Read over the instructions rules and information about the

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Read over the instructions rules and information about the Powered By Docstoc
					1.) Read over the instructions, rules, and information about the Networking Now

2.) Attend a training session (see schedule on the KSAP website:

3.) Network! Please read the “FAQs” section and visit the “Resources” tab of the
website to get more information and helpful hints.

4.) Once you have obtained business cards, read the “Dropping Instructions” section.
Remember to keep the contact information in your own database. An example of a
database can be found here:

5.) Regularly check the website to see if you are in the lead. Information about points is
under the website’s “Points” section.

6.) On the website, take a look at the “Prizes” section to see what you could win!

Good luck and have fun networking!
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1) Where do I find networking events?

       The UCSO, Flyers around Kelley Business School or other schools around campus,
       Class announcements, Bug Blog, etc. are all different ways to find out about networking

2) What happens if a recruiter complains about a participant?

       Immediate expulsion from the initiative.

3) How do you research a company?

       Check the company’s website, including its “Careers” section, and search for news
       stories online. You can also research the company Vault, which is available through the

4) How do I follow up with a person who has given me their card?

       Begin with a form cover letter (available on the UCSO), anchor the e-mail with a topic
       you discussed, express your interest and knowledge about the company, and finally
       state your enthusiasm and desire to remain in contact.

5) Are events not associated with Kelley acceptable?

       Yes! Any chance to network is encouraged. This could be through your parent’s friends,
       other school events on campus, career fairs, or even the grocery store.

6) What are good questions to ask an interviewer or recruiter?

       Good questions to ask involve specific aspects of the job or internship you are interested
       in such as what your responsibilities would be. It is also good to ask about the
       recruiter/interviewer’s own experiences with the company.
7) What are bad questions to ask an interviewer/recruiter?

       Always be polite and do not be pushy. Do not ask questions about salary, what the
       company does, or about whether you got the job or internship. These things you should
       find out on your own.

8) How do I make a good first impression?

       Be confident, not cocky. Introduce yourself and have a 30-second sales pitch ready to
       tell the recruiter a little bit about yourself, why you are at the event, or why you are
       interested in talking to them. Dress professionally, and do not overdo cologne or jewelry.

9) What is a 30-second sales pitch?

       This is a short summary of yourself that you should have ready to tell any recruiter. It
       includes can include your major, year in school, career goals, and your strengths and

10) What are good tips for going to pre-nights?

1.     Be friendly and approachable.
2.     Do not carry around drinks or plates because you want to have at least one hand free to
       shake someone’s hands.
3.     Try to talk to each recruiter and to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates.
4.     Do not be late.
5.     If there are nametags, put it on the right side of your chest (when a person shakes your
       hand, their eye will be drawn towards the name tag and notice it more).
1.   KSAP Member … 25 points upon registering for the initiative
2.   Cards from previous events … 15 points
3.   Cards from Kelley School alumni … 5 points per card
4.   Other contact … 3 points per card
1.   Grand Prize: I-Pod Touch
2.   Second Place: I-Pod Mini
3.   Third Place: I-Pod Nano