Instructions for uploading downloading files to from the UB

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					Instructions for uploading/downloading files to/from the UB FTP server.

The following instructions assume you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) on a
computer running Microsoft Windows operating system. If you are using a different
type of computer such as an Apple computer please see note below.

Step 1: launch IE and type into the Address field.

Step 2: Log on to the server using your MyUB (Peoplesoft) userID and password
Step 3: Double click the students folder. If you are a UB staff member you should
double click the staff folder.

Step 4: Look for the folder with your MyUB (Peoplesoft) userID as its name in the
long list of folders provided and double click it.
That’s it you are now connected to the FTP server. There will not be any content in
your folder because it’s empty to begin with (I am only pointing this out because I
have been asked this question many times).

To upload files: Simply drag and drop any file into the FTP window.

To Download files: Simply drag and drop any file out of the FTP window.

To Disconnect from the FTP server: Close the FTP window or type another URL
into the address field.

A note for Macintosh users

Safari does not do FTP. Y ou need to get yourselves an FTP client. Fetch
( ) is a very popular choice. Follow the instructions that
come with fetch using the following parameters:

User ID: Your MyUB (peoplesoft) userID
Password: Your MyUB (peoplesoft) password

A Note for Linux, UNIX, other operating Systems and non IE windows users

There are a multitude of FTP clients out there (a quick Google searc h will reveal a
few). Download what you like and use the parameters specified for Macintosh users.