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      The purpose of this standard is to ensure the risk associated with having people in the
      workplace who are unfit to perform their duties safely or effectively due to the effects of
      drugs or alcohol is controlled.

      {Company} has developed this standard to promote a safe working environment and
      avoid drug or alcohol related work issues by striving for a drug free work place.

      {Company} strives for ‘zero tolerance’ when it comes to alcohol and drugs in the work
      places associated with {Company} sites.

2.    SCOPE

      This standard covers the requirements associated with the monitoring and testing of
      individual’s for drugs and alcohol. It includes the provision of information and training
      to personnel, privacy and access to information by authorised parties.

      This standard applies to all {Company} employees, contractors and anyone working at
      any site owned and operated by {Company}.


      {Company} shall as far as practicable provide and maintain a safe working environment
      that minimises the potential risk of injury for all individuals at its sites.

      Therefore {Company} requires that all managers, superintendents, supervisors,
      employees and it’s’ contractors accept responsibility for their own fitness for work and
      for the fitness of people under their supervision.

3.1   Conduct Fitness for Work Monitoring

      All {Company} sites shall conduct Alcohol and Other Drugs monitoring and testing.
      The monitoring shall be carried out in the following manner;

       For Cause Testing – After any serious breach in procedures or an accident, near
        miss or incident caused by an individual or group(s).

       Random Testing – Shall be carried out as the title suggests, this will be done under
        the discretion of the General Manager, and in consultation with the Health & Safety

3.2   Self Testing

      A means of self testing for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) will be made available. Self
      testing for drug use will be at the individual’s personal expense.
3.3   Cut off Levels

      The following cut of levels for the detection of drugs and alcohol will apply. The drug
      cut off levels used is, set out in Australian Standard 4308 or in accordance with
      requirements of the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia.

3.4   Illegal Activities on Site

      In addition to issues of safety and internal disciplinary actions that may be taken, the
      Company reserves the right to notify appropriate authorities, such as the police, if
      illegal activities may have occurred on site.

3.5   Ensuring Confidentiality

      All information will be safeguarded according to normal requirements for confidential
      human resource and medical information. The information will only be provided to
      those people who have a legitimate need for it to ensure safety, health and work
      performance levels are maintained.

3.6   Rehabilitation Programmes

      {Company} will provide its workforce with the appropriate means of rehabilitation as far
      as practicable for any Alcohol & Other Drugs abuse.

3.7   Induction Training

      The Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy and Procedures will be presented to all employees
      during the induction training program conducted at the site. The induction sessions will
      be designed to familiarise people with sites procedures and its requirements, and to
      address any questions and concerns that may arise. All employees will have access to
      a copy of the {Company} Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy and Procedures.

      All supervisors and managers will be trained to understand their responsibilities
      regarding the Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy and Procedures at the time of their
      appointment and induction into their role. Training will be provided before their
      appointment, or if that is not possible, as soon as is practicable after their appointment.

3.8   Compliance with Testing Procedures

      Compliance with testing will be in accordance of Australian Standard 4308. Refusal to
      undergo testing by any employee will result in disciplinary action.

      Australian Standard AS/NZS 4308 Procedures for the collecting, detection and
      quantisation of drugs of abuse in urine.

      Relevant State Regulations and legislative requirements (add here)

     Role              Responsible for:

     Manager OHS       Ensure that a formal system has been developed for the
                       management of fitness for work.

                       Co-ordinate relevant training

                       Maintain a secure file of alcohol and drug test results.

     Area Managers /   Ensure that the requirements of this standard are implemented
     Superintendents   within their area of responsibility.

     General           Ensure that the Operation implements and maintains the
     Manager           requirements of this standard.

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