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Document Change Rules


									Document Change Rules, Document Header
In this activity, you determine under which circumstances fields within posted documents can be changed.


For a number of fields, the system itself determines that they can no longer be changed after posting. This
includes all fields which are central to the principles of orderly accounting, for example, the amount posted
and the account.

The system also prevents the update objects from being changed in documents which have already been
posted, independent of the document change rules. Update objects are elements in the system for which
transaction figures or line items are updated, for example, business area or cost centers (if cost center
accounting is used in the SAP system). Update objects are entered as additional account assignments
during posting.

If you are using the Special Purpose Ledger application, you should ensure that fields which are updated
there are protected against changes in the document. Document changes do not affect updating in the
special purpose ledger.


         1. Check the default settings.
         2. Change the specifications if necessary.

Define Cash Discount Base for Outgoing Invoices
In this step you determine whether the tax amount is to be taken into consideration in the base amount for
calculating the cash discount amount. You make your specifications per company code.


Check whether the specification for the cash discount base amount was made correctly for your company

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