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									JON FREEMAN
25a Chalcot Road, London, NW1 8LN

T: 0203 204 2008                 E:           DOB: 16 March 1967
M: 07841 849125


Skilled photojournalist with 20 years experience in North, South and Central America, Europe,
Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Assignments undertaken in over twenty-five countries.

Now living in central London following a period of residency in Los Angeles, 1990 - 2005.

Published assignments in numerous media titles including The Sunday Times, New York
Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, The Sunday Telegraph, Time, Mail on Sunday, The
Independent, The Guardian and Paris Match to name a few.

Hollywood portrait commissions include George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert
Duvall and Sylvester Stallone, amongst others.

Proven experience of travelling, working and maintaining photographic equipment in harsh,
and hostile environments such as civil war zones, high altitudes, desert heat, Arctic
temperatures and extreme water depths.

Testimonials in advance of references

“Jon‟s talent is in finding that unexpected shot, the one that you can still vividly remember
long after the moment itself has passed. As Head of PR at AOL I relied on his skills and
flexibility enormously and would recommend him as a first class photographer to anyone.”
Cass Stainton, Head of PR, AOL

“Working with Jon over 12 years or so, I have come to regard him as a first-class
photojournalist. Jon is hard working, he's full of ideas, he develops a thorough knowledge
of the story - and he always makes astonishingly good pictures. He's also a good colleague
and a first-class traveling companion.”

Ian Cobain, Senior Reporter, The Guardian

Snapshot of assignment experience

 Los Angeles riots, 1992

 Multiple diving expeditions to the wreck of „The Titanic‟ from a Russian research vessel. The
 wreck lies at a water depth of 12,500ft in the North Atlantic
 Covering first expedition to make manned dives of „The Bismarck‟, the German battle ship
 sunk in 1941, reaching depths of 15,000ft in a deep diving submersible

 US Presidential elections in 2001 and 2004

 President Clinton‟s impeachment, 1998

 Effects of climate change on polar bears in the Canadian Arctic

 NASA‟s Mars simulation in the Canadian Arctic

 NASA‟s zero training jet aircraft, known as the „Vomit Comet‟

 Last published picture of General Galtieri before his death in 2003, Galtieri lead the invasion
 of The Falklands in 1982

 Far right extremists and neo Nazi groups in the United States

 British citizens on Death Row awaiting execution

 Expedition to the Argentine „Andes‟ to recover body parts and cover the crash investigation
 into a British plane which disappeared fifty years ago while flying from Argentina to Chile.
 Wreckage found at high altitude, 18,000ft above sea level across glacial terrain

 Expedition to the Argentine Andes with survivors of the plane crash immortalised in the film
 „Alive‟, in honour of the twentieth anniversary of the accident

Personal research projects developed into published articles

 British children of African immigrants sent to „The Democratic Republic of Congo‟ to be
 exorcised and then abandoned to a life on the streets after having been accused of
 witchcraft. Experience of covert, under cover shooting in a civil war zone

 Whereabouts of Nazi Propaganda Minister, Paul Joseph Goebbels‟ right-hand man, found
 to be living in Buenos Aires, Argentina


 Member of BECTU (Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union)
 Guild of Television Cameramen (assoc.)

Related skills - image acquisition

 Trained in the use of professional broadcast cameras for ENG (electronic newsgathering)
 including Sony DSR and HDCam series. Some experience with Panasonic P2 system

Other skills

 Full UK driving licence with no penalty points
 Microsoft & Apple software applications including Photoshop.
 Transmission of images via satellite telephone systems in remote locations


 Basic Spanish

References available on request

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