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									Press Release Distribution - Learn How Royal It Is!

There are tons of methods of getting attention – some good, some bad. Don't believe us? Just take a
look at any toddler out there. Their methods of getting attention range of doing cute things that garner
praise and a laugh from Mom or Dad, to producing fingerpaint masterpieces to decorate the fridge door,
to throwing a knock-down-drag-out tantrum when their requests for a second cookie get turned down.
We'd probably all have to agree that all of these ways will get the attention of the child's parents, but is
it the same kind of attention? Certainly not. The same goes for business. You could get attention for
your company by doing something scandalous, but that probably won't earn you the respect you want.
So, how do you get equal parts respect and recognition? That part's easy. Keep reading.

Web promotions company company has revolutionized the time-honored method of
promoting a business via press release distribution. In fact, they've made their new service an unlimited
press release distribution service. That means, that for 30 days you can send out as many releases as
you want to uSocial's massive media list.

Press releases have been used forever to promote businesses because, put simply, they work. They are a
very effective way to reach a lot of potential customers in a very short period of time. Unfortunately,
those benefits typically come with a scary price tag. It can cost up to several hundred dollars to
distribute just one release! Many businesses can't afford to use that method. USocial to the rescue!
They've designed a way to reduce the high cost of press release distribution dramatically, putting their
way well within reach of just about any company.

“There are other services which claim to do what we do, however all of those only distribute releases to
online sources. Not only do we do the same, we also send all our releases to our massive media list of
over 560,000 contacts. There is simply nothing else like what we offer in the world,” explains the
company’s CEO, Leon Hill.

USocial's customers have already seen a dramatic increase in the number of their sites' visitors, thanks to
the new exposure the service has provided them. Your business can get that kind of results too, for just
$97 for online-only press release distribution and $267 for online and media exposure.

Get more about this service by checking out the company's website, at:
or by contacting the company through the contact form on your website.

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