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					                                  CONTRACT, RELEASE & WAIVER
Date: _______________                                                          Quote#_____________

I, ____________________________, representing ____________________________,
   (person completing contract)                                (Business Name or “myself”)
(Either/both hereafter referred to as “Customer”), for the sum of $ ______ acknowledge that I have
read, understand, and agree to all terms listed on this four page contract. Please note: Shipment of
multiple units may increase the total page count of this contract. I/we knowingly and willingly enter
into this legal binding contract with Daily Direct, LLC a.k.a. Daily Direct Motorcycle Transportation
a.k.a. HAULBIKES (hereafter referred to as “DDLLC”). Customer understands that this contract is
exclusively between Customer and DDLLC and that I, and/or the company I represent, am not
acting as an agent for DDLLC, and will not represent myself as such, either verbally or in writing.

For the purposes of this contract, the term “unit(s)” represents all items listed in this contract by the

Furthermore, Customer hereby releases and discharges DDLLC and all of its officers, agents,
employees and successors, from any and all claims, actions, causes of action, damages, costs, or
other liabilities, known, or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, resulting from the Customer and
DDLLC’s relationship involving transportation of Customer’s property. DDLLC hereby discloses that
it maintains insurance on each transported Unit up to $15,000, based on the fair market value of
the Unit(s). Customer will look to this insurance for full and final settlement of any claim arising from
Customer and DDLLC’s relationship. Under no circumstances shall DDLLC be liable for damages to
Customer’s property, beyond available insurance proceeds, and/or beyond the fair market value of
all Unit(s) listed. DDLLC is not responsible for Customer’s personal property left on, or attached to
any Unit(s), or for damage caused by personal property attached to any Unit(s). Customer shall be
responsible for a $500 deductible per Unit on any insurance claim, regardless of the action that
caused said damage. Customer understands and agrees to identify any alleged damage to the
driver and document such at time of delivery, otherwise DDLLC will NOT acknowledge or consider
Customer’s claim for submission to the insurance company. If Customer suspect damage upon
delivery of the Unit(s) a damage claim packet must be filled out and returned to the delivery driver
upon delivery.

Customer may eliminate the Deductible, or increase the Shipment Valuation by electing one/both of
the options below:
   _____ (Initial) I elect a $0 Deductible for a fee of $50 per Unit.
   _____ (Initial) I elect to increase the Shipment Valuation to a value over $15,000 per Unit. The
Shipment Valuation fee is $35 per $5,000 of increased Shipment Valuation.
Increase Shipment Valuation to: ________________, for an additional fee of ______________.

                                             1 of 4                                               Initial________
DDLLC allows personal property to be securely stored inside of tour-packs, saddlebags, or compartments that
are attached to or a part of the unit. However, the insurance will NOT cover these items. Please
understand that we have no way of inventorying personal items for our insurance company.

DDLLC expressly forbids Customer to transport illegal items, such as alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, etc.
Customer assumes all responsibility, legally as well as financially, for all actions taken against DDLLC in
relationship to transportation of illegal items by the Customer, in DDLLC’s vehicle.

DDLLC will NOT accept any additional parts, boxes, bags, helmets, etc. temporarily attached to or along with
the Unit(s), as these items may shift during transit and could damage your property as well as others.

Customer is or represents, the legal owner of the Unit(s) listed, and has the authority to enter into this contract.
This contract gives DDLLC permission to transport the Unit(s) listed,

From: _____________________________________, to: _______________________________________.
               (City, State of Pick up)                     (City, State of Delivery)

RESERVATION. Customer may pay by credit card, business or personal check, or any type of certified funds.
(For pre-authorized wholesale accounts, full payment to the driver must be in the form of a business check or
certified funds, such as cashier’s check or money order, and will be collected before the driver loads or
unloads your Unit(s). Please make sure to note your customer file # on all payments.) The driver will NOT
accept credit cards, personal checks, or cash.

If Customer cancels a shipment within 48 hours from receipt of the contract, DDLLC will retain a cancellation
fee of $25, to cover processing. If Customer cancels a shipment anytime thereafter, for ANY reason,
DDLLC will retain a cancellation fee of $100. Please keep in mind that once a Customer reserves a spot on
our trailer, we cannot sell it to anyone else.

appointments to the Customer. Estimates given verbally or in writing are in no way guaranteed. Drivers will
make every effort to contact customers within 24 hours of pickup and/or delivery. The 24 hour period begins
with the driver’s initial attempt, whether a conversation or a voicemail/message. After 24 hour notice, each
failed attempt at pick up and/or delivery will result in a $100 charge.

ALL Units, except snowmobiles MUST roll. If Unit does not roll, resulting in an attempted pick up, Customer
WILL be charged the above $100 attempted pick up fee.

Factors that could delay your shipment include, but are not limited to:
Weather conditions
Road construction
Mechanical failures
Customer demand / volume
Shipment distance
Inaccurate information provided by customer
Non-responsive contacts at p/u or delivery
Unavailable dates for p/u or delivery
Seller has not been paid for unit
Seller has been paid, but payment not cleared
NONE of the factors listed above will be considered the responsibility or fault of DDLLC.

make every possible effort to pick up and deliver your Unit(s) to the addresses provided. Occasionally, the
driver may determine that the pick-up and/or delivery cannot be made safely and/or legally to the
addresses provided. In these cases, the driver will make arrangements directly with the Customer.
Any location other than a dealer / custom shop (motorcycles, snowmobiles, atv’s, etc.) will be considered a

DDLLC ensures that all information contained within this contract is confidential. Customer information will
not be sold, traded or shared with any other person or company. Accurate and complete information will
ensure prompt processing of your order.

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Customer Contact Information:
Name: __________________________________                        Phone - Home: ___________________________
Company: ______________________________                         Phone - Work: ___________________________
Address: ________________________________                       Phone - Cell: ____________________________
_______________________________________                         Phone - Fax: ____________________________
e-Mail: _________________________________                       Phone - Other: ___________________________
Hours(If Biz)   SUN__________ MON__________ TUE__________ WED__________ THU__________ FRI__________ SAT__________

Legal Owner of Unit(s) listed __________________________________________________
Unit Information: (Additional Unit(s) listed at the end of this contract.)
  Motorcycle       Motorcycle w/Sidecar       Sidecar Alone       Trike      Motorcycle w/Trailer     Motorcycle Trailer Alone
  Snowmobile         ATV (If an ATV, how many wheels?_____)               Jet-Ski / PWC     Other _____________________
Year________ Make________________ Model_____________ Vin#____________________________________
Approximate Value of Unit: _________________ (Declared)
Overall Height? ________inches (Height MUST NOT exceed 58” while Unit(s) is/are standing upright! ANYTHING
exceeding 58” such as windshield, roll bar, etc., NEEDS to be removed PRIOR to driver arrival.)

Overall Width? ________inches (Overall width is measured from the farthest point to the farthest point, whether that is the
saddle bags, handlebar tips, or fairing. If overall width is more than 48” (4’) wide, you WILL be charged an oversize fee.)

Overall Length? ________inches (Overall length is measured from the farthest point to the farthest point, whether that is the
tire, fender, or mounted accessories. If overall length is more than 108” (9’) long, you WILL be charged an oversize fee.)


Unit(s) to be picked up at:                                        Check if same as Customer Contact Info
Please note we require at least two phone contacts to ensure prompt pick up of your shipment.
Name: __________________________________                        Phone - Home: ___________________________
Company: _______________________________                        Phone - Work: ___________________________
Address: ________________________________                       Phone - Cell: ____________________________
_______________________________________                         Phone - Fax: _____________________________
e-Mail: _________________________________                       Phone – Other: ___________________________
Hours(If Biz)   SUN__________ MON__________ TUE__________ WED__________ THU__________ FRI__________ SAT__________

Unit(s) to be delivered to:                                        Check if same as Customer Contact Info
Please note we require at least two phone contacts to ensure prompt delivery of your shipment.
Name: __________________________________                        Phone - Home: ___________________________
Company: _______________________________                        Phone - Work: ____________________________
Address: ________________________________                       Phone - Cell: _____________________________
_______________________________________                         Phone - Fax: _____________________________
e-Mail: _________________________________                       Phone – Other: ___________________________
Hours(If Biz)   SUN__________ MON__________ TUE__________ WED__________ THU__________ FRI__________ SAT__________

                                                       3 of 4                                                            Initial________
Method of Payment: (Customer MUST fill out this section COMPLETELY.)
I hereby enter into this contract with DDLLC, and for the services being described on this contract, authorize, &
agree to payments as follows:
  I am making full payment, in the amount of $__________ (TOTAL, including all surcharges, valuations, etc.)
by the following method: (Check 1)
                      American Express              Discover            Visa            MasterCard
             Business Check             Personal Check              Money Order             Cashier’s Check

Credit Card Charge Authorization: (Customer MUST fill out this section COMPLETELY if paying with a credit card.)
I authorize DDLLC to charge $__________ (Total from above) on the following credit card for the services
described in this contract. I understand that if full payment has not been made prior to delivery, or if I have
incurred any additional fees such as but not limited to cancellation fees, attempted pick-up or delivery fees,
oversize fees, etc., I hereby authorize DDLLC to charge these amounts to the following credit card, prior to delivery
and without additional authorization or notification. I agree that if DDLLC does in fact transport my Unit(s) from
point “A” to point “B” that I will NOT dispute my credit card charges for the services described in this contract,
without regard to overall length of time for the same shipment.
Cardholder’s name: _______________________________
Cardholder’s signature: ____________________________                     Date: __________________________
Name on credit card: ______________________________
Credit card #: ____________________________________                      Expiration date: __________________
Billing address of credit card: _______________________________________________________________
Billing zip code of credit card: _______________________                 3-digit Security code:   given verbally

Payment Disclosure:
Customer hereby acknowledges that DDLLC reserves the right to pursue any avenues available, in order to collect
the monies due as stated in this contract, along with any collection and/or legal fees incurred. This includes, but is
not limited to returned checks and denied or disputed credit card charges.

Authorization / Acceptance:
On behalf of Customer:
Print Name – Authorized Person
Signature – Authorized Person
Date                 Title

                                                    4 of 4                                                        Initial________