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									Coulrophobia Treatment – Hypnosis to Treat a Fear of Clowns

People without a fear of clowns (Coulrophobia) don't understand what individuals who have
it have to deal with. A phobia is normally defined by an irrational fear. When you have a
phobia you'll spend a great deal of your time thinking about the fear. A serious phobia
usually caused by something recorded by the hippocampus and considered risky. You can
stop a phobia by telling the subconscious that the feeling of fear is not rational.

If you suffer from a serious phobia, you need to give hypnosis a try. Most fears come from
deep in your mind. If you suffer from a phobic disorder, you might also get panic attacks.
The fright can be so strong in some people that if they even think about it, they get
terrified. Clowns are supposed to be fun and funny, but for many they are just scary.

If you have a phobia, it's likely that you have other fears too. Medicines can work but there
are better choices. Behavioral therapy is an okay way to help phobias. Tapping (EFT) is a
good remedy for fears and anxiety. I don't recommend taking medicines to deal with the
problem. The trouble with drugs is that the phobia remains in the unconscious. It's now
possible to deal with your phobic neuroses from the comfort of your own home. Audio
hypnosis is a great solution to the problem. Subliminal suggestion works by reaching the
part of the brain that stores a fearful experience.

I found a really good audio program that got rid of my fear of clowns in just one session. I
had tried everything before. Check it out at

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