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					                                                                 Our 1st Anniversary!


                                                                                                                               August 2010

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                           Visit our new

                                           You don’t have to be a golfer to
                                                                                                      Roswell’s Growing
                                           participate in the Roswell Rotary’s
                                           annual fundraiser benefitting local                           Economy
                                           charities. The 32nd annual Aubrey
                                           Greenway Charity Golf Tournament
                                                                                                   The second in a continuing series on
                                           on Sept. 13 also includes a putting                     Roswell’s business climate. by Tripp Liles
                                           contest, ball drop, silent and live
                                           auctions, lunch and a celebration
                                                                              PG. 11

                                          We sure love our dogs, but sometimes
                                          we just don’t know how to make their
                                          lives happier beyond liberal use of
                                          treats and affection. This issue we’ll
                                          show you some activities that can
                                          greatly enhance your dog’s fun.
                                                                         PG. 22
When longtime Roswell resident
Catherine McCall decided to
document the harrowing account of
her childhood in a memoir, she says
she did it in the hopes that it could
help others.                     PG. 10                                                The newly opened Aurora Cineplex is a prime example of the strength of Roswell’s economic future. The new movie
                                                                                       theater is a part of a multi-million dollar renovation by Mimms Enterprises of the old Startime Cinema.
                                                                                         Money Magazine recently listed Roswell in its annual 100 Best Places To
                                          In the heat of the moment it is so
                                                                                       Live edition. Specifically, we placed 76, but geographically speaking we did
                                          easy to give up on living well and           even better – in the Southeast there were only five cities that made the list.
                                          editing your home, especially with           As the city looks to increase its economic and fiscal outlook, recognition like
                                          the heat index rising over 100               this is an important building block for success.
                                          each day in the South. Don’t give              Roswell city council member Rich Dippolito put it bluntly, “Success brings
                                          in to the temptation to quit before          success” in describing the need to build economic momentum.
                                          your project is complete.     PG. 22                                                                                                       Continued on page 3

                                                                              PG. 13

 Permit #1235
 US Postage
                 KOOKOO FOR SOCK MONKEY’S                                              NEW YEAR, NEW PRINCIPAL                                             OF POKER AND PROPERTY
                 Award winning, Roswell-based retailer KooKoo                          Lynn Johnson begins as the new                                      Whether you like it or not, when you
                 Bear Kids, is launching an innovative contest to                      Principal of Mimosa Elementary.                                     go to buy or sell real estate you are
                 raise money for the STAR House Foundation.                                                                                                making a bet. It’s a gamble.
                                                         PG. 4                                                           PG. 8                                                                   PG. 20

Our First                                         Trilogy Trolley Crawl Has
                                                  Something For Everyone
                                                                                                                                  Roswell’s Citizen Police
                                                                                                                                    Academy To Begin
Anniversary!                                          Aside from a night of
                                                  music, food, ambiance and
                                                                                                                                  The Roswell Police Depart-
                                                                                                                                 ment is now accepting appli-
                                                                                                                                                                             Tripp Liles
  And they say print is dead. Ha!                 laughter, there is one more                                                    cations for its Citizen Police             Brandt Haney
                                                  reason to attend the second                                                    Academy to begin Sept. 7. Ap-
   This issue makes our first anniver-            annual award-winning Trilogy                                                   plications are available at the                Sales
sary here at The Current. It has been             Trolley Crawl on Saturday,                                                     front desk of the Roswell Po-             Brandt Haney
a fantastic experience and we hope                Aug. 21 — a chance to win a                                                    lice Department Monday-Fri-              Director of Sales
for many more to come. Launching a                Roswell “Staycation” package                                                   day, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or online at
business in this economy is not easy.             for two. A prize drawing will                                        
That is why we’re going to continue               be held during the event.                                                      cademyapplication.                       David Wright
to focus on business in our commu-                   The package includes:                                                          Applicants must be 21 years         Account Executive
nity. Roswell is a place where small                 • Dinner at Oak Street Café                                                 or older, pass a background 
businesses and entrepreneurs can                     • Tickets to a Georgia En-      purchase tickets, visit                     check and be a Roswell resi-
not only survive but also thrive.                 semble Theatre show                          dent, business owner or City             Patty Conway
   As we mark our first year I have to                                                  • Look For Liberty: You                                                         Account Executive
                                                     • Two-night stay at the                                                     of Roswell employee. Class
take a moment to thank the many                   Roswell Holiday Inn                might live in Roswell, but dur-             will run each Tuesday for nine
businesses that have supported us.                   • Brunch at Relish              ing the week of Aug. 9-13 you               weeks from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
We mail over 30,000 copies of this                                                   need to be on the look out for                                                     Editorial & Creative
                                                     • Trilogy passes to tour Bar-                                               Classes will be held at the
publication to Roswell homes exclu-                                                  Lady Liberty! In celebration of                                                        Tripp Liles
                                                  rington Hall, Bulloch Hall and                                                 Roswell Law Enforcement
sively each month – not Alpharetta,                                                  the crawl, Lady Liberty will be                                                             Editor &
                                                  Smith Plantation                                                               Center.
Johns Creek or East Cobb. We’re not                  The Trilogy Trolley Crawl       on display somewhere in his-                   Academy participants will            Creative Director
a North Fulton publication either,                will be held at the Southern       toric downtown Roswell each                 learn operational aspects to 
we are all about Roswell and it’s our             Trilogy Homes where each           day by noon. The first person               the Roswell Police Depart-
advertisers that make this possible.                                                 to “spot” Lady Liberty and call                                                      Ann Marie Quill
                                                  home will transform into a                                                     ment. Participants will receive
   Advertising is not easy for many                                                  770-641-3978 will win a free                                                         Managing Editor
                                                  different city. Barrington Hall                                                first-hand knowledge of police
small businesses. That’s why we take              will become Las Vegas, Bul-        ticket to the crawl.                        operations through classroom
the extra care to deliver our message             loch Hall will become                 • Crawl Into Bed: After a                lectures, ride-alongs with offi-
through the mail. It offers a greater                                                                                                                                     Main Phone Number
                                                  Nashville and Smith Planta-        great night of fun at the crawl,            cers and observing the Com-               (404) 920-8590
degree of security that you’ll read us            tion will become New York          why worry about driving                     munications Center and
versus a publication placed in the                City. The event will be held       home? Why not “Crawl into                   Detention Center operations.         Contributing Writers
driveway. In turn that means our ad-              from 7 to 11:30 p.m. and tick-     Bed in Roswell” for the night               Participants will receive a             Kate Copsey
vertisers message will be seen and                ets are $40 each. The ticket       and then enjoy an incredible                binder with department infor-          Laura G. Thome
heard.                                            includes admission to all three    brunch Sunday morning?                      mation, as well as additional           Helen Kelley
   All we ask of our readers who                  historic homes, one drink          Make it a special Roswell                   handouts throughout the                 Michael Finch
want to help us survive is to support             ticket and three mini-sampler      weekend experience.                         course.                                 Our Mission:
the businesses that support us.                   plate food tickets.                    For $159, a 25 percent dis-                To recognize the comple-        The Roswell Current aspires to communicate
                                                                                                                                                                    community news that’s useful, engaging,
When you visit a business you see in                 Sponsors of the Trilogy         count off the total regular cost,           tion of the Citizen’s Academy,     enjoyable and unique. We strive to reflect
                                                                                                                                                                    the full range of what Roswell has to offer,
our publication, let them know you                Trolley Crawl include the City     you will receive:                           participants will take part in a   also advocating positions that strengthen
saw their message in The Current.                                                                                                                                   unity and continuity. We desire to create
                                                  of Roswell’s “A Southern Tril-        • one night at the recently              graduation ceremony and re-        and maintain a challenging, enjoyable and
   Our intent from day one has been               ogy,” Windows Phone/Sprint,        renovated Roswell Holiday                   ception on Nov. 4.
                                                                                                                                                                    caring work environment that encourages
                                                                                                                                                                    creativity and innovation. Our rewards are
to be a positive voice in this wonder-            Scroggin & Company, Mimms          Inn ($89 value)                                For more information, call
                                                                                                                                                                    informed, educated readers, very satisfied
                                                                                                                                                                    advertisers, happy employees and profitable
ful community. Your response to                   Enterprises, Stroud’s Printing        • two tickets to the Trilogy             770-640-4455.

how we produce our publication has                & Design, Fast Signs –             Trolley Crawl ($80 value)                                                      The Roswell Current is published monthly.
                                                                                                                                                                    Pre-sort standard poastage paid at Atlanta,
been fantastic and of course we                   Roswell, Roswell Ghost Tours,         • brunch for two at Relish                                                  GA. Postmaster send changes to The
                                                                                                                                                                    Roswell Current, 10800 Alpharetta Hwy.
thank you all for being a part of our             Meadows Outdoor, Georgia           restaurant ($38 value not in-                                                  Suite 208-705, Roswell GA, 30076.
first year.                                                                                                                                                   x
                                                  Power Company, Meer Elec-          cluding gratuity)                                                              Publisher has the priviledge to reject any
                                                                                                                                                                    advertising. Advertiser is responsible for
                                                  tric, Talk of the Town and The        For reservations, call 770-                                                 full content of advertisments provided and
                - Tripp Liles, editor                                                                                                                               are responsible for any claims made therin.
                                                  Visualab.                          817-1414 or 877-817-1414.                    For more community news visit     The Roswell Current is owned by
                                                     For more information or to      Package sales end Aug. 16.                  Current Communications LLC
                                                                                 August                               Community                   3
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   Nationwide, many municipalities        the best we’ve ever had to make pos-             PROVIDING A CLEAR VISION FOR YOUR BUSINESS
are suffering, and in some cases          itive changes that benefit all sides of
even collapsing under the strains of      the equation. The equation is bal-
a down national economy. Roswell,         ancing the desire of most residents
however, is on solid financial foot-      who want to live in a city that is de-
ing, but business and civic leaders       void of overgrowth while at the
all recognize the need to get better.     same time serving the business com-
   According to Alice Wakefield, di-      munity and encouraging smart eco-
rector of community development,          nomic growth.
“The economy has made all of us sit-
up and take notice.”
                                             Using the response from the
                                          many of you who reacted to our last
                                                                                                     We Specialize In:
                                          article, there seems to be recogni-              • Monthly accounting and compilation services
City Initiatives                          tion from residents that having
   The city is in the process of posi-    empty commercial developments is                       • New business start up assistance
tioning itself for a bright economic      not a good thing. There are several
future. For many years, Roswell has       initiatives taking place to bring to-
                                                                                                        • Payroll Processing
had a reputation for being a difficult    gether the needs of the whole com-                      • Income tax return preparation
place to do business. The communi-        munity. Newly elected city council
ties that surround us are, at first       member Nancy Diamond is working
                                                                                                       • Income tax planning
glance, in a better position with re-     on a new branding initiative. Bill                      • Sales tax and payroll tax ling
gards to commercial development           Kier, economic development man-
                           and success.   ager, is developing a strategic eco-                • Assistance with tax notices and audits
                           To some de-    nomic development plan. And                             • Non-pro t tax and accounting
                           gree the       Wakefield’s community develop-
                           success of     ment department is overseeing the
                           North Point    city’s comprehensive plan. She de-
                           Mall and       scribes it as the guiding plan for the
                           Avenue         city and feels strongly in gaining the
                           East Cobb      input of citizens.
                           are due, in       Getting that input is a challenge
        Alice Wakefield    large part,    because Roswell has grown as a
                           to the citi-   “bedroom” community. In the past,
zens of Roswell. Those develop-           most people who live here haven’t
ments were positioned on our              been particularly interested in the
border to gain access to Roswell’s        nuts and bolts of government. Ac-
attractive demographic but were not       cording to Dippolito, “It’s hard to
built within the city limits.             reach the community as a whole.”
   The city recognizes the need for          As these new plans are formu-
positive growth, which balances the       lated, it is mandated by state regula-
needs of its citizens and those of the    tions that the city seek input from
business community.                       its citizens. Starting in the fall the
   “The city as a whole has changed       city will be conducting meetings and
to the mindset of customer-friendly.      workshops in an effort to better
Both sides, businesses and resi-          communicate with its residents.
dents, are the customer,” explained
                                                                                             Our                                              e
Dippolito.                                Why Participation Is Important                  Consultation                                  Results Are
   In describing the challenges she’s        There is a common interest that
faced in her first year on the job,       binds the residents of Roswell and                Is Free                                      Priceless
Wakefield said, “The whole reputa-        the business community. Money.
tion of not being business friendly…
It’s a challenge to find out what that
                                             It takes money to land Roswell on
                                          a list like Money Magazine’s, and
                                                                                          A FULL SERVICE CPA FIRM FOCUSED ON SMALL
means.”                                   beyond property taxes, it will take a             BUSINESS AND INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES
   Many from within the city gov-         thriving business community to con-
ernment echo her words. There are
a lot of new faces in all areas of the
government who are paying for the
                                          tinue these world-class amenities. I
                                          know few people who raise their
                                          hands willing to stand for an in-
                                                                                                      555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite E-2
mistakes that were made years ago         crease on their property taxes, so
and by other employees. Most lead-        looking to the business community                                Roswell, GA 30076
ers in Roswell’s business community
believe that the people in place are                                Continued on page 6
4   Community   August
                      KooKoo Bear Kids Launches
                    ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ Contest
                              STAR House Foundation To Benefit
                                 From Family Fun Campaign
                      Award winning,                                             one of these sock mon-
                   Roswell-based retailer                                        keys will contribute to
                   of designer kids’ rooms                                       the educational success
                   and exceptional gifts,                                        of families in our com-
                   KooKoo Bear Kids, is                                          munity," said Linda
                   launching an innovative                                       Schultz, chair of the
                   contest to raise money                                        STAR House board of
                   for the STAR House                                            directors.
                   Foundation. The con-                                             “Encouraging kids
                   test, called “Monkey See,                                     and families to get in-
                   Monkey Do,” promises                                          volved in events that
                   to be fun for both par-                                       give back to our com-
                   ents and children, while                                      munity is an excellent
                   capitalizing on the                                           way to teach kids how
                   growing popularity of                                         to appreciate what they
                   the age-old sock mon-                                         have,” said Joe Mediate,
                                                A sock monkey chillin’ poolside.
                   key.                                                          chief marketing officer
                      The concept is simple                                      of KooKoo Bear Kids.
                   – for every sock monkey purchased           “We are proud that ‘Monkey SEE,
                   at the KooKoo Bear Kids retail store Monkey DO’ will benefit such a fine
                   or website now through Oct. 1, 10           organization.”
                   percent of the proceeds will be do-              The rebirth of the sock monkey
                   nated to the STAR House Founda-             has become a national sensation.
                   tion. Once purchased, contestants           They began in the late 1800s when
                   will take photographs of their chil-        mothers would make the dolls out of
                   dren with the sock monkey in inter-         discarded socks. Today, they are
                   esting and fun locations. This could        made of high quality cotton knit; the
                   be on vacation, playing at home or          KooKoo Bear Kids’ sock monkeys
                   even participating in local charitable come in blue, pink or brown and are
                   events – imagination is encouraged.         available in two sizes. The small
                   The entry process is easy to follow:        monkeys are decorated with red yarn
                   simply log onto the KooKoo Bear             and button eyes; big monkeys have
                   Kids web site at www.kookoobear-            embroidered faces with coordinating
          then upload your           satin ribbons around their necks.
                   contest photos, which will be judged             KooKoo Bear Kids is a nationally
                   for creativity. The most interesting        known children’s retailer through its
                   photograph will win a $500 gift cer- online, catalog and Roswell-based
                   tificate to KooKoo Bear Kids.               retail store. It is located in Sweet
                      “We are so pleased that KooKoo           Apple Village at 12060 Etris Road in
                   Bear has chosen STAR House as the           Roswell. For more information, visit
                   beneficiary of its ‘Monkey SEE,    or visit
                   Monkey DO’ campaign. In a very              their retail location.
                   real way, the families that purchase

                    About STAR House Foundation
                    STAR House Foundation is enriching our community by promoting academic suc-
                    cess and empowering lifelong achievement in at-risk children. For the past 16 years,
                    STAR House has remained true to the same ideal: mold children into thoughtful
                    leaders who reflect upstanding values and they will make their mark on those
                    around them. STAR House operates in three schools in Roswell and serves 180 stu-
                    dents in elementary, middle and high school. STAR House provides homework
                    help, tutoring, mentoring and school supplies in a safe and caring atmosphere. For
                    more information,º visit
                                                                               August                                 Misc. Ramblings                                     5

                                  My Business Mentor Mr. Puffin
    In an effort to increase my business   began to notice his unusual gifts to-       rabbit. While I prefer mine battered        dissimilar to business, sometimes we
acumen, I recently began reading The       ward business concepts. Here is but a       and fried, he prefers his a bit more on     need to just hunker-down and do
Harvard Business Review. Similar to        mere sampling:                              the “fresh and gamey” side. As a mat-       things we don’t necessarily want to
The Roswell Current, its pages are            • Leadership. The descriptive            ter of fact, he has discovered that if he   do. Understanding the dangers of
filled with the thoughts of business       phrase defining something as “more          can locate the cozy lair of the friendly    procrastination and the benefits of
leaders, teachers and gurus from most      difficult than herding cats”                           rabbit family he can simply      discipline can help overcome the up-
arenas within the business world. I        comes from the under-                                  go directly to the “supplier”    front knowledge that the activity is
have greatly benefitted from their ex-     standing that trying to                                and select the delicacy of his   probably going to give us really bad
pert opinions and their willingness to     steer a cat in a certain di-                           choice. Perhaps there is a       breath (trust me on this one).
share their thoughts, ideas and strate-    rection by barking orders                              lesson here regarding avoid-        • Motivation and incentives. “The
gies for success. With this as a back-     from behind is a futile ac-                            ing the middleman and deal-      Puffin Principle” deals specifically
drop, I felt it would be hypocritical      tivity. Mr. Puffin, on the                             ing directly with an             with the ability to motivate individu-
and downright unjust if I too did not      other hand, is more than                               originating source? (This        als long-term through the utilization
help my fellow Roswellians by sharing      amiable to follow me                                   also works well in conflict      of incentives. It was taught to me
lessons I have learned from my per-        around in the house or           Miscellaneous         resolution; he’s a very smart    while watching Mr. Puffin interact
sonal business mentor, “Mr. Puffin.”       yard on whatever path I           Ramblings            cat).                            during a game of “catch the mouse on
    As you may recall from a previous      choose. Perhaps in busi-                                  • Procrastination. On oc-     a string.” While he was initially com-
column, “Mr. Puffin” is our family’s       ness it is easier to actually       MIKE FINCH         casion as Mr. Puffin is cruis-   pletely engaged in the game, he
long-haired, domestic feline that was      lead by being in front and                             ing through the den he will      quickly lost interest once he deter-
rescued as a kitten, introduced as a fe-   showing the desired pathway, rather         suddenly drop to the floor, contort his     mined that no matter his approach,
male, promptly named due to a mas-         than attempting to lead while stand-        furry body, and commence to cleans-         he simply was not going to be allowed
sive fur coat, and bewilderingly           ing behind someone with a big stick         ing any one of a number of body parts       to obtain the desirable outcome of
discovered to be a male upon his first     or loud voice.                              that obviously need some attention.         mouse in mouth. Thus I learned that
vet visit. Shortly after his arrival at       • Outsourcing. Mr. Puffin and I          Surely he could wait for a more pri-        goals must be seen as obtainable and
our home and this gender discovery, I      share an insatiable appetite for wild       vate moment for this activity, but not                               Continued on page 18

                                                               ! !
                       !                     #

                                                         4%&%33/) '%()0: ,%5 )%41) ( 6,) 6-6/) 2* %                                    #
                                                      )24+ -% )16)4 2* -56-1'6-21 ; 6,) 2 1/: 5',2 2/ 62

    !              $                                    &) %9%4() ( 6,-5 (-56-1'6-21 -1 246, 7 /62 1
                                                           '2 716: #) ,%8) 342 8- () ( % 5%*) /2 8-1+
                                                      )18-42 10 )16 *2 4 /2 '%/ ',-/(4)1 *24 2 8)4  :)%45
                                                      #) )8)1 ,%8) 5)8)4%/ 2* 2 74 24-+ -1%/ 6)%',)45

               4-8%6) 62745 %4) %8%-/%&/) &)69))1
                       %1(          12 %332-160)16
              1)')55%4: )) 75 %5 9) %4)               999 '4%&%33/)%'%()0:21/-1) '20
                                                    4-8%6) ,-/('%4) )16)4                                                                     7'.)4 2%(
6       Community             August
                                  Continued from page 3
                                  is a logical choice. Not, however, in   spend
                                  raising taxes on the business com-      money in
                                  munity but in fact finding ways to      Roswell.
                                  lower the cost of doing business to     We need to
                                  stimulate growth. The city sees a di-   find a way
                                  rect economic impact as businesses      to support
                                  grow within the city limits.            business
                                     “All businesses pay a business oc-   and local
                                  cupation tax and property taxes.        residents.
                                  The business occupation tax is          It’s criti-            Rich Dippolito
                                  based on the number of employees.       cally im-
                                  So as the business grows, the need      portant,” said Dippolito.

          “Wow just wow”          for additional employees could be
                                  the result. The property tax is based
                                                                             One year into the Find It All cam-
                                                                          paign the economic impact is still
                                                                          being analyzed, but the results of
                                  on land and buildings as well as in-
                                  ventory, the larger the business the    initiatives like this take time. There

         “Utterly charming”       larger the property tax,” said Julia
                                  Luke, director of finance for
                                                                          is a strong desire to continue the
                                                                          program, but a big piece to be put in
                                  Roswell.                                place is leadership within the
                                                                          Roswell business community. Find

                                                                          It All is a positive initiative but
                                          Jobs are a focus.               many people within the business
                                        Supporting business               community are asking for more, and

                                                                          leadership is the key.
                                     provides jobs. This has a
                                       direct impact on city
                                                                             “Roswell should have it’s own
                                                                          Chamber of Commerce. It’s a nor-
                                              revenue.                    mal evolutionary process to form
    !                                                                     their own chamber,” said Kier.
                                     “Sales tax is also important. Even      But many in the business commu-
                                  though the Georgia Department of        nity are supporting more organic
                                  Revenue does not have the system        methods of organization. Chambers
                                  to identify which jurisdiction the      of Commerce are expensive to form
                                  sales tax was collected, the more       and without large corporate support
                                  collected in Fulton County, the big-    can be a burden on small busi-
                                  ger the distribution,” continued        nesses.
                                  Luke.                                      There are business groups already
                                     So when the residents of Roswell     in place tackling many of the same
                                  shop in Cobb County, for instance,      issues chambers often assist with.
                                  that’s money lost for the city. Stay-   Joe Mediate, a local business leader
                                  ing with Fulton County at least         and one of the founders of KooKoo
                                  keeps a portion of the sales tax with   Bear Kids, heads a group called the
                                  the city, but the direct economic im-   Roswell Business Association. The
                                  pact of occupation and property         group was formed to help local busi-
                                  taxes are lost when shopping out-       nesses deal with issues here in
                                  side of Roswell.                        Roswell. The Historic Convention
                                                                          and Visitors Bureau has formed a
                                  Finding It All In Roswell               networking series called Roswell
                                     With these economic realities, the   Connects. This is a vehicle for local
                                  city, in partnership with the His-      businesses to gather and share
                                  toric Convention and Visitors Bu-       ideas.
                                  reau, launched the Find It All             As these initiatives grow, the city
                                  Roswell campaign one year ago. The      hopes to capitalize and build momen-
                                  campaign was designed to encour-        tum in defining what Roswell stands
                                  age local residents to spend money      for as a business community. The cre-
                                  in Roswell, and had much support        ation of jobs is of course the end game.
                                  from both businesses and govern-           “Jobs are a focus. Supporting busi-
                                  ment.                                   ness provides jobs. This has a direct
                                     “I absolutely supported it. The      impact on city revenue,” said Dip-
                                  economy was in a difficult spot. We     polito.
                                  were looking to encourage people to                               Continued on page 14
                                                                               August                              Home Design                     7

           Don’t Forget Space
            When Designing
   In the heat of the moment it is so
easy to give up on living well and edit-
ing your home, especially with the
heat index rising over 100 each day in
the South. Don’t give in to the temp-
tation to quit before your project is
complete — if you do you will cheat
yourself of the peace of mind that
comes with a simple, sophisticated
home and lifestyle.
   Just last week at Now & Again
Buckhead, we explored the art of edit-
ing your home and lifestyle appropri-        prepare by space-planning your home
ately. From custom window                    to fit your lifestyle. Using what you
treatments to the study of human in-         have, arrange each piece to its best
teraction we found answers to design         use and get rid of the rest.
problems. One of the most interesting
projects is a wonderful farm in Ten-                        Inventory Opportunity
nessee that is in need of                                   On another note, a great
spatial study. Three won-                               supply of inventory in the
derful rooms open to one                                furnishings and home in-
another making differenti-                              dustries is about to hit the
ation and place impromptu                               marketplace. The vendors
and hard to define. By de-                              and manufacturers that
termining the most flexibil-                            have made it through the
ity and the best use of scale,                          first downturn are now par-
we explored dividing it into           Interior         ing down and selling off in-
three sections, keeping flow           Design           ventory as well as
and a circulation pattern                               homeowners that have                     Put a little something on the list for you.
for gathering. Pictured is         LAURA GREEN THOME downsized. Collections that
                                                                                        Go ahead and give Kitchen Tune Up a call. Why not begin
the “after” photo of the case                           have not been available in
study we recently completed in Hous- the antique markets and consignment                the school year with a fresh new look? We can bring back
ton — the philosophy of simple so-           shops are now a bargain — get to fin-     the original luster to your existing cabinets or help create a
phistication applied.                        ishing off your projects while the buy-        whole new kitchen. In either case, we’ll supply the
   One of the most interesting things        ing is good. Try,                   resources, expertise and the muscle. Kitchen Tune Up
to study in the art of living is the way and 1st dibs for collec-
humans interact in the spaces they
                                                                                          provides sensible, affordable solutions that belong on
                                             tion debuts.
live in. I have found through multiple                                                                       everyone’s short-list.
case studies that one never wants to            On The Horizon                             WOOD RECONDITIONING • CABINET REFACING
be “boxed in” when at a social gather-          On the subject of style — the mix-
ing. I think we all know a few too
                                                                                           CUSTOM CABINETS • GRANITE COUNTER TOPS
                                             ing of glamorous vintage pieces with
many people we may or may not want classic modern collections and tactile
to be stuck talking to! A circular flow      fabrics is on the horizon. Think Mis-       Free Design Consultation & Estimate
makes for easier social navigation, al-      soni meets Ava Gardner … Are you
lowing the interaction to occur natu-        ready?
rally and not “force any conversation”
— a.k.a. an easy escape route!                  Laura Green Thome is founder of L.
   With school just around the corner        Green Studios interior design studio                 Special BACK TO SCHOOL
and the looming games, parties and           in Atlanta. For more information,
then holiday season, go ahead and            visit                        10% Discount with this Ad
 Join me for a design event and watch while we design a room using scalabil-                  
 ity, budget and simple sophistication. Aug. 19, Sandy Springs Antiques and
 Interiors, 7-9 p.m. Wine and cheese will be served. Space is limited so please
 RSVP to                                                                          !    "           "% $           "
8          Education                                                                  August
                                                                                                                                                          SCHOOL BRIEFS
New Year, New Principal                                                                                                                    School starts Aug. 23, and the hallways are already
                                                                                                                                           starting to bustle with activity. Below are just a few
Lynn Johnson takes the helm at Mimosa                                                                                                      things already going on in the hallowed halls. We’d
                                                                                                                                           love to include everyone in this space, but first we
By Ann Marie Quill                                                                                                                         have to hear from you. If you’d like to see your
   Walking down the school corridors        one is moving in the same direction,                                                           school’s news, announcements, pictures, etc., in this
to her office, Lynn Johnson, Mimosa         all the while ensuring the needs of the                                                        space, e-mail
Elementary’s new principal, still refers    1,000-plus children in the diverse
to her digs as “Cheryl’s office.”           school are met.                                                                                • March on: Congratulations to the Centennial High
   But once she’s seated, Johnson ap-          “One thing Cheryl taught me,”                                                               School Mighty Knights Marching Band, which will
pears perfectly comfortable in her new      Johnson said, “is that the administra-                                                         represent the state of Georgia in Field Show USA
role.                                       tive staff is support for the teachers                                                         Marching Band Competition in Washington D.C. on
   Having served as assistant principal     and children, not the other way                                                                Oct. 11. The band was chosen with about a dozen oth-
                                                                                                                                           ers out of 100 to perform for the public on Columbus
under Cheryl Williams, Mimosa’s re-         around.”
                                                                                                                                           Day. The band is requesting donations for the trip,
cently retired principal, Johnson says         Johnson comes from a background
                                                                                                                                           which may be made on the band’s website,
for the past five years she’s looked to     in teaching, having taught in Cobb
Williams as a role model. And now, in a     County and Alpharetta.
                                                                                                     Mimosa Principal Lynn Johnson         • Calling CDA graduates: As the Child Development
year of change and budget cuts, she’s          “I was one of those people that
                                                                                                                                           Association, which provides affordable preschool pro-
ready to take over.                         knew I wanted to be a teacher my               was perfect for her EDS degree. “It al-         grams to low-income families, is preparing for its 40th
   “I’ve spent the last five years watch-   whole life,” Johnson said. “When I             lowed me to ask relevant questions.”            anniversary along with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for
ing and learning from her,” Johnson         was in the second grade my mother                 Johnson says while she will con-             its building’s facelift on Aug. 31, it is also searching
said, and now “I’m excited to be work-      would pick me up for ballet and I              tinue Williams’ tradition of donning a          for alumni. Organizers are hoping that as many gradu-
ing with people I’ve worked with for        would be reading to the first-graders.”        chicken suit for the school’s famous            ates as possible can attend the celebration. For more
the last five years and taking it to the       Johnson earned her teaching de-             egg drops, she also wants to give a lit-        information, visit
next level.”                                gree from Georgia State, her master’s          tle more attention to the school’s mas-         • Open house: School registration is ongoing and open
   Johnson says some of her goals for       from KSU and recently her EDS from             cot, the manatee, and name it. And              house dates are fast approaching. Check www.fulton-
the year include focusing on the            Georgia State. “I really enjoy learn-          yes, she’s even found a manatee suit,  for your school’s schedule.
school’s vision and making sure every-      ing,” she said, adding that the timing         so let the photo opportunities begin.

                                                                                                               New Beginnings
                                                                                           By Keith Lawder                                 nothing to do with work. Reading for
                                                                                                                                           pleasure and education rather than
                          !                     !                     !      "                I’ve always loved the back-to-school         watching as much TV should be a good
                                                                                           time of year. It isn’t that I loved doing all   thing. Besides, I tend to eat while I
                                                                                           the schoolwork — I didn’t. It was more          watch TV.
                                                                                           the chance for a new start. The slate was          Finally I am going to make it a point
                                                                                           wiped clean. I could leave most of my           to get to know more about organizations
                                                                                           baggage from the previous term behind.          in our community that help others. I
                                                                  !                        There were some new clothes, new                serve on the charity committee of the
                                                                                           school supplies, and a new me (at least a       Rotary Club which helps and encour-
                                                                                           somewhat new me.) In college it was             ages many agencies. We are fortunate to
                                                                                           even better. Going back to school meant         live in a place where opportunities to
                                                                                           seeing old friends again. It meant a new        lend a helping hand abound.
                                                                                           chance to actually study this semester. It         Would you like to recapture that
                                                                                           meant taking courses I wanted to take.          wonderful feeling of new beginnings?
                                                                                              Going back to school for me was              Try out these three steps:
                                                                                           something like getting a giant “do-over”           • Do something for your own physical
                                                                                           in sports. Wouldn’t it be nice to get “do-      well-being.
                                                                                           overs” in our adult lives? There are in-           • Do something for your spiritual
                                                                                           deed some things we can change in our           well-being.
                                                                                           lives which are tantamount to a do-over.           • Do something for someone else’s
                                                                                              For example, I’m going to try to eat         well-being.
                                                                                           better. Now, as a pastor, this is particu-         Try this plan on for size. And have fun
     "%* !$ /        % ) / '+!&# $* /               %-)                                    larly tough. We have some excellent             with your do-over!
                   , %($ *%  !.                                       $*%$       *(    *   cooks in our congregation who all seem             Keith Lawder is pastor of Christ
       * ($!*-/      !(       %,)/ %$% ( ##!$ / ! *)         %), ""                        to feel that I am too thin. Unfortunately,      United Methodist Church in Roswell.
         ,,, "      - + )        $   "!. ( )    %#                                         my doctor disagrees. A second thing I’m         You may reach him at
                                                                                           going to try is to read a book that has
                                                                                      August   Parenting   9

            Keeping Kids Safe
   New software helps parents monitor
     children’s activities By Ann Marie Quill
   With back-to-school time just
around the corner, parents may feel
their children have threats coming to
them from all directions.
   From bullying and child predators
to sexting and texting while driving,
technology has exposed children to a
new set of dangers, but it can also be
used to help keep them safe.
   Created by concerned parents, law
enforcement officials and software
engineers, WebSafety launched in
2009 to enable parents to protect
their children from cyber dangers.
The easily downloadable software
                                                     Jaemi Levine and her daughter.
monitors internet and cell phone
communications and sends e-mail               “Other software programs moni-
and text alerts to parents when it         tor keystrokes, which is an invasion
senses potential risks to children. The    of privacy, but it was the only way to
technology stays up-to-date with the       monitor your children online,” she
latest cyber lingo, and is not obtru-      said. “When this happened to my
sive since it doesn’t require parents to   daughter, she was just a baby. These
read all of their child’s commu-                      predators are pros. They
nications. Instead, it picks                            will move the conversa-
up on certain words and                                  tion from the internet to
phrases.                                                 cell phones as quickly as
   Additionally, the soft-                               they can, and they will
ware is also capable of                                  use non-traceable
alerting parents if their                                phones. This software
children are texting while                               helps parents stop this
driving, or even speeding.                               before their children be-
    Terry Lord, a former                                 come victims.”
chief of the U.S. Depart-                                   The software can also
ment of Justice in the                                   be a business opportu-
child exploitation division,                             nity for parents. A mo-
is serving as a spokesman                                bile center will be
and legal adviser to the                                located in Sandy Springs
company.                                               where people interested in
   “This is an excellent way for             giving demonstrations to groups
families to be alerted before their        such as PTAs in the hopes of selling
children become victims,” he said.         the software can go to pick up the
“Most child exploitation is con-           equipment and learn how to use it.
ducted online, and law enforcement            “Everytime you sell the software
is limited. This technology is not in-     you potentially save a life,” Levine
trusive and it’s not eavesdropping —       said, adding, “Parents need to know
it detects material that is truly offen-   how to lock that cyber door that
sive.”                                     reaches into the child’s bedroom,
   Jaemi Levine’s daughter became          living room and everywhere else —
the victim of an online predator when      it’s a virtual fence for a virtual
she was 12. Levine, who is running         world.”
for school board in Florida, says she         For more information on pur-
got involved with WebSafety to help        chasing or selling WebSafety soft-
parents prevent the same thing hap-        ware, visit or
pening to their own children.    
10    Community                                                   August
                                       e Finest Authentic
                                  Indian Cuisine Since 1998
                                  720 Holcomb Bridge Rd.
                                                                             Out Of The Darkness
                                   Roswell • 770-817-0661                Local author hopes her experience will
                                                                                help others By Ann Marie Quill
                                       weekday 6 course
                                       express lunch
                                               !    !

                                    weekend multi course
                                        lunch bu et
                                        Not to be missed!
 Dine In • Take-out • Catering • Parties • Private Party Room

                          Buy one entree and 2 beverages at

                         regular price, receive a 2nd entree of
                             equal or lesser value FREE
                          max value $10 • dinner & dine-in only
                              720 Holcomb Bridge Rd.                    When longtime Roswell resident          about repressed memories of abuse,
                                   770-817-0661                      Catherine McCall decided to document       and therapy was not being portrayed
                                                                     her harrowing account of her child-        positively.” She added, “I felt the good
                                                                     hood in a memoir, she says she did it in   fortune to have a powerful healing ex-
                                                                     the hopes that it could help others sub-   perience in my own therapy”
                                                                     jected to sexual abuse.                       The first part of McCall’s book de-
                                                                        “I didn’t remember it until I was       tails her childhood, while the second
                                                                     about 40,” she said. “My mother was        part deals with her healing.
                                                                     dying, my parents were destitute and          McCall says she’s also bothered by
                                                                     my husband and I intervened. While         how there’s not much in the media
                                                                     my mother was in the hospital, I           about longterm marriages. Wed to
                                                                     started having flashbacks of being         her childhood sweetheart in 1970, the
                                                                     raped by my father when I was 10 and       book also relates how her trauma af-
                                                                     my mother was in the hospital.”            fected her marriage. “If anyone can
                                                                        A licensed marriage and family          learn from this, it’s worth what we
                                                                     therapist, McCall said, “I felt I needed   went through,” said the mother of
                                                                     to give back,” so she wrote “When the      four and grandmother of six.
                                                                     Piano Stops: A Memoir of Healing              McCall, a member of the Speakers
                                                                     from Sexual Abuse.”                        Bureau of the Rape and Incest Na-
                                                                        She grew up in an upper-class fam-      tional Network (RAINN), says her
                                                                     ily in New York, with a private educa-     book is dedicated to the well-being of
                                                                     tion and worldly parents that              children, and the back portion of the
                                                                     included her respected physician fa-       memoir includes child abuse stats as
                                                                     ther. However, “I had a very dysfunc-      well as serves as a resource listing
                                                                     tional family,” she said, with both of     places and websites where people can
                                                                     her parents being alcoholics and her       find help, support and therapists.
                                                                     father mentally ill.                          McCall’s own private practice in-
                                                                        McCall says she was lucky, though,      cludes individual, marriage and fam-
                                                                     to have good people in her life and the    ily therapy. She is available for
                                                                     education and life experiences to          speaking engagements, and conducts
                                                                     enter a path of healing with the help      Bringing Baby Home workshops that
                                                                     of a therapist.                            address how a new baby affects a
                                                                        She decided while in therapy to         marriage.
                                                                     write her book. “There were several           For more information and to pur-
                                                                     things going on in our culture at the      chase McCall’s memoir, visit
                                                                     time: A lot of people were talking
                                                                                     August                                                          Community                                        11

                Hole In One For
                Local Charities
 Rotary event to benefit area organizations
By Ann Marie Quill

   You don’t have to be a golfer to par-                                                                                      -#!' ) '/!,1+0#" #+1 2 ') )#               -*
ticipate in the Roswell Rotary’s annual
fundraiser benefitting local charities —
but it doesn’t hurt. The 32nd annual                                                                               !
Aubrey Greenway Charity Golf Tourna-
ment on Sept. 13 also includes a put-
ting contest, ball drop, silent and live
                                                                                                *')4 04)#                                                                                  ""
auctions, lunch and a celebration din-                                                        '++#. 0 .0'+%
ner.                                                                                          0        ,+
   “We have all kinds of activities,”                                                         1#/" 4
promises tournament co-chair Pat           Roswell Rotarian Lee Hollingsworth as Santa at a    #"+#/" 4
Rains. “We sell golf balls that have a     Star House event.                                  &1./" 4                                                                                       *')4 3+#"
number, and on the day of the tourna-      purchase hole signs and pin flags with                                                                                                          +" -#. 0#"
ment, a Roswell fire truck drops all the
golf balls on the green. The ball that
                                           their company logo displayed. Volun-
                                           teers are also needed for the event, and
                                                                                                                                          )-& .#00 34 ,/3#))
comes closest to the hole wins the         the Rotary is accepting donations of                                                                333 +'+,/'0 )' +('0!&#+ !,*
$1,000 prize. This year we are doing a
$100,000 putting contest [underwrit-
                                           items to auction.
                                              Golf packages are available for                                                   $$ ,0 )                                         14 +0.##
ten by an insurance company]. At the       groups and individuals. A package is                                              '++#. '))                                        #0 +"    .'!#
                                                                                                                                                                                      !         " !
end of day, four people will putt for      also available for those who don’t want                                       "    #       $
                                                                                                                                                                                 "     #    $

$100,000. We provide lunch and or                                                                    )-& .#00   34 ,/3#))                                     )-& .#00    34 ,/3#))
                                           to golf but are interested in attending
dinner for all golfers, and a silent and   the dinner and auction.
live auction including vacation destina-      The Roswell Rotary’s mission ex-
tions, dining and sporting events.”        tends beyond handing out checks,
   One hundred percent of net pro-         though. Active participants in the com-
ceeds are distributed to area organiza-    munity, its members also support sol-
tions the Rotary supports, such as         diers and veterans with its
North Fulton Community Charities,          Adopt-A-Platoon and Honor Air pro-
which distributes food, clothing and fi-   grams, literacy programs, an AIDS
nancial assistance to those in need; the   awareness program geared toward
Child Development Association, which       middle and high school students and
has provided child care and early learn-   participation in events like the Youth                               !(*  .   (*! )    /
ing to low-income families for more        Day Parade. The Adopt-A-Platoon pro-                         /   ' ( * & # ( # . (
than 40 years; the Star House, which       gram provides packages of items not
provides free after-school care to at-     usually available in a war zone for a                    /     $ +!# !%     &('&( * , %*)
risk children; and the Foster Care Sup-    particular platoon, while the Honor Air             / *# %* 0) &&# )* +#*! # , # ) (      ( %
port Foundation, just to name a few.
   This is the Rotary’s only fundraiser
                                           program takes World War II veterans
                                           to the memorial in Washington D.C.
                                                                                                        / !%&($&+) ! ) # . (
for the year, so the club makes sure the      The golf event was named for                                 / &+*    (&+' , %*)
event, taking place at Brookfield Coun-    Aubrey Greenway. According to Rotary
try Club in Roswell, counts.               past-president Elwyn Gaissairt,
   “This our one annual fundraiser, and    “Aubrey was a banker in Roswell,
over the last couple of years we’ve        someone who loved the Roswell com-
raised over $100,000 for local chari-      munity and wanted to see things grow
ties, most in North Fulton. Last year      and prosper. He loved golf and socializ-
$117,000 went to charity. This is a very   ing, so the Rotary combined the two.”
big event,” Rains said.                       So get your knickers on, or get in the
   You don’t have to be a golfer or even   mood for a nice dinner and auction,
free on the day of the tournament to       and remember that it’s all for multi-
help the Rotary in its mission to help     tude of good causes.                                                                           &)- ##
others. You can purchase a ball for the                                                         %. - "               .            % . '(!% )                                   %. - " %
                                              For more information, visit
drop at Alive After 5 or businesses can
                                                                                                   ' (*.                                                                          ' (*.
12             Events                                                                                                  August
ARTS                                                       August 11-13                                                     vide individual musicians in the community an outlet          2010 Riverside Sounds Concert Series: The South-
                                                           The Great Chattahoochee River Paint Out                          to maintain and improve their musical skills and tal-         ern Shuffle
                                                           Join professional and amateur artists as they gather             ent; and to assist and encourage young students of            Free Outdoor Concert Series at Riverside Park 1st
July 30 - August 28
                                                           for three days of painting in the beautiful Chatta-              music through their participation in the band.                Saturday of each month,
Love, Sex and the IRS
                                                           hoochee River National Recreation Area at Island                 August 28-September 26                                        New Starting Time - 7 p.m.
Cabaret Stage. 633 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell,
                                                           Ford and select sites along the Chattahoochee                    Anne of Green Gables at Kudzu Family                          New reserved parking passes on sale;$30 per vehi-
GA 30076
                                                           River in Roswell. Tranquility, inspiration and beauty -          Playhouse                                                     cle for the 6-concert series. Limited number avail-
Box Office: 770-640-5500. Fri and Sat at 8 PM.
                                                           you (and your muse) will find it here. The public is in-         Saturdays & Sundays at 2:00pm. The time is 1908.              able. 770-641-3705 for details. For full program
Sundays at 3 PM
                                                           vited to meet the artists and watch them work and                The place is Avonlea, Canada. Green Gables is the             details visit or call
By William Van Zandt & Jane Milmore. Try to cheat
                                                           perhaps find a work of art they just can’t resist, one           home of lovable Matthew Cuthbert and his stern sis-           770-641-3705
the IRS and look what happens! Here is a wild farce
                                                           they have watched being created from conception                  ter, Marilla. When Marilla decides to adopt an or-            August 7
with twists of fate, sight gags, mistaken identities and
                                                           to finish. For more information go to www.vis-                   phan boy to help Matthew with his farm work, the              Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.
hilarious comic lines. Jon Trachtman and Leslie
                                                  or call 770-640-3253                             orphanage makes a mistake and sends instead a       
Arthur are out of work musicians who room to-
                                                           August 14                                                        high-spirited redhead called Anne Shirley. With a             Atlanta Symphony Orchestra: Disney in Concert –
gether in New York City. To save money, Jon has
                                                           The Great Chattahoochee River Paint Out                          knack for trouble and misadventure, her irresistible          Magical Music from the Movies. Doors open at
been filing tax returns listing the pair as a married
                                                           Exhibition & Reception will be held at the Chat-                 spunk steals everyone’s heart. We follow Anne’s               7:30 pm
couple. The day of reckoning comes when the Inter-
                                                           tahoochee River National Recreation Area at Island               strenuous but brimful schooldays, her attachment to           August 7
nal Revenue Service informs the "couple" they're
                                                           Ford. The event is offered in                                    her bosom friend, Diana Barry, her feud with Gilbert          Summer Music Series Presented by
going to be investigated. This show is sure to make
                                                           partnership with the Chattahoochee River National                Blythe, her contest with Josie Pye, and her undying           Coca-Cola.
you laugh!
                                                           Recreation Area, Roswell Visitors Bureau, and                    loyalty to Matthew and Marilla. We glimpse the in-            2-4 pm
August 4-30
                                                           Artist Joan Hilliard. For additional information or              most joys of a girl who only marks the hours that             Come to the Gazebo at the North Georgia Pre-
Wednesday Walks in the Garden
                                                           contact us at 800-776-7935.                                      shine, as she struggles toward fair maidenhood.               mium Outlets and enjoy the music of Cindy Lou
Barrington Hall. 9:30am
                                                  or                      770-594-1020 or                        Harrington & Friends. North Georgia Premium
Every Wednesday through October. Come and
                                                           August 15                                                        September 2-19                                                Outlets, 800 Highway 400 South, Dawsonville,
enjoy a 30 minute guided walk and learn about the
                                                           Atlanta Concert Band                                             Georgia Ensemble Theatre presents                             GA 30534
gardens at Barrington Hall. A short presentation will
                                                           Roswell Cultural Arts Center. 2:30pm                             “The Boy Next Door”.                                          August 7
start the walk at 9:30am. Topics will include Heir-
                                                           Free to the Public.                   For tickets call 770-641-1260 or visit           Sautee Nacoochee Center,
loom Roses, Growing Herbs, Wildflowers and Prun-
                                                           The mission of the Atlanta Concert Band is to per-                                                                             283 Hwy 255 N, Sautee, GA 30571
ing Shrubs and Trees. July 1-12
                                                           form concert band and ensemble music, almost al-                                                                               2010 Saturday Evening Concert Series - 8/7, 8/14,
August 6                                                                                                                    ENTERTAINMENT
                                                           ways admission-free, for the general public and                                                                                8/21 & 8/28/10 at 9 pm
Dancing Stars Monthly Dance – Blue Hawaii -
                                                           special audiences with emphasis on introducing chil-             August 7                                                      Some of the best musicians in the area perform a va-
at Roswell Adult Recreation Center from 8 – 11 P.M.
                                                           dren to classical music in a fun atmosphere; to pro-             Randall Bramblett Band                                        riety of music, from Appalachian Mountain to blue-
Ages 50 & up. $10 per person. 770-641-3950.

                                                                                                                            Arts Briefs
                                                                                                                                       Drink, A New Show At Art Center West

                                                                           # %& %* (         %! *!&#        !& % "# !# %!
                                                                          $ !& %       !&"! " # %            )' &

                                                                           # %& %* (          %! *!&#       !& % "# !# %!
                                                                                   $ !& %      !&"! " # %

                                                                                                                            Drink identifies and celebrates a diverse cross-section of    Roswell’s own Debra Fritts and reputable vessel makers
                                                                                                                            both sculptural and functional approaches to one of the       including Nick Joerling, Brad Schwieger, and Ted Saupe.
                                                                                                                            most basic ceramic forms. A cup or mug may be the             Also contributing to the diversity of Drink will be works
                                                                                                                            most intimate form that ceramic artists can make. We          created by the teaching staff, residents, and class partic-
                                                                                                                            use this form on a daily basis, touch it with our hands,      ipants at Art Center West that make up the Roswell Clay
                                                                                                                            and bring it to our lips. At its most basic level, a cup is   Collective
                                                                                                                            merely a container with the potential for handles. Yet
                                                                                                                            these simple and defining boundaries can be interpreted       The show begins on Aug. 2 and will be on view at Art
                                                                                                                            in an infinite number of ways, allowing for countless         Center West Gallery,1355 Woodstock Road, Roswell,
                                                                                                                            conclusions. Drink intends to redefine and expand the         through Sept. 10.
                                                                                                                            common idea of ceramic cups and mugs and includes a           The show will also be available online at www.roswell-
                                                                                                                            range of forms from many of the field’s most accom-  Gallery Hours are M-F
                                                                                                                            plished artists. Among the 22 invited artists are estab-      10 am – 5pm, please call 770.641.3990 for weekend
                                                                                                                            lished figurative artists such as Joe Bova, Beth Lo, and      availability
                                                                                                                            August                                                                                Events                           13
grass to Southern gospel. "Pass-the-hat" donations.                    night full of songs, trivia, and a lot of 60's style Lovin'.   817-4242.                                                taining to watch as it is to listen to. His influences are
Handicap Accessible. $5 parking.                                       8:00PM. Doors open @ 7:30PM. Cover: $10                        August 27                                                drawn from a wide variety of styles, including Folk,
Phone: 800-573-9659 ext. 305. Unicoi State                             August 14                                                      Ragamuffin Music Hall. 585 Atlanta Street,               Celtic, Indie, and even Punk Rock artists, as well as
Park, 1788 Hwy 356, Helen, GA 30545                                    Chastain Park Concerts.                Roswell. LINDSEY SELF CD Release Concert                 reknowned acoustic guitarists Michael Hedges,
August 13                                                              Erykah Badu with Bilal.                                        8:00 PM. Doors Open @ 7:30. Cover: $10                   Andy Mckee, and Justin King. Mark Kroos has truly
Chastain Park Concerts.                        Doors open at 7:00 pm.                                         August 28                                                developed his own edge on the acoustic guitar.
.38 Special with Drivin’ N Cryin’ & Sonia                              August 20-22                                                   Ragamuffin Music Hall. 585 Atlanta Street,               Mark's debut solo album, "And Grace Will Lead Me
Leigh. Doors open at 7:00 pm.                                          The Funny Farm Comedy Club, Roswell.                           Roswell.                                                 Home," was released in January to rave reviews.
August 13-15                                                           Come enjoy Jake Johannsen. Check online for                    Anitra Holley. A veteran of the Atlanta music
The Funny Farm Comedy Club, Roswell.                                   tickets or call                    scene, singer/songwriter Anitra Holley has found         EVENTS & FESTIVALS
Come enjoy Eddie Ifft. Check online for tickets                        770-817-4242.                                                  her home in Americana. Formerly the frontwoman           August 7 or call 770-817-                           August 21                                                      and songwriter for rock band Amerigo Poppy, Ani-         2nd Annual Schindaufest
4242.                                                                  Shen Yun Performing Arts. Cobb Energy Center                   tra has traded the angst of her youth for a more         Plan to come to the Northeast Georgia Mountains
August 14                                                              2:00pm & 8:00 pm. Phone: 770-916-2800.                         rootsy, reflective approach to songwriting. Calling      for an Old-Fashioned Traditional Village fest. Enjoy
(See page 15) Frank Vignola's Hot Club                                                             upon the influences of her childhood, Anitra's music     a "Taste of Bavaria" provided by local restaurants.
8:00 PM. Advanced Tickets: $35.00. Day of Show                         Shen Yun Performing Arts offers an exhilarating                suggests faint recollections of Joni Mitchell, Emmy-     Find a great deal on slightly used German clothing
& Door: $40.00. (Cash and Checks only at the                           world-class production that celebrates the excel-              lou Harris, and Johnny Cash throughout. Her use of       or bring yours to sell. Free event. $2 parking fee.
Door). Chattahoochee Nature Center. For event                          lence and grandeur of classical Chinese dance and              instrumentation, soul stirring melodies, and grip-       1074 Edelweiss Strasse, Helen, GA 30545
Informaton call: 770-365-7738                                          music.                                                         ping lyrics seamlessly meld together to create the       August 21
In celebration of Django Reinhardt's 100th birth-                      August 25                                                      appropriate mood for each song. 8:00PM. Doors            Trilogy Trolley Crawl
day, guitar virtuoso Frank Vignola, a leading propo-                   Chastain Park Concerts.                open @ 7:30PM. Cover: $10                                Barrington Hall, Bulloch Hall, Smith Plantation
nent of Reinhardt's gypsy jazz style of playing, has                   The B-52’s & Blondie. Doors open at 6:30 pm.                   September 3                                              Guests will be transported to Las Vegas (Barrington
assembled a topnotch quintet for a searing tribute                     August 26                                                      Ragamuffin Music Hall. 585 Atlanta Street,               Hall), Nashville (Bulloch Hall), and New York City
to one of his earliest musical influences.                             Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.                                 Roswell.                                                 (Smith Plantation) with food, drinks, and music re-
August 14                                                                                      Mark Kroos. Special Friday Night Show!!                  flecting each city's unique character. What happens
Ragamuffin Music Hall.                                                 The Dukes fo September Rhythm Revue featuring                  8:00PM. Doors open @ 7:30PM. Cover: $10                  at Barrington stays at Barrington as Barrington Hall
585 Atlanta Street, Roswell.                                           Donal Fagen, Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs.                     Hailing from Williamsburg, VA, Mark Kroos is one         is filled with the excitement of the Vegas Strip. Bul-
Did you grow up to the sound of The Beatles? Can                       Doors open at 6:30 pm                                          of the world's ONLY touring double-neck guitarists.      loch Hall will take us to the Grand Ole Opry, featur-
you recite every song word for word? Then this is a                    August 27-29                                                   His almost strictly instrumental style is character-     ing all of the fun that country and western music has
night you won't want to miss. Fred Watts, Mike                         The Funny Farm Comedy Club, Roswell.                           ized by open harmonies, polyphonic textures, and         to offer. Smith Plantation will transform into the
Orlin, Gary McCoy, and Mark Pertain come to-                           Come enjoy James Sibley. Check online for tick-                incredible tapping technique. He is a true per-          streets of New York City with iconic music and
gether to bring the Beatles back to the stage in a                     ets or call 770-                   former, as well as musician, and his show is as enter-


    ,                                              %               #
        !                ' !               )

    ,                    % (       % /6                !                                                                                                                                                          !%
            /7                                                 %       2+3

                         &                 6*8             )

    ,                          %
                 %       "                 )

    ,        !                         !                                                                                                                                                                              ! * ! )
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $ ) 9+42+21
            $            !         )                                       2158:                                        )( 026(  #                                (           41186
    , !              "                         "               )
                                                                                                                   -789. 484*2837

                                                   # # #)                                                                     $                                !                          )
14           Events                                                                                     August
foods found throughout the streets of the Big Apple.                                                                                                                      childbirth by providing a soothing environment for
                                                                       For a complete guide to area events visit
August 21                                                                                                                                                                 the mom during labor. Completion of the class is re-
Fool’s Gold Mountain Bike Race & Festival                              If you have an event please send it to                                quired to be considered for water birth at NFH.
The Fool's Gold 100 is Georgia's first and only 100                                                                                                                       $30.00 per couple (patient and one support per-
mile mountain bike race. Be prepared to ride hard                                                                                                                         son). Prepayment for this class is required. For more
                                                        mier fund raising event for the Drake House, a char-      August 9
and drink a few Yazoo, Sweetwater, and Terrapin                                                                                                                           information please contact us at 1-877-22-Tenet
                                                        ity providing crisis residential housing for homeless     Steve Stroud Annual Golf Marathon at Brookfield
brews. With the thousands of dollars in cash and                                                                                                                          (1.877.228.3638).
                                                        women and their families. Volunteers make and             Country Club to benefit STAR House Foundation.
prizes, racer and volunteer schwag, all of the essen-                                                                                                                     August 12
                                                        serve their own homemade ice cream on the his-            Play as many golf holes in one day as you can in this
tial amenities (i.e. optional lodging with meals &                                                                                                                        Roswell Youth Football & Cheer Association
                                                        toric Roswell Square. For only a $5 donation ($15         unique Golf Marathon!
beer) all weekend, we think this one will be on your                                                                                                                      presents A Speaker Program featuring “Vince
                                                        for families), you get all you can eat! I challenge you
race calendar for good! (706) 864-3513. North                                                                                                                             Dooley”. For ticket information contact Heather at
                                                        to find better ice cream at a better price.               August 9
Georgia Mountains - Website:                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                  Fall / Winter Open Registration Begins                                                                                                                                            August 14
                                                        COMMUNITY                                                 Roswell Area Park. Bill Johnson Community Activ-
August 24                                                                                                                                                                 Shredfest 2010
                                                        August 6                                                  ity Building. 770-641-3760. Numbers will be
Roswell Connect. A new approach on the tradi-                                                                                                                             Roswell Recycling Center. 8am-12pm
                                                        First Friday at Yonah Mountain Vineyards                  handed out at 9:00 am
tional business networking event brings together                                                                                                                          The hours will be 8AM until 12 noon or until the
                                                        Tasting Room - at 6-9 pm                                  Registration begins at 10:00 am. On-line Registra-
members of the Roswell business community with a                                                                                                                          truck fills up, whichever comes first. Limit: 5 boxes
                                                        First Friday is the night when all the merchants at       tion begins at 10:00 am at
common goal of increasing business in Roswell.                                                                                                                            or 200 pounds of documents per vehicle. Roswell
                                                        Sautee Village (Yonah Mountain Vineyards, Inside-
5:30pm to 7:30 pm. Resurgens Orthopaedics,                                                                                                                                and non-Roswell residents are welcome to partici-
                                                        Out Sautee, Elfmade Wooden Toys) stay open late.          August 10
1285 Hembree Rd, Suite 200A. RSVP’s recom-                                                                                                                                pate.
                                                        We offer light appetizers, fine wine, live music and      Cooking Class at Barrington Hall with Chef
mended. For more information about Roswell Con-                                                                                                                           August 14
                                                        good company. You bring your instrument, a picnic         John Wilson: Summer in Italy. 6:30 – 9:30 P.M.;
nect and the Find It All Roswell Campaign please                                                                                                                          Riverside Farmers Market
                                                        and a friend. Phone: 706-878-5522 - Address:              Limited to 10 Participants; $50 per person. 770-
call the Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau at                                                                                                                          City Hall. 8am-12pm
                                                        2454-B Highway 12, Sautee-Nacoochee, GA                   640-3855
770-640-3253.                                                                                                                                                             404-613-7670
                                                        30571                                                     August 12
August29                                                                                                                                                                  August 14
                                                        August 7                                                  Waterbirth Class.
2-4pm Rain or Shine                                                                                                                                                       Adult, Child and Infant CPR. 9:00am
                                                        Riverside Farmers Market                                  Hospital Classrooms, 3000 Hospital Blvd. Roswell,
The 6th Annual Miss Mary’s Ice Cream                                                                                                                                      North Fulton Regional Hospital. 3000 Hospital
                                                        City Hall. 8am-12pm                                       GA 30076
Crankin’. Benefiting The Drake House.                                                                                                                                     Boulevard. Roswell, GA 30076
                                                        404-613-7670                                              This course is designed for couples desiring to learn
Roswell Square.                                                                                                                                                           This class will provide comprehensive information
                                                        August 7-8                                                about the option of a water birth delivery. Some
Here is your chance to sample over 170 different                                                                                                                          and practice in CPR and obstructed airway rescue
                                                        Ms. Senior Georgia pageant at Roswell                     people find water relaxing and comforting, such as a
flavors of homemade ice cream, all for only five                                                                                                                          for infants, children and adults. Class is broken up
                                                        Cultural Arts Center at 2 P.M.; 770-998-4536              warm bath at the end of a long day or a vacation
bucks! Miss Mary's Ice Cream Crankin' is the pre-                                                                                                                         into portions; adult and child together, followed by
                                                                                                                  near the ocean or a lake. Water may help during
                                                                                                                  Continued from page 6
                                                                                                                  The Future Looks Bright                                 as a way of the city providing the
                                                                                                                     Despite what you may hear with                       necessary investment for business to
                                                                                                                  regards to the national economy,                        thrive. “Canton Street started with
                                                                                                                  Roswell is showing positive signs of                    infrastructure. People then realized
                                                                                                                  growth. Millions of dollars have                        how nice it could be,” he said.
                                                                                                                  been spent on the renovation of the                        A prime example of reuse is Diesel
                                                                                                                  Doubletree Hotel and the new Area                       Pizza on the corner of Norcross and
                                                                                                                  51 Entertainment complex, which                         Alpharetta streets. It is now a
                                                                                                                  contains a new movie theater and                        restaurant in what used to be an au-
                                                                                                                  miniature golf course. Area 51 has                      tomotive repair shop. The midtown
                                                                                                                  already created over 24 new jobs be-                    area is rife with possibilities like
                                                                                                                  yond the money invested in renova-                      this. These are initiatives that take a
                                                                                                                  tion.                                                   strong vision and entrepreneurial
                                                                                                                     The city is not sitting still, either.               courage to develop. Dippolito feels
                                                                                                                  Recently, the redevelopment of mid-                     that once businesses like Diesel
                                                                                                                  town, which runs along Alpharetta                       Pizza begin to flourish along the
                                                                                                                  Street from Norcross Street to Hol-                     midtown corridor, larger investors
                                                                                                                  comb Bridge Road, has begun. This                       could bring creative ideas to some of
When You Visit A                                                                                                  is a streetscape project to improve                     the larger properties. He stresses
                                                                                                                  the overall look of the area. Along                     that keeping a good balance is the
Business                                                                                                          this corridor is the potential for big                  key.
                                                                                                                  success. The growth of Canton                              As all of these factors unfold, even
In Our Publication....                                                                                            Street and the overwhelming success                     in a down economy, one truth has
                                                                                                                                                                          emerged. Roswell’s future economic
                                                                                                                  of Alive After 5 lead many to believe
                                                                                                                  the midtown area can finally pros-                      development hinges on good old
                                                                                                                  per.                                                    American entrepreneurship. As
                                                                                                                     Dippolito believes that adaptive                     Wakefield noted, “We need to think
                                                                                                                                                                          differently. The time of big boxes are
    Tell Them You Saw Their Message In                                                                            reuse along this corridor will be the
                                                                                                                  initial building blocks of success. He                  gone.” She stressed the need to en-
                                                                                                                                                                          courage small businesses to think of
               The Current !                                                                                      uses the example of the infrastruc-
                                                                                                                  ture improvements to Canton Street                      Roswell as a potential home.
                                                                                                           August                                                                                Events                       15
infant instruction. You are welcome to stay only for       Classrooms at North Fulton. 3000 Hosptial Blvd.           Aromatherapy Class: Healing oils of the Bible. Fea-      lake stocked with catfish, bass, and bream. Fish
the adult and child portion if you are not interested      Roswell, GA 30076 Planning for Your Future This is        turing Vicki Edge, CPC , Author of Health Strat-         caught can be kept. Bring your own bait and rods.
in the infant CPR. However Infant CPR is not of-           not just for the Senior Population. Topics will include   egy: Essential Oils ( a recipe book for                  Some rods are available for loan. Call for directions
fered as a separate class and therefore you must at-       long-term care, living wills, and more. For more in-      aromatherapy). Oils for healing, cleansing, and holy     to "Buck Shoals." $5 parking. Phone: 706-878-
tend the entire day for this portion. First Aid is not     formation please contact us at 1-877-22-Tenet             annointing are mentioned more than 500 times.            3087 - Address: Smithgall Woods Conservation
included, as we offer a separate course in this area       (1.877.228.3638).                                         Mary and Joseph used them to keep baby Jesus and         Area, 61 Tsalaki Trail, Helen, GA - Located on GA
of study. The fee for this class is $45.00 for all three   August 18                                                 themselves healthy! Come and learn, enjoy, share         Hwy 75 Alt, 3 miles W of Helen.
portions, or $35.00 if interested in only the adult        Alpharetta Roswell Newcomers Club                         and experience these oils. This event will be held       August 24
and child instruction. Pre-payment is required to          ARNC is a social club welcoming women new to the          from 10am-11:30am at Herb Shoppe of Roswell &            Maternity Services Tour. 4:00pm/
hold your space in class. For more information             area. This month's General Meeting will include a         Wellness Center 1030 Woodstock Rd. Ste. 3104.            Our free tour offers an informative view of the ma-
please contact us at 1-877-22-Tenet                        presentation by Joe Kissack, author of "The Fourth        For more information call 770.594.0047.                  ternity area at North Fulton Regional Hospital. Par-
(1.877.228.3638).                                          Fisherman". A buffet lunch will also be provided.         August 21                                                ticipants meet in the Main Lobby the day of your
August 14                                                  Please join us at 10:00 a.m. at Hembree Park              Movies At Riverside Park                                 tour. Please only register "Mother to be". For more
The Dahlonega Artist Marketplace - 8/7,                    Recreation Center, 850 Hembree Road, Roswell.             Rverside Park. A B98.5 A Movie TBA                       information and/or additional tour dates, please call
8/14, 8/21 & 8/28/10 at 7 am - 3 pm                        For more information, please contact us at 678-           Movies begin at dark. City of Roswell’s FREE Family      (770) 751-2660.
Marketplace features juried original handcrafted           318-1442 or visit our website                             Movie Series Bring a picnic along with your lawn         August 27
artwork from local area artists. Artist set up their                                      chairs and blankets, enjoy great music, play on the      Law Enforcement - Look & Learn
tents and sell their artwork This event is in conjunc-     August 20                                                 playgrounds, then settle in for movie fun. Food and      Roswell Law Enforcement Center
tion with the Dahlonega Farmers Market located in          Rain Barrel Workshop                                      drinks may be purchased at the concession stand.         Ages 6-12. 4-5:30pm
Hancock Park on the corner of N. Park St. and War-         1:30-2:30pm. Roswell City Hall, Room 220                  August 21                                                Tour the City of Roswell’s Law Enforcement Center.
wick St. Artist's interested in setting up booths, call.   Barrels are $35. The class is limited to 15 people        The East Cobb Market. 10:00am to 6:00pm                  Learn about the history of the Department and the
Phone: 706-867-8134. Olde Cannery Art Center,              and one barrel per person. Your fee will include all      at Friends & Family Chiropractic, Marietta, GA.          Law Enforcement Center, personal safety, calling 911,
61 Enota St, Dahlonega, GA                                 suppies needed to take home a completed rain bar-         The East Cobb Market is a great family event! It is an   peer pressure, fingerprinting, permits, criminal inves-
August 15                                                  rel. You must pre-pay by August 13th. To register,        outdoor event filled with local vendors and artists      tigations and more. See the Administrative area, the
Third Sundaes at Barrington                                contact Laura Aikens at 770-641-3742 or                   selling their goods. There will be shopping, food,       911 center, the criminal investigations division and de-
Barrington Hall                                                                     music, and tons of fun! Sponsored by Friends & Fam-      tectives. Be sworn in, and receive a Junior Police
Join us on the third Sunday of each month from May         August 20                                                 ily Chiropractic. 2500 Sandy Plains Rd., Marietta,       badge. Take home educational materials and activity
to August for an old fashioned ice cream social. At        Riverside Farmers Market                                  GA 30066.                                                books. Ages 6-12, age on date of event.
the end of your tour you will be treated to a free ice     City Hall. 8am-12pm                                       August 21
cream sundae as our celebration of cool treats.            404-613-7670                                              Youth Fishing Days at Buck Shoals -
August 17                                                  August 21                                                 8:30 am - 4 pm
Planning for your Future. 5:30pm                           Healing Oils from the Bible!                              Children and their special "big person" can fish in a

                The Frank Vignola Trio
                      In Concert
          Live in Concert Lakeside at 8 p.m. on
   Saturday, Aug. 14, at the Chattahoochee Nature Center
   The Frank Vignola Trio will heat                        virtuoso trio mixes high-energy orig-
up the night at the Ben Brady Lake-                        inal material with unique renditions
side Pavilion at the Chattahoochee                         of contemporary tunes to create a
Nature Center on Saturday, Aug. 14,                        smoking-hot blend of contemporary
with a unique and versatile blend of                       acoustic rock, gypsy jazz, bluegrass,
‘Hot” gypsy style jazz, reflecting the                     swing, and blues. The late guitar
musical genius of Django Reinhardt.                        titan Les Paul named Frank one of
   Guitar virtuoso Frank Vignola,                          the five guitarists he admired most.
has assembled a topnotch trio for a                        Frank's new album, “Frank Vignola's
searing tribute to one of his earliest                     Hot Club,” is a centennial tribute to
musical influences, the legendary                          one of his guitar heroes, Django
Django Reinhardt, with his “Hot”                           Reinhardt. Tickets are $35 pur-
gypsy jazz style of music. This gui-                       chased online from www.sixstringso-
tar master is incredibly versatile,               Or, you can purchase
having collaborated with both Lionel                       tickets at the door for $40. Call
Hampton and Madonna, playing                               770-365-7738 for more information.
musical pieces from both Mozart                               This concert is offered as part of
and Black Sabbath on the same                              the Chattahoochee Nature Center
record. Long Island-born Frank Vi-                         Concert Series presented by the Six
gnola breaks down the barriers be-                         String Social Club and sponsored by
tween popular music and traditional                        New Kent Capital, the Holiday Inn
jazz to create a unique acoustic                           of Roswell, The Roswell Current,
string musical experience. His all-                        and Atlanta Diamond Design.
16         Health & Wellness                                                        August

                                   Creating A Family Health History
   Your great-aunt Edna had red hair.            prevent adverse health outcomes. If        high blood pressure, stroke, kidney
All your cousins have brown eyes. Your           you are at risk for certain diseases,      disease and alcoholism. Also note re-                 SPECIAL EVENT
father is six-feet tall. Your uncle served       such as breast or colon cancer, your       lated conditions that include breast          Learning your family health his-
in the military, and your brother is fol-        doctor may recommend more frequent         and ovarian cancer, colon and en-          tory is all part of preparing for a
lowing in his footsteps. It usually is           screenings beginning at an earlier age.    dometrial cancer, and thyroid cancer       long and healthy life. We all want to
easy to track the physical or historical         Lifestyle changes that include follow-     and colon polyps. When possible,           live long, fulfilling lives. With a lit-
information about a family. But what             ing a healthier diet, exercising on a      record the age at onset of the condi-      tle preparation, we can help ensure
about your family’s health history? Did          regular basis or not smoking could         tion. Other medical problems that          that all of our years are enjoyable.
your grandmother have breast cancer              help lower your chance of developing       should be included are birth defects,      By starting early, you can help your-
when she died at age 45? Has anyone              heart disease or other common ill-         such as spina bifida, cleft lip or heart   self and your family members enjoy
in your family tree had heart disease?           nesses.                                    defects, learning problems or mental       each moment of your life.
   It is important to know your family              The best way to start a family health   retardation, vision or hearing loss at a      North Fulton Hospital will offer
medical history because this informa-            history is to talk to relatives. Older     young age, sudden death in someone         a free program — How to Prepare
tion may hold the key to your future.            family members may not want to share       who was otherwise healthy, and multi-      for a Long Life — on Tuesday, Aug.
Many physical traits, such as hair color,        this information or they may not know      ple miscarriages or stillbirths. If you    17, at 5:30 pm.
eye color and height, are inherited.             their medical history. But whatever        know where your family originated,            Topics to include:
Certain health conditions also can be            you can discover may be helpful. Start     such as Europe, Africa or South Amer-         • Personal Health Records – what
passed on from one generation to the             with information about yourself and        ica, record that as well. Some genetic     are they, and why are they useful?
next. When several family members                add medical background on your par-        health problems occur more frequently         • Preparing for a potential hospi-
have heart disease, diabetes or some             ents, siblings and children. Then start    in certain ethnic groups.                  tal stay and your care afterward
cancers, you may be at increased risk            going back one generation at a time to        A family health history is a living        • Long-term care planning
for that health problem, as well.                include nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles,    document that should be reviewed and          • Longevity insurance
   This does not mean you will auto-             grandparents and cousins.                  updated every couple of years. For a          Call 770-751-2660 for more in-
matically inherit high blood pressure               Pertinent information would in-         free, downloadable version of My Fam-      formation and to register.
or ovarian cancer. But by compiling              clude date of birth, age, age at death,    ily Health Portrait developed by the
your family medical history, you can             cause of death and any known medical       U.S. Department of Health and
have a greater understanding of your             problems, such as cancer, heart dis-       Human Services, visit www.familyhis-
health risks and take steps to reduce or         ease, diabetes, asthma, mental illness,

                                                                                                  North Fulton Hospital Places On
                                                                                                        Quality Honor Roll
                                                                                               North Fulton Hospital in Roswell        known to be the most effective meth-
                                                                                            has been named to the Georgia Hospi-       ods of treatment for patients who have
                                                                                            tal Association’s (GHA) Partnership        suffered heart attacks, heart failure or
                                                                                            for Health and Accountability (PHA)        pneumonia. The ACM is a composite
                                                                                            Quality Honor Roll.                        measure that determines whether or
                                                                                               The honor roll is based on clinical     not a patient received the right care at
                                                                                            data provided by the federal Centers       the right time.
                                                                                            for Medicaid & Medicare Services              For instance, a recommended treat-
                                                                                            (CMS), which administers the nation’s      ment to help prevent a heart attack is
                                                                                            Medicare and Medicaid programs. The        to take aspirin either before or upon
                  """          "
                                                                                            data was collected from January 2009       arrival at the hospital, as well as at dis-
                                                                                            to December 2009.                          charge. A suggested treatment for
                               "                                                               “This is a great accomplishment for
                                                                                            North Fulton Hospital,” said Joseph
                                                                                                                                       pneumonia is to administer an antibi-
                                                                                                                                       otic within four hours of a patient’s ar-
                       !                )&- & 24                     *&$&0 ' .+%            Parker, president of GHA. “This recog-
                                                                                            nition further underscores the com-
                                                                                                                                       rival. A hospital’s adherence to these
                                                                                                                                       recommended clinical practices usually
                               1   (,      (& #'        #,"   ," *   *+ 0)
                                                                                            mitment of the North Fulton Hospital       leads to better outcomes.
        #)+.-&(# 1                                                             #4-&0        staff to ensuring that every patient re-      “It is our mission to ensure that each
        2,,*-(                                                            /*%(& %           ceives the best, most effective health     of our patients receives the right care
                                                                                            care possible.”                            at the right time and this recognition
                                           ('. '# ',                                           All acute care hospitals are required   validates this,” said Debbie Keel, chief
                                   (    ,#('+ ,( (+/ %%                                     to submit care data to CMS. This data      executive officer of North Fulton Hos-
                      ++   .+%         * + 3&/       - 4 .-%*1*.-                           details how well a hospital’s caregivers   pital. “This honor is a tribute to the
                           ". 2     /* - ( 1         & 24 1                                 adhere to a list of eight Appropriate      hard work and dedication of our staff
                                                                                            Care Measures (ACM), which are the         who are constantly working to make
                           ///          *$/ 1 (%              (&                            clinical processes of care that are        excellent care even better.”
                                                                             August   Health & Wellness   17

    So, You Need Surgery…
   The thought of going under the
knife for any type of surgery can be
daunting for many people. However,
the days of major scars, long hospital
stays and even longer recoveries may
be in the past for some necessary
and cosmetic surgeries, thanks to
minimally invasive surgery tech-
   Minimally invasive surgery, also
known as “keyhole” or “band-aid”
surgery, has become an alternative to
traditional “open” surgeries for many
different procedures. From removing
gallstones, to gynecological and plas-
tic surgery procedures, to spine and
back surgery, nearly every organ in
the human body is accessible to a
surgeon’s camera and scalpel.            cology, neurosurgery, orthopedic
   Unlike traditional surgeries, which   surgery, plastic surgery and spine
sometimes require long, deep inci-       surgery.
sions, minimally invasive surgery is        There are several advantages to
performed using small incisions. A       minimally invasive surgeries. Since
                                         the overall trauma to the skin and

                                         muscles is reduced, post-operative
   Minimally invasive sur-               pain is lessened, which may allow
   gery has become an alter-
               “                         patients to get out of bed, walk and
     native to traditional               move around within hours of their
                                         operation, where recovery time for
  “open” surgeries for many              traditional surgeries can last weeks
     different procedures.               or months. Also, minimally invasive
                                         surgeries can have a reduced infec-
thin instrument with a camera on         tion rate because the body’s tissues
the end (called a laparoscope or en-     are not exposed to the open air for
doscope) is then inserted along with     long periods of time as they are in
miniaturized graspers and scissors to    traditional surgery.
perform the operation. The surgeon          No matter what type of surgery
operates by watching a video display.    you require, whether it is traditional
  Many different types of surgeries      or minimally invasive, be sure to dis-
can be performed using minimally         cuss all of your options and concerns
invasive techniques. The procedures      with your health care provider and
include, but are not limited to, gen-    follow the advice and guidelines they
eral surgery on the gallbladder and      set forth.
appendix, colorectal surgery, gyne-

                 Options For Spinal Care
   North Fulton Hospital is providing       And now with the latest advances
 you with new options through its        in minimally invasive surgery, North
 comprehensive approach to spine         Fulton Hospital is making spine sur-
 care. Whether you need pain manage-     gery a better alternative to living with
 ment, non-invasive procedures, or       back pain through significantly re-
 surgery, board certified pain manage-   duced hospital stays and increased re-
 ment physicians, orthopedic surgeons    covery times.
 and neurosurgeons are prepared to          For a referral to one of these physi-
 help you achieve the active lifestyle   cians, please call 770-751-2600 or
 you had before the pain.                visit
 18                  Finance                                                                                                 August

           %" " /&*$     &-
          +*!&/&+*&*$ 2,"-/.
                                                                                                                                                        IRS Targets Small
                                                             %    !!&/&+ * (
                                                            0/*.3 *.20&$3*/.
                                                                                                 6*3) 1&$/--&.%&%
                                             6"2) '*,3&1 $)&$+ '/1 ("2 $"1#/.
                                                -/./7*%& ,&"+2 ".% -/1&                                 1&0"*1
                                                                                                                                           The IRS has published on its           any time by the IRS.
                                              "../3 #& $/-#*.&% 6*3) ".8 /3)&1 /''&12        "../3 #& $/-#*.&% 6*3) ".8 /3)&1 /''&12    website a list of small charities that       The current IRS initiative has
                                                          70*1&2                                      70*1&2 70*1&2
                                                                                                                                        are at risk of losing their tax-exempt published the names of all the small
                                                                          3                      4
                                                                                                                                        status. There is a common misper-         charities that have not filed the ap-
                                                                                                                                        ception that just because an organi- propriate annual form for the last
                                             .$,4%&2             3".%"1% .23",,"3*/.
                                                                                            .$,4%&2            3".%"1% .23",,"3*/.      zation is tax exempt that it does not     three tax years. These charities have
                     *.".$*.( 5"*,"#,&
             &13*'*&% : *$&.2&%     .241&%            !                                                                                 have to file anything with the IRS.       until Oct. 15 to file the necessary
                                                   )//2&                   *9&                   ",, '/1 1*$&2 /. /3)&1 2*9&2
                                                                                                                                        The IRS has several ver-                            forms or their tax-exempt
 111 % ))+ '.%0                        +)                                                                                               sions of tax form number                            status will be revoked. The
                                                  !                  !                           !               !
                                              &13"*. &231*$3*/.2 00,8 "../3 #& $/-#*.&%     &13"*. &231*$3*/.2 00,8 "../3 #& $/-#*.&%
                                                  6*3) ".8 /3)&1 /''&12 70*1&2                  6*3) ".8 /3)&1 /''&12 70*1&2            990 depending on the                                IRS has indicated that a list
                                                                                                                                        type and size of the tax                            of those tax-exempt organi-
                                                                                                                                        exemption organization.                             zations whose status is sub-
                                                                                                                                           While these annual                               sequently revoked will be
                                                                                                                                        forms don’t require the                             published by the IRS in
                                                                                                                                        payment of tax, they do                             early 2011.
                                                                                                                                        provide valuable infor-                                However, it should be
                                                                                                                                        mation to the public on            Finance          noted that not all charities
                                                                                                                                        what the charity does,                              that do file the required an-
                                                                                                                                        how much in contribu-                               nual filings are created
                                                                                                                                                                           TOM BOWEN
                                                                                                                                        tions the charity took in,                          equal. A “good” charity
                                                                                                                                        how the contributions                               spends most of its contribu-
                                                                                                                                        were used by the charity, as well as      tions on the intended charitable
                                                                                                                                        identifying the key individuals who       purpose (instead of “administrative”
                                                                                                                                        are associated with the charity.          or “noncharitable” purposes). Giv-
                                                                                                                                           The purpose of the IRS giving          ing a dollar to one charity might re-
                                                                                                                                        tax-exempt status is to avoid taxing      sult in 95 cents going to the
                                       Michael J. Brewster, P.C.                                                                        those activities that are deemed to
                                                                                                                                        benefit the public as opposed to
                                                                                                                                                                                  charitable purpose while giving a
                                                                                                                                                                                  dollar to another might only result
                                          Attorney At Law                                                                               those activities that are designed to
                                                                                                                                        generate a profit. The annual fil-
                                                                                                                                                                                  in only 50 cents going to the chari-
                                                                                                                                                                                  table purpose. The annual disclo-
    Social Security                              Former Sta Attorney                                                                    ings provide transparency of the          sures are important in helping to
                                                                                                                                        charities’ operations to the public       give the public confidence that con-
    Disability &                             Social Security Administration                                                             but also provide the IRS with the         tributions are being properly re-
                                               Over 30 Years Experience                                                                 opportunity to determine if the or-       ceived, used and reported by the
    Long Term                                                                                                                           ganization is conducting its opera-       charity.
                                                                                                    tions consistent with the IRS rules
    Disability                                                                                                                          necessary to maintain the tax-ex-         Thomas Bowen, an attorney and certi-
                                                          770-425-1838                                                                  empt status.                              fied public accountant, is a principal
                                                                                                                                           Receiving a tax-exempt status does with the accounting firm of Thomas
                                                 248 Roswell St. SE, Marietta                                                           not allow an organization to operate      Bowen, CPA, located in Roswell. The
                                                                                                                                        any way it chooses. An organization       firm offers tax and accounting services
                                                                                                                                        that abuses its tax-exempt status can     to both individual and small-business
 Eat in & Eat Slim!
          Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine makes Your kitchen
                                                                                                                                        have its tax-exempt status revoked at clients.

                                Atlanta’s Best Restaurant!                                                                              Continued from page 5
                                                                                          FO O                                    !
                                                                                                 D TO DI ET FO R                        realistic or the desired motivation to achieve is promptly removed and we
                                                                                                                                        regress to the bad-breath activity above.
                                                                  Fresh ‘n Fit meal plans follow                                          In conclusion, I realize that most people will never experience my good
     y                                                                  the guidelines of:
 Enjo hassle-free,                                                The American Heart Association
                                                                                                                                        fortune in having a business guru for a pet. For this reason I believe the Har-
                                                                 The American Diabetes Association                                      vard Business Review and other periodicals might still serve a purpose to the
meals for as little as $20 a day                                    The American Cancer Society                                         business community as a whole. I just wish we had rescued Mr. Puffin
                                                                                                                                        sooner; it would have save me a bundle in subscriptions, not to mention on
    FRESH, calorie controlled meals - just heat and eat!                                                                                my MBA.
    Woodstock •                    770-998-3232 •                                                                    Mike Finch can be reached at
                                                                                   August                                         Community                          19

 Education Is A Great Gift                                                                                 CHLOE B. JEWELERS
   And Responsibility                                                                                      Platinum • Gold • Diamonds • Silver
   The other day a teacher friend             school, studying hard, learning the
posted on her Facebook page, “Just            basic skills of math and reading, en-
wondering where my summer went.               riching our lives with the stories of
If you find it, please send it back to        our history — are all ways in which
                                                                                                                 Most Watch Batteries
me. I need more of it!”
   Good question! It’s hard to believe
                                              we exercise that responsibility.
                                                 In the church world (where I spend
that the summer is virtually over. Oh,        most of my life), we use the word
I know — summer doesn’t                                   “stewardship” to describe
officially end until Sept. 22.                            the responsibility we have to
                                                                                                                       Jewelry Repair
But the real end of summer                                care for the world in which
comes when the school bell                                we live. Sadly, many, if not
                                                                                                                         Estate Jewelry
rings for the first time, and                             most, people think of that
if your children aren’t back                              word only in reference to
                                                                                                                          Watch Batteries
in school yet, they will be                               money. Say the word stew-
soon. The resumption of                                   ardship, and people auto-
                                                                                                                           Custom Designs
school hits us all. Even                                  matically think money.
those of us without school-             Faith                The fact is, stewardship is
                                                                                                                           Loans On Jewelry
aged children in the house                                a far richer word, describing
feel the effects when the         DR. LANE ALDERMAN not only the way we take
morning commute grows a                                   care of our financial re-                                     885 Woodstock Rd. • Suite 425
little longer with the end-                               sources, but also the way in                                       Roswell, GA 30075
less wait behind the school busses.           which we care for all of the gifts God
   Summer is over and school is back          has given to us, including our brains.
in session. But rather then lament the Going to school and developing our
loss of summer’s freedom, perhaps we brains is good stewardship. We’re tak-
                                                                                               Tu e s d a y - F r i d a y 1 0 - 6 : 3 0 , S a t u r d a y 1 0 - 4
need to give thanks for the opportu-          ing the gift God has given to us, and
nity we have to achieve an education.         we’re developing and shaping it for
I hope in the next few weeks you will         the good of God’s world.
join me in saying thank you to all               But here is what is really special —
those folks who enable our schools to         that stewardship of our minds doesn’t
function. Make a point of thanking a          end with graduation. It is a life-long
teacher, a school custodian, a bus            responsibility. The pursuit of knowl-
driver, an aide, an administrator.            edge never ends. God gave us brains,
Sadly, these folks are not always the         and God expects us to continue to de-
best paid people in the neighborhood, velop them, to use them to learn and
but they are the people to whom we            to grow, and to use them to make this
have entrusted the vitally important          a better world for all God’s people.
work of teaching and educating our            Even as adults, when we take the time
children.                                     to read, to learn and to think, our per-
   The public school system in Amer-          sonal lives are enriched and the world
ica is often maligned, and the fact is,       becomes a better place in which to
some of the criticism is justified. But       live.
                                                                                                 "" * %!
in the midst of the criticism, let’s not
forget that public education is one of
                                                 So when you see those school
                                              buses, rather than grumble about the           %(,         $
                                                                                                                                ,           " & & " ( &#)       ( &
the great opportunities afforded to           traffic, I hope you’ll let those busses
                                                                                                                                , #)&'                      #" &
the people of our country.                    remind you to do two things — thank
                                                                                                                                , & "'$#&( ( #" $&#*      &#!
   A free education is one of the many a teacher, and read a book. If you do
                                                                                                                                   ! "( &+      ## ' (# # #
blessings given to us in this great           so, you’ll be a faithful steward of your                                          ,   &(    &(' "& ! "(        '' '
country. My wish is that more people          mind, and the world will be a better                                                " ) ()&     &('
would see education as a responsibil-         place for us all.                                                                 ,         '%) & ( '( ( # (        &(     (+
ity rather than a right. We have a                                                             '           , +   ,) (                      (!        %*)       '
God-given responsibility to develop              Dr. Lane Alderman is pastor of             () ' %, %' )              %%"   '
the brain God gave us. God gave us a          Roswell Presbyterian Church. He can                                                 %*' &         "-         '    '% ' #
mind, and it is our responsibility to         be reached at
use it and to expand it. Going to                                                                                 %% ()% ! %            %(, ""
20        Real Estate                                                                    August
Featured Property For August                                                                                   List Price: $455,000
                                                                                                                                      Recent Home Sales
Location! Location! Loca-
                                                                                                               Sales Price: $455,000
tion! A gated community lo-                                                                                    Days on Market: 2
cated right off of Windward                                                                                    Address: 560 Terrace Oak Drive
Parkway, 400 north to exit                                                                                     Desc: 4 bed/ 4 ba, hardwoods thru out
11. Townhomes and condos
available in this exclusive
development. 229 units and
90 percent sold.

Address: The Villages of                                                                                       List Price: $329,900
Devinshire, 13100 Deerfield                                                                                    Sales Price: $311,000
Parkway, Alpharetta 30004                                                                                      Days On Market: 235
                                                                                                               Address: 915 Hickory Oak Hollow
Price: 2 bedrooms/2baths                                                                                       Desc: 3 bed/ 3.5 ba, large fenced yard,
$140’s; 3bedroom/2baths                                                                                        tiled kitchen,hardwoods, new roof, gutters
$150’s; 3 bedroom/2.5baths
townhomes with garages
$170’s and $180’s
                                       The Villages of Devinshire, 13100 Deerfield Parkway, Alpharetta 30004
Features: Large floorplans ranging from
1,200-2400 square feet. A unique development           Schools: Manning Oaks Elementary, Hopewell List Price: $267,000
that offers all the amenities with a mainte-           Middle, Alpharetta High School             Sale Price: $267,000
nance-free lifestyle. Three clubhouses, two fit-                                                  Address: 205 Park Bridge Lane
ness centers, clubroom, pool, tennis courts,           Exclusively marketed by Roswell Towne Re-  Desc: 3 bed/ 2.5 bath, hardwoods,
walking trails, playground, picnic areas and a         alty; 404-631-6333; www.roswelltownere-    upgraded kitchen, SS appl
gated entrance.                              
                                                                               August                  Real Estate                       21

     Of Poker And Property
By Paul Cook                               was a poker game I would have been
                                           the guy coming in guns blazing bet-
   Arriving in Las Vegas you make          ting every other hand.
your way to your hotel room. You              In poker, the best way to win is to
spend a few hours relaxing from the        fold the vast majority of hands. It in-
plane flight and prepare to head to        volves an extremely high level of pa-
the casino to get in on a little gam-      tience. What fun is it to fly all the
bling. The casino staff brings over        way to Vegas just to sit at a poker
your chips as you sit down at a poker      table and do nothing?
table surrounded by nine complete             It’s the same in real estate. The best
strangers. All of you are vying for the    buyers are patient. They track the
same thing — the other player’s            market like a hawk waiting for their
chips. This is Texas Hold ’Em.             opportunity to strike. They are curi-
   Everyone is dealt two cards with        ous, inquisitive and work to gather as
five more “community” cards to fol-        much information as possible on the
low that every player can use. The         other players in the game. Granted,
goal is to try and make the best five-     not everyone is looking to make a
card hand or make the others believe       huge profit on a home purchase. Most
you have the best hand. The dealer         just want a home they love and are
starts dealing and the game begins.        willing to pay fair price.
What will it take for you to survive          My analogy crosses the closing
in this game and win? What would it        table to the selling end as well. Pro-
take to win big? What information is       fessional poker players give them-
needed? What strategy is best?             selves every advantage imaginable.
Come in guns blazing, betting every        They watch posture, movement, bet-
hand? Sitting back and waiting to          ting patterns — everything is under
feel the game out? The choice is           constant surveillance.
yours. Your money is on the line.             Unfortunately, on too many list-
   Whether you like it or not, when        ings, sellers are not giving them-
you go to buy or sell real estate you      selves every advantage. New listings
are making a bet. It’s a gamble.           appear on the market with incom-
Granted, you might believe whole-          plete or incorrect information. Poor                                     ,
heartedly in where the market is           amateur photography is used when a                             "             #      $
heading. You might feel comfortable        professional photographer is inex-
with interest rates. You might even        pensive. Staging is not used. Today’s
                                                                                       &                                                 '
feel 100 percent certain that the          market is cut-throat just like a poker               !
home you are buying is in terrific         table. You might get a handshake
shape, it has passed inspection and        and a pat on the back after another
all the stars are aligned.
   All of us know someone who has
                                           player takes all of your chips. In the
                                           same fashion you will get plenty of
                                                                                           #$   %! "
lost out on a real-estate deal. I am in    sympathy from friends and family as
the process of losing $30,000 to           your home continues to sit unsold.                            & ' #(   $)%$# ( !"       &*!
$40,000 on a condo I own in Buck-             Winning in the poker game and
head. I bought it for $110,000 in          the real estate game takes a lot of
2001 and today it is worth probably        work, patience, determination and
$70,000. How would you feel losing         sometimes luck. Create strength in
$40,000 during a trip to Las Vegas?        your listings by leveraging every tool
Not well, I’d imagine.                     available to outmaneuver your com-
   I graduated from Georgia Tech and       petitors. Uncover your dream home
began working in an engineering po-        by finding your target market and
sition. I felt I could get ahead of the    patiently assessing the inventory,
game by going ahead and investing in       home sales and conditions.
real estate right out of college. Unfor-
tunately, my timing was incredibly           Paul Cook is a Realtor with Keller
poor. Massive new condo complexes          Williams Premier Atlanta and lives
began going up all over Buckhead and       in historic Roswell. He operates
Midtown. The market was saturated,, a local real es-
fat and happy, then crumbled. If this      tate website and blog.
22   Pets                       August
                                   and run back to you, but that’s
 Lifestyles Of The Furry And Bored awhile until his enthusiasm im-ok for                                                                      Have A Pet
                                                                                             proves to the point that he doesn’t
         Does your dog need something to do?                                                 even think about dropping the ball               Question?
                               By Chris Redenbach                                            but races with it in his mouth back
                                                                                             to you because he knows you’ll be            In future issues we would like to
   We sure love our dogs, but some-            a modified fun program where you             throwing the second toy in the oppo-       answer a dog behavior or training
times we just don’t know how to                teach your dog to find treats and            site direction. Be patient and always      question from our readers, so e-
make their lives happier beyond lib-           later hunt for certain odors. It starts      quit the game while your dog is still      mail
eral use of treats and affection. You          out just using cardboard boxes and           eager for just one more. Isn’t that a      with your questions.
may be one of the many pet owners              hiding your dog’s favorite treat. Like       good sales tactic — always leave              Check this spot for notification of
who worry that your dog is bored or            many things, it is simple to do but          them wanting more? It works to cre-        some of the dog activities that will
isn’t getting enough exercise. Per-            you will need some guidance if you           ate a great yearning and eagerness in      be offered at the new K-9 Planet
haps you took your dog to obedience            have no previous experience with             your dog.                                  Dog Day Care and Training facility
training and maybe a walk along the            scent work training in dogs. But this           Fetch is great but your dog may be      on Oak Street. If you have a trou-
river occasionally, but the dog stills         is a growing sport and we’ll be hav-         one of those breeds or mixes that          bling dog behavior problem, con-
pulls on the leash and walking in              ing classes soon right in Roswell.           just doesn’t have the instinct to          tact Chris Redenbach CDBC,
this heat just doesn’t seem much fun              Fetch is one of the best games you        fetch. Many breeds don’t and it’s          certified dog behavior consultant, at
for either of you.                             can play with your dog. It is such a         perfectly normal. Almost all breeds        The Balanced Dog, 404-433-3278
   Well, here are some activities that         mutual cooperation game that builds          like to use their nose, so, besides the    or
can greatly enhance your dog’s fun,            the bond and gets the exercise ac-           Nose Work games, you can teach
and mental and physical exercise.              complished at the same time. Yet so          your dog to search for you. Have an-      search complex. Start with the to-
   My favorite new activity is called          many of my clients lament that their         other family member hold the dog.         tally easy initial intro exercises you
K-9 Fun Nose Work. Every dog and               dog will chase the toy but not bring         Show the dog you have a treat or toy,     did when you started and quickly re-
owner can do this and it requires no           it back. This is easy to fix and can re-     then hide somewhere totally obvious       view them with your dog in the new
special equipment or location. You             sult in great fun once your dog              to the dog at first. The person hold-     location. Do not cross streets when
can do it in your living room, base-           catches on. Try using two balls or           ing the dog can say something like        doing this.
ment or yard as well as anywhere               kongs so that when your dog picks            “Find Charles” and turn the dog              If you develop a taste for interact-
else. This sport teaches you to em-            up the first, you can show him you           loose. Then you reward when the           ing with your dog like this, you may
power your dog to use his nose —               have another in your hand. He may            dog finds you. Very, very gradually,      want to look into classes for more
just like a real detector dog — but in         just drop the one from his mouth             make it a bit harder to find you so       advanced activities like Nose Work,
                                                                                            the dog has to learn to use his nose.     Tracking, Dock Diving, Rally, Herd-
                                                                                            Reward enthusiastically when he           ing, Agility and other great sports.
                                    /.6&.*&.4,8 ,/$"4&% *. *34/2*$ /37&,,        ,".&4 *3   finds you.
                                           /24) 4,".4":3 02&-*&2 $".*.& 2&42&"4                If you get brave, you may be              Chris Redenbach CDBC is owner of
                                         9 6&2          31 '4 *.%//2 /54%//2 '5.                                                      The Balanced Dog Behavior and
                                                                                            tempted to do this in public places,
                                                 9 ,&". 3"'& &.6*2/.-&.4                                                              Training, offering in home behavior
                                                     9 *6& 7&# $"-3                         so please remember that your dog
                                                                            !&-0&2"-&.4     must be on leash or a long line in        assessments, behavior modification
                                                                               !&34                                                   and training as well as group classes
                                                                                            public. Also remember that each
                                         "8 "2&                                             time you change locations for any         for behavior and K 9 Fun Nose Work.
                                                                   "+ 4

                                         /"2%*.(            /37&,,                          games at all, the dog needs to have       Classes will be starting soon at K-9
                                         2//-*.(                                            simple searches before making the         Planet at 42 Oak St. in Roswell.
                                                          777 + 0,".&4 $/-
                                    *24)%"8 0"24*&3       *.'/ + 0,".&4 $/-
                                        !2"*.*.(                                            Reader Pet Of The Month
                                      /((*& "+&28
                                                                                            Meet Rocco, a 5-year-old Yorkshire
                                                                                            Terrier. Christina Curry reports that
                                                                                            Rocco is a happy Roswell resident

     Posh Princess                                          Palace                          who loves going on errand runs to the
                                                                                            car wash, the dry cleaner, and any-
                                                                                            where else that welcomes pets. “He is

                 The Ultimate Princess Spa                                                  not crazy about his outfit but he
                                                                                            knows when its time to look good you
                                                                                            gotta do what you gotta do. He is the
                                                                                            absolute sweetest
               ! #      $(     %                    $&            ! $ !          ! $        dog and we love him very much,”
           #    $&*           %                               !       '&'%                  Christina says.

                                                                                            Want to see your pet in this spot?
                                          "      '&         "%)
                                                                                            E-mail amquill@theroswellcur-
                                                                                         August                                                                   Resources                                               23

        PARKWAY PAWN                                                                                                                                                                           "             # "
                                                                        &                    "                  $&                                                                            #'
                   " !(! !#("'        $( %                                                         *         %#&& %#! '        %( &

          # " " % (+ #                                                                    $ % ''        ()
       ) % ) %* %      '&                                         #&(                                                                                                                                              !

                                                                                                                                                %( $' # " ! $                            #      $
                                                                                                                                              %( (       " $                                        "
            #"          '        '               (!! "                                                                                  # # "&          '          '         #           %"         %# # #                '
             (&'    #%' #       '+     #"    '

           &!                                $       !   Pho & Com                                                                                                                                   1,

            &" #"               ! %              "
                                                                                                                                      FREE TAN
                                                                                                                                          )+ !/         '%!(-,          !"!++%(#     '        '%!(-,

          !#                !                                                                                                         $                       !
                                                                    +   (# " ' ' # +                         ' #$+                    $   #
                                                                     * ! ! '( &( # (                                                  $
                                                                                                                                      $ "                 "
                                                           # % & % &'$#              #   # $#!,    )'( %& ' #( $)%$#                  $                                          "
                                                                                                                                                                   %-$ $%,   ).*)(   ('1
                                                                                                  ' #    & !!                                                                                                )) ,-) &       /1
                                                                                                                                         "                                                              -!          !0- -) . '%0
                                                                             $$ '($                      (                                    %-$ $%,    ).*)(    ('1   0*%+!,                               ),/!''
              !"      " !                                                            +++ #$&( )!($#' $%' $"

                                                         Herb Shoppe of Roswell
                                                           & Wellness Center
                                                         Your Back To School Wellness Center
                                                           Chewable Omega 3’s, Vitamins, Probiotics and more...
                                                           Our signature service: Compass Assessment $35
                                                         Determine exactly what your body needs with this bio-survey
                          !                   "               assessment. Saves money plus no more guessing!
   1#*. 6*3) 3)' '/1(*# 3#3' /,&'. ,/5'2 3#3' )#-0*/.                                                                     !
  /11'23 #+'1 3#3' )#-0*/. #--*' )#+')/42' *,)/42'                                                                        "!
                                                              !     !       !"   !
                    2)#+')/42'$/7*.( (-#*, %/-                                                          ###      $                                          !                        "

Michael J. Brewster, P.C.                                                                                                                                                                         (770)
Social Security Disability & Long Term Disability
      Former Sta Attorney                                                                                                                       A FULL SERVICE CPA FIRM FOCUSED ON
  Social Security Administration                                                                                                             SMALL BUSINESS AND INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES

                                                                                                                                      We Specialize In:                              • Income tax return preparation
    Over 30 Years Experience                                                                                                          • Monthly accounting and                       • Income tax planning
                                                                                                                                                                                     • Sales tax and payroll tax ling                                                                                                          compilation services
                                                                                                                                      • New business start up                        • Assistance with tax notices

        770-425-1838                                                                                                                   assistance
                                                                                                                                      • Payroll Processing
                                                                                                                                                                                       and audits
                                                                                                                                                                                     • Non-pro t tax and accounting
     248 Roswell St. SE, Marietta                                                                                                                     

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