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					                                                                              SPECIAL NOTICE
                                                                                    FOR TRI-STATE PRODUCERS

                               Second Quarter 2008 Oxford Product Updates

Below is a series of exciting announcements regarding our Oxford product line.

Other recent announcements can be found in the broker highlights section on the ‘My Account’
page of the broker web site at

              Introducing a New Option in our Oxford Exclusive Plan Metro (EPO) Series

                           Available to Quote Now for April 1, 2008 Effective Dates

                        Providing you more choices in an already popular product line

For New York Groups with 2-50 Lives
   • $20 PCP copayment
   • $40 specialist copayment
   • $75 emergency room copayment
   • $200 per continuous confinement inpatient copayment
   • $200 ambulatory/surgical outpatient copayment
   • Vision and Dental Riders available
   • Available with all standard Oxford Exclusive Plan Metro Pharmacy Riders
   • Preventive care covered at 100%
   • Available with the Freedom Network or Liberty Network

This plan is available to quote on IDEA for April 1 effective dates and later. For more details and
benefit summaries, please log on to IDEA or contact your sales representative.

                                         New Pharmacy Rider Available
                               For all Oxford Exclusive PlanSM Metro products

Effective April 1, 2008 the $15/$35/$75 pharmacy rider will be available on all New York small group EPO plans
with a $50 (mandatory) or $100 tier 2 and 3 deductible.

                 Liberty Network Access for New York Large Group (51+) EPO platform

Beginning with April 1st 2008 effective dates all large group (51+) Oxford Exclusive PlanSM products1 will be
available with either the Liberty Network2 or Freedom Network. Consider the Oxford Exclusive Plan for your new

                                                                                                          March 2008
and renewing groups to control costs while still providing access to a high quality network of providers and
  The Oxford Liberty Network was previously available only with certain EPO plan designs and is now available for all plan designs. This
does not impact Oxford HSA Exclusive Plans.
  The Liberty Network is not available with Oxford products for groups in Sullivan or Ulster counties.

                          New Plan Available for Sole Proprietors and Groups of One
                             Available to Quote Now for April 1, 2008 Effective Dates

New 100% Coinsurance EPO Option:
  • $25 PCP copayment
  • $50 specialist copayment
  • $75 emergency room copayment
  • $300 per day inpatient copayment to 5 day maximum
  • $300 ambulatory/surgical per incident outpatient copayment
  • Liberty Network
  • Unlimited biologically based mental health services rider available
  • $15/50% Pharmacy Rider with $100 tier 2 deductible
  • Preventive care covered at 100%

This new plan is available to quote on IDEA for April 1 effective dates and later.

Please remember the following important things when submitting any Sole Proprietor business:

    •    Plans are only available in the five boroughs and Long Island.
         • Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Duchess, Ulster and Sullivan counties are excluded from
              this pilot.
    •    Plans are sold “as is” in their prepackaged format with no variability. No optional riders will be made
    •    1st of the month effective dates only.
    •    Application, binder checks and supporting documentation must be received by the 15th of the month
         prior to the effective date – no exceptions.
    •    There are separate Group Applications (OHINY GA SP 1107) for Sole Proprietorships. The typical small
         group forms should not be used.

Click here to view our Sole Proprietor Sales One-Sheet with accompanying 2nd Quarter rates. These can be
distributed to your clients as you see fit. This one-sheet can also be downloaded from the broker web site at where it will be updated quarterly.

For more details and benefit summaries, please log on to IDEA or contact our Sole Proprietor Sales team
at 1-800-449-8880 for more details about these exciting new products.


                                                                                                                            March 2008
                                          Reminder: Exante Bank Name Change

Exante Financial Services and Exanccounts (HSAs) for UnitedHealthcare DefinitySM and Oxford® HSA members, will join
other UnitedHealth Group specialty companies as part of the OptumHealth brand. On March 3, Exante Bank and Exante
Financial Services will be renamed OptumHealth BankSM and OptumHealth Financial Services respectively.
The complete offerings from the OptumHealth family allow individuals to optimize health and well-being, as well as plan,
save and pay for health expenses in the most economical ways. Our new name is instantly recognizable for health related
financial services for your HSA clients and prospects.

Our Oxford HSA sales collateral has been updated and is available on the broker web site at by
clicking the Marketing Materials link on the Tools and Resources tab and then selecting the “Products” link.

Name Change Facts
   • This is only a name change
   • There will be no disruption in service, or in Exante’s commitment to its Definity HSA and Oxford HSA members
   • Members should continue to use their UnitedHealthcare HSA Prepaid MasterCard® Debit Card
   • Members with checks with the Exante Bank logo may continue to use the checks until they are gone
   • Members should continue to access their account information online at®
   • Starting March 3, 2008, the OptumHealth bank name will be used in all bank correspondence and forms
   • Exante addresses and phone numbers are not changing

For more information about OptumHealth Bank or OptumHealth Financial Services, please contact your Sales

                  Now Available: Pre-Tax Premium, COBRA & FSA for New Oxford 20-99 Life Groups

New Complimentary Services
To help all of your clients provide more comprehensive employee benefits plans and save money for themselves and their
employees, UnitedHealthcare is offering a pre-tax premium plan, COBRA services and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) in
your area, at no additional cost when they purchase medical coverage through UnitedHealthcare.
    • Pre-Tax Premium. Employee pre-tax premium contributions are not considered taxable income under Section 125.
        Businesses can reduce their total taxable payroll, directly lowering their payroll-related taxes by implementing a pre-
        tax premium plan. With a pre-tax premium plan, employees can decrease their taxable income and increase their
        take-home pay. (Note: the company’s legal arrangement determines whether the employer can pay his or her own
        premiums on a pre-tax basis.)
    • COBRA. Streamlined COBRA administration and efficient record-keeping from UnitedHealthcare enable your
        clients to focus on managing and growing their businesses, not on the many administrative responsibilities required
        by COBRA.
    • FSA. Comprehensive FSA services from UnitedHealthcare including planning, implementation, communication,
        administration, compliance and maintenance.

How to Enroll
These programs are automatically included when your clients purchase UnitedHealthcare medical coverage. Please see
eligibility timing below for new and renewing groups. However, clients must activate these services at We’ll then provide all of the support, including templates and tools to help them communicate to
their employees.

Eligibility Timing
    • New Oxford groups with 20 to 99 eligible employees are eligible beginning April 1, 2007 for these three
         complimentary services.
    • This service will become available to renewing Oxford groups with 20-99 eligible employees during 4Q 2008.

                                                                                                                  March 2008
    •     New UnitedHealthcare platform groups with 51-99 eligible employees are eligible now for these three
          complimentary services. Renewing UnitedHealthcare platform groups with 51-99 eligible employees become
          eligible at renewal beginning with February 1, 2008 effective dates.

View or Download Our Sales Collateral
UnitedHealthcare Benefit Services Brochure
UnitedHealthcare Benefit Services One-Sheet
UnitedHealthcare Benefit Services Contact Sheet

Additional Information
For more information regarding these new plans and more details on the specific services available, contact your
UnitedHealthcare representative.

                             Now Available on the Broker Web Site at

              2008 Broker Resource Guide
              2008 Producer Performance Guides for NY, NJ and CT
              March 2008 New York Small Business Meeting Presentations
              New Marketing Collateral (Click the ‘Marketing Materials’ link on the ‘Tools and Resources’ Tab)


                                        New Broker of Record Letter Template

We continually strive to make doing business with us easier. To facilitate faster and more accurate processing of Broker of
Record (BOR) letters we are providing a suggested template for use by our brokers and general agents in the Northeast.
This template can be tailored for each Oxford or UnitedHealthcare platform group for which you are submitting a new
BOR and must be printed on that group’s company letterhead.

This template will also be available on the forms page on the broker web site at

The completed BOR can be submitted to our Commissions department via any of the contact methods listed below.

Mail:     Broker Commissions & Licensing Department
          48 Monroe Turnpike
          Trumbull, CT 06611

Fax:      (203) 459 - 3296 or (203) 459 – 3294


Please contact our commissions department with questions at the email above or at 1-888-666-6844.

                                                 Other Recent Announcements

                         Click here to view the announcement about the NY 2-50 Oxford EaseSM Product.
                         Click here to view the announcement about the EPO Rate Changes.

                                                                                                                 March 2008

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