pre-         Awarded by the Academy since 1970,
                                       sented with a Gold Level award, along          these Fellowships offer $15,000 each.
                                       with a cash award of $10,000. Taylor,             For more information, visit
                                       who studies with Tamás Ungár, was              www.artsandletters.org.
                                       also nominated to become a
                                       Presidential Scholar in the Arts.              University Of North Texas
                                          Crystal Vanrell, who was the 2010           Received “Safe In Sound” Award
                                       MTNA Southern Division senior voice               Kris Chesky and the University of
                                       winner, was also a youngArts finalist.         North Texas have received an award
                                       She is taught by Ginger Beazley in             from the National Institutes of
                                       Alabama. Reed Tetzloff, who won                Occupation Safety and Health for
                                       third place at MTNA’s national finals          work on hearing loss prevention.
                                       in 2008, was a youngArts piano final-          MTNA s
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