Instructions for taking the L BL Achieving Styles Inventory by ericaburns


									         Instructions for taking the L-BL Achieving Styles Inventory
                 on the Achieving Styles Institute Web Page
                                  (ALL DATA ARE CONFIDENTIAL)

1. The inventory takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. No one
   except you will see your individual scores.

2. Using an internet browser like Mozilla Foxfire, Opera or Microsoft
   Internet Explorer, go to the Achieving Styles Institute home page by

3. Click the ‘Use an ASI Inventory online’ link on the right side of the screen or the gold ‘ASI Inventory
   emblem’ to go to the Inventory Description Page.

4. On this Inventory Description Page, click on the first option under the ‘’Would you link to’ heading:

   ‘Use an inventory as part of a pre-paid group.’

   This will bring you to the Inventory Log In page.

5. On the Inventory Log In page you will be asked to enter the username and password assigned to
   your group.

   If no username or password are displayed in the yellow boxes in this document please contact your
   group leader for this information.

   In the space that says: “Username” type:

   In the space that says “Password” type:

   NOTE: Both the Username and Password are not case sensitive, there are no spaces, and there are
   no quotes (“) used either.

   NOTE 2: Also be aware of the letter oh (O) and the 0 (zero) characters.

6. Click the Log In button after entering the username and password. The username and password you
   entered will be validated and then you will be taken to the Inventory Selection page.

7. The Inventory Selection page asks you to select the type of inventory you would like to use and the
   options are the Individual Inventory (ASI), the Organizational Inventory (OASI) or the Situational
   Evaluation Technique (ASSET).

   The group you are part of will be set up so that only one type of Inventory is available for you to use.
   If you are part of a special group and must select the type of Inventory to use select the one as
   instructed by your group leader.

   Select the appropriate ‘Take the ASI’ link.

8. The Consent Form will display for you to read.

   This page tells you how we will use the information you provide when using an Achieving Styles

   Please read this information then click the ‘I voluntarily consent to participate in this research’

9. The Group Leader / Participant Privacy Consent Form page will display for you to read.

   This page allows you to decide if your group leader should be able to access your personal contact
   information like name, phone number or email address.

   Please read this information carefully then select either the Yes or the No radio button to indicate
   your request.

   In most cases people should allow their group leader access to view this information.

10. Click the ‘I confirm this privacy request’ button after you have indicated your choice.

11. The three sections of the ASI inventory are now ready for you to complete and you will start the
    inventory beginning with Section 1: Personal Data.

12. We require that you enter your first and last name for our records at the very least. All other
    information fields are optional but it is often helpful if you provide us with a valid email address.

   Your email address will never leave the ASI and only be used by the institute or your group leader to
   contact you.

13. Click the ‘Submit Section 1’ button after entering the information on the Section 1 form.

14. A page describing Section 2 of the Inventory and how to answer the questions is displayed.

   Please read this information then click the ‘Begin Section 2’ button.

15. Complete each group of five questions then click the ‘Next 5 Questions’ button.

16. After completing all forty-five (45) questions click the ‘Submit section 2’ button.

17. Section 3 requests demographic information. Toward the bottom of Section 3 are questions #15 and
    #18 about your occupation, job title and employer’s industry.

   NOTE: If you are under 24 years old, do not have much work experience, and expect to change
   careers, please type in “student” for your job title and 9999 as the SOC code above, and “unknown”
   for the employer’s industry and 999999 as the NAICS code above. Otherwise, please enter as
   complete an occupation and employer’s industry as possible using the “lookup” utility next to those

18. At the end of Section 3, click on the ‘Submit section 3’ button.

   If you forgot to answer any questions, the program will return you to the question in order to complete
   it, before calculating your score.

   The information you submitted will now be processed and saved in our database.

   If you provided an email address in Section 1 an email copy of the confirmation message will be sent
   to that email address. The instructions and Log In codes needed to view your results at any time in
   the future will be included in the email.

19. Your Inventory is complete and the confirmation message page will display to tell you if the Inventory
    has been submitted correctly.

20. You may be part of a group that is able to view the results online immediately after using an
    Inventory. If this is the case, in addition to the message already displayed on the confirmation page
    you will see a message reading:

   Your ASI ID# is: ?????
   Last name: ???????
   Please print this page for your record.
   You will need your ASI ID# to view your results at any future time.
   You may view your results now by clicking the button below.
   View your results now

   Click on the ‘View your results now’ button to display your results with a polar graph of your
   achieving styles, and a narrative explanation of your unique scores.

   To print a copy of your results, RIGHT click you mouse; a menu will appear; near the bottom of the
   menu you will see the “print” option. Click on print and your results will be printed to your default
   printer. To choose a different printer, click on File, Print (or Ctrl+P.)

   To remove the Email Options at the bottom of the results page click the ‘Printer Friendly Version’
   Image and link to display the results without these options. Print this page to print a ‘clean’ copy.

   You may also email the results to yourself or any other valid email address. Enter the email address
   then click the ‘Email this report’ to email the results.

21. To retrieve your results at a later date return to the page and click on
    “View your inventory results,” link then type in the ID# you received along with the last name you
    entered in Section 1 of the ASI.

   Your score, a polar graph of your achieving styles, and a brief narrative of your unique scores will
   appear, which you may print.

   Please see # 20 of these instructions for instructions on how to print.

   Thank you for your time in contributing to a better understanding of Achieving Styles! Please don't
   hesitate to contact your group leader or the institute if you have questions.



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