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									                             Section B


           The following template for professional development plans
     was created to ensure compliance with requirements for:

              Wyoming Department of Education (WDE),
              No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), and the
              Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB).

           As you revise/create your district/school professional
     development plan(s), following the format in the template and
     including all requested information in the order given, will help
     ensure compliance for all entities listed above. This means that
     only one district/school professional development plan needs to be

           Please submit one copy of your district/school professional
     development plan(s) to each of following (Note: it should be the
     same plan):

           Kay Post, Supervisor
           School Improvement Unit
           Wyoming Department of Education
           Hathaway Building, 2nd Floor
           2300 Capitol Avenue
           Cheyenne, WY 82002-0050


           Linda Stowers, Director
           Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB)
           1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400
           Cheyenne, WY 82002

Wyoming Department                   B-1                PD Template
of Education


                   _______________CSD #___________

               (dates in effect) example: 2002 - 2005

                (date created) example: August 2002


     Brief statement of the importance and function of professional
     development in the district (and/or school if this plan covers both
     district and school level). Include participants in professional
     development for the district, such as: administrators (new and
     continuing), teachers (new and continuing), paraprofessionals,
     substitutes, parents, etc.

     Include who participated in creating the plan. Briefly describe how
     the plan was developed collaboratively by those who will
     participate in and facilitate the professional development activities.

     Describe the process for ensuring that the school community
     understands how the professional development components fit
     together and connect to the overall district and/or school
     improvement plan(s).


  Describe focus of professional development for the district (and/or
     • How professional development is based on school improvement
     • How professional development is based on a needs assessment
     • How professional development is based on documented student
     • How professional development is provided on the development
        and/or alignment and implementation of standards and
        standards-based assessments
     • How the professional development for the major interventions/
        programs will improve student academic achievement
     • How professional development will enable teachers to develop
        further expertise in subject content, teaching strategies, and

Wyoming Department                    B-2                 PD Template
of Education
         other essential elements in teaching to be able to teach to high


Describe how the professional development plan for the district (and/or
school) is

      1) Focused;

      2) sustained with follow-up (describe sustainability and follow-up

      3) effectively organized (describe the infrastructure, content and
         process components by describing how professional
         development is organized at the district, school, and individual

      4) describe how professional development is based on best
         available research or “scientifically-based” research and practice
         in teaching and learning;

      5) describe 3-5 year plan for major interventions/activities/ projects
         (focus) for which professional development will be implemented;

      6) describe district (and/or school) plan or policy (if applicable) for
         opportunities for professional development:
            a. in-service days
            b. in-district professional development
            c. out-of-district professional development
            d. getting PTSB credit
            e. collaborations (such as common planning time, etc.)
            f. networking; example: in district across grade spans or
               content areas,(if applicable); and/or out of district or state
            g. how professional development will be supported by
               district (and/or school) resources, such as time, money,
            h. provide for coordination with local/state and federal
            i. utilizing a variety of formats of professional development
               to be used (if further information is needed for this item,
               see Section J-1 “Professional Development…Types,” in
               this notebook)
            j. distance learning
            k. other;

Wyoming Department                      B-3                 PD Template
of Education
     7) describe parent/community learning activities to support
        student learning;

     8) describe the integration of technology in instructional strategies
        (May refer to the professional development planned in the
        district Technology Plan. Please make sure that it is easy to find
        the integration of technology in instructional strategies in the
        district Technology Plan.);

     9) describe the professional development to be provided for extra
        interventions for at-risk students; this could also include
        professional development for educators in the identification of
        at-risk students; and

     10)   describe the expected results for:
           a. educators/instructional personnel (expected impact for
              the majority of the educators’ knowledge and skills, and
              how continuous implementation for a majority of
              educators will be documented),
           b. improved academic achievement of students.


  1) Describe how the items above will be implemented. This can be in
     the form of an attachment such as a professional development
     action plan or it can be the same as the district and/or school
     improvement action plan if it contains complete information on
     the professional development planned showing the activities,
     dates, personnel involved, follow-up planned, etc. (Note: be very
     clear on the expectations for improved academic achievement;
     also, be very clear on the expected changes in instructional
     practices that are to be imbedded in the daily life of the

  2) Consider/describe the various levels of activities/projects in
     relationship to the knowledge and skills of the educators in the
     district. Describe the different professional development activities
     to meet these needs; i.e., beginning teacher, experienced teachers,
     teachers new to the district and the professional development
     needed to update them on initiatives/programs/interventions that
     have been implemented in previous years, new initiatives in the
     district, on-going programs, etc.

  3) Consider/describe the various types/formats of professional
     development activities/projects in relationship to the learning
     styles of the educators in the district. Differentiate the

Wyoming Department                    B-4                 PD Template
of Education
     professional development offerings just as you need to differentiate
     instruction for students in the classroom.

  4) Formative evaluations: describe process for periodic evaluations
     and how additional on-going assistance will be provided for
     educators who are experiencing difficulties in implementing the

  5) Summative evaluation: describe the comprehensive evaluation
     and how the evaluation documentation on the professional impact
     on teacher effectiveness and student learning will guide
     subsequent professional development efforts.


     Provide the documentation for the professional development
     initiatives/programs/interventions (which are based on school
     improvement goals/results) that:

     1) Impacted the majority of educators’ knowledge and skills,

     2) Resulted in continuous implementation for a majority of
        educators, and

     3) Improved student academic achievement

Wyoming Department                   B-5                 PD Template
of Education

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