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									UniToken STD---a USB based solution ensures online accessing security by
means of two-factor authentication

With the information technology developing at a fantastic speed, online security
concerns the general public. For example, protecting online commercial banking
from the latest cyber crime threat poses a new question to us: Is the internet a
safe place for people? SecuTech Solution Inc, a fast growing company gaining
wider and wider recognition, has developed a USB based solution aimed to
provide strong authentication for your online accessing in an effort to serve its
global customers.

UniToken STD is a USB based well-engineered portable hardware key that
ensures online accessing security by means of two-factor authentication and
certification that can offer fairly tense security of accessing. Supporting both PKI
application and None-PKI application, it can generate encryption keys, and store
passwords, digital certificates and personal digital credentials inside the key.

If you have any concerns about the following situations, UniToken is your best

   Password being lost and stolen

   Getting access to online privacy anywhere

   Controlling the access of the employees, suppliers or distributors to key account
    and data

Key features

Highly secure chip inside

Highly secure chip inside
On-board RSA 2048-bit and 2048-bit key generation, authentication & digital signing

Standard Microsoft CAPI and PKCS#11 support

Secure storage

Globally unique hardware ID


Cost effective

Easy to deploy

Seamless integration

Strong authentication

Innovative and customer oriented, SecuTech has been endeavoring to provide its
global customers with the most customized products and services meeting various

About SecuTech
SecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license management
business systems focusing on the international market with their class leading UniKey
product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range of experience in the
Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has drawn upon this experience
to utilize today's cutting-edge technologies to introduce a COMPLETE and affordable
solution for today's software vendor markets worldwide.

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