Region 1 Center hosted the training. FDLRS Sunrise staff, by nvb17269


									                                                                                                   Miccosukee Associate Center
                                    Hubache (hoo-ba’chee) is Choctaw for helping thing.                   Winter, 2006

                 On November 2, 2006, forty
                 assistive technology specialists and
                 teachers, representing seventeen
                 Districts in the Florida Panhandle,
                 met at the Leon County Boardroom
                 to participate in a hands-on
workshop, Links to Literacy. FDLRS ATEN
Region 1 Center hosted the training. FDLRS
Sunrise staff, Lourdes Day, Jolene Ahlschwede,
and Joanne Stidham presented the training.                    A warm FDLRS welcome to Jan Oberschlake,
                                                              our new HRD (Human Resource Developer). Jan
The workshop taught the use of technology tools in            comes to us from BelleVue Middle School where
Literacy Centers. These tools support and aid in              she most recently taught Math in the Quantum
teaching the components of effective reading                  program. An “almost” Tallahassee native, she did
instruction. Through the use of assistive technology,         her internship at BelleVue and first taught
ESE students and struggling readers are able to               Varying Exceptionalities at Cobb Middle School.
participate successfully in Literacy Centers that             She comes with experience teaching Math,
reinforce the five areas of reading. Strategies were          Science, Reading, and Language Arts in the
shared to accommodate individual student needs.               Middle Schools. In her spare time, Jan enjoys
Literacy Centers, along with a variety of                     reading, walking, and spending time with her
technology tools, were displayed and demonstrated.            family and friends. In her interview, Jan spoke of
Participants received materials to create their own           how much she appreciated all the help that
Literacy Center. An invaluable list of websites con-          FDLRS gave to her as a beginning teacher and
sisting of online books (some read by celebrities),           hopes to give back in any way she can. We are
dictionaries, graphic organizers, games, and                  excited to have her youth, enthusiasm, as well as
interactive reading activities were also provided.            her rich knowledge, to complement our FDLRS
Participants brought their personal computers (30),
and accessed websites, software, and training                                       Inside this issue:
materials. Many thanks to Susan Saunders (FDLRS
Miccosukee Tech) and Denver Lee (Instructional
                                                             Project in NIE, Camp READ-A-LOT                                 2
Television Production Manager, Leon County
Schools) for the technology support. We couldn’t             SIM Training, What Does the Data Tell Us?                       3
have done it without them!
                                                             Trainings & Scheduled Events                                  4,5

                                                             Tech Training , Florida Education Channel                       6
                   Thanks                                    What’s New at Closing the Gap Conference                        7
                FDLRS Sunrise!!
                                                             Differentiated Instruction Training                             8


                             Take Home a Newspaper and Read!
                                   Submitted by: Loretta Haddad Literacy Coach
                                  Amos Godby High School in Tallahassee, Florida.

 At Godby High School, we put daily newspapers               Sending the newspaper home with students
 in the hands of high school students to support and         supports intergenerational reading. Intergenera-
 encourage literacy and intergenerational reading.           tional reading means reading and discussing current
 When I arrived at Godby High School as the                  news with your family, siblings, and grandparents.
 Literacy Coach, I was so impressed to discover              It includes reading to and with family members.
 that teachers at Godby did a great job of using the
 newspaper in their classrooms. Over 400                     Providing students with a newspaper to take home
 newspapers were delivered to the school each                to read and discuss with their families encourages
 week. The alarming thing was, at the end of each            students to become life-long, literate, informed, and
 day, stacks of newspapers were being taken out to           concerned citizens. This practice encourages
 the recycling bins. That’s when our school                  students to read for pleasure and offers students the
 Literacy Team came up with the idea to start a              opportunity to select topics to read about that really
 school-wide project called Take a Newspaper                 interest them. This project is innovative because it
 Home and Read!                                              not only supports literacy, but also gives families,
                                                             who can not afford to subscribe to the paper at
 Teachers send their used and slightly used                  home, the opportunity to get one for free. Further-
 newspapers to Media Center each afternoon dur-              more, papers are being recycled into homes rather
 ing the last 30 minutes of school. Student media            than thrown into trash bins.
 aides straighten fold and bag the papers. About
 five minutes before the bell rings, members of the          This project was implemented school wide in the
 Literacy Team take bins of newspapers to the bus            fall of 2004. It has continued successfully ever
 ramp and car pick up for distribution to students.          since. I encourage you to implement this project at
                                                             your school. If you have questions or would like
 Receiving the newspaper motivates students to               help implementing this program at your school,
 read. Even the most reluctant reader will eagerly           contact me at
 turn to the sports pages, the entertainment listings,
 or the front page account of a catastrophic event.

                                     CAMP READ-A-LOT
                                         September 21-24, 2006

During September, fifteen lucky students, families, teachers, and therapists attended a four day Literacy
Camp, Camp Read-A-Lot at the Florida ELKS Camp in Umatilla, Florida. Reading teams from
Broward, Marion, Bay, Leon, Columbia, Wakulla, Martin and Orange were in attendance.

Fun was had by all while participating in literacy activities as well as camp activities including swimming,
the ropes course, a dance, and eating the delicious ice cream from the eternal ice cream machine.

Camp Read-A-Lot was sponsored by The Elks Lodge, FDLRS ATEN Region 1 Center, and Gretchen
Everhart School. Dr. Karen Erickson from University of North Carolina Literacy Center worked with the
literacy student teams on a variety of reading and writing implementation strategies.


                       Secondary Teachers Gear up with SIM Training

Mr. Ward Spisso, Executive Director for ESE, has              The final training was Fundamentals of Sentence
directed that any ESE teacher who is teaching an              Writing Strategy. It was offered on October 13 and
Instructional Strategies Course must be teaching              again on November 30. This strategy helps teach
SIM (Strategies Intervention Model). FDLRS                    the parts of speech and simple sentences. It is
offered the training this past summer and again this          designed to help teachers prepare students for the
fall. Middle and high school teachers from                    FCAT Writing Test, including the new multiple
Gadsden, Leon, Taylor, and Wakulla counties                   choice section. It also provides a structure and
participated in workshops on various strategies.              process for writing four kinds of simple sentences.

SIM is an intervention model developed for                    Informal feedback indicates that teachers are now
struggling learners in grades 4-12. Learning                  successfully implementing these strategies with
Strategies incorporate mnemonics and a step-by-               their students. Student success data will be
step approach to enable students to learn how to use          collected and shared. If you are a secondary teacher
effective strategies for reading, writing, test-taking,       and were not able to participate in this training, we
recall, and social skills. The instructional approach         plan to offer sessions again this summer. Watch for
used in Learning Strategies involves a multi-stage            this opportunity!
process that begins with generalization. Student
progress is regularly assessed. Five strategies focus
directly on critical components of reading. A
wealth of research data reveals significant gains in
student performance when the strategies are taught
with fidelity and to generalization.

The following Content Enhancement and Learning
Strategies were offered in two three day sessions
this past summer and fall:
   ● SIM Overview
   ● The SLANT Strategy
   ● The Framing Routine
   ● The Paraphrasing Strategy
   ● Course Organizer
                                                                 Pictured: Melissa Barton modeling a SIM Strategy

                                         What Does the Data Tell Us?
Does your school or department need training on making the connection between student performance data and
instructional planning? Do you need assistance with aligning instruction to assessment? FDLRS can help!

We offer training that helps teachers and administrators analyze student performance data, including school grading
criteria and NCLB/AYP; student learning gains; instructional implications from test item analysis (error patterns) and
findings relative to alignment between instructional and assessment materials in the classroom and the FCAT Item

For more information or to schedule training in your school or district, contact Paula Marshall or Susan Saunders at


                                    Autism Training Schedule

                            All sessions will meet at Ruediger from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.
         Date                     Speaker(s)                                     Topic
   January 16, 2007            CARD Personnel                     Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders
      January 23                  Jiji Weidner                  IEP Development and Progress Monitoring
      January 30                Lindee Morgan                      Assessment for Curriculum Planning
                                 Jenni Jenkins
      February 20              BMC Personnel                          Data Collection and Analysis
      February 27               Juliann Woods                            Communication Skills
                                Lindee Morgan
        March 13                 Pamm Dwyer                           Interventions and Routines
        March 27               BMC Personnel                           Verbal Behavior Training
        April 10                 Mary Brown                      Teaching Social Communication Skills
        April 17                 Rena Carney                     Augmentative Communication Devices:
                                                                           Selection and Use
         May 1                  Monica Delano                            Social Skills Training

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   Get the latest information on scheduled trainings,                     If you know of an ESE teacher
           workshops, ESE news, and events.
                                                                          that is not getting our Hubache
To sign up:
●Go to                 newsletter, please let us know.
●Select the 2nd bullet - "Join or leave the list"                         We want everyone to have
●Enter your email address, name, and click the                            one. Call FDLRS at 487-2630 to
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Once you join, you'll receive updates and announce-
ments from FDLRS via email.

                                 Gifted Endorsement Class
                            Nature and Needs of Gifted Students
                          (One of the five courses required for the Gifted Endorsement)

                                   Location: Gilchrist Elementary School
                                   Starting January 9, 2007 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
                                     Every Tuesday until April 24, 2007
                                          (No class Tues, March 20)

                 Call FDLRS at 487-2630 or email: to register


                                       Upcoming C.P.I. Trainings

Crisis Prevention Intervention (C.P.I.) Note: Refreshers are only for those individuals who have successfully
completed the initial C.P.I. training no longer than one year ago. If you are an individual from Everhart,
PACE, or the Alternative Learning Center, additional school specific trainings will be scheduled for your

             Date                          Location                      Type                 Time
January 22-24, 2007           Roberts Elementary                   Initial            3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
January 24                    Roberts Elementary                   Refresher          3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
March 12-14                   Astoria Elementary                   Initial            3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
March 14                      Astoria Elementary                   Refresher          3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
April 11                      Buck Lake Elementary                 Refresher          3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
April 23-25                   Canopy Oaks Elementary               Initial            3:30 – 6:30 p.m.
April 25                      Canopy Oaks Elementary               Refresher          3:30 – 6:30 p.m.

                      To register for any of these trainings call FDLRS at 487-2630.

                                   Mark Your Calendar!

                       9th Annual ESE Conference is Coming…

Saturday, February 3, 2007 is a date worth remembering! That is the date of FDLRS 9th Annual ESE
Family Conference, Planting the Seeds for Success. This year the conference will be held in Perry,
Florida, which is about 55 miles south of Tallahassee. The conference will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude
at 3:00 p.m. at Taylor County Elementary School.

The conference is free, and teachers can earn up to 7 hours of inservice credit for attending. This year’s
conference program offers two keynote speakers and a variety of breakout sessions including autism,
ADHD, stress management, strategies to help students with reading, writing, and math, transition, FCAT
accommodations, assistive technology, and much more. In addition, over 12 agencies will be on site to
provide valuable information.

To register for this conference or to obtain additional information you can contact
FDLRS at (850) 487-2630 or register online at
In Taylor County, you can e-mail Betsy Stephens at:


Have you been interested in FDLRS technology trainings but unable to attend because of conflicts or
distance to the FDLRS center? Here’s a solution – let the FDLRS techies come to you!!

We know that it can be difficult to get to the FDLRS center for trainings. We would love to schedule a
training in your district or school! All trainings are available for in-service points. Our trainings include:

The Wonders of Word                                          Kidspiration 2.1
Learn how to use Microsoft WORD to increase                  Schedule this beginning hands-on training of
readability and accessibility for student success. In        Kidspiration 2.1 and participants will receive a copy
this hands-on workshop, participants will walk               of the software. Leave knowing how to create
away with a host of ideas, tricks, and strategies to         diagrams, writing projects, and activities that are
meet the needs of struggling readers and writers.            perfect for all students working in or at an
                                                             elementary grade level. Limit 10 participants.
Introduction to Boardmaker
This beginning level workshop will cover the basics          Inspiration 8.0
of using the Boardmaker software program.                    Schedule this beginning hands-on training of the
Participants will create materials to use with their         newest version of Inspiration and participants will
students.                                                    receive a copy of the software. Designed
                                                             for middle and high school students, participants
Endless Ways to Use Boardmaker                               will learn how to create diagrams, writing projects,
This intermediate level training will share a variety        and activities. Limit 10 participants.
of ways to use Boardmaker in the classroom.
                                                             Cool Tech Tools for Success
Digital Text, Free Text-to-Speech Readers, &                 Are you still afraid of your classroom computer?
Universal Access                                             Gain hands-on experience in the basics, learn ways
Using digital text greatly increases the learning            to use technology to adapt classroom materials, and
opportunities of students. Come explore digital text         learn about some really cool web resources.
and free tools that can be used as an intervention for
students who struggle with print and reading                 We can train on these and more! To schedule
difficulties.                                                trainings in your district or school, give Peggy
                                                             Harter or Susan Saunders a call at 487-2630.
PowerPoint Books
This workshop will show how to create talking
books using the PowerPoint software program.

                                      Florida Education Channel
Broadcast on DISH network, channel 9418, the Florida Education Channel (FEC) delivers quality
professional development programs to your school or home. FEC broadcasts programs developed with
national education leaders, giving you practical information on teaching strategies and an in-depth look at
current hot topics. FEC also produces original programs that focus on Florida teachers and school
administrators. A schedule of programs can be viewed at

If you would like something recorded, contact Susan Saunders at 487-2630.


What happens when some of the leading manufacturers of educational software and devices are put in the
same room? Great collaboration, of course! This occurred last month at the Closing the Gap Conference
when the following six companies met to do a presentation on accessing reading standards: AbleNet, Don
Johnston, IntelliTools, Laureate Learning Systems, Slater Software, and SoftTouch. Each company
representative shared educational tools to assist students of all ability levels in accessing the curriculum.
The standard they addressed focused on using reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a
variety of literacy texts.

AbleNet shared a portable device called the Book           Laureate Learning Systems demonstrated their
Worm, a literacy tool that promotes active                 Language Activities of Daily Living Series: My
participation in reading by providing audio and            House, My Town, and My School, which offered
visual support. Another item recommended was the           detailed, exploratory environments in which
Step-by-Step Communicator, a small device that can         students learn about objects and activities
record a variety of messages, giving the non-verbal        encountered in daily living routines. Talking Nouns
student a way to actively participate in the lesson.       and Talking Verbs are software programs that
                                                           provide individuals with the opportunity to
Don Johnston recommended the Start-to-Finish               communicate about themselves and others.
Literacy Starters, sets of books consisting of
printed as well as computer versions of profession-        Slater Software recommended their program
ally read books, written at three different reading        Picture It where the teacher types words and the
levels. On a higher level are the Start-to-Finish          program automatically matches symbols with the
Library, books that cover a variety of subjects such       text. Pictures can also be imported into the
as history and science that can be used to build           program. Students can read all Picture It
background knowledge.                                      documents on the computer, which highlights the
                                                           words as they are read, helping the student follow
IntelliTools shared a program called Classroom             along.
Suite that comes with writing templates to assist
students in the area of literacy. Their talking word       SoftTouch demonstrated their software program
processor, IntelliTalk III, can help students who          called My Own BookShelf, an easy interface for
benefit from having their work read out loud to            developing computer books. Students use photos
them while writing. Alternate access to the                and videos to develop their own stories that can be
keyboard can be provided by using the IntelliKeys          used on the computer or printed. Once a book has
an adapted keyboard, which also can be switch              been created, it can be used as a template for a
adapted.                                                   variety of students.

Would you like more information on any of the items mentioned in the article? We have the majority of
them here in the lab for preview, or we can provide more in-depth training. Call FDLRS at 487-2630 if we
can assist you.


Learn to meet the needs of your students through differentiated instruction. In this six part series,
participants will gather as a professional learning community to learn, discuss, and apply strategies for
differentiating instruction within the classroom, including integrating and providing supports with

The Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) and FDLRS will collaborate to provide six sessions that build upon the
Tuesday Teacher Training: Differentiated Instruction series, developed by the Florida Education Channel
(FEC) and Dr. Kathy Oropallo, PAEC Reading Consultant.

       Dates                                        Time                                     Topic
Thursday, January 11, 2007                       4:00 – 6:00pm                Principles of Differentiated Instruction
Thursday, February 8, 2007                       4:00 – 6:00pm                Planning for Differentiation
Thursday, March 8, 2007                          4:00 – 6:00pm                Differentiation: It’s Personal
Thursday, April 12, 2007                         4:00 – 6:00pm                Differentiation: Evaluation and Assessment
Thursday, May 10, 2007                           4:00 – 6:00pm                Differentiation: Learning Activities
Thursday, May 17, 2007                           4:00 – 6:00pm                Differentiation: A Celebration

●   Presenters: Sallie Payne (FIN), Paula Marshall (FDLRS HRD), Susan Saunders (FDLRS Tech)
●   Earn 15 in-service points
●   For ALL teachers! Regular Education and ESE teachers!
●   Call FDLRS to register or register online at

    3955 West Pensacola Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32304
    Phone 850-487-2630; FAX 850-921-4097

    Catie McRae
    Child Find
    Human Resource Development
    Paula Marshall, Jan Oberschlake
    Parent Services
    Beth Williams
    Peggy Harter, Susan Saunders
    Secretarial Staff
    Kitty Gritzke, Christine Jones, Myra King

        The Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System is funded by the State of Florida Department of Education, Division of Public
         Schools and Community Education, Bureau of Instructional Support and Community Services, through federal assistance under the
              Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Part B; IDEA Part B, Preschool; and State General Revenue funds.
                                                 Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer


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