Bellagio Survey of Media Law and Policy Advocacy and Research by tyndale

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 Monica Arino (CMCS-Stanhope)
 Endre Danyi (CMCS-Stanhope)
 Nanne Priebs (CMCS-Annenberg)

                                                                                   18th January 2006

      Bellagio Survey of Media Law and Policy Advocacy and Research Institutions



Krems      Department of                Department at the Danube University Krems                      ADDRESS:                   A great number of
           Telecommunications,                                                                                                    undergrad and
           Information and              REMIT: Mission: From the global village to the virtual World   Donau-Universität Krems    graduate programs
           Media                                                                                       Center for Knowledge       and very detailed
                                        RESEARCH                                                       and                        webistes for the
                                                                                                       Informationmanagement      research centers
                                           Center for Knowledge and Information Management            Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße
                                           International Center for Journalism                        30
           Center for Education and Media                             A-3500 Krems
           achabteilungen/tim/in           Center for Applied Informatics
           dex.php                         Center for New Media                                       Recommended Contact:
                                           Center for Telematics
                                           Seminars and Certified Programs                            Hanna Risku
                                                                                                       Head of Center for
                                                                                                       Knowledge and
                                                                                                       Information Management

Salzburg   Center for Advanced          REMIT: The Center for Advanced Studies and Research in         Recommended Contact:       Ursula is working on
           Studies and Research         Information and Communication Technologies & Society                                      dynamic policy
           in Information and           coordinates and carries out studies and research programs      Dr. Ursula Maier-Rabler,   models for culurally
           Communication                in the vast field of new information and communication         ICT&S Center,              senstive ICT policy
                                        technologies and their interrelationship with society as a     Universität Salzburg,      and on Internet and
           Technologies &
                                        whole.                                                                                    (political) Participation
           Society                                                                                     Emaill: Ursula.MAIER-      of young people in
                                        RESEARCH:                                                       Salzburg
           Website:                                                                                                               She is the former
    The core orientation of the ICT&S Center is                                               President of the
           x.php                         the analysis of the social embeddedness of                                              "Communication
                                           technologies,                                                                          Technology Policy"
                                         the development of valuable and socially responsible                                    Section (CTP) of the
                                           technical applications, and                                                            International

 their social-scientific monitoring.                          Association für Media
Due to the different obligations and various research fields   and Communication
of the ICT&S, the team is based on competence units:           Research (IAMCR)
   The eTheory competence unit is concerned with the
    effects of the modern Information and Communication
    Technologies (ICT) on the society and the social
    factors, which affect the genesis of these technologies.
   The ePolicy and eSociety competence unit
    contributes to a better understanding of various social
    applications and effect dimensions of new Information
    and Communication Technologies as well as their
    interrelationship with the social context in politics,
    education, economy, culture and every day life.
   The HCI and Usability competence unit deals with the
    design, the evaluation and the implementation of
    interactive systems and interactive environments for
    present and future developments.
   The responsibility of the Management competence
    unit ranges from administrative support to strategic
    positioning and the internal and external communication
    of the ICT&S strategic focus at the University of

Vienna   The                      ESTABLISHED: 1998,                                             Recommended Contact:       English language
         Telecommunications                                                                                                 website, looks as if
         Research Center          REMIT: the FTW is a joint research center of leading           Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Markus      the focus is on
         Viena (FTW)              players in telecom business and science in Austria. FTW.       Kommenda                   telecommunications.
         Website:                 carries out co-operative research.                             Management &
                                                                                                 Administration             Could make it a good   Research:                                                      Managing Director          partner for CMCS and
                                        conducts co-operative research in selected areas in                                other centres working
                                     telecommunications.                                         Tel.: +43/1/505 28 30-17   on telecoms and
                                        In every project there are several partners of ftw.     Mobil: 06648269850         networks.
                                     involved. The partners of ftw. - which are owners and       Email:
                                     members of ftw. at the same time - not only steer ftw.
                                     but also financially support the center.

                                         A report on 2005 research activities is available
                                      online at:

                                  FUNDING: supported within the competence center
                                  program Kplus, funded by the Government of Austria and
                                  the city of Vienna. Research activities are supported by the
                                  Republic of Austria and the city of Vienna. At this time the
                                  public funding share is about 50% of the cost. The costs
                                  exeeding the public funding are shared by the participating
                                  companies which provide financial, personnel or in-kind

                                  NETWORK and PARTNERS: Works closely with other
                                  internacional centres, is envolved in EU projects and
                                  tenders and is art of several COST actions.
                                  A list of cooperations can be found online at:
                                  Types of co-operative partnerships:
                                  1. Companies working in the field of Information- and
                                  Communications technology
                                  2. Academia (university-departments, scientists)
                                  3. Supportive members (financially or by other means

support the center)

Vienna   Austrian Institute for   ESTABLISHED: 1993                                             ADDRESS:
         Telecommunications       REMIT: independent non-profit organisation founded which      Margaretenstraße 70
         (OIAT)                   currently cooperates with about 100 national and              A-1050 Vienna
                                  international companies, non-profit organisations and         Tel.: +43- 1- 595 21 12
                                  government institutions in various projects and               Fax: +43- 1- 595 21 12 -
         Website:                 programmes. The Mission of the OIAT is to help                99   companies, consumers and government organisations
         ex.php?id=413            using information and communication technologies more         Recommended Contact:
                                                                                                Ronald Hechenberger,
                                  RESEARCH: OIAT is a member of Austrian Cooperative            MBA
                                  Research (ACR), the European Internet Co-regulation           Managing Director
                                  Network (EICN) and the Euro-Label Network.
                                  Projects:                                                     hechenberger(at)

                                     Development and coordination of the national
                                      awareness node for Internet safety in
                                      Austria "" in cooperation with Internet
                                      Service Providers Austria (ISPA) and supported by the
                                      European Commission - Safer Internet Programme.
                                     Development and operation of the Austrian E-
                                      Commerce-Trustmark in
                                      cooperation with business, consumer and government
                                     Development and cooperative operation of the
                                      European e-commerce trustmark "Euro-Label"
                             based in Brussels.
                                     Development and operation of the Internet
                                      Ombudsmann in cooperation with
                                      Austrian business, consumer and government
                                      organisations. The Internet Ombudsmann is a leading
                                      European alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service
                                      for customers and businesses.
                                     Strategy development, design, development and

    operation of e-learning services for educational
    institutions and companies e.g. Telesozial developed in cooperation with eight
    Austrian Universities for Applied Sciences or a post-graduate
    blended learning solution.
   Development of technology transfer initiatives for quality
    in e-commerce in cooperation with
    business and governement organisations.

NETWORKS and PARNTERS: Long list of partners
available at:

Vienna    Institute of              Research Institute within the Austrian Academy of                ADDRESS:
          Technology                Sciences
          Assessment (ITA)                                                                           Strohgasse 45, 5
                                    ESTABLISHED: It was founded on January 1st, 1994.                A-1030 Vienna
          Website:                                                                                   Tel: (+43-1-) 51581-6582
                                   REMIT: ITA investigates the applications of new                   Fax: (+43-1-) 710 98 83
 technologies in their societal context.                           Email:
          a/welcome.htm            In particular it carries out:                           

                                       inter-disciplinary scientific research at the interface of   Recommended Contact:
                                        technology and society. Its work focuses on
                                        development trends, on societal consequences and on          Dr. Michael Latzer
                                        options for shaping technological change.                    Deals with information
                                       The research results provide the basis, inter alia, for      society issues,
                                        giving advice to decision-makers.                            eCommerce, media
                                       At present, the Institute employs about a dozen              economics, convergence
                                        scientific researchers.                                      and governance.

                                    RESEARCH:                                                        Tel.: (+43-1-)51581-6592
                                    Four main areas:                                                 Email:
                                     Information and Communications Technologies
                                     Health Technology Assessment
                                     Biotechnology
                                     Environmental Technologies

                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS: ITS (Berlin); CITI (Columbia


          Interdisciplinary         Research centre within the Faculty of Law of the                 ADDRESS:                   This is one of the
Leuven    Centre for Law & ICT      University of Leuven.                                                                       most active and
          (ICRI)                                                                                     Tiensestraat 41            influential centres in
                                    ESTABLISHED: 1990                                                B-3000 LEUVEN              Flanders (Peggy
                                                                                                                                Velcky works an
                                    REMIT: Research, Consultancy Services and Education              Director: Prof Jos         advisor for the

                                                                                                                                         8                                                                 Dumortier:                Flemish Minister).
                         RESEARCH:                                                     Tel: +32 16 32 52 73
                                                                                       Fax: + 32 16 32 54 38     Very well connected
                         Three research teams which deal with:                         e-mail:                   with the European
                                                                                       jos.dumortier@law.kuleu   Commission, and
                         1) Information Technology Law                                        other centres in
                         1. Electronic Business E-Commerce, E-Signatures,                                        Belgium, Germany,
                            Intellectual Property, Information Security                Recommended Contact:      and the Netherlands.
                         2. E-government Public Sector Information, Online Voting,     Prof. Dr. Peggy Valcke
                            E-Justice                                                  Tel: +32 16 32 54 70
                         3. Privacy Law Personal Data Protection, Anonymity            E-mail:
                         4. Digital Archival                                           peggy.valcke@law.kuleu
                         5. Cyber-Crime                                      
                         6. Intellectual property Copyright, Neighbouring rights

                         2) Communications Law
                          Electronic Communications Infrastructure Transmission
                         of Electronic Communications
                          Content Regulation Illegal content, Filtering and Rating

                         3) Legal Informatics and Information Retrieval
                          Information Retrieval Indexing Techniques, Retrieval
                         Models, Information Extraction, Text Summarization
                          Legal Information Systems Databases, Expert Systems
                          Legal Drafting Systems


                         1) Basic courses: aim at introducing students in the areas
                            of regulation and ICT. Some of these courses are taught
                            in Dutch, others in English. In principle, they are open
                            for all KULeuven-enrolled students.
                         2) Advanced courses: are only open to students who
                            already hold a basic academic degree and can proove a
                            sufficient degree of knowlegde in the regulation or
                            technological aspects of the ICT sector.

3) Post-graduate study programmes: aim at providing
   students with an in-depth knowledge on the European
   regulation of ICT.


   IT Law
   Electronic communications and Telecommunications
   Media Law
   Legal aspects of Internet and e-commerce
   Unfair competition issues
   Trade Marks, Patents, Copyright and database

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Centre de Recherches
Informatiques et Droit (CRID –University of Namur),
CERNA (Ecole des Mines, Paris), and the European
Commission. See for example (CLEC) seminar series

Namur      Centre de Recherches Research Centre within the Faculty of Law of the                   ADDRESS :
           Informatique et Droit University of Namur
           (CRID)                                                                                  Rempart de la Vierge, 5
                                      ESTABLISHED: 1979                                            B-5000 NAMUR
           Website:                                                                                (Belgique)
                                      REMIT: Interdisciplinary centre for research in ICTs law,
           http://www.droit.fundp.a   technology and sociology                                     Tél. : +32-(0)81-
                                      RESEARCH:                                                    Fax. : +32-(0)81-
                                      Units:                                                       72.52.02.
                                       Electronic commerce                                        E-mail :
                                       Privacy                                          
                                       Intellectual Property
                                       Telecommunications                                         Director:
                                       ICT and Law Convergence
                                                                                                   Yves POULLET
                                      Project Leader of Creative Commons in Belgium                Tel. +32 (0)81 72 47 79
                                                                                                   Fax. +32 (0)81 72 52 02
                                      Interesting Newsletter with publications, events and         E-mail :
                                      research info. Check most recent one:              
                                                                                                   Recommended Contact:
                                      For a Report on past activities see:
                                 Associate Director: Prof.
                                      2002.pdf                                                     Robert Queck
                                      NETWORK and PARTNERS: Centre de Recherche de       
                                      Droit Public (University of Montreal), Cornell Law School,   .be
                                      Harvard Law School, University of Amsterdam.
Brussels   Research Center            Based at the faculty of Political and Social Sciences of     ADDRESS:
           Communication for          the Catholic University in Brussels                                                      Don‘t know what Nico
           Social Change (CSC)                                                                     Katholieke Universiteit     Carpentier‘s role is
                                      REMIT: Communication for Social Change (CSC) is a            Brussel                     (whether he‘s the
                                      research and documentation centre which specialises in       Vrijheidslaan 17            director or program
           Website :
                                      research, education and information in the field of          1081 Koekelberg             manager) at the
     communication in changing societies.                         Email:                      center, but he seems

.be/onderwijs/psw/onde                                                             to be the key person.
rzoek/csc.htm            RESEARCH: CSC coordinates and executes a wide range                                     He also manages
                         of projects that deal with communication and social change,    Telefoon:                and runs one of the
                         on local, national as well as international levels.            +32 2 412 4211           most important
                                                                                        Fax:                     European media and
                         The activities of CSC include the following fields:            +32 2 412 4200           communication
                             Research: analysis and advice:                                                     association‘s email
                                CSC executes applied communication research as          Recommended Contact:     list : ECREA
                                well as fundamental scientific research.                Nico Carpentier          (European
                             Education: courses and training:                          Nico.Carpentier@kubrus   Communication
                                CSC provides education in the field of intercultural                Research and
                                communication, international communication and                                   Education
                                development communication.                              Tel. +32-2-4124.278      Association -
                             Information: CSC intends to contribute to the debate      fax. +32-2-4124.200
                                on communication for social change. In order to                                  crea/)
                                keep it on the public's agenda, CSC will publish
                                regularly, conduct lectures and organise                                         Nico Carpentier‘s
                                conferences.                                                                     website :
                         Some areas of interest to the centre: participatory                           
                         strategies; cross cultural broadcasting; interactive
                         communication, civil liberties, immigrant radio, development
                         policies, local culture, mobile training units, policy and
                         planning making, participatory media, interpretative
                         communication theory, appropriate technology, distance
                         education, globalisation and localization, monitoring and
                         evaluation, audience research, telecommunication policy,
                         internet, multiplicity, human rights, attitude change,
                         community development, media education, folk media,
                         freedom of information, tourism, appropriate communication
                         strategies, community radio, development support
                         communication, conscientization

                         Research projects in 2004

                               Evaluation of RadioSwap, an on-line Community
                                Media exchange system

   War and mediarepresentation: an analysis of the
    Iraqi war coverage


Sarajevo      Media Plan Institute     ESTABLISHED: 1995                                               ADDRESS:

              Website:                 REMIT: Media Plan is the first private, independent             Media plan Institute
              http://www.mediaplan.b   organization on media development in Bosnia-Herzegovina,        Patriotske lige 30/3
                                       founded in 1995 in Sarajevo. Today, Media Plan is an            71 000 Sarajevo
                                       institution with a lot of experience in media research,         Bosnia and Herzegovina
                                       education of professionals, online information and different    E-mail:
                                       communication projects. Media Plan implements projects in       mediaplan@mediaplan.b
                                       all countries of South East Europe. Our network of partners     a
                                       and contributors is constantly expanding, crossing the
                                       borders of language, politics and culture in the quest for      Recommended Contacts:
                                       excellence in knowledge and practice. Our area of activity is   Management: +387 33
                                       media transition, application of new communication              717 840 / 717 841 / 717
                                       technologies, development of media industry and media           850
                                       market. Learn more about our activities!                        High College of
                                                                                                       Journalism, Summer
                                       RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                        Academy, Technical
                                        its first independent project was The Media Landscape         Services: +387 33 213
                                         of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995. Together with its              078 / 206 542 / 213 205
                                         partner organization IWPR from London, Media Plan             Press Clipping: +387 33
                                         monitored 40 most influential media outlets for the           613 780
                                         needs of pre-election activities in 1996 and 1997.            Research Center: +387
                                        With the creation of the Center of Media Cooperation in       33 613 779
                                         Banja Luka in 1996, Media Plan took the first step in
                                         breaking down the media blockade resulting from the           Zoran Udovičić, Media
                                         war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.                                    Plan Institute Assembly
                                        In 1998 it started publishing the bulletin Media News,        President
                                         which was transformed in 2000 into the first online           udovicic.z@mediaplan.b
                                         magazine on media in South East Europe. That same             a
                                         year, Media Plan, together with its partners from             Radenko Udovičić,
                                         Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia           Institute Director and
                                         and Albania, created the network for the

    professionalization of media ‗Media Initiatives' and        Head of Research and
    became a member of the SEENPM network (South East           Analysis Sector
    European Network for the Professionalization of Media).
   With the support of its partner, High College of
    Journalism from Lille, France, the School of Journalism     Aleksandra Ostojić-
    was created in 1998 and in 2000 it was transformed into     Matić, Institute Executive
    the Media Plan High College of Journalism. Media Plan       Director
    Institute implements education projects in all countries
    of South East Europe. In collaboration with the
    International Network of Communication Universities
    (RIUC), in 2001 it started organizing the bi-ennial
    Communications University of South East Europe, the
    largest international communications forum in this part
    of Europe.
   In 2004 the Summer Academy was organized in
    Sarajevo, with interesting education and tourist
   A Press Clipping service operates in the framework of
    Media Plan Institute. Press Clipping is a specialized and
    technically equipped service collecting for you
    information published in the press and broadcast on
    television and enabling you to get the information you
    need in a quick, simple and quality way.

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Media Plan Institute has
been a reliable partner to many international organizations
and companies dealing with media and communications or
supporting media development in the region, such as:
European Union, Council of Europe, UNESCO, OSCE,
OHR, CREPAC d'Aquitaine, High College of Journalism
from Lille (ESJ), Television ARTE, BDPA, Intermedia from
Washington, Mediana from Ljubljana, Hans Bredow
Institute, etc.


Sofia      Faculty of Journalism       ESTABLISHED: 1952                                              ADDRESS:
           and Communication,
           Sofia University            REMIT: The Degree course in Journalism was offered for         1000 Sofia, 49
                                       the first time 1952 at Sofia University and it marks the       Moskovska Str.
                                       beginning of university education in Journalism in Bulgaria.   phone:         (+359 2)
                                       The Faculty of Journalism was established in 1974. In the      9308 211
           http://www.uni-             period 1952-1994 4 200 students graduated from the             fax:    (+359 2) 9861
    Faculty, including several hundred foreign students from       724
           l/                          more than 50 countries; more than 100 postgraduate             e-mail:        fjmc@uni-
                                       students defended their theses, of them 50% foreigners.

                                       NETWORK and PARTNERS: The Faculty of Journalism
                                       and Mass Communication maintains permanent contacts
                                       with universities and colleges in Europe and America, with a
                                       number of leading scholarly and public foundations in the
                                       country and abroad. There is a current exchange of
                                       lecturers and researchers, of literature and syllabi; joint
                                       scientific projects are carried out within UNESCO and
                                       TEMPUS. Global aspects of the journalistic profession and
                                       its social responsibilities, specialized publications, regional
                                       electronic media, satellite educational television, advertising
                                       and public relations are fields of study in active co-operation
                                       with universities in Plymouth, New York, Oklahoma, Illinois,
                                       Iowa, Montpelier, Lille, Strasbourg, Krakow, Leipzig,
                                       Munich, Bucharest, Sanct Petersburg and others. The
                                       Faculty organizes conferences, symposia and educational
                                       programs for students and young journalists together with
                                       Bertelsmann Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation,
                                       Goethe Institute, the British Council, the BBC, the French
                                       Cultural Institute, the Austrian Council for Culture and
                                       Education, FIEJ.
Sofia      Bulgarian Media             ESTABLISHED: 1998                                               ADDRESS:                  Very interesting
           Coalition                                                                                                             meta-organization

                         REMIT: The Bulgarian Media Coalition (BMC) is an
Website:                 association, unique for Bulgaria, which unites the              Recommended Contact:   intellectual, the professional, the media and the
m/EN/profile.htm         organizational potential of 14 Bulgarian non-governmental       Ass. Prof. Georgi
                         organizations.                                                  Lozanov Foundation
                                                                                         Center for Independent
                         RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                        Journalism (CIJ)
                         The member organizations of BMC united to work together         tel/fax: (+359 2) 987 77
                         for the development of independent media, for pluralistic       30
                         and independent media sphere.                                   e-mail:
                         Basic directions of the work of the Bulgarian Media
                             Improvement and harmonization of the Bulgarian
                                 media legislation with the European standards.
                             Independence of the media regulatory bodies.
                             Transparency of the process of licensing the
                                 electronic media.
                             Guaranties for the right of access to information.
                             Improvement of the law regulation concerning insult
                                 and libel and protection of journalists against
                             Development of journalistic self-regulation, of putting
                                 to practice the ethical standards of this profession.
                             Media researches.
                             Professional training within the whole spectrum of
                                 media activities.
                             Support of the Bulgarian non-governmental
                                 organizations for professionalizing their relations
                                 with media (as a supporting organization under
                                 Democracy Net II program)

                         NETWORK and PARTNERS: Members of BMC are:
                         Association ―Journalists for the European Union‖, Bulgarian
                         Association of the Licensed Cable Operators (BALCO),
                         Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, Association ―Media with
                         Human Face‖ - Plovdiv, National Organization of Cable

Operators (NOCO), Association of the Bulgarian
Broadcasters (ABBRO), Free Speech Civic Forum,
Bulgarian Association of Regional Media (BARM),
Foundation "Center for Independent Journalism",
Foundation "Access to Information Program", Association of
the Bulgarian Cable Operators (ABCO), Foundation
"ACCESS", Investigative Journalists Association, Inter
Ethnic Initiative for Human Rights (IEI) Foundation.


Prague     Centre for Media              Charles University                                               ADDRESS:                 Jan Jirak has been
           Studies                                                                                                                 contacted for further
                                                                                                          Smetanovo nábrezí 6,     information. He is
           Website:                                                                                       110 01 Praha 1 Czech     member of the COST
                                                                                                          Republic                 A30 network, Czech
                                                                                                          Phone: +420 222112206    member of the
           z/cemes                                                                                        Fax: +420 222112206      Management
                                                                                                          Recommended Contact:
                                                                                                          Jan Jirak


Aalborg    Aalborg University,                                                                            ADDRESS:                 Seems to be more
           Department of                 RESEARCH: The Department conducts research within the                                     focussed on
           Communication and             field of communication in a wide sense. Interpersonal            Kroghstræde 3            psychology,
           Psychology                    Communication, communication through texts and in media          Rum 5.236                sociology, curltural
                                         is investigated in terms of its aesthetic, philosophical,        96 35 90 23              aspects
                                         soocial, psychological, pedagogical and organizational
           Website:                      conditions and consequences. This interest in                    Recommended Contact:
           http://www.kommunik           communication is realized through research and teaching          Christian Jantzen
         within the following scientific disciplines: Literary studies,   (director)
           html                          linguistics, psychology, philosophy/epistemology,
                                         humanistic computer science, media studies, interpersonal
                                         communication studies, organization studies and learning
                                         ICT and Learning: The E-Learning Laboratory is a central

element in the research and development activities.
Research is con-ducted in close connection to Human
Centered Informat-ics, the Postgraduate Research School
Media research: This field of research stretches from a
classical media type such as the movie to new media (the
computer), and from often high cultural genres such as
fiction to more everyday media and genres (e.g.
commercials). At the department, the pivoting points of
media research are within four areas:
      Media aesthetics:
      Media development and media history:
      Cultural analysis:
      Interactive multimedia:

Aarhus    Institut for             The center is part of the Humanities department of              ADDRESS:                   Information Studies,
          Informations- og         Aarhus University.                                                                         including Multimedia,
          Medievidenskap,                                                                          Institute of Information   regularly offers
          Aarhus University        RESEARCH:                                                       and Media Studies          courses in English.
                                      The institute's research in Information Studies includes    Helsingforsgade 14         Additionally, students
          Website:                                                                                 8200 Århus N               may have courses
                                       historical, sociological, communicative, and design-
       oriented approaches to the study of the development         Tel 8942 9200              approved by Media
          ng                           and application of information technology on the level of   Fax 8942 5950              Studies, Computer
                                       individuals, organisations, and society.                    EAN 5798000417199          Science, and other
                                      The institute's research in Media Studies includes                                     departments with
                                       projects concerning production aesthetics, textual          Recommended Contact:       relevant offerings.
                                       analysis, and reception within print media, radio, TV,
                                       film, and the internet, as well as topics concerning the    Head of Department:        For relevant course
                                       theory, policy, history, and institution of the media.      Jørgen Bang                offerings contact the
                                      Between these two fields, where Information and Media     Director of Studies,
                                       studies increasingly meet, research is carried out in                                  Associate Professor
                                       areas such as IT and Learning, the Internet, and            Director of                Steffen Brandorff,
                                       Multimedia.                                                 Information      
                                                                                                   Studies Steffen
                                      Teaching: BA, MA and PhD Level students                     Brandorff
                                   Research centres:
                                                                                                   Director of Media
                                   Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI)        Studies Hanne
                                   Centre for Internet Research                                    Bruun
                                   Centre for IT and Learning (site in Danish)           ,
                                   Centre for Science-Technology-Society Studies
                                   Centre for Pervasive Computing
                                   Digital Aesthetics Research Centre


Tartu     University of Tartu,     ESTABLISHED: The Department of Journalism and                   ADDRESS:
          Dept of Journalism       Communication was established in 1979 (The name of the                                     Marju Lauristin had
          and Communication        department was Department of Journalism). The                   Tartu University           been involved in the

                   department was renamed in 2000. Since 1995 the                Department of            EELPIE project
Website:           department belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences.         Journalism and           (coordinated by   Since March 2003 the department has 3 professors:             Communication            University of Helsinki
                   professor of estonian journalism, prof. of media and          Dr. Halliki Harro-Loit   and to which CMCS
                   communication, professor of social                            Ülikooli 18              was a partner) on
                   communication.                                                50090 Tartu              behalf of Estonia
                   REMIT: The department is actively involved carrying out       Tel.: +372 7 375189
                   research, conslultancy work, seminars, further education
                   trainig. The department is participating in several
                   International projects.                                       Recommended Contact:
                                                                                 Marju Lauristin
                   REEARCH: Research areas are:                        
                    Journalism: history of media and communication, media
                     economy and organization, professionalization, media
                     and communication regualtion, text analysis (discourse
                     analysis), journalism critique, gender issues in media.
                    Media and communication: transition in society, political
                     communication, new information technologies,
                     consumer society, media semiotics, cultural studies,
                     audience studies and media system
                    Social communication: marketing communication,
                     communication in society.

                    Development of public communication regulation in
                     Estonia (inc. self-regulation)
                    Personal rights and Internet - who's responsibility?
                    Regulation of public broadcasting and Estonian
                     television during the transition time in Estonian in the
                    Regulation of personal data and databases.
                    The programme in journalism, media and
                     communication has been developed on all three levels
                     of graduate and post-graduate studies. The department
                     has bachelor, master and doctoral programs on

journalism, media and
communication, public relations (bac. and MPR).

Tallinn      Concordia Univ.                                                                           ADDRESS:
             International Estonia -    REMIT: The programs offer practical and theoretical
             Media department           courses and thus prepare students to work in today's           Narva mnt. 7, 10117
                                        demanding and highly competitive media and public              Tallinn, Estonia
             Website:                   relations environment. The professors currently teaching in
                                        the Media School come from the USA, Germany, Great             Recommended Contact:
      Britain, Italy and Estonia. Their experiences from different
             /?id=1800                  countries add value to the studies at Media School.            Hagi Shein, Dean
                                        RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES: Media School offers                   Hagi.Shein@university.e
                                        programs both on undergraduate and graduate level in           e
                                        Audiovisual Media and Public Relations and                     Phone: 699 6716
                                        Communications.                                                Fax: 699 6719
                                          BA Media (Public Relations and Communications)
                                          BA Media (Audiovisual)                                       Pille Pirn, Academic
                                          MA Communication Management                                  Assistant
                                          MA Audiovisual Media                                         e-mail:
                                                                                                       Phone: 699 6716
                                                                                                       Fax: 699 6719


Strasbourg   European Audiovisual European public service organisation.                                ADDRESS:                   This is a key
             Observatory (EAO)                                                                                                    organisation within
                                        ESTABLISHED: December 1992                                     76 Allée de la Robertsau   Europe and the best
             Website:                                                                                  67000 STRASBOURG           information service
                                        MEMBERS: Currently 36 Member States and the                    FRANCE                     network for the
                                        European Community, represented by the European                Tel.:+33(0)388144400       audiovisual
                                        Commission.                                                    Fax :+33(0)388144419       profession,
                                                                                                                                  journalists, lawyers,
                                        REMIT: The EAO is dedicated to gathering, processing and       Recommended Contact:       researchers and
                                        publishing information on the European audiovisual sector.                                public organizations.
                                        Information published regards: marketing, law, production      Susanne Nikoltchev,
                                        and financing.                                                 Head of Legal              Important collection

                                                            Department and           of data and statistics.
Its principal areas of interest are:                        Coordinator of IRIS
 Film                                                      publication.             Potentially a good
 Television                                                                         destination for
 Video/DVD                                                 Email:                   internships within
 Multimedia, Internet and New Media                        susanne.nikoltchev@obs   postgraduate
                                                                                     They are interested
Main research areas are:                                                             in strengthening their
 Media Law and Policy                                                               links with research
 Intellectual Property                                                              centres and
 Production (Film/TV)                                                               institutions in Central
 Transmission Equipment                                                             and Eastern Europe.
 Advertising/Sponsorship

KEY PUBLICATIONS: IRIS-Legal Observations of the
European Audiovisual Observatory, and the Statistical
Yearbook - Film, Television, Video & New Media in Europe,

NETWORK and PARTNERS: IViR (Amsterdam);
Communications Media Centre (New York Law School);
Moscow Media Law and Policy Centre (Moscow); Institute
of European Media Law (Saarbrucken), Screen Digest

Montpellier   IDATE                 ESTABLISHED: 1977                                              ADDRESS:                  IDATE is very much
                                                                                                                             industry focused.
              Website:              REMIT: Contribute to a better knowledge in Europe of the       BP 4167 - 34092
       stakes at play in the Information Society; Promote             Montpellier cedex 5 -
                                    exchange between Industry Heads; Enable dialogue with          FRANCE
                                    public policy makers.                                          Tel : 33 (0)467 144 444
                                                                                                   Fax : 33 (0)467 144 400
                                    ACTIVITIES:                                                    e-mail :

                                       Leading a European forum which embraces debating           Recommended Contact:
                                        ideas and exchanging experiences among the sector's
                                        players.                                                   Jean-Dominique SEVAL
                                       Strategic monitoring system - DigiWorld - the    
                                        observatory of the digital world.                          tel: +33 467 144 407
                                       Engagement in Research through the publication of          fax: +33 467 144 400
                                        Communications & Strategies (a quarterly research and
                                        analysis publication); the organisation of workshops and
                                        international conferences and the publication of market
                                       IDATE's high-level consultants and analysts conduct a
                                        wide range of studies and consultancy missions on
                                        behalf of our clients.

                                    * The IDATE Foundation has been established for several
                                    years and ensures an open and independent Forum for
                                    debate and reflection in Europe, on the Information and
                                    Communication Industries. It is made up of more than
                                    twenty leading businesses, representing firms of major
                                    importance in these sectors, as well as businesses
                                    convinced of the importance of Communication and
                                    Information Technology for their development. The main
                                    objective is to support IDATE in financing activities that
                                    will achieve the IDATE‘s remit.

                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS: ENTER (Spain)
Paris         Laboratoire des       Research Laboratory at the University of Paris Nord            ADDRESS:                  Site only in French.

sciences de                                                                            Université Paris 13         Seems to have a
l'information et de la    RESEARCH:                                                    Maison des Sciences de      very interesting
communication –            Socio-economic analysis of cultural industries:            l'Homme - Paris Nord 4,     research agenda.
LabSic                      convergence (information, audiovisual and                  rue de la Croix Faron -
                            telecommunications); organisation of communications        Plaine Saint-Denis 93210    Their partners and
                            markets; cultural industries theory, information society   Saint-Denis                 international
                           Socio-historical analysis of the relationship between      Télephone : 155939300       exchange
http://www.univ-                                                                                                   programmes are very
                            public space and media: rationalization and expertise;     mass media history                                         Recommended Contact:        attractive.
htm                        Socio-technical analysis of the dissemination of
                            innovations in the field of telecommunications;            Pierre Moeglin (Director)   However, more
                            strategies of actors; economic interests                   Email:                      information needed
                                                                                       pierre.moeglin@wanado       regarding their remit,
                          NETWORK and PARTNERS:                                                      activities and policy
                           National: France Telecom (Rsearch and Development);                                    relevance.
                            Maison des sciences de l‘Homme (Paris Nord).
                           International: Franco-quebecois programme
                            ―Convergence in the cultural industries‖; Universite
                            Stendhal (Grenoble 3); Universite de Montreal;
                            Fondation Travail Universite (Namur); Faculty of
                            Journalism in Bucarest (Rumania); University Autonoma
                            of Barcelone; Universite de Halle (Germany); University
                            of Economics Sciences (Vienna), University of the
                            Basque Country (Spain)

Paris   Institut National de   ESTABLISHED: 1975                                              ADDRESS:                   No policy research
        l’Audiovisuel (INA)                                                                   4, Avenue de l'Europe      but the most
                               REMIT: public organisation with an industrial and              F-94366 Bry sur Marne      important
        Website:               commercial role. It is the legal guardian of all audiovisual   Cedex                      documentation,     material broadcasted by the French national broadcasting       France                     archive and resource
                               companies. Their archives contain approximately 300,000        Phone: +33-1-498 2000      centre for audiovisual
                               hours of television programmes from the last 45 years and      Fax: +33-1-49 83 25 80     material in France.
                               400,000 hours of radio recordings from the last 60 years.
                               The INA also stores a large collection of photographic         Recommended Contact:
                               documents of French radio and television productions.
                                                                                              Ms Clara Fon-Sing
                               RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                       Head of international
                               Preservation of the national audiovisual heritage    
                                   Collecting audiovisual programmes,
                                   Preserving and restoring the collections,                 Inathèque library, Legal
                                   Offering up to date and efficient documentary             deposit
                                   Improving access to images and sounds within the
                                      Internet environment.
                                Using this heritage to the full and making it more
                               readily available
                                   Developing the commercial operation of the
                                   Valorising the archives for scientific, educational and
                                      cultural purposes.
                                Keeping abreast of changes in the audiovisual sector
                               through its research, production and training activities
                                   Encouraging those in research and experimental
                                      activities to work together on heritage projects,
                                   Fostering the innovative side to production in the
                                      creative and research fields,
                                   Guiding professional training towards the digital

                               NETWORK and PARTNERS:

Paris      Centre de Recherches Centre within the CNRS ( )                          ADDRESS:                    Interest and
           Politiques de                                                                                                          Relevance still
           Sciences Po          ESTABLISHED:                                                          Recommended Contact:        unclear. Need to
                                       REMIT:                                                                                     contact Thierry Vedel
           Website:                    RESEARCH:                                                                                  who is Senior
                                       NETWORK and PARTNERS:                                                                      Research Fellow and
           http://www.cevipof.msh                                                                                                 part of the COST
Paris      Industrial Economics        CERNA DIGITAL is a department within a Research                ADDRESS:
           Centre (CERNA)              Centre at the Ecole de Mines, dealing with the                                             Interest and
                                       economics of digitalisation and media                          60, boulevard Saint-        relevance policy wise
           Website:                  Michel                      still unclear but good
                                       m                                                              75272 Paris cedex 06        insights into
                                                                                                      Tél : 01 40 51 90 91        economics of digital
                        ESTABLISHED:                                                   Fax : 01 44 07 10 46        broadcasting.
                                                                                                      Email :
                                       REMIT: Study of digital economics, competition economics,           Currently running a
                                       industrial economics, terrestrial switchover                                               project on switchover
                                                                                                      Recommended Contact:        in France.
                                          Active in teaching.
                                          It has 7 researchers and 19 PhD students                   Gilles le Blanc:            Need to contact
                                                                                                Gilles le Blanc for
                                       NETWORK and PARTNERS: Berkley Centre for Law and               Tél:         further info.
                                       Technology (see for example:


Tampere    University Network          REMIT: The network is a national organisation for              ADDRESS:                    Meta-organization
           for Communication           cooperation and includes the relevant departments of ten
           Sciences                    higher education institutions in Finland.                      tel. +358 3 215 6304, fax   CMCS has been
                                                                                                      +358 3 215 6248, 33014      working together with
                                       RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                       UNIVERSITY OF               two members of the
                                        To enhance scientific cooperation and the exchange of        TAMPERE, FINLAND            Board: Tom Moring
           Website:                                                                                                               from the Swedish
                                         information in the field of communication,

k/english/index.html      To enhance basic studies in the field, specially with the   Recommended Contacts: School of Social
                           help of ICT,                                                                          Science was the
                          To support doctoral and postdoctoral studies,               The Contact Persons of    Finnish member of
                          To plan new programmes.                                     the Departments           the Internet &
                          During the academic year 2004 - 2005 the network's                                    Elections project;
                           main projects are shared online courses, the                University of Helsinki    Hannu Nieminen
                           Professional Licentiate Programme in Digital                Department of             from the Dept. of
                           Communication (DClic) and enhancing joint                   Communication: Marjo      Communication, Univ
                           postgraduate studies.                                       Anomaa,                   of Helsinki was the
                                                                                       marjo.anomaa@helsinki. initiator of the
                       MEMBERS OF THE NETWORK                                          fi                        EELIPE 6th
                       University of Helsinki                                          Deprtment of Speech       framework project,
                             Department of Speech Sciences (Faculty of                 Sciences: Kirsi Sivukari- which eventually
                             Behavioural Sciences)                                     Riikonen, kirsi.sivukari- didn‘t get the
                             - Speech Communication                                approval from
                             Department of Communication (Faculty of Social            Swedish School of Social Brussels
                             Sciences)                                                 Science / journalism:
                             - communication                                           Tom Moring,
                             Swedish school of Social Science (Faculty of    
                             Social Sciences)                                          University of Jyväskylä
                             - journalism                                              Department of
                       University of Jyväskylä (Faculty of Humanities)                 Communication: Hanna
                             Department of Communication                               Reinikainen,
                             - journalism                                    
                             - intercultural communication                             University of Lapland
                             - organizational communication and PR                     Department of Media
                             - speech communication                                    Studies: Pia Satta-
                       University of Lapland (Faculty of Art and Design)               Hakso, pia.satta-
                             Department of Media Studies                     
                             - media studies                                           University of Oulu
                             - graphic design                                          Department of
                       University of Oulu (Faculty of Humanities)                      Information Studies: Jani
                             Department of Information Studies                         Sassali,
                             - information studies                           
                       University of Tampere
                             Department of Information Studies (Faculty of             University of Tampere
                                                                                       Department of

       Information Sciences )                            Information Studies:
       - information studies                             Raija Aaltonen,
       Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
       (Faculty of Social Sciences )                     Department of
       -journalism and mass communication                Journalism and Mass
       Department of Speech Communication and Voice      Communication: Helvi
       Research (Faculty of Humanities)                  Miettinen,
       - speech communication and voice research
University of Turku (Faculty of Humanities)              University of Turku
       School of Art, Literature and Music               Department of Art,
       - media studies                                   literature and Music/
University of Vaasa (Faculty of Humanities)              media studies: Kaarina
       Department of Communication Studies               Vuorela,
       - communication studies                 
Åbo Akademi University (Faculty of Economics and         University of Vaasa
Social Sciences)                                         Department of
       Department of Social and Political Sciences /     Communication Studies:
       Information Studies                               Suvi Isohella,
       - information studies                   
Helsinki School of Economics                             Åbo Akademi
       Department of Languages and Communication         University
       - Finnish language and comminication              Department of Social and
University of Art and Design Helsinki                    Political Sciences /
       Media Lab                                         Information Studies:
       - new media                                       Anna-Karin Tötterman,
       The School of Motion Picture, Television and
       Production Design                                 Helsinki School of
       - motion picture and television                   Economics
       The School of Visual Culture                      Department of
       - graphic design                                  Languages and
       - photography                                     Communication/ Finnish
                                                         and communication:
                                                         Helena Kangasharju,
                                                         University of Art and
                                                         Design Helsinki

Film and Television: Kirsi
School of Visual Culture:
Sari Tarvainen,
Media Lab: Anna

Univ. of Tampere -        Digital Media Institute is an independent research unit           ADDRESS:
Digital Media Institute   of Tampere University of Technology.
                                                                                            Postal address:
Website:                  REMIT:Its main purpose is to organise and carry out               P.O. Box 553    multidisciplinary research in the broad field of digital media.   FIN-33101 TAMPERE
                          The heart of DMI is a thorough knowledge of signal
                          processing algorithms, which includes audio, image and            Street address:
                          video as well as biomedical signal processing. The other          Korkeakoulunkatu 1
                          core technologies include telecommunications, hardware            33720 TAMPERE
                          and software implementations and networked multimedia.            FINLAND
                          We strongly rely on the concept of science-based
                          innovation. Science is the strong foundation on which we          Telephone:
                          construct our operations and is the only soil in which fruitful   +358 3 3115 2050
                          innovations can flourish.                                         Fax:
                                                                                            +358 3 3115 2216
                          RESEARCH: DMI is conducting research in the field of
                          information technology. The heart of our expertise is a
                          thorough knowledge of signal processing algorithms, which
                          includes audio, image and video as well as biomedical
                          signal processing. The other core technologies include
                          telecommunications, hardware and software
                          implementations and networked multimedia.

                          Research Groups

                          Signal Processing
                          Signal Processing Algorithm Group
                          Audio Research Group
                          Medical Image Processing and Analysis

                          Digital Systems
                          Parallel and Multimedia Systems
                          Learning Systems and Data Fusion
                          VLSI Circuit Design for Signal Processing
                          DSP and Digital Communication Systems-on-Chip

Digital Techniques Group

Digital Transmission Group
Networks and Protocols Group
Analog Circuits for Digital Communications

Software Systems
Specification of Reactive Systems
Techniques and Tools for Object-oriented Software
Verification Algorithms

FUNDING: Basic research, which is done in the long
perspective, is mostly funded by the Academy of Finland or
the EU. DMI's total budget for 2003 was 14.9 million euros.
The greatest public financers in 2003 were the Academy of
Finland and other academic sources, including EU. They
financed 35 % of DMI's research. Commissioned research
carried out for the industrial and commercial sectors formed
33 % of the income in 2003. The National Technology
Agency Tekes covered 31 % of the DMI research budget.

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Applied research on the other
hand is done in close cooperation with industrial partners.
DMI unites a broad range of expertise within Tampere
University of Technology. It comprises altogether 6
     Institute of Signal Processing
     Institute of Digital and Computer Systems
     Institute of Software Systems
     Institute of Communications Engineering
     Hypermedia Laboratory
     Medical Information Technology in Seinäjoki

Univ. of Art and       The Media Lab is the school of digital design at the               ADDRESS:
Design Helsinki -      University of Art and Design Helsinki.
MediaLab                                                                                  Media Lab
                       ESTABLISHED: 1993                                                  University of Art and
Website:                                                                                  Design Helsinki
                       REMIT: The mission of the Media Lab is to explore,                 Hämeentie 135 c   discover and comprehend the new digital technology and its         FI-00560 Helsinki
                       impact in society; to find and exploit the possibilities it        Helsinki
                       opens to communication, interaction and expression and to          Finland
                       evaluate, understand and deal with the challenges it poses
                       to design and creative production.
                                                                                          Recommended Contact:
                       RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:: The lab provides education               mlab@info
                       and research frameworks for studying digital media                 +358 (0)9 7563 0502.
                       contents and technologies, their design, development and           fax +358 (0)9 7563 0555.
                       the effect they have on society. Our work is characterised
                       by the collaboration of people from a wide variety of
                       disciplines and cultures.

                       The research activities of the Media Lab have been
                       actively developed since 1995 and are currently organised
                       through various thematic Research groups and projects as
                       well as through activities directly related to the studies of
                       the Media Lab's enrolled Doctoral studies.
                        The ARKI research group (was: Future Media Home)
                           deals with studying the positive and negative potential
                           of digitalization (long-term implications) in the context of
                           everyday life. Their approach is multidisciplinary
                           prioritizing social responsibility and the point of view of
                        The Learning Environments for Progressive Inquiry
                           research group (short name: Learning Environments
                           group) is involved in research, design and development
                           of New Media tools, as well as their use and application,
                           in the field of learning.
                        The Systems of Representation group conducts

    research into the representation of knowledge with
    particular emphasis on the transfer of culture heritage
    materials into the virtual domain including aspects of
    Activity Theory, virtual networked environments,
    knowledge structures and classifications systems and
    applications of 3D representation.
   Crucible Studio As a relatively new joint venture of
    Media Lab with Media Centre LUME at UIAH the
    Crucible Studio for Art and Engineering studies and
    develops narration of digital, non-linear and interactive
    media. The Studio's goal is to achieve deeper emotional
    experiences in interactive media and to create
    production methods to develop content and technology
    simultaneously in the multi-talented teams involving
    artists, designers, scientists and technology experts.
    Crucible also contributes to education within the
    'Interactive Audiovisual Narrative' line of MA studies.

Helsinki     TIEKE Finnish                                                                                                         Endre knows Inka
             Information Society        REMIT: TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development                                       Salovaara Moring
                                        Centre has a key networking role as a neutral and non-profit     ADDRESS:                  inka.moring@helsinki
             Development Centre
                                        organisation in promoting the efforts of its members, within                               .fi – she‘s an
                                        the public and private sectors alike, with an ultimate goal to   TIEKE                     associate professor
             Website:                                                                                    Salomonkatu 17 A, 10th
                                        create viable tools and expertise for use in the information                               at the University of
      society.                                                         floor                     Helsinki, also a
                                                                                                         FIN-00100 HELSINKI        member of the COST
                                        RESEARCH:                                                        Tel. +358 9 4763 0400     A30 network
                                        As of today, TIEKE's main focus is on the development of         Fax. +358 9 4763 0399
                                        networking and interoperability.                                 E-Mail:    Unclear whether this
                                                                                                                                   is a research centre
                                        MEMBERS: TIEKE´s membership mirrors an entire                    Recommended Contact:      or an industry
                                        spectrum of Finnish society and all key players in the                                     association.
                                        information society, totalling to more than one hundred          Aatto J. Repo (Managing
                                        organisations and companies. Members represent business          director)
                                        enterprises who develop, manufacture, market, and support        +358 9 4763 0350
                                        ICT products and services, as well as companies and              + 358 400 503 157
                                        organisations who deploy ICT in their operations. Also
                                        several ministries and public agencies, some of them
                                        directly involved in the promotion of Information Society
                                        development, have joined TIEKE's membership.


Dusseldorf   European Institute for     ESTABLISHED: established in 1983, in Manchester, in co-          ADDRESS:                  Observation and
             the Media (EIM)            operation with the European Cultural Foundation in                                         analysis of media
                                        Amsterdam. The EIM moved to Düsseldorf at the invitation         University of Dortmund    policies have been at
             Website:                   of the Government and Parliament of North Rhine-                 Vogelpothsweg 78          the core of the
                                        Westphalia and the City of Düsseldorf in 1992.                   DE-44227 Dortmund         Institute's research
                                                                                                         tel +49-(0)211-901040     activities since its
                                        REMIT: think tank which analyses media and                       fax +49-(0)211-9010456    beginnings 1983
                                        communications development in the Europe of the digital          Email:
                                        age and advises policy makers, governments and other                                       The Media and
                                        social groups on the improvement of freedom of media in all      Recommended Contact:      Democracy Project
                                        parts of Europe, on the constituents of the future "civil                                  was established in

                                      digital society" and on the prosperity and social well-being   Prof. Joe Groebel         1989 as a media-
                                      within the evolving new media economy. The European            (Director General)        oriented response to
                                      Institute for the Media operates with a global perspective     Email:   the seminal changes
                                      including the co-operation with institutions on other          Phone: +49 211 90104-     taking place in
                                      continents.                                                    12                        Central and Eastern
                                                                                                                               Europe – if it is still
                                      RESEARCH: Main areas of research include:                                                active this might be a
                                         impact of convergence on the media                                                   good fit for CMCS.
                                         cross-border developments in the media and their
                                           role in the process of European integration;
                                         the public interest aspects of (new) media
                                         the growth of the Information Society.

                                      Three major programmes:
                                          Communications Policies
                                          Digital World
                                          Media and Democracy

                                      NETWORK and PARTNERS: PMCLP (Oxford University);
                                      CITI (Columbia University); CCP (UCLA University); INA
                                      (Paris). See further:
Saarbrucken   Institute of European   ESTABLISHED: 1990                                              ADDRESS:
              Media Law (EMR)
                                      REMIT: Independent association which aims at responding        Nell-Breuning-Allee 6
              Website:                to the increasing needs in the area of media law research.     66115 SAARBRÜCKEN
                                      RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:
                                         Legal Studies and Transparency                             Recommended Contact:
                                         Conferences and Publications (IRIS)
                                         Projects (i.e., Digital Audio Broadcasting)                Alexander Scheuer
                                         Consultancy for the German government, public              Tel.:+49(0)6819927511
                                           bodies and commercial firms.                              Fax:+49 (0)68199275 12
                                         Collection of European media laws. Database:

                                      NETWORK and PARTNERS: European Audiovisual

Observatory and Hans Bredow Institute (i.e., Project on co-
regulation for the European Commission).

Hamburg   Hans-Bredow               Research Institute at the University of Hamburg               ADDRESS:                   The German Science
          Institute for Media                                                                                                Council has stressed
          Research                  ESTABLISHED: Founded as an independent organization           Hans-Bredow-Institut       the Institute's high
                                    by the                                                        Heimhuder Straße 21        level of research and
          Website:                  Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk broadcasting corporation           20148 Hamburg              declared it one of
                                    NWDR in cooperation with the University of Hamburg in         Tel.:(+49 40) 450 217-0    Germany's most
          http://www.hans-          1950.                                                         Fax:(+49 40) 450 217-77    distinguished
          bredow-                                                                                 email: info@hans-          research institutions.
 REMIT: The research conducted by the Institute focuses on
          en/index.html             mediated public communication. Within the media sphere                                   Note that the Institute
                                    and its intertwined interests, the Institute emphasizes its   Hans-Bredow-Institut       is very active in the
                                    role as an independent observer                               Dependance                 organisation of
                                                                                                  Warburgstraße 8-10         conferences and
                                    RESEARCH:                                                     20354 Hamburg              symposia, as well as
                                    Five areas of activity                                        Tel.:(+49 40) 450 217-0    consultancy projects
                                     Media System and Policies                                   Fax:(+49 40) 450 217-99    (currently doing a
                                     Media Law and Telecommunications Law                                                   major one for the
                                     Media Organization and Media Industry                       Recommended Contact:       European
                                     Media Content and Media Culture                                                        Commission on co-
                                     Media Use and Media Effects                                 Dr. Wolfgang Schulz        regulation). They are
                                                                                                                             also working for the
                                    FUNDING: The Institute is funded by individual project        Hans-Bredow-Institut für   German Government
                                    incomes and third-party funds as well as regular              Medienforschung            on a regular basis.
                                    contributions from the City of Hamburg, the NDR Media         Heimhuder Straße 21
                                    GmbH, the Westdeutsche Rundfunkwerbung, the ARD-              20148 Hamburg              High quality
                                    Werbung, the TV channel ZDF, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der      Tel.: 040 450 217 - 0      publications,
                                    Landesmedienanstalten and the Medienstiftung Hamburg          Fax: 040 450 217 - 77      including
                                                                                                  E-Mail: W.Schulz@hans-     International Media
                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS: PCMLP (Oxford), ITM                    Handbook.
                                    (Munster); IViR (Amsterdam); EMR (Saarbrucken); EAO
                                    (Strasbourg)                                                                             However, in the past,
                                                                                                                             the center was not
                                                                                                                             very eager to engage
                                                                                                                             in international
Hamburg   Media School              Private-Public Partnership, Hamburg, University of            Hamburg Media School       No present research
                                    Hamburg, Technical University of Hamburg                      Finkenau 35                but many students

                                                                                           22081 Hamburg               who might be
          Website:                                                                         Telefon: + 49 (0)40 413     interested in our
          http://www.hamburgme                                                             468-0                       teaching programs
                                                            Fax: +49 (0)40 413 468-     (An Ox as well as
          100180_v1.html                                                                   10                          CMCS)
Cologne   Institut fuer            Institute within the University of Cologne              ADDRESS:                    Comments?
          (Institute for           ESTABLISHED: 1990                                       Recommended Contact:
                                   REMIT: broadcasting and media economics, including      Dr. Manfred Kops
                                   aspects of law and communication studies.               Phone: (0221) 23 35 36
                                                                                           Fax: (0221) 24 11 34
          Website:                 RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                E-Mail:
          http://www.rundfunk-                                                             manfred.kops@uni-
          institut.uni-               Engagement in teaching (undergrad, grad and PhD),
           research and events.
                                      Long established series of research papers
                                      Organization of conferences, seminars, etc,

Mainz     Mainzer                  Centre within Mainz University.                         ADDRESS:                    Research and
          Medieninstitut                                                                                               teaching on which
                                   ESTABLISHED:                                            Mainzer Medieninstitut      topics???
          Website:                                                                         Professor Dr. Dieter Dörr
          http://www.mainzer-      REMIT:                                                  Kaiserstr. 32               Maxim HAuk, An Ox
                                                                                           55116 Mainz                 2005 graduate, is
   RESEARCH AND ACTIVITIES:                                Tel.: 06131/144 92 50       part of the LLM
          00.htm                    Engaged in research                                   Fax: 06131/144 92 60        program.
                                    Teaching offered as part of the: Degree Program:      eMail: doerr@mainzer-
                                     Master of Laws (LLM) in Media law and as a regular           CMCS is in contact
                                     part of the law curriculum                                                        with Prof. Doerr. Who
                                                                                                                       is the director of the

                                                                                                                            commission on
                                                                                                                            media concentration
                                                                                                                            in Germany (KEK).
Mainz      Institut fuer         ESTABLISHED: 1966                                              ADDRESS:
                                 REMIT: Focused on theoretical thought as well as empirical     Colonel-Kleinmann-Weg
           Website:              studies                                                        2
                                                                                                55099 Mainz
                                 RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES: research and study                    Director: Prof. Dr. Hans
                                 programs on: Media and society, media history,                 Mathias Kepplinger
                                 organisation and functioning of the mass media, media          Administrative assistant:
                                 effects, public opinion, communication flow and news           Anita Heil
                                 selection, journalism, public relations, conflict and crisis   Phone: +49 / 6131 / 392-
                                 communication, political communication, and international      2670
                                 communication                                                  Fax. +49 / 6131 / 392-
                                                                                                E-mail: ifpmail@uni-
Munich     Institut für          ESTABLISHED: 1956                                              ADDRESS:
           k GmbH (ITR)          REMIT: Founded as a private company, it is the central         Floriansmuehlstrasse 60
                                 research and development establishment of the Public           D-80939 Munich
                                 Broadcasters in Germany (ARD, ZDF since 1964, DLR              Germany
                                 since 1993), Austria (ORF since 1990), and Switzerland
             (SRG/SSR since 1989).                                          Recommended Contact:

                                                                                                Dr Klaus Illgner-Fehns,
                                                                                                Administrative Assistant:
                                                                                                Maria Fritz
                                                                                                Phone: (+49 89) 3 23 99
                                                                                                - 227
                                                                                                Fax: (+49 89) 3 23 99 -
Muenster   Institut für          Research Institute part of the University of Muenster Legal    ADDRESS:                    Professor Holznagel
                                 Studies Department.                                                                        has been a lecturer

Informations-,                                                                            Leonardo-Campus 9       at the Oxford
Telekommunikations-       ESTABLISHED: 1998                                               48149 Münster           Summer School.
und Medienrecht
Abteilung II (ITM)        REMIT: ITM is divided into the ―civil‖ or private law and the   Recommended Contact:    He is also linked to
                          public law departments.                                                                 the IJC in Budapest
                                                                                          Dr. Bernd Holznagel     and WIK
Website:                  RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                        (heads the public law   (telecommunications
 http://www.uni-                                                                          division)               business consultancy         Media and Cyber Law                                      holznagel@uni-          in Bohn) with whom
.html                           European and German Telecommunications Law                  they recently co-
                                Network Regulation                                                               organized an
                                Economics of the Internet                                                        international
                                                                                                                  conference on
                          ITM publishes the International Journal of Communications                               European
                          Law and Policy (IJCLP):                                telecommunications
                          ITM is very active in the organization of summer schools.                               regulation.
                          Last one held in France in 2005: http://www.uni-

                          NETWORK and PARTNERS: PCMLP (Oxford, see below);
                          IJC (Budapest); Centre for Chinese Law and Policy (China);
                          Faculty of Journalism (Moscow); Communications Media
                          Centre (New York Law School)

Rostock   Universitaet Rostock,     ESTABLISHED: Late 90ies.                                      ADDRESS:                    Nanne met Gersdorf
          Juristische Fakultaet                                                                                               at Hamburg
                                    REMIT: National media law, regulation and policy.             Richard-Wagner-Straße       Univeristy where he
          Website:                                                                                7                           was a n associate
                                    ACTIVITIES: Undergrads, graduate students and PhDs.           18055 Rostock               Professor.
                                                                                                  Tel. +49 381 20360-76
                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS:                                         Fax: +49 381 20360-75       His wife is an
                                                                                                                              associate Profesor at
                                                                                                  Recommended Contact:        Potsdam University
                                                                                                                              and also working with
                                                                                                  Prof. Hubertus Gersdorf     White&Case,
                                                                                                  E-Mail: hubertus.gersdorf   Germany. Both are


Athens    The Hellenic              National applied research organization in the field of        ADDRESS:                    Seems like a good
          Audiovisual Institute     audiovisual communication                                                                 starting point for
                                                                                                  6, Vas. Sofias Ave.,        networking in
          Website:                  ESTABLISHED: 1994                                             106 74 Athens               Greece.

                                    REMIT: To provide scientific support to build links between   Tel: +30 210 7258 910/      Similar institutes exist
          sh.htm                    policy decision-making centres, universities and research     +30 210 7258 912            in France and Spain.
                                    bodies, public and private programme production and           Fax: +30 210 7258 911
                                    distribution structures as well as the audiovisual industry   Email:           Important centre for
                                    creative forces in Greece.                                                                documentation and
                                                                                                  Recommended Contact:        library resources. It is
                                    RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                                                  accessible to
                                     Engaged in carrying out methodical research-projects                                    journalists,
                                      concerning, mainly, the audiovisual media: Radio,                                       researchers,
                                      Television, Cinema, Multimedia and New Technologies.                                    government officials,
                                     support towards countries and regions with low                                          experts, students and
                                      audiovisual production capacity and/or restricted                                       others.
                                      linguistic or geographical area
                                     Training Seminars in Mass Media.

   Establishment of the first Public Centre of
    Documentation and Library Services for the disciplines
    of Communication and Information

NETWORK and PARTNERS: European Commission
(Media Plus Programme); European Audiovisual

Athens     Panteion University of ESTABLISHED:                                                  ADDRESS:               Nikos Leandros is
           Social and Political                                                                                        part of the COST
           Sciences, Department REMIT:                                                          136 Sygrou Ave.        network. He has led
           of Communication,                                                                    176 71 GR              the COST A20 on
           Media and Culture      RESEARCH:                                                     Athens - GREECE        Internet regulation.
                                                                                                Tel: +30 1 9220100,
                                  NETWORK and PARTNERS: University of Navarra (Spain)           9223227                He previously worked
                                                                                                Fax : +30 1 9223690    at Greece Central
                                                                                                e-mail:                Bank.
                                                                                           Interested in global
                                                                                                Recommended Contact:   communications.
                                                                                                                       Need to contact him
                                                                                                                       for further


Budapest   Center for Media and   Established within the Central European University            ADDRESS:               Full case study on
           Communication                                                                                               CMCS to be drafted
           Studies                ESTABLISHED: 2004                                             Nador u. 9, 1051       for the Bellagio
                                                                                                Budapest, Hungary      Conference.
           Website:               REMIT: CMCS has emerged as a new center of excellence         Tel: (36-1) 235-6126
                                  for promoting media and communication studies throughout      Fax: (36-1) 235-6168
         the Central and Eastern European region. We aim to            E-mail:
                                  accomplish this in a manner that can be useful to NGOs,
                                  policy-makers and regulators as well as for internationally   Recommended Contact:
                                  acclaimed scholars and researchers.                           Laura Ranca
                                  RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:
                                  Research projects
                                      -CIVICWEB - "Young People, the Internet and Civic
                                      A30 COST Action ‗East of West: Setting a New

       Central and Eastern European Media Research
       Agenda‘ (2005 - 2009)
      Internet & Elections 2004

International conferences
     Re:activism - International Conference on the Fate
        of Activism in the Digital Age (Central European
        University, Budapest, October 14 - 16, 2005)
     Hate Speech conference in March 2006
     ICA pre-conference in June 2006

    Media and Information Stream in the Master for
      Public Policy (at the Center for Policy Studies, CEU)

    EC Russia
    DfID

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Annenberg School for
Communication (Univ. of Pennsylvania), the Budapest
Technical University and the Central European University
(CEU). Recent Agreement with IJC (Budapest) to develop
the MPP-Media Stream and collaborate in research and

Budapest   Centre for Media         ESTABLISHED: 2002 as a joint effort of the Department of    ADDRESS:                    MOKK has been
           Research and             Sociology and Communication at the Budapest University of                               involved in various
           Education (MOKK)         Technologyand Economy and the leading Hungarian telco,      Budapest H-1111,            CMCS projects (e.g.,
                                    MATÁV Rt                                                    Sztoczek u. 2, 3rd floor.   Re:activism)
           Website:                                                                             301
                                    REMIT: furthering multi-disciplinary research and education Tel: 00-36-1-463-3500
    in the field of new media in Hungary. MOKK's teaching and Fax: 00-36-1-463-3516
           ex_html-                 research staff comes from very different academic           Email:
           en?set_language=en&c     backgrounds - such as economics, urban sociology, media
           l=en                     studies, cultural studies, computer science, cognitive
                                    sciences and linguistics - but share an interest in new     Recommended Contact:
                                    media technologies.                                         Director: Laszlo Sallai

                                    RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:
                                    MOKK is involved in several on-going R&D projects such as
                                    the National Digital Archive; Szószablya (Wordchopper),
                                    an open source morphological analysis application for the
                                    Hungarian language; Hunglish, an open source
                                    mechanical statistical translator application (Hungarian-
                                    English; English-Hungarian); and Agyfarm (Brainfarm), an
                                    integrated on-line group-work, publication and
                                    communication platfrorm for Hungarian academic
Budapest   Centre for               Research centre within the Institute for Legal Studies at      ADDRESS:                 Szabolcs Koppanyi
           Infocommunications       the Hungarian Academy of Sciences                                                       (ICJ research
           Law (IJC)                                                                               MTA Jogtudományi         manager) has been
                                    ESTABLISHED: 2003                                              Intézete                 co-teaching with
                                                                                                   Infokommunikációs Jogi   Monica Arino in the
                                    REMIT: The IJC has a threefold aim                             Centrum                  first year of the MPP-
                                     conducting in-depth scientific research on legal aspects     1014 Budapest            Media Stream at
                                       of various areas of infocommunications,                     Országház u. 30.         CEU.
                                     participating in the academic education
                                     establishing an ongoing scientific dialogue both within      Kitti Popovics           The ICJ is well
                                       the academic sphere and between the public and the          tel:+36-30-36-22-940     established in
                                       private sector                                              fax: +36-1-375 78 58     Hungary and has an
                                    The ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of law           increasing network of

related to the elaboration of the information society and the   Recommended Contact:     contacts.
evolvement of new economies, establishing a link between
science and practice.                                           Dr. Szabolcs Koppanyi    Plans to collaborate
                                                                                         with Icri
RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                               or
   Research on common problems of ICT laws           
   Electronic Communications Laws
   Data protection and other issues related to the internet
   Digital Copyright Law
   Media Law
   Regulation of networks
   The impact of Multisector integration and Convergence
    to the regulation of network industries
   Access in EC case law and implications for ICT

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Budapest University of
Technologyl University of Miskolc, ITM (Muenster), CIRD
(Namur) and WIK consultancy (Bad Honnef, Germany).


          Centre for Society,      Centre within Dublin City University School of                  ADDRESS:                       Farrel Corcoran is
Dublin    Information and          Communication                                                                                 part of the COST
          Media (SIM),                                                                               Dublin City University,     network.
                                   REMIT: The Centre for Society Information and Media               Dublin 9, Ireland.
                                   (SIM) is a communications research centre, investigating          Tel. +353 (0) 1 700 5000,
                                   socio-economic, historical, professional and cultural aspects Fax. +353 (0) 1 836
          Website:                 of print, audiovisual and digital media. SIM builds on, and       0830.
    expands, the work on digital media and new media
          munications/index.shtm   industries, that was the focus of the Centre for Society          Head of school:
          l                        Technology and Media (STeM, 2000-2005). It also conducts Brian Trench
                                   research in broader areas of media policy and practice.           Phone Number: 5668
                                   SIM brings together researchers who represent a range of          Room Number: C2122
                                   approaches to study of the media, including those of policy       Email Address:
                                   studies, reception analysis, cultural studies, political history,
                                   textual studies and social organisation. Its Director is
                                   Professor Farrel Corcoran                                         Recommended Contact:

                                   RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                        Farrel Corcoran

                                      The School has been the leading provider of taught
                                       courses in media communications in Ireland for over         /corcoranf/
                                       twenty years. The School pioneered the development of
                                       teaching in communications, journalism and multimedia
                                       at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
                                      The School is the only university department in the state
                                       that is focused on media and is one of the largest of its
                                       kind in Europe, with 600 undergraduate students, 130
                                       students on taught Masters programmes, and 25
                                       research students.

                                   Undergraduate programmes all run for three years and are:
                                       BA Communication Studies
                                       BA Journalism

      BSc Multimedia

Postgraduate programmes are:
    MA Communications and Cultural Studies (two-year,
       part-time - next entry September 2007)
    MA Film and Television Studies (one-year, full-time
       or two-year, part-time)
    MA Journalism (one-year, full-time)
    MA Political Communication (two-year, part-time -
       next entry September 2007)
    MSc Multimedia (one-year, full-time)
    MSc Science Communication (one-year, full-time or
       two-year, part-time)

Dublin   Digital Media Centre,         ESTABLISHED: 1998                                              ADDRESS:
         Dublin Institute of
         Technology                    REMIT: The Mission of the Research Unit of the Digital         Digital Media Centre,
                                       Media Centre is to investigate and explore current and         DIT, Aungier Street,
         Website:                      emerging developments in interactive media, and                Dublin 2 , Ireland.
                                       information & communications technologies in new and        innovative ways; and to apply these to the benefit of          00353.1.4023047 [ tel]
                                       Education and Industry.                                        00353.1.4023293 [fax]
                                       In association with the Faculty of Applied Arts, the Digital
                                       Media Centre is a dynamic structure for the development of
                                       new media, creating links between academia, industry and
                                       the public sector: cross-fertilising education and industry;
                                       supporting industry with academic skills and knowledge;
                                       supporting education with industry market intelligence and
                                       resources; and influencing public policy.

                                       RESEARCH: The Dublin Institute of Technology's Digital
                                       Media Centre provides a multi-disciplinary environment for
                                       research, education and commercial development focused
                                       on the application of interactive digital media.

                                       Current projects focus on: Toolsets for Virtual
                                       Environments; Spatio-temporal Interfaces for Cultural Data;
                                       Toolsets and Methodologies for the Creation of an Irish
                                       Cultural Portal; and Algorithmic Music.


         Center for the Study          Research Centre at the University of Haifa                     ADDRESS                   Endre knows Sheizaf
         of the Information                                                                                                     Rafaeli (one of the
         Society, University of        REMIT: the CISR was formed at the University of Haifa by a     IBM building, room 693,   organizers of the
         Haifa                         group of researchers who propose an inter-disciplinary         Jacobs Building, rooms    2004 AoIR
                                       study of the linkages between communication technologies       612, 614                  conference in
                                       and the communities within which they are created and          Haifa University          Sussex) and Rivka
         Website:                      shaped, and which they affect. The researchers wish to         Mount Carmel, 31905       Ribak

links_eng.htm   bring historical, geographical, economical, political, legal,   email
                linguistic, ethnographic, and communication perspectives to
                basic, theoretical, and applied research, and to build the      .il
                foundations for an enlightened debate and informed,             Phone number : 972-4-
                coherent, and effective policy decisions in Israel.             8249581

                RESEARCH:                                                       Director - Prof. Sheizaf
                                                                                Rafaeli - 972-4-8249578
                   Questions about   Community
                    Questions about   Policy, Power, and Regulation             Center Coordinator -
                   Questions about   the Encounter of People and               Atalia Ophir 972-4-
                    Technology                                                  8249581
                   Questions about   Planning and Diffusion
                   Questions about   Changing Meanings


                The Center will focus on six principal areas of activity:

                Research - Development of a long-term research program
                that will encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research
                on questions relating to the information society, as detailed

                Information Archive - Accumulation and maintenance a
                collection of documents concerning the information society
                in Israel.

                Publications - The Center will facilitate the publication of
                the research work of its staff, including public position
                papers on topics relevant to the information society.

                Academic Conferences - Organization of conferences,
                seminars, and colloquia concerning the information society.

                External Meetings - The Center will occasionally convene

meetings between academic professionals and
representatives in government, the legal establishment,
industry, and commerce in order to reflect upon issues
related to the information society.

The Center intends to recruit funding from various granting
institutions, from government sources, and from the
telecommunication and computing industrial sectors, for the
establishment of an endowed research fund.

NETWORK and PARTNERS: International Ties - Given
the potential of communication technologies to promote
regional and global cooperation by lowering political and
cultural barriers to peaceful communication between
nations, the Center will cultivate and maintain cooperative
relationships with internationally based researchers,
scholars, and institutions, especially those located in the
Middle East, that are engaged in similar lines of inquiry.

Negev   Hubert Burda Center       ESTABLISHED: 1999                                               ADDRESS:
        for Innovative
        Communications, at        REMIT: The Hubert Burda Center for Innovative                   The Burda Center for
        Ben Gurion University     Communications was established at Ben Gurion University         Innovative
        of the Negev              of the Negev in 1999, under the sponsorship of Hubert           Communications, at Ben
                                  Burda Media of Germany                                          Gurion University of the
                                                                                                  Negev, Israel.
        Website:                  The Center's mission and objectives are to develop a
        http://burdacenter.bgu.   common discourse among media scholars, practitioners,           Tel: 972-8-6477194                    entrepreneurs, and policy makers; to research, compare,         Fax: 972-8-6472855
                                  analyze, and interpret older and newer media; to study and      Email:
                                  experiment with the theory and application of new media,
                                  with particular reference to Israel's Negev special             Academic Director: Prof.
                                  populations and settlements patterns; to disseminate            Dan Caspi
                                  knowledge and information, and to help formulate blueprints     Executive Director: Dr.
                                  and guidelines for media literacy and training. The structure   Eitan Alimi
                                  and activities are geared toward the achievement of these
                                  objectives, through:
                                  International Conferences and Seminars
                                  Burda Scholars Project
                                  Research and Development

                                     "digital convergence" of media
                                     growing "permeability" of the media environment,
                                       featuring transparent boundaries and a unified
                                       language, which serve to create, transmit, and store
                                       words, sounds, images, and data
                                     interaction of emerging technologies with economic,
                                       political, legal, social and cultural systems; the re-
                                       definition of ground rules for its application in
                                       business, law, politics, health care, education, and
                                       particularly in communication; the control of the
                                       "digital divide", that makes acess to the new media
                                       unequal among individuals, groups, and entire

   information ownership, value creation, privacy,
    security, and the properties of network-based virtual
   technical, cognitive, and aesthetic uses of mediation
    by newer technologies, to improve human
    interaction and quality of life.

Tel Aviv   The Netvision                ESTABLISHED: 2003                                                ADDRESS:
           Institute for Internet
           Studies ,Tel Aviv            REMIT: in May 2003 Tel Aviv University established a             Academic Director:
           University:                  pioneering, interdisciplinary Institute for Internet Studies     Professor Niv Ahituv,
                                        named after the largest Internet Service Provider company        Faculty of Management
                                        in Israel -- Netvision. The Institute is one of only a few       (formerly Vice President
           Website:                     throughout the world.                                            and Director General of
                                                                     Tel Aviv University)
           page.aspx?pid=48&cid         The Netvision Institute's mission is threefold:        
           =0&menu=16                   ¨ To conduct and disseminate comprehensive research on            Professional Director: Eli
                                        the social, cultural, managerial, economic, legal, and ethical   Hacohen, Journalist
                                        ramifications of the Internet on our lives, with a view to
                                        becoming a leading national and international academic            Coordinator of Academic
                                        force in the field.                                              Activities: Dr. Yael
                                        ¨ To provide policymakers with timely information and            Steimberg
                                        analyses to help guide Internet-related decision-making.
                                        ¨ To facilitate professional relationships between the            Ori Ringer
                                        business sector and the academia such that both sides will
                                        benefit from a fruitful exchange of problems, solutions and      The Institute phone
                                        ideas.                                                           number is +972-3-
                                                                                                         6408027, fax +972-3-
                                        RESEARCH:                                                        6436189
                                        The Institute promotes and encourages the study and    
                                        research of Internet-related topics across the entire
                                        spectrum of fields. Particular attention is given to joint
                                        projects -among researchers from different disciplines. The
                                        following sampling of topics demonstrates the breadth and
                                        scope of the proposed research in the context of Internet:
                                        ¨ Governance and regulation
                                        ¨ Digital divide
                                        ¨ Global trade
                                        ¨ E-commerce
                                        ¨ Legal, ethical, and human rights issues (e.g., tax laws,
                                        privacy, obscenity, intellectual property)
                                        ¨ Political and democratic processes and E-government
                                        ¨ E-learning, educational websites, web-based learning

environments and distance learning
¨ Semiotic systems & hypertext: philosophical, artistic, and
educational ramifications
¨ Interpersonal relationships, identity and gender-related
¨ Virtual communities and cyberspace cultures
¨ Globalization and localization processes
¨ Art and multi-media digital art
¨ Internet journalism and alternative information sources
¨ Supply chain management
¨ Health-related concerns (physical and psychological), E-
¨ Sexuality and cyber-sex
¨ Israeli patterns of Internet use
¨ Cyber-wars and cyber-terror
¨ Cognitive processes, learning, and assessment through
the Internet
¨ Active participation on the Web
¨ Internet research methodologies
¨ Internet racism and anti-Semitism
¨ Consumer culture
¨ Cybercrime and its controls
¨ Jewish and Israeli aspects of the Internet

At the moment, the Institute does not have any endowment
fund but it is supported by Netvision on an annual basis for
five years. An academic director has been appointed, on a
voluntary basis. A professional director with proven
experience in the Internet and a research coordinator have
also been appointed.

The Institute maintains and promotes close ties with
industry representatives, law practitioners, media
professionals, policymakers, educators, public agencies,
and other relevant groups, through think tanks, workshops

and a permanent advisory committee.


Florence   Media Integration and        Research Centre within the University of Florence                ADDRESS:
           Communication                                                                                                             Website currently
           Centre                       ESTABLISHED: September 2001                                      Viale Morgagni 65           being updated.
                                                                                                         50134, Florence, ITALY
                                        REMIT: National centre of excellence for research in the         Phone: +390554237401        Close links with a
                                        area of new media. Works with an interdisciplinary focus         Fax: +39 0554237400         strong community of
           http://morpheus.micc.u       connecting information and communication technology,                                         professors and
    humans sciences, law and regulation                              Recommended Contact:        researchers in
           m                                                                                                                         Tuscany.
                                        RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                         Director: Vito Cappellini
                                                                                                   Links with the Italian
                                           Teaching: Cooperates with the Masters in Multimedia                                      PSB RAI via Roberto
                                            within the University of Florence                                                        Zaccaria, former
                                           Contributes to PhD programmes in the area of law,                                        director of the centre
                                            social and communications sciences.                                                      and ex-president of
                                        NETWORK and PARTNERS:
                                                                                                                                     Good work in
Rome       Intellectual Property        Research Centre within the Centre for Company Law                ADDRESS:                    Good international
           and Competition              (CERADI) at the University of LUISS                                                          networks despite
           Observatory                                                                                   Via O. Tommasini, 1         being mainly focused
                                        ESTABLISHED: 1998                                                00162 Roma                  on the Italian legal
                                        REMIT: To analyze and discuss a variety of topics which          Tel. 0686506.700-730        system.
                                        focus on significant decisions and regulations in the field of   Fax 0686506503
    IP and competition. The analysis is primarily referred to the    E-mail:      Well renowned for
           a/centri/opicc/english_v     Italian legal system, whereas constant reference is made to                                  the study of
           ersion/index.php             the international and the European Community scenario.                                       intellectual property
                                        RESEARCH: The Observatory carries research in the                Recommended Contact:        rights generally, but
                                        fields of patents (including chemistry), trade-marks,                                        unclear how relevant
                                        advertising, biotechnology and vegetable features, software      Gustavo Ghidini             communications and
                                        and microchips‘ topography protection, copyright, antitrust      (Director)                  media are in their
                                        law, and telecommunications law                             research agenda.

                                                              Further information
   professional training for legal experts in intellectual   should be collected
    property;                                                 via email.
   consulting and information-providing in relation to the
    presentation and critical analysis of statutory and
    regulatory projects to be discussed before the
    competent national, Community and international
   seminar and conference activities as well as research

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Max Planck Institute of
Munich, the Law Center belonging to Georgetown
University of Washington D.C., Columbia University and the
Information Society Project of the Law School of Yale

Pavia       Osservatorio di Pavia     Research Centre within the University of Pavia                    ADDRESS:                Very good
            Website:                  ESTABLISHED: 1994                                                 Osservatorio di Pavia
            http://www.osservatorio                                                                     c/o CARES               Added Value: Very
            .it/ist/profile.html      REMIT: The mission of The Osservatorio di Pavia is to             via Roma 10             active in central and
                                      safeguard social, cultural and political pluralism in the field   27100 Pavia             Eastern Europe as
                                      of mass media.                                                    tel. +39 0382.28911 /   well as Africa.
                                                                                                        +39 0382.29979
                                      RESEARCH:                                                         fax +39 0382.307028     Excellent training
                                                                                                        Email:                  courses in TV
                                         Thematic Research                                       monitoring.
                                         Research on communication and gender
                                         Research on communication and multiculturalism                                        Projects in
                                                                                                        Recommended Contact:    Afganistan.
                                                                                                                                Linked with David
                                         Permanent monitoring of TV communication                                              Ward (Centre for
                                         Election monitoring                                                                   Media Policy and
                                         Training and Courses                                                                  Development).

                                      NETWORK and PARTNERS: Long-term co-operation with
                                      the RAI - the Italian national broadcaster - for which the
                                      Osservatorio di Pavia has carried out media monitoring
                                      since 1994. The data produced by the Osservatorio di Pavia
                                      is currently utilised by the Parliamentary Commission on the

                                      Other partners are: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the
                                      OSCE/ODHIR, the UE, the Council of Europe (COE); Italian
                                      and foreign NGOs; the IULM, the Università Cattolica of
                                      Milan, the Ministry of the Treasury, the Ministry of the
                                      Environment, the National Institute of Health, the ENI, the
                                      CNEL and Abacus.


              Vytautas Magnus       ESTABLISHED: 1998                                                ADDRESS:
              University, Dept of                                                                    Daukanto 28, Kaunas
              Journalism            REMIT: The Department of Journalism is committed to the          Tel (37) 327807
                                    mission of providing high quality training in both the art and
              Website:              science of journalism. The Graduate Programme in Public          Recommended Contact:
                                    Communications aims to educate media professionals for
          the different spheres of mass and public communications:         Aukse Balcytiene
                                         As journalists and editors in the mainstream media;
                                         As journalists, information designers, and editors for
                                             virtual media;
                                         As public relations officers and press secretaries in
                                             both business and public sectors;
                                         As communications analysts, planners and

                                       The Media and Democratisation in the Nordic-Baltic
                                         Area of Europe: a Comparative Approach
                                       The Media and the Development of the European
                                         Public Sphere
                                       The Media and Journalism in the Age of
                                       The Impact of the Internet on Media in Lithuania
                                       Journalism Training & Education
                                       The Media, Civil Society, and Political Culture in
                                         Eastern Europe


Amsterdam     Institute of          Research Institute within the Faculty of Law of the              ADDRESS:                   This is the leading
              Information Law       University of Amsterdam                                                                     centre in IPR and
              (IViR)                                                                                 Institute for              communciations
                                    ESTABLISHED:                                                     Information Law (IViR)     studies in Europe.
              Website:                                                                               Rokin 84
                                    REMIT: largest research facility in the field of information     1012 KX Ámsterdam          Excellent

                                                                                                                                       63   law in Europe. It employs over 25 qualified researchers who       Tel: +31 20 525 3406       international
english.html                actively study and report on a wide range of subjects in the      Fax: +31 20 525 3033       networks.
                            field of information law.                                         Email:
                                                                                                                         Natali Helberger is an
                            RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                          Recommended Contact:       outstanding scholar
                                                                                                                         in the area of
                            The activities of the Institute include:                          Natali Helberger:          telecommunications
                                Research in the field of information law, initiated by                                  regulation and IPR.
                                   the Institute or commissioned by third parties,            Email:   She is currently
                                   including the European Commission, the WIPO and            Phone: +31 205253646       leading a major
                                   the Council of Europe;                                     Fax: +31 205253033         project in DRM and a
                                Training of research assistants;                                                        visiting scholar at
                                Organizing conferences and symposia;                                                    Berkley.
                                Practical training (postgraduate courses,
                                   professional training, seminars);                                                     She participated in
                                Maintenance of a specialized library.                                                   the copyright summer
                                Masters‘ Degree Courses                                                                 school in Budapest in
                                                                                                                        2004.
                            (Detailed information on the activities of IViR is available in
                            the annual reports)

                            NETWORK and PARTNERS: European Audiovisual
                            Observatory (Strasbourg); Icri (Leuven); National
                            Information Technology and Law Programme (ITeR).

            Netherlands School       NESCOR is part of University of Amsterdam                  ADDRESS:                    Comments?
Amsterdam   of Communications
            Research – NESCoR        REMIT: NESCoR aims at contributing to knowledge on the     Kloveniersburgwal 48,
                                     political, social, psychological, cultural and economic    1012 CX, Amsterdam
            Website:                 aspects of communications infrastructure and production,   Tel +31-20-5253680
                                     contents, and effects, in a society characterized by the   Fax +31-20-5253681
      increasing importance of, and dependence on,               Url
                                     communication and information.                             Email

                                     RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES: Main research areas               Management:
                                                                                                Prof.dr. P.C. Neijens
                                     Communication Effects
                                      Design of Effective Communication                        http://www.onderzoekinfo
                                      News, Political Communication & Public Opinion 
                                     Communications, Organizations and Policies                 zoeker/PRS1238171/
                                      Communications Policies for Access
                                      Open & Informed Organizations
                                     Media Audiences and Culture
                                      Media Audience Analysis
                                      Media & Cultural Citizenship
                                      Media Audience Reception

                                     The school has a Ph.D. training program for young
                                     researchers from the Netherlands and abroad and is
                                     internationally oriented

                                     NETWORK and PARTNERS: Free University Amsterdam;
                                     Radboud University Nijmegen; University of Amsterdam
                                     University of Twente


Trondheim   University of Trondheim ESTABLISHED: 1978                                        ADDRESS:                       Bjorn Sorenssen
            - NTNU, Department of                                                            Address for visitors:          bjorn.sorenssen@hf.
            Art and Media Studies   REMIT: The study Drama, Film and Theatre was started in  The University Centre of is member of
                                     1974, and from 1978 the department of the same name was Dragvoll, building 8, level    the COST A30 action

          Website:                   founded. From 1990 the course in drama, film and theatre      3 Norway
   was replaced by separate courses in drama/theatre and
          m/English/                 film. The film study has two variants: one                    Postal address:
                                     practical/theoretical and one theoretical. The study in       Department of Art and
                                     drama/theatre is practical/theoretical. Since then the        Media studies
                                     department has expanded further, with Media Studies from      NTNU
                                     the spring of 1994, and History of Arts, from the autumn of   7491 Trondheim
                                     1997. From the spring of 1997 the department changed its      Phone: +47 73591820
                                     name to Department of Art and Media Studies.                  Fax: +47 73591830

                                     ACTIVITIES:                                                   Recommended Contact:

                                     The Department of Art and Media Studies currently offers
                                     bachelor and master studies in 5 subject areas:
                                         Drama and theatre
                                         Film Studies
                                         History of Art
                                         Media Production
                                         Media Studies


Wroclaw   Wroclaw                    ESTABLISHED:                                                  ADDRESS:                 Beata Ociepka,
          University,                                                                                                       beata.ociepka@zkm.
          International              REMIT:                                                        Zakład Komunikowania member
          Communication                                                                            Międzynarodowego         of the COST A30
                                     RESEARCH:                                                        Instytut Studiów      network
          Website:                   NETWORK and PARTNERS:                                            Wydział Nauk
        Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft der TU Dresden        Społecznych
          (only in Polish)                        Uniwersytetu
                                          Institut für Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft         ul. Koszarowa 3
                                     der Universität Leipzig                                          51-149 Wrocław
                                                           Tel.: +48 71 375 51

                                  Herbert-Quandt-Stiftung                                            E-mail:
                                            Strona internetowa:
                                    HPSESSID=3bc37e8c064408975ecdf468f3210d9e                    http://www.zkm.uni.wroc.
                                  Instytut Dziennikarstwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

                                 Katedra Dziennikarstwa i Komunikacji Społecznej
                             Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

Krakow   Osrodek Badan       ESTABLISHED: 1954                                                   ADDRESS:
         (Centre for Press   REMIT: Press Research Centre was founded in                         ul. św. Filipa 25, PL 31-
         Research)           1956. Press Research Centre became part of                          150 Kraków
                             Jagiellonian University in 1990 and since then we aim at
                             combining market research experiences with high                     Director: +(48 12) 422
         Website:            standards of academic work. It is our goal to make use of           06 44          empirical findings in everyday university teaching, as well         Vice-Director: +(48 12)
                             as implement into market and social research all                    422 89 39
                             advantages stemming from theoretical approaches.                    Pracownia Badań
                                                                                                 Rynku: +48 012 422 87
                             RESEARCH: For more than 40 years it has been carrying               16
                             out systematic studies on the political, economic, cultural,
                             legal and social aspects of mass communication. The                 Pracownie badań
                             Centre gathers information on the changes in Polish media           podstawowych: +48
                             market, carries out content analyses of newspapers,                 012 422 87 16, +48 012
                             magazines, radio, television, organises national research on        422 15 94, +48 012 422
                             the readership of the press, reception of radio and television      60 68
                             and cultural activities of Poles.
                                                                                                 Zeszyty Prasoznawcze:
                             Crucial fields of our scientific interests fall in with the items   +48 012 422 60 68,
                             which are important for social and media communication.             Faks: +48 012 422 06 44
                             Usually, we analyse political communication during election         e-mail: uwpisare@cyf-
                             campaigns, different aspects of how media construct the   
                             image of the world, the language of media and journalists.          Polish Media

                             We regularly carry out national surveys to analyse the           Catalogue: +48 012 422
                             reception of printed and electronic media in Poland and to       60 68, e-mail:
                             describe social patterns of audience behaviour. All of the
                             findings are published in yearly reports ("Polish press, radio
                             and television and their audiences").


                             In the recent years we organised international conferences
                             on mass communication issues, especially dedicated to
                             questions and problems of highly importance to the region::
                             1993 - Social Communication in Changing Central
                             1994 - Media Ethics - The Image of the World in Media;
                             1995 - Structure of Power and Structure of Media;
                             1996 - Culture in Media - Media in Culture;
                             1997 - Foreign Capital in the Media of Central-Eastern

                             NETWORK and PARTNERS: Press Research Centre has
                             been a an institutional member of International Association
                             for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR/AIERI)
                             since 1957, International Communication Association since
                             1990. In the years 1974 - 1994 we were the seat of Central
                             European Mass Communication Research Documentation
                             Centre (CECOM), part of the COMNET network
                             (UNESCO). PRC has been an institutional member ENTIRE
                             (European Network on Trans-Integration Research) since


Lisbon     Observatório da   ESTABLISHED: 1999                                                ADDRESS:
           (Obercom)         REMIT: non-profit private organization that conducts             Observatório da
                             research in the area of commmunication, focusing on the          Comunicação

            Website:                 analysis of the portuguese communication-related markets    Palácio Foz - Praça dos
     and on the main questions of the media area and the         Restauradores 1250-187
            2004/                    convergence between media, new media and the                LISBOA
                                     information society.                                        Número Verde Grátis:
                                                                                                 800 910 130 (chamada
                                     RESEARCH:                                                   custeada pelo
                                     Main research areas:                                        OBERCOM)
                                      Press                                                     tel.: 213221319
                                      Advertising                                               fax.:213221320
                                      Audiovisual
                                      Information Society                                       e-mail
                                      Regulation                                      
                                      Communications

                                     NETWORK and PARTNERS: Eurofiction (Council of
                                     Europe); EAO (Strasbourt); Telos (Spain); Organisation
                                     Mondiale des Systemes de Communication (OMSYC)


Lbjuljana   European Institute for                                                               ADDRESS:
            Communications and       REMIT: To further research and publication in the general
            Culture (EURICOM)        areas of mass communication, media studies, and cultural    P.O. Box 2511, 1001
                                     studies. Euricom is particularly concerned with the         Ljubljana, Slovenija
                                     relationship of the mass media to issues of democracy and   Tel: +386 1 5805 242;
                                     democratisation.                                            +386 1 5641 626
                                                                 Fax: +386 1 5805 106
                                     RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:
                                        Research in the field of communicationd and culture     Recommended Contact:
                                        Organisation of Communication and Culture
                                          Colloquia and educational programs in the field of     Prof.Slavko Splichal
                                          communication and culture;                             Faculty of Social
                                        publications (i.e., Javnost-The Public)                 Sciences, University of
                                        consultancies on problems of communications             Ljubljana
                                          development                                            Kardeljeva pl.5, 1001

                                       Organising networks to link researchers, research         Ljubljana, Slovenia
                                        users, and experts in the field of communication and      E-mail:

                                FUNDING: The activities of the Institute are financed             Recommended Contact:
                                through founding shares, loans, gifts and other contributions
                                by founders and other persons and organisations and               Miha Vogelnik
                                interested branches of governments, payments for services
                                rendered, sale of expert knowledge, products and projects,
                                co-financing of projects within the working framework of the
                                Institute, performance of public service, and licensing and

                                NETWORK and PARTNERS:


Madrid   ENTER                  Centre for Center for Analysis of the Information                 ADDRESS:
                                Society and Telecommunications within the Instituto de                                        Very new centre but
         Website:               Empresa Business School                                            María de Molina, 6         it offers great                                                                     28006 Madrid (Spain)        potential. It is
                                ESTABLISHED: July 2005                                            Tel.: +34 917 875 107       strongly
                                                                                                  Fax: +34 917 875 101        interdisciplinary
                                REMIT: not-for-profit institution whose work is based on an       email:
                                integrated vision of economic, technological, corporate,                                      The Instituto de
                                social and regulatory factors, with a marked emphasis on          Recommended Contact:        Empresa is one of
                                comparative analyses with other markets and the study of                                      the most influential
                                best practices worldwide.                                         Andres Font (Director):     and renowned
                                                                                                  institutions for
                                Two main objectives:                                                                          postgraduate
                                                                                                                              business studies,
                                   The generation and dissemination of information and                                       with an important
                                    analysis of the development of the information society,                                   international network.
                                    with special emphasis on comparisons with other
                                    markets and studies of best practices.                                                    In the first few
                                   The identification of opportunities and fields of action in                               months of operations

                                       which to promote the development of the information                                     they have published
                                       society, paying particular attention to the challenge                                   interesting reports
                                       posed by the convergence of telecommunications,                                         and position papers.
                                       information technologies and the contents and
                                       electronic elements of consumerism in the information                                   They are interested
                                       society. Also including recommendations for                                             in developing an
                                       decisionmaking.                                                                         international network
                                                                                                                               for communications
                                    RESEARCH: The research is carried out in the following                                     and IS research.
                                    main areas:
                                     Convergence
                                     Information Technologies
                                     Consumer Electronics
                                     Media
                                     Internet
                                     Information Society (e-government; e-society; e-
                                       business; e-economy).

                                    FUNDING: The centre enjoys the support of Abertis
                                    Telecom, Accenture, AETIC, Intel, Microsoft,,
                                    Telefónica, Wanadoo and Xfera, and expects to incorporate
                                    new members

                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS: IDATE (Montpellier) and
                                    expects to join the ENCIP network (European Network for
                                    Communication and Information Perspectives).
Madrid   Telecommunications         Centre for the analysis of telecommunications and IS             ADDRESS:                  This centre shows
         and Information            established within the public corporation                                           similarities with the
         Society Observatory        ( belongs to the Ministry for Industry, Tourism and        Recommended Contact:      Hellenic Audiovisual
                                    Trade, through its State Secretariat for Telecommunications                                Institute in Greece,
                                    and Information Society).                                        Dr. Alberto Perez         the INA in France
                                                                                                     (Deputy Director of       and the Obercom in ESTABLISHED:                                                      International Relations   Portugal.
         s/observatorio/                                                                     and Management of
         ml                        REMIT: The principal objective or mission is to become a          Scientific Projects)      Alberto Perez works
                                    centre of reference for the monitoring, analysis and diffusion   currently manages the     for and
                                    of the situation of the ICT (Information and Communication       academic and research     previously he was

Technologies) sector, as well as the Audiovisual and             network: RedIRIS       working for the
Information Society sector in Spain.                                                    Spanish regulator.
RESEARCH: five areas: Citizens, Companies,                While in academia he
Administration, ICT Sector and Audiovisual.                                             developed strong
                                                                                        links with IViR in
ACTIVITIES:                                                                             Amsterdam, PCMLP
                                                                                        in Oxford, the EAO in
   To prepare studies and monitor the policies developed                               Strasbourg and the
    by the Administration in the area of telecommunications                             Council of Europe
    and the information society.                                                        and continues to
   To draft reports and present proposals in the different                             have a strong interest
    areas that affect the viability and development of                                  in European media
    telecommunications and the information society in                                   and communications
    Spain.                                                                              policy.
   To create and develop management tools that make it
    possible to overcome limitations and increase the
    efficiency of telecommunications and the information
    society and permit the generalised access of the
    population to these.
   To evaluate the development and evolution of
    telecommunications and the information society in the
    business world, in particular in small and medium-sized
    companies, and prepare an annual report on these, in
    order to facilitate the necessary statistical information.
   The preparation of indicators of the development of
    telecommunications and the information society and, in
    general, the analysis of the metrics of the
    telecommunications and information society in Spain.
   The monitoring of the development of
    telecommunications and the information society and the
    analysis of the principal initiatives in the international

 academic and research telematic network

   Department within
   exists since 2004
   publicly financed
   connects more than 250 institutions (mainly universities
    and R&D centres)

* See below (section on NETWORKS) for details.

Sevilla   Institute for             The IPTS is one of the seven scientific institutes of the      ADDRESS:
          Prospective               European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)
          Technological                                                                            Instituto de Prospectiva
          Studies (IPTS)            REMIT: To provide customer-driven support to the EU            Tecnologica
                                    policy-making process by researching science-based             Edificio Expo, C/ Inca
                                    responses to policy challenges that have both a socio-         Garcilaso, s/n
          Website:                  economic and a scientific or technological dimension.          E-41092, Sevilla, SPAIN
                                                                  Tel: + 34 95 448 8318
          index.htm                 RESEARCH:                                                      Fax: + 34 95 448 8300
                                    Four units:
                                        Sustainability in Agriculture, Food, Health               Recommended Contact:
                                        Sustainability in Industry, Energy and Transport
                                        Information and Communications Technologies               Jean Claude Burgelman
                                           (ICTs)                                                  (Head of Unit)
                                        Support to the European Research Area

                                    The ICTs Unit currently manages two main actions:

                                    1) Foresight on Information Society Technologies in Europe
                                    2) Privacy and Identity in the Information Society (PRIDIS):

Navarra   Facultad de               Faculty of Communications within University of                 ADDRESS:                   First University to
          Comunicación              Navarra                                                                                   ever offer
                                                                                                   Edf. Ciencias Sociales     communications
          Website:                  ESTABLISHED: 1958                                              31080 Pamplona.            studies as a separate
                                                                                                   NAVARRA - ESPAÑA           discipline.
                                    RESEARCH: There are four Departments:                          Teléfono: [+34] 948 425
          .es                                                                                      617                        Very active
                                       Department   of Public Communication                       Fax: [+34] 948 425 664     internationally.
                                       Department   of Communication and Audiovisual Culture      email:
                                       Department   of Information Business                                                  The University is
                                       Department   of Journalistic Projects.                     Recommended Contact:       closely linked with
                                                                                                                              the Opus Dei
                                                                                                   Charo Sabada (member       (religious group
                                    FUNDING: public and private.                                   of the CMCS-COST           highly influential in

                                                            project)          Spain).
NETWORK and PARTNERS: The Department has 27                 Email:
agreements for academic exchanges with universities in   Excellent PhD
Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia (see list:                                programme.
es_de_intercambio.pdf )

Barcelona   Audiovisual Institute     Interdisciplinary centre of the Pompeu Fabra University        ADDRESS:
            Universitario del         ESTABLISHED:                                                   Passeig de
            Audiovisual –IUA)                                                                        Circumval·lació, 8. 08003
                                      REMIT: to provide a suitable environment for creation,         Barcelona
                                      research and dissemination aimed at students,                  Phone: (34) 93 542 2500
            Website:                  professionals, the industry, and society at large. Three       or (34) 93 542 2201
     fields of activity: education, production and research.        Fax: (34) 93 542 2202
                                      RESEARCH: The research groups at the IUA are:                  Recommended Contact:
                                         The Music Technology Group (MTG)
                                           The Music Technology Group, MTG, at the IUA               Joseph Blat (Director).
                                           highlights the research into techniques of signal         Email:
                                           processing for musical production and other
                                           multimedia applications. Apart from the initial work in   Joana Clotet (IUA
                                           the development of spectral audio models, MTG is          secretary). .Email:
                                           dedicated to sound models for synthesis, the    
                                           processing of audio based content and other themes
                                           related to Music Technology.
                                         Experimental Interactive Communication Group
                                           The Experimental Interactive Communicatio Group
                                           is centred on the development of new forms and
                                           genres of multimedia content and interaction.
                                           Theory reflection is combined with applied research
                                           and experimental production in several ambits: CD-
                                           ROM, Internet/WWW, Virtual Reality Experiences,
                                           Interactive Television, etc.
                                         Interactive Technology Group
                                           The Interactive Technology Group develops their
                                           research in topics related to interactive multimedia
                                           and networks. Currently we work in cooperative
                                           environments, intelligent web portals, educational
                                           telematics, geographical information systems. We
                                           are also working on computational toys for children
                                           4 to 8 years old. Our previous work has dealt also
                                           with advanced 3D graphics (human modelling and
                                           animation), and quite a few multimedia off-line



Barcelona   Departamento            Department within the University of Barcelona                   ADDRESS:                 EMAIL WRITTEN TO
                                                                                                                             JOAN BARATA.
            Website:                ESTABLISHED:                                                    Ciudad Universitaria     WAITING FOR
                                                                                                    28040 Madrid             REPLY).
                                    REMIT:                                                          Tel. +34 91 336 73 20
                                                                                                                             Joan Barata is part of
                                    RESEARCH:                                                       Recommended Contact:     our network
                                                                                                                             (Cardozo-Oxford). He
                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS:                                           Joan Barata (professor   is currently an
                                                                                                    and advisor for the      advisor for the
                                                                                                    regional regulatory      regional regulator in
                                                                                                    authority                Catalonia (CAC).
                                                                                                    Email:   Very good insights
                                                                                                                             into minority
                                                                                                                             languages, public
                                                                                                                             service broadcasting
                                                                                                                             and regulatory


            Göteborgs Univ. -       ESTABLISHED: 1990                                               ADDRESS:
            Institutionen för
            journalistik och        REMIT: The Department of Journalism and Mass                    Journalistik och
            masskommunikation       Communication (JMG) thrives on the constant flow of             masskommunikation
                                    impulses between Academia and society at large. At the          Sprängkullsgatan 19-21
                                    same time we strive to maintain the qualities that only an      Postadress: Box 710,
                                    academic institution can offer. Our courses provide practical   405 30 GÖTEBORG
            Website:                skills and knowledge and equip students to think                Tel: +46-31-773 10 00
     independently and critically.                                   (vx)
                                                                                                    Fax: +46-31-773 49 50,
                                    RESEARCH: Much of our research is attuned to the needs          +46-31-773 4554
                                    of Swedish society – government and public authorities, the
                                    media sector, professional organizations, etc., but we also     Recommended Contact:
                                    maintain and develop our capacity for basic research on
                                    journalism, the media and communication. In all these           Head of department

endeavours we try to combine practical and more visionary
perspectives.                                                  Marina Ghersetti
Some current long-term research projects at JMG:     

       The Dagspresskollegiet project monitors long-term      031-773 1215
    trends in newspaper reading habits, especially in
    relation to the use of other medla. The prime alm is to
    understand the main determinants behind trends in
    medla use. Annual surveys of medla use and attitudes
    to the medla among the general public have been
    conducted since 1979.
       Election coverage analyses have been performed
    since the election of 1979. The extent and content of
    press, radio and television coverage, the influence of
    coverage on the election outcome, and the factors
    determining the content of coverage are prime foci. In
    addition to the general elections, national referenda on
    nuclearenergy (1980) and Sweden‘s membership in the
    European Union (1994) have been similarly analyzed.
       Surveys of journalists based on representative
    samples of practicing journalists are carried out
    regularly. The first study, which focused on journalism
    ethics, was undertaken in 1989.
    The Media Qualityproject assesses the quality of
    Swedish journalism in the perspective of its service to
    democracy, le., the quality and relevance of the
    information provided to decision-making bodies on
    various public issues.
       Professional practices and codes of ethics have
    been the focus of a number of studies. The evolution of
    standards of practice, their observance, and the degree
    of acceptance of the standards among medla
    practitioners as weIl as among the general public are
    aspects studied to date.
       Women in journalism studies women‘s and men‘s

    perceptions of the scope of opportunity and the limits
    imposed by the organization of editorial/publicistic work
    and workplaces.
        The Logic of the Medla project seeks (1) to
    identify the factors which steer journalists‘ news
    reporting about politics and public affairs, and (2) to
    study how medla coverage influences political
        The Environmental Information to Motorists
    project studies the communication of technical
    information to lay persons and in society as a whole. It
    is carried out in cooperation with Chalmers University of
    Technology in Göteborg.
        The Medla and the Public Sector focuses on news
    reporting of issues of local government, the news-
    gathering process, etc., and the importance of coverage
    to local residents.


Basel         Institut fuer            Department within the University of Basel                         ADDRESS:                    No English language
              Medienwissenschafte                                                                        Director: Prof. Dr. Klaus   information or
              n                        REMIT: Media Studies at Basel University cover everything         Neumann-Braun,              publications.
                                       from cuneiform writing to the internet. They connect              Universität Basel
                                       cultural-scientific and socio-scientific branches of media        Institut für
                                       studies.                                                          Medienwissenschaft
              http://www.mewi.unibas                                                                     Bernoullistrasse 28 (Zi
              .ch/                     RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                          203)
                                       Cultural theories and aesthetic concepts of media are             4056 Basel
                                       taught as well as different approaches to media sociology.
                                       Media is studied with a historic and systematic perspective       Tel.+41 (0)61 267 08 89
                                       as a basic cultural technique and its function as a mass          Fax.+41 (0)61 267 08 90
                                       media, especially in popular culture. But also the dynamic of     sekretariat-
                                       economic, political and legal change in the media society
                                       will be viewed with the aid of various examples.

                                              As from the winter semester 2005/2006 the BA
                                          course of studies for media studies will be introduced –
                                          as in all the other subjects of the philosophical-historical
                                          faculty of the Basel University too – at a later point in
                                          time to include the magister course of studies, that
                                          follows on from the BA.
                                              The subject of media studies consists of five study
                                          areas: Basic Theories of Media Studies, Society and
                                          Politics, Perception, Media Technologies, Practical
                                          Media Courses.

                                       NETWORK and PARTNERS: Works closely with several
                                       Swiss centers
Bern          Univ. Bern - Institut    Research center within the Bern University, linked to             ADDRESS:                    No English language
              fuer                     the Economics and Sociology departments.                                                      information or

Medienwissenschaft                                                                  Universität Bern         publications.
                       RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                     Institut für
Website:                Political Communication; regional media.                   Kommunikations- und
http://www.ikmb.unib   List of current research projects (in German) can be found   Medienwissenschaft                  at   Prof. Dr. Roger Blum
                                                                                    Lerchenweg 36
                       Teaching:                                                    CH-3000 Bern 9
                        Undergraduate media and communications studies,
                          Graduates, PhD                                            Recommended Contact:

                                                                                    Prof. Dr. Roger Blum

Geneva       C2D - Research and       Established within the department of constitutional Law        ADDRESS:                   The former vice-
             Documentation            at the University of Geneva                                                               director Alexander
             Centre on Direct                                                                        Research and               Trechsel, is now
             Democracy                ESTABLISHED: 1993                                              Documentation Centre       professor at the
                                                                                                     on Direct Democracy        department of social
                                      REMIT: It consists of researchers and professors in law,       (C2D)                      and political sciences
             Website:                 political sciences and sociology who have devoted their        Faculty of Law, Uni Mail   at the European
         research interests to direct democracy as a form of            40, boulevard du Pont-     University Institute in
                                      contemporary democracy.                                        d'Arve                     Florence.
                                                                                                     CH- 1211Geneva 4 
                                      RESEARCH: The heart of the C2D is an electronic                Switzerland                People/Faculty/Curre
                                      database on direct democracy in Switzerland, Europe and        Telephone: + 41 22 705     ntProfessors/bioTrec
                                      the world. This database contains information on the           85 22                      hsel.shtml
                                      institutions (referendum and popular initiative) of direct     Fax: + 41 22 705 85 36
                                      democracy as well as on their use in popular votes.            Email: c2d-                Alexander Trechsel
                                                                                                         has been in
                                                                                                                                Budapest for the
                                                                                                     Recommended Contact:       Re:Activism
                                                                                                     Director, Andreas Auer     Conference and
                                                                                                     Email:                     therefore knows
                                                                                                     Andreas.Auer@droit.unig    CMCS and CEU: On
                                                                                                                  this occasion, he also
                                                                                                     phone: +41 (0)22 379 84    met Michael Delli
                                                                                                     01                         Carpini, ASC
St. Gallen   Institute for Media      ESTABLISHED: January 1998 with the support of the              ADDRESS:
             and Communication        Bertelsmann Foundation and the Heinz-Nixdorf Foundation
             Management                                                                              University of St. Gallen
                                      REMIT: Management of new media. The objective is to            Blumenbergplatz 9
                                      become a worldwide renowned training center for managers       CH-9000 St. Gallen
                                      of the future, preparing them to cope with the challenges of   Telephone +41 (0) 71
             http://www.mcm.unisg.c   the new media.                                                 224 2297
             h/                                                                                      Fax +41 (0) 71 224 2771
                                      RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:
                                      Management of the Media Industry, Electronic Commerce          Recommended Contact:
                                      (Business Media), Knowledge Management (Knowledge              Director
                                      Media), Corporate Communications, and Computational  
                                      Media.                                                         Office


Zurich    IPMZ, Institut für    Part of Zurich University;                                       ADDRESS:                    Widely
          Publizistikwissenscha                                                                                              acknowledged work
          ft und                ESTABLISHED:                                                     Recommended Contact:        on PSB in the past:
          Medienforschung                                                                        Prof. Dr. Otfried Jarren    Jarren is a great
                                     REMIT: Public communication by means of traditional and     (Director)                  scholar
                                     „new― media;                                                mailto:o.jarren@ipmz.uni
                                     RESEARCH and ACTIVITIES:                                    Dr. Donges, Patrick
                                     NETWORK and PARTNERS:


Oxford    Programme in               Research Centre within the Centre for Socio-Legal           ADDRESS:                    Full case study to be
          Comparative Media          Studies (University of Oxford)                                                          prepared for
          Law and Policy                                                                         PCMLP                       presentation in
          (PCMLP)                    ESTABLISHED: 1996                                           Centre for Socio-Legal      Bellagio?
                                     REMIT: PCMLP exists to:                                     Manor Road
                                      Examine the processes of restructuring media and          Oxford, OX1 3UQ
          http://pcmlp.socleg.ox.a     telecommunications structures from various
                        perspectives;                                             44 1865 284252
                                      Provide a framework for understanding the background,     44 1865 284253
                                       mechanisms, and prospects of the processes of media       Secretary: Louise Scott
                                       restructuring; and                              
                                      Help provide a new generation of scholars and             k
                                       policymakers with a sharpened comparative insight into
                                       the problems of adjustment of technology to society.      Recommended Contact:

                                     RESEARCH: The research agenda includes work on legal        Damian Tambini
                                     and social implications of new media technologies, the      (Director)
                                     relationship between media reform, rule of law and          damian.tambini@socio-
                                     democratic transitions, and methodologies for comparative   legal-
                                     communications law studies.                       

Almost all research conducted by the Programme is
comparative-comparative across national boundaries and
comparative across media technologies.

Examples of recent research projects:
 Russian Media Law Networking Project
 ―Measuring the Success of ICT for Development‖ (DFID
 Self regulation and the Media:
 Hate Speech

 Oxford Media Convention
 Oxford-Annenberg Summer School
 Media Law Advocates Training Programme
 Seminar Series
 Academic visitors and internships programme

FUNDING: Programme has so far received funding from:
Markle Foundation, Bertelsmann Foundation, European
Commission, UK Government, OSCE, Usaid, the Ford
Foundation, Serbian Media Institute and Unesco among

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Stanhope Centre (London);
Annenberg School of Communications (Penn); IMLA;
Oxford Internet Institute; Institute for Public Policy Research

Oxford   Oxford Internet            Department within the Social Sciences Division of the
         Institute                  University of Oxford                                            ADDRESS:

         Website:                   ESTABLISHED: 2001                                               University of Oxford                                                                   1 St. Giles
                                    REMIT: world centre for the multidisciplinary study of the      Oxford OX1 3JS
                                    Internet and society. We focus on Internet-related:             United Kingdom
                                                                                                    Tel: +44(0) 1865287210
                                       Research                                                    Fax: +44(0)1865287211
                                       Education
                                       Policy and practice.                                        Email:
                                    RESEARCH: Our research engages with a wide range of
                                    interrelated social, economic, political, legal, industrial,    Recommended Contact:
                                    technical and ethical issues, we have therefore identified
                                    four key areas, critical to the public interest, where social   William Dutton (Director)
                                    practice and institutional arrangements are co-evolving with
                                    the Internet.                                         

                                    These are:

                                           Technology and Institutional Innovation;
                                           Science, Learning and Networks;
                                           Everyday Life; and
                                           Shaping, Governing and Regulating the Internet.

                                    THE OII has Five key research areas:
                                       Governance
                                       Education
                                       e-Science
                                       e-Society
                                       Cross-Cutting Policy Issues

                                    ACTIVITIES: The Institute carries out the following strategic

       High-quality academic research that is
    methodologically open, innovative and critical, and
    global in outlook and reach
       Developing the next generation of researchers
    through Masters and Doctoral teaching, as well as
    continuing to develop our own successful Summer
    Doctoral Programme
       Fostering wide-ranging collaborative relationships
    with experts from academia, government, business, and
    non-Government organizations in the UK and worldwide
       Encouraging and coordinating debate on Internet-
    based issues, at the highest level

FUNDING: core funding from The Shirley Foundation, the
Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce), and
the University of Oxford

NETWORK and PARTNERS: The OII is involved with a
select number of collaborative networks within the
University and worldwide. These include the newly
established European Internet Coregulation Network.

The OII was one of nine founding members, which also
Forum per la tecnologia della informazione;
Internet Watch Foundation; Observatoire des droits de
l'internet - Observatorium van de Rechten op het Internet;
Információs Társadalom-és Trendkutató Központ; Le Forum
des droits sur l'internet; Institutet för Rättsinformatik;
Närings Departementet - Swedish government ICT-political
strategy group; Österreichisches Institut für angewandte

London   Stanhope Centre for     ESTABLISHED:                                                  ADDRESS:
         Policy and Research     REMIT: The Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy          Stanhope House,
                                 Research was developed to provide a forum for open            Stanhope Place
         Website:                dialogue and scholarship related to media law and policy      London W2 2HH,
                                 around the world,                                             United Kingdom
         http://www.stanhopece                                                                 Telephone: (44) 0207               ACTIVITIES:                                                   479 5900

                                 Current activities include:                                   Recommended Contact:
                                     The Stanhope Werkstätte—a group of young
                                        academics working to understand the general            Alicia Altorfer (Manager)
                                        problem of Internet technology and policy;             Email: alicia.altorfer-
                                     Research on media conflict and regulation and their      ong@stanhopecentre.or
                                        relationship to crisis;                                g
                                     Serving as a conference site and meeting place; and
                                     Hosting media and communications scholars in             Susan Abbot (Research
                                        residence; offering student research internships for   and Programme
                                        MA and PhD students working in the field of media      Coordinator)
                                        policy research.                                       Email:
                                 RESEARCH: The Stanhope Centre is involved in a wide           .org
                                 number of research projects, training and development
                                 activities, with a special focus in Asia and in the Middle

                                 Training and Development
                                  Annenberg/Oxford Summer Institute
                                  East Africa Training Programme
                                  Intellectual Property in Comparative Perspective:
                                     Cultural Implications of Technological Change
                                  ICT Training Programme

                                 Research and Projects:
                                  CMCS (CEU)
                                  Media Lawyers Association - Middle East Media

    Research -
   Media Development Paper Series -
   Language and Broadcasting
   The Stanhope Werkstätte -

NETWORK and PARTNERS: Annenberg School of
Communications (Penn); LSE‘s Crisis States Programme;
CMCS (Budapest); Freedom Forum, Markle Foundation,
and the Howard M. Squadron Program in Media, Law
and Society at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law,
Yeshiva University.

London   Centre for Media           ESTABLISHED: 2004                                                ADDRESS:                Very good
         Policy and                                                                                                          international network
         Development                REMIT: Think tank providing both international media             Suite 22 Collingwood    of contacts.
                                    research and development work. It is a non-profit centre         House
         Website:                   that acts in the public interest and assists a range of actors   8-10 Clipstone Street   David Ward has
                                    in achieving their strategic and information needs.              London W1W 6BE          recently been active                                                                                               in TV monitoring
         m/index.htm                RESEARCH AND ACTIVITIES: Two pillars:                            Tel:+44(0)2073230253    projects in Afganistan
                                                                                                                             and is currently
                                       Media Research Programme: Provides regulatory and            Email:                  involved in a project
                                        industrial research for the media sector, governments        for drafting a press
                                        and NGOs. It specialises in cross-national comparative       Recommended Contact:    code in Ethiopia.
                                        research with a particular focus on the member states of     David Ward (Director)
                                        the European Union and European Union media policy.          Email:
                                       Media Development Programme: Provides advice and   
                                        assistance to transitional countries and international       om
                                        agencies that support the development of media law,
                                        professionalism and standards. Its activities cover
                                        media monitoring work, providing independent
                                        assistance to legal and regulatory professionals and
                                        training programmes for journalists.

                                    NETWORK and PARTNERS: Osservatorio di Pavia (Italy);
                                    University of Exeter; Council of Europe
London   Media@LSE                  ESTABLISHED:                                                     ADDRESS:                Is Robin producing a
                                                                                                                             case study on
         Website:                   REMIT: Seek a better understanding of the social, cultural,      Media@lse               Media@LSE?   political and economic dynamics of the media and                 LSE
                                    information and communication technologies, including the        Houghton Street
                                    Internet, in ways which can be communicated to academic,         London WC2A 2AE
                                    industrial and governmental audiences.                           United Kingdom

                                    RESEARCH: Carry out research and teaching at the                 Fax: +44 (0)20 7955
                                    interface between media, technology and social change.           7248
                                    Our objective is to achieve research excellence in five          Tel: please see Who's
                                    thematic areas. These reflect our current interests and the      Who

                                  changing world outside the academy.                           Email:

                                     Democracy                                                 Recommended Contact:
                                     Globalisation
                                     Literacies                                                Professor Robin Mansell
                                     Ethics                                                    (resident IAMCR)
                                     Policy
                                                                                                Tel: +44 (0) 20 7955
                                  ACTIVITIES: interdisciplinary graduate education and          6380
                                  training to an international body of students through its     Fax: +44 (0) 20 7955
                                  programmes at Masters level and through graduate              7248
                                  research training for the PhD in Media and                    Email:

                                  FUNDING: Media@LSE receives esearch funding from              Professor Sonia
                                  Research Councils, foundations, the UK government, the        Livingstone
                                  European Commission and several firms including the           Tel +44 (0)20 7955 7710
                                  Dixons Group plc which has endowed a Chair in New Media       Fax +44 (0)20 7955 7248
                                  and the Internet initially for five years from 2001.          E-mail
                                  NETWORK and PARTNERS:
Cambridge   Cambridge-MIT         REMIT:                                                        Recommended Contact:      Rex Hughes is a
            Institute,            The CRN is a collaborative venture, bringing together:                                  member of this
            Communications            a broad range of research, including technology,         Eddie Murphy              network
            Research Network            science, business analysis, economics and public        CRN Manager
                                        policy;                                                 University of Cambridge
            Website:                  researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of            Computer Laboratory
                                        Technology, the University of Cambridge, Oxford         William Gates Building
            http://www.communic                                                                 15 JJ Thomson Avenue
                                        University and University College, London;
         industry and government representatives.                 Cambridge CB3 0FD
                                  RESEARCH: In its research and roadmap development   
                                  activities, the CRN takes an interdisciplinary approach to
                                  the problems of the computing and communications
                                  industries to formulate strategy and policy alternatives
                                  informed by the latest technological research and business,

economic and regulatory analysis.

ACTIVITIES: CRN organises its research around focused
Working Groups, who meet regularly to examine topics vital
to the future of communications. These include:
     Core-Edge Dynamics
     Viral Networks
     Broadband
     Interprovider Quality-of-Service
     Denial-of-Service Resistant Internet

Exeter      Centre for Regulatory       Research Centre within the Department of Politics at          ADDRESS:                  Alison Harcourt is an
            Governance                  the University of Exeter                                                                excellent scholar very
                                                                                                      Department of Politics,   active in the field of
            Website:                    ESTABLISHED: May 2005                                         Amory Building,           European media
                                                                     Rennes Drive,             policy and regulation.
                                     REMIT: To carry out analysis of regulatory policy – that is      Exeter,
            k/politics/research/cere the rules and institutions that govern markets and the public    Devon.                    At present she is
            go/index.htm             sector. To provide a platform for high-profile discussion fora   EX4 4RJ                   active in active in
                                        on regulation involving different stake holders within                                  research on the
                                                                                                Tel: +4401392 263164
                                        government, the business community, and the civil society.                              implementation of the
                                                                                                Fax: +4401392 263164            EU regulatory
                                        RESEARCH: Among the areas of research the following are Email:        framework for
                                        related to media and communications:                                                    communications;
                                               Broadcasting regulation                                                         citizenship
                                               Telecomms regulation                            Recommended Contact:            participation in EU
                                               EU communications policy                                                        (information society)
                                               Public service broadcasting                     Dr. Alison Harcourt             policy fora; and
                                               New modes of regulatory governance                                              media globalization.
                                               NGOs and the regulatory state                   Email:a.harcourt@exeter
                                               Industrial policy                     
                                               Competition policy
                                               State aid policy

                                        ACTIVITIES: Current media-related projects
                                         Public Services Programme (ESRC)
                                         Media Globalisation (ESRC)
Leicester   The Centre for Mass         Research Centre within the Faculty of Social Sciences         ADDRESS:                  Long history.
            Communication               at Leicester University
            Research                                                                                  Centre for Mass          Very international
                                        ESTABLISHED: 1966                                             Communication            intake of students.
                                                                                                      Research, University of
                                        REMIT: to provide a supportive and stimulating learning       Leicester, University
       environment in which UK and international students at all     Road, Leicester LE1
            r/mcintro.html              levels can engage in debates on the local, national and       7RH, United Kingdom
                                        global nature of contemporary mass media.                     Tel: +44 (0)116 252 3863
                                                                                                      Fax : +44(0)116 252

RESEARCH                                                         5276
The major strands of research in the Department are              Email:
organised within research groups or clusters. Each
research group comprises a number of academic staff and
doctoral students who share cognate interests. The groups
hold meetings for members, invite outside speakers to give
talks usually within the Department's Seminar series,
develop research projects and research grant bids, and set
and achieve their own research output targets.
     Media and Democracy Research Group
     Social Policy and Media Research Group
     The News and Journalism Research Group
* Also: vibrant research agenda in the analysis of media
audiences and media effects. A principal focus in this
respect is the study of the role of the media in public health
and well-being, social welfare and quality of life.

     Research
     Undergraduate Studies
     Postgraduate Studies: first taught postgraduate
  degree in communications accepted its first intake of
  students. The course has flourished and now attracts
  around 30-40 British, European and international
  students each year.
     Distance Learning: Since 1995, it has offered the
  MA in Mass Communications (by Distance Learning) for
  those wishing to study part-time.

FUNDING: Recent CMCR research has been supported by
UNESCO, the ESRC, the UK Government Home Office,
EU, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishers and Food (MAFF),
the Leverhulme Trust, the Broadcasting Standards
Commission, Channel 4, The World-Wide Fund for Nature,
and many others.

Leeds        Institute of              Multidisciplinary research department within the                ADDRESS:
             Communications            University of Leeds.                                                                       Does not seem very
             Studies                                                                                   The Institute of           international in
                                       ESTABLISHED: 1988                                               Communications             outlook.
             Website:                                                                                  Studies,
                                       REMIT:                                                          The University of Leeds,   Stephen Coleman
                                                                      Leeds,                     will soon be moving
                                       RESEARCH:                                                       LS2 9JT,                   to Leeds. This might
                                       Research Centres                                                UK                         give some interesting
                                           International Communications                                                          impetus to the
                                           European Political Communications                          Tel: +44(0)113 343 5800    Institute.
                                           Future Communications                                      Fax: +44(0)113 343 5808
                                           Louis le Prince Centre: For Cinema, Photography &


                                          Research
                                          Undergraduate Courses
                                          Postgraduate Courses
                                          Study Programmes
                                          PhD Programme

                                       FUNDING: The Institute has received major funding from:
                                       Broadcasting Standards Commission; Cable and Wireless;
                                       BBC; ITC; Commission for Racial Equality; DTI; Economic
                                       and Social Research Council


ECREA                                  DESCRIPTION of NETWORK and PARTNERS                             ADDRESS:
(merger of   Website:
ECCR and     Primary goal is to exchange information and documentation       Secretariat: P.O. Box
                                       about relevant research activities (publications, ongoing and   106, B-1210 Brussels 21,

ECA)   planned projects, tenders, etc.) and meetings (conferences,        Belgium
       seminars, workshops, etc.).                                        Tel.: +32-2-412 42 78/47
                                                                          Fax.: +32-2-412 42 00
       In addition to such a clearing house function the Consortium       Email:
       may organize research activities and meetings in its own
       name, if material conditions are provided.

       The Consortium may also be instrumental in searching for
       research funds and coordinating European research

       The Consortium will operate through institutions, which
       serve as links to individual researchers, including
       postgraduate students.

       The consortium wishes to serve particularly the younger
       generation of scholars in the field. Therefore, priority will be
       given to annual seminars for young rese Its structure and
       work will be based on voluntary cooperation between
       institutions which have mutual interests in exchanging
       information and promoting the field in Europe.

       It will cooperate in relevant projects with the European
       Union, the Council of Europe and other governmental and
       intergovernmental organizations. It will also cooperate with
       the International Association for Media and Communication
       Research and other non-governmental organizations
       representing the field in various parts of the world.

       The Consortium welcomes institutions throughout Europe -
       North, South, East and West. Its disciplinary focus is to be
       on media and (tele)communications research, including
       relevant approaches of sociology, political science,
       psychology, anthropology, etc., but it also welcomes speech
       communication, organizational communication, applied
       communication, cultural studies, etc.

The first signatories of this letter are members of a steering
committee appointed by an open platform on mutual
contacts and cooperation between communication
researchers across Europe, held in Amsterdam on 20
September 1997.
 Jan Servaes, Catholic University of Brussels, Belgium
 Jan van Cuilenburg, University of Amsterdam, The
 Kaarle Nordenstreng, University of Tampere, Finland
 Michael Palmer, University of Paris III, France
 Yassen Zassoursky, Moscow State University, Russia

                                                                        Recommended Contact:
               outA30cost                                                                               Laura Ranca (CMCS)
                                                                                                        and Miklos Sukosd
European                                DESCRIPTION of NETWORK and PARTNERS                             ADDRESS:
Platform for   Website:
Regulatory     Against the backdrop of globalisation and convergence, the      76 Allée de la Robertsau
Authorities                             need for increased co-operation between European                F-67000 Strasbourg
                                        regulatory authorities has been highlighted repeatedly.         France
                                                                                                        +33 (0)388 413696
                                        Set up in April 1995 in Malta, the European Platform of
                                        Regulatory Authorities aims at providing a forum:
                                            for informal discussion and exchange of views              Recommended Contact:
                                               between regulatory authorities in the broadcasting
                                               field                                                    Emmanuelle Machet,
                                            for exchange of information about common issues of         Secretary to the EPRA
                                               national and European broadcasting regulation            e-mail:
                                            for discussion of practical solutions to legal
                                               problems regarding the interpretation and
                                               application of broadcasting regulation.

                                        Rather than pursuing national directives or acting as a
                                        tribune of common declarations, EPRA provides an open
                                        platform for discussions on a wide variety of relevant topics
                                        to regulators.

                                        Up to now, 48 regulatory authorities from 40 countries in
                                        Europe have become members of the EPRA. The
                                        European Commission and the Council of Europe are
                                        standing observers of the Platform.

                                        The EPRA holds two meetings a year at the invitation of a
                                        regulatory authority, usually one in Spring and the second
                                        one in Autumn. The next meeting of the EPRA is scheduled

for 18-19 May 2006 in Elsinore at the invitation of the
Danish Radio and Television Board.

The Secretariat of the EPRA is based in Strasbourg

RED.IRIS                                   DESCRIPTION of NETWORK and PARTNERS                              ADDRESS:
                Fundamental role of RedIRIS is the participation in      Edificio Bronce
                dex.en.html#iris               international activities related with its mission.           Plaza de Manuel Gomez
                                                                                                            Moreno, s/n - 2nd floor
                                                  RedIRIS is a partner of DANTE, a trans-european          28020. Madrid
                                               network operator offering international network services     Tel.: 91 212 76 25
                                               to the European academic networks.                           Fax : 91 556 88 64

                                                  RedIRIS also participates in the european R&D            Recommended Contact:
                                               networks association TERENA (formerly known as
                                               RARE) and in RIPE (the European forum of Internet            Dr. Alberto Perez
                                               service providers), as well as in the creation and funding   Deputy Director of
                                               of the Internet European coordination centre (RIPE-          International Relations
                                               NCC). RedIRIS collaborates as well with DG XIII of the       and Management of
                                               European Union working in advanced networking                Scientific Projects for
                                                  RedIRIS has signed memorandums of              
                                               understanding with UCAID for acting as an international
                                               partner of the Internet2 initiative, and also with CUDI.

International                              DESCRIPTION of NETWORK and PARTNERS                              ADDRESS:
Media Lawyers   Website:
Association     www.internationalmedi      PCMLP (Oxford University) and the Open Society Institute         IMLA
(IMLA)               have created the base for IMLA                                   Programme in
                                                                                                            Comparative Media Law
                                           Network of media lawyers from Africa, Latin America,             and Policy
                                           Eastern Europe, and increasingly, North America and              Centre for Socio-Legal
                                           Western Europe, that acts as a forum for the exchange of         Studies
                                           information, ideas and strategies on critical issues in media    University of Oxford
                                           law and policy in countries in transition to the rule of law.    Manor Road
                                                                                                            Oxford OX1 3UQ
                                           The primary objectives of the International Media Lawyers‘
                                           Association (IMLA) are:                                          Tel: +44(0)1865 284252
                                                                                                            Fax: +44(0)1865 284253

      To create a network of media lawyers which will
       facilitate the sharing of information, strategies and   Recommended Contact:
       expertise on media law and media freedom defense
       work. The network, to be known as the International     Danilo Leonardi.
       Media Lawyers‘ Association, will function as a forum    Email:
       for the exchange of information, ideas and strategies   danilo.leonardi@csls.ox.
       on critical issues in media law and policy, such as
       flawed criminal and civil defamation laws, freedom
       of broadcasting, and political and financial
      To develop a regional and international contacts-
       base that will enable its Members to draw on
       comparative experience and support each other in
       regional and national campaigns. The Association
       will provide the Members with professional support
       in addressing issues related to freedom of
       expression and information, and media law.
      To promote public interest-oriented work by lawyers
       with a specialization in media freedom issues,
       including media law and related areas.
      To assist the work of its Members in promoting the
       highest international standards on freedom of
       expression and information, including by raising
       awareness among media practitioners, the judiciary
       and the public at large.


The objectives of the Association are achieved through a
range of activities to be carried out by its Membership and
staff, including:

      Sharing of information about activities and
       experiences among media lawyers and activists.
       This shall be a core activity of the Association; the
       Membership shall make reasonable efforts to
       contribute to this exchange of experiences, including

    by contributing material to the Association‘s email
    lists, website and other pertinent forums. The
    Coordinator of the Association shall be responsible
    for overseeing and enhancing the flow of information
    among the Membership.
   Provision of expertise for training sessions and other
    activities    organized      for    the    professional
    advancement and education of media lawyers and
    policymakers. The Coordinator will assist Members
    in locating experts to participate in such events.
   Creation of a website that will serve as an additional
    forum for information sharing. The website will be
    continuously updated by the Coordinator and the
    Membership. The editorial policy of the website will
    be determined by the Steering Committee.

European                                  DESCRIPTION of NETWORK and PARTNERS                             ADDRESS:
Internet       Website:
Coregulation   http://network.foruminte
Network                                                                                  Jean GONIE
                                          The European internet coregulation network has 4                French Internet Rights
                                          objectives :                                                    Forum

                                             Build a resource and expertise network on internet          Le Forum des droits sur
                                              legal issues at the European level. Thanks to the           l'internet
                                              network, members will be able to share experiences,         6, rue Déodat de
                                              good practices and knowledge.                               Severac
                                             Organize public debates with all stakeholders               F-75017 PARIS
                                              (representatives of States, private companies and the       Phone : + 33 (0)1 44 01
                                              civil society) at the European level on the key right and   38 00
                                              usage internet issues (such as spam, child protection,      Fax : + 33 (0)1 44 01 38
                                              intellectual property rights, etc.).                        19
                                             Feed the European institutions with proposals on            Email : contact@internet-
                                              the subjects of common interests.                 
                                             Be prepared to help in the WSIS follow-up process.
                                              The network will position its works in the perspective of
                                              the Tunis Summit to take place in November 2005.


                                                 Forum per la tecnologia della informazione
                                                 Internet Watch Foundation
                                                 Observatoire des droits de l'internet - Observatorium
                                                  van de Rechten op het Internet
                                                 Információs Társadalom-és Trendkutató Központ
                                                 Le Forum des droits sur l'internet
                                                 Institutet för Rättsinformatik
                                                 Närings Departementet - Swedish government ICT-
                                                  political strategy group
                                                 Österreichisches Institut für angewandte



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