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   Revenue AssuRAnce ’08

   Maximizing and Protecting the Integrity of Your Revenue

                                 Earn up to 11 CPE hours

        March 13-14, 2008 • Atlanta, GA

n   ow
    in its 9th
year, the TeleStrategies’
                                                                                                   than ever, as
                                                                                          well the ever popular
Revenue Assurance program has                                             carrier-led case studies and facilitated
become the largest show of its kind in the U.S.        roundtable discussions where you can hear first hand
focusing on educating and training revenue assurance   from your peers on how they are addressing key
professionals in the communications industry on        challenges.
methods and procedures for realizing best-in-class’       A must attend event for anyone with RA
revenue assurance processes for their companies.       responsibility, the show also provides invaluable
The 2008 show will be our most ambitious yet with      networking opportunities and an exhibition showcase
more process-specific “how to” training-related        representing all the leading vendors in the space today.

       “The conference confirmed that my team is right on target in most area. In others, it
                     gave me the info we needed to fine tune our process.”
                                                              – Linda Smith, Alaska Communications Systems

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8:00 Exhibits Open
The Maturation of Revenue
Assurance: Where Do We Go
From Here?
Revenue assurance at many carriers today
is being challenged by its own success.
With processes and controls in place, it has
come a long way in minimizing system dis-
crepancies and revenue leakage from faulty
processes and procedures. So where does
it go from here? A distinguished panel of
service providers and key vendors will give
their assessment of what challenges still re-    Session B                                          n Making organizational and process
main, what makes an efficient and effective                                                           management considerations for fine tuning
RA process, and what new opportunities
                                                 Leveraging Revenue                                   the RA process to achieve continuous
are there to expand revenue assurance’s          Assurance to Improve                                 improvement and hit project targets
scope and role across the enterprise.            Business Profitability                             Mary J. Porazzo, Revenue Assurance Lead,
Marc Potteiger, Wholesale Process                Learn how to leverage your cost and                Embarq
Manager, AT&T                                    revenue assurance systems in order to
                                                                                                    Terrilyn Schmanke, Revenue Assurance
                                                 monitor, identify, and resolve low or negative
Gabriela Sobral Gil, Revenue Assurance                                                              Manager, Embarq
                                                 margin customer accounts and products,
Manager, Telefónica Latinoamérica                who’s actual financial performance are
Guy Gunther, Director, Billing Services and      often obscured in the sales, provisioning,         Session B
Revenue Assurance, Qwest                         operating and billing environments. This
                                                 session will be presented as a case study in       Ensuring Revenue Assurance
Krishna Kumar, Principal Consultant – Global     conjunction with McGraw Communications             on Roaming Networks
BSS SI & Consulting, Tech Mahindra               which has successfully created such a              Communications service providers are faced
John Brooks, Vice President, Americas            solution.                                          with the challenge of verifying revenue in
Presales Consulting, Subex                       Tom Nolting, Senior Director Financial             hundreds of roaming partner environments
Hezi Zelevski, Associate Vice President,         Assurance Services, Vertek                         worldwide. As a result, active mobile testing
Business Intelligence and Pre-Sales, ECtel                                                          is quickly becoming a prerequisite to mod-
                                                 Richard J. Chongoushian, Controller,               ern revenue assurance programs, helping
                                                 McGraw Communications                              to verify roaming partner services including
10:00-10:30 Break and Exhibits                                                                      managing SLA agreements and verifying
                                                                                                    correct billing. The speaker will present real-
10:30-11:15                                      11:25-12:15                                        world roaming problems and how to quickly
Session A                                        Session A                                          identify and resolve them.
Establishing the Right Key                       Lessons Learned and Best                           Jason Nicholson, Director of Product
Performance Indicators and                                                                          Management, Test and Measurement Service
                                                 Practices in Implementing an                       Assurance Solutions Division, JDSU
Appropriate Controls                             Access Revenue Assurance
This presentation will describe AT&T’s experi-   Program                                            12:15-1:30 Lunch and Exhibits
ence and lessoned learned in migrating from      In this case study, the Embarq team will review
a manual reactive to proactive automated RA      its approach to establishing RA for its access     1:30-2:20
strategy through implementing a comprehen-       network and will discuss:
sive holistic RA platform. Learn about:                                                             Session A
                                                 n   Coordinating among internal subject matter
n   Defining an operator’s value chain               experts, across network and revenue
                                                                                                    The Implementation of
n   Identifying the Key Risk Areas (KRAs)            management domains                             Sensible KPIs in Revenue
                                                 n   Configuring the required timely                Assurance
n   Implementing the right RA platform                                                              As Revenue Assurance practices have
                                                     data feeds for effective usage-to-
n   Building strong relation with the vendor         bill discrepancy identification and            become more mainstream, the audience
                                                     management                                     interested in results has grown. This,
n   Establishing the ongoing RA methodology                                                         coupled with the increased level of
    and practice.                                n   Identifying, locating and acquiring the
                                                     appropriate internal knowledge and             complexity in processes undertaken by
Linda J. Carnahan, Director II- Revenue              reference data to establish a consistent and   these practices, has overwhelmed some
Assurance, AT&T Mobility                             repeatable RA process                          RA teams, as they struggle to provide the
                                                                                                    metrics demanded by the business. In
                                                                                                    this presentation the discussion will focus
                                                                                                    on strategies to implement the “right” KPIs
     “Great networking, training, and idea generating resource                                      by outlining the steps necessary to define,
                                                                                                    design, and implement the right metrics, for
             for real business problems and issues.”                                                the right audience.
                                                            – Enzo Ciarletta, TDS Telecom           John Brooks, Vice President, Americas
                                                                                                    Presales Consulting, Subex
Session B                                                 “You are not alone! Hear from other revenue assurance
Risk Assessment and RA
Maturity Study for Telefónica                              professionals and how they solve the same problems
The revenue assurance manager for Telefónica
                                                                              you are facing.”
Latinoamérica, the largest telecommunications                                                              – Mark DiCamillo, Primal Solutions
operator in Latin America, will share her com-
pany’s approach in developing its corporate                                                            n Integration of revenue chain systems
revenue assurance function for all 18 of its op-   Session B                                             with new product and service releases
erators in Latin America. Hear how it evaluated    Conducting an Interconnect                            for accurate service profile creation in the
the coverage and maturity of its RA operations     Cost Audit                                            revenue chain, especially mediation
and its approach to maximizing project suc-        In off-net and intercarrier usage situations,       n Other impacted systems in the revenue
cess and improving team capabilities through       companies are often reliant on data supplied          chain
the implementation of RA industry standards.       outside of their own ordering and business          Kaushik Chaudhur, Product Manager for
Learn how to evaluate your RA operations and       systems to bill their customers effectively.        Revenue Assurance Verification Engine,
level of financial risk, and how to develop a      Understanding and evaluating these costs            Tech Mahindra
common revenue assurance framework and             are critical to identifying any overbillings,
set and achieve financial targets.                 pinpointing any revenue leakage, and
Gabriela Sobral Gil, Revenue Assurance             ensuring expected margins will be achieved.         Session B
Manager, Telefónica Latinoamérica                  The workshop will discuss how to conduct            Revenue Assurance for
Dr. Gadi Solotorevsky, Chief Scientist,            a cost audit and its role in the analytics and      Converged Communications:
Cvidya                                             revenue assurance process.                          The Challenge of Event-Driven
                                                   Chris Harrison, Senior Principal, Director of       Transactions
                                                   Audit Services, TEOCO                               Participants in this workshop learn about:
2:30-3:20                                          Yves Robinson, Director SONAR                       n The challenge of ensuring data integrity
Session A                                          Applications, TEOCO                                   across all systems
Content Revenue Assurance:                                                                             n The need for visible assurance on a daily
Reconciling Content Delivered                      3:20-3:45 Break and Exhibits                          basis that all events are captured and
Against What Was Billed                                                                                  processed correctly (i.e. the ability to prove
                                                   3:45-4:30                                             the completeness of the revenue stream)
The speakers will show attendees how to
                                                                                                       n The complexity of reconciling events at
define and implement an efficient strategy of      Session A
controls and check points for content delivery.                                                          different points in the system architecture
                                                   Revenue Assurance for
The discussion will include:                                                                           William Tyson, Principal and Vice President,
                                                   Newly Released Products                             Business Operations,
n   Understanding the flow of data through         and Services                                        TMNG Global
    your systems                                   This workshop will focus on processes
    Different methods of billing                                                                       Don Zurawski, Vice President,
n                                                  that ensure accurate customer service
                                                                                                       TMNG Global
n   The process of defining the value chain        profile data from sales points to the
                                                   revenue chain; specifically, the successful
n   Definition of needed data sources              transfer of this data to the mediation              4:40-5:30
    Definitions of controls and KPIs               platform for rating. It will directly address
                                                   revenue assurance vis-à-vis new product             Session A
n   Lessons learned from Cellcom                   and service definition and sales, a known           Integrating Mediation and Call
    implementation                                 cause of revenue leakage. Attendees will            Event Warehousing to Drive
Hezi Zelevski, Associate Vice President,           learn:                                              Forensic RA Efforts
Business Intelligence and Pre-Sales, ECtel         n   New product and service release processes       Many of today’s RA solutions deal with
Erez Shalom, Research and Business                 n   Customer data capture processes and             record counts and summarized data. This
Information Department Manager,                        service profile creation for new services and   limits a carrier’s ability to perform any sort
Cellcom Israel                                         products                                        of detailed analysis. The speakers will
                                                                                                       describe a better solution where call event
                                                                                                       warehouse data is enriched with industry/
                                                                                                       geographic content, allowing effective
                                                                                                       audit control points as it relates to network,
                                                                                                       billing, accounts payable, and margin
                                                                                                       analysis. In this session, attendees will learn
                                                                                                       how to integrate mediation and call event
                                                                                                       warehousing to effectively match SS7/EMI/
                                                                                                       AMA data from various trading partners,
                                                                                                       how to create an integrated “sandbox”
                                                                                                       to perform what if’s/trending/business
                                                                                                       intelligence, and how to provide predictive
                                                                                                       revenue streams.
                                                                                                       Zander Krause, Principal of Usage &
                                                                                                       Revenue, Assurance, Kansys
                                                                                                       Brian Preston, Director, ASP Services,
    Continuing Education Credits
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                            on the acceptance of individual courses. Complaints regarding sponsors may be addressed to NASBA, 150
                            Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN 37219-2417.
                            Credits available: 11               Method of presentation: Group-Live
                            Program Level: Basic                Prerequisites: None
                            Advance preparation: None
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Session B                                         n Understanding your internal capabilities (i.e.   having revenue overflow capture and
                                                    data, systems, etc.)                             prevention mechanisms built into their
Network Cost Intelligence:                        n Leveraging internal and external                 infrastructure. As a result, operators are
A Critical Enabler of Telco                         capabilities and expertise to develop            in effect becoming susceptible to revenue
Profitability                                       analytical approach and strengthen               avoidance from customers and content
Network cost business intelligence can              business case                                    partners. This is primarily due to their
be a key enabler for improved profit              n Executing intercarrier audits strategically      inability to tailor product pricing for much
margins through increased cost efficiency,                                                           more narrowly focused customer segments
                                                  n Getting buy-in from business stakeholders
reduced revenue leakage, and streamlined                                                             and manage and reconcile with multiple
                                                    (i.e. legal, regulatory, intercarrier account    content providers. This workshop will define
processes. This talk will delve into best
                                                    teams, etc.)                                     and illustrate Revenue Avoidance in today’s
practices adopted by forward thinking
service providers that combine intelligent        Marc Potteiger, Wholesale Process                  value-added content services delivery
data capture, automation and business             Manager, AT&T                                      environment. Attendees will learn how to
intelligence to get a consolidated and            Grace Meng, Senior Manager, Deloitte               stop this invisible form of revenue spillage
detailed view of cost and revenue – enabling      Financial Advisory Services LLP                    and finally stop crying over spilt revenue.
measurable returns.                                                                                  Shaji Thomas, Vice President,
Namer Aljazrawi, Director, Solutions              9:30-10:15                                         Sales Americas, Communications,
Engineering & Product Design,                                                                        Media and Entertainment,
                                                  Session A                                          SunTec Business Solutions
Razorsight Software
                                                  Stopping Revenue Avoidance
5:30-6:30 Reception and Exhibits                  Operators have inadvertently exposed               10:15-10:45 Break/Exhibits
                                                  themselves to revenue spillage by not

FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2008
                                                      10:45-11:30 n 11:45-12:30
8:00 Exhibits Open
                                                      NETWORKING ROUNDTABLES
Session A
Switch Testing that Your
Network Doesn’t Do
Call through testing for verifying recording,
billing, features and restrictions is one of
the most basic yet fundamental procedures
of any revenue assurance program. In this
workshop, the leader will show you how to:
n Create a controlled environment for switch
n Verify basic switch recording
n Verify account restrictions
n Build confidence in your switch to bill
Glenn Ross, Director of Revenue Recovery
Services, The Board Room
                                                      One of the most popular sessions at TeleStrategies’ events, networking roundtables are
Session B                                             your opportunity to sit down with your peers—in an informal, collegial setting—to share your
                                                      questions, insights and experiences on revenue assurance-related issues you want to learn
Assessing Your Revenue                                more about. Each topic will have its own table with a facilitator and will be repeated both
Assurance Strengths ….. and                           time slots. Table topics include:
Weaknesses                                            1. KPIs: Establishing Appropriate Controls      5. Fraud Management
Revenue assurance is a lot more than tool
sets. It is an enterprise-wide mindset which          2. Roaming and Prepaid Revenue Assurance 6. Data Analytics and Revenue Assurance
only can be successful if all the stakeholders        3. Intercarrier Revenue Assurance               7. Content Revenue Assurance
are involved. Hear how AT&T (Southeast
Region) successfully addressed this                   4. Data Integrity Issues and Considerations     8. Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
challenge. The speakers will discuss:
Associates Sponsors
                            ECtel (NASDAQ:ECTX) is a leading                                                                        Subex is a leading global
                            global provider of Integrated Revenue                                                                   provider of OSS solutions,
                            ManagementTM solutions for com-                                                                         with a client list that includes
                            munications service providers. ECtel                                                                    32 of the world’s 50 largest
                            offers carrier-grade Revenue Assurance,                                                                 telecommunications service
                            Fraud Management, Service Assurance                                                                     providers. It pioneered the
and Business Intelligence solutions that enable telecom operators to                        strategic concept of the Revenue Operations Center (ROC) – a
fully manage their revenue and cost processes. ECtel has more than                          centralized framework for end-to-end control and visibility of a
100 implementations in over 50 countries worldwide.                                         service provider’s revenue and costs, fostering operational
                                                                                            dexterity for sustained profitability.

                                                                                            Media Sponsors
Tech Mahindra is a global systems integrator and business
transformation consulting firm focused on the communications
industry. For over two decades, Tech Mahindra has been the
chosen transformation partner for wireline, wireless and broadband
operators in Europe, APAC and North America. Our unique
insights, differentiated services and flexible partnering models
enable our clients to reduce operating costs and generate new
revenue streams for sustainable competitive advantage.

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  Maximizing and Protecting                            7918 Jones Branch Drive
                                                       McLean, VA 22102
the Integrity of Your Revenue                                                    PERMIT #149
                                                                                 Hanover, MD
 March 13-14, 2008 • Atlanta, GA

 Learn about:
 n   Establishing the Right KPIs
 n   Leveraging RA for Improved Profitability
 n   Verifying Roaming Billing
 n   Avoiding Leakage from Content Delivery
 n   Conducting an Interconnect Cost Audit
 n   Identifying and Managing Fraud
 n   Future RA Challenges …. And more!

 “Great conference! The content was concise
and well delivered. I will take back many of the
         topics covered to my team.”
                   – Jennifer Troedel, AT&T Mobility

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